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Police clash with NRZ workers’ wives

BULAWAYO – There was chaos in the Bulawayo central business district this Tuesday morning as riot police were engaged in running battles with National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) workers’ wives who were protesting against the parastatal management for failing to pay their husbands’ salaries.

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) train.
National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) train.

Over 150 wives of NRZ workers gathered at the train station near Raylton Club in Bulawayo on Tuesday morning to demonstrate against the railway company’s management for failing to pay their husbands’ salaries for the past eight months. During the demonstration the women were carrying placards written “We are hungry pay our husbands now”, Our Children out of School” and Eight months without food.”

However police in riot gear pounced on the women as they tried to march into city centre and they started dispersing running away in all directions. An hour later they regrouped and gathered at NRZ headquarters in along Fife Street in the city centre and police again pounced on them and ordered them to disperse immediately saying the march was illegally.No arrest were made this morning during the protest.

Mary Nyoni one of the protesters said: “We are suffering, we have no money for food and our children are out school because NRZ has not paid our husbands for the past eight months. That is why we are here; we want an explanation from the management”.

When contacted for comment NRZ public relations manager Fanuel Masikati said: “Those were just wives of the workers who were demonstrating and we don’t deal with wives of workers since we don’t have any contracts with them. We only have contracts with their husbands.”

NRZ, like other state parastatals is facing numerous problems, stemming from lack of funds to import spare parts and improve services. Most of NRZ diesel and electrical locomotives are out of service while passenger and freight services are constantly cancelled.

Further, the company is seriously indebted, making it impossible to solve this situation without external help. Other challenges facing the company include vandalised communication equipment and dilapidated yard facilities. The Zimbabwean

  • If u dn hv a contracts with wives just pay those u hav a contracts wth.Jst imagn to work fo eigth month wthout pay!!WHR DID THEY GET FOOD, XUL FEES, n others?

  • If u dn hv a contracts with wives just pay those u hav a contracts wth.Jst imagn to work fo eigth month wthout pay!!WHR DID THEY GET FOOD, XUL FEES, n others?

  • Batai munhu iyeye varume

  • Kana moenda kana moenda musakangamwe chingwa chevana vangu


    It’s sad to hear that these workers have not been paid for eight months and yet they set the Riot Squad to deal with they and some fool has the guts to open up his foul mouth to say they don’t have contracts with the wives . Does he think they are fools to organise such a demonstration . His kids are going to private schools and he has been receiving his salary in full for the past eight months.

  • ranga

    Air Zim, ZESA, NRZ, etc, its not very difficult to see the root of the problem is it?

    • Nhamodzenyika Freedom


  • allen mapondera

    what a shame 2 u masikati u think these wives are out of their senses how do u expect these pple 2 survive after 8 mnths without bng paid.while you enjoy many packages of milk nd hny.u kids are at expensive prvte skuls nd u dinne at hotels u fool God knows.

  • niluka

    At Renco mine wives demonstrated but nothing like this happened siyai vanhu mapurisa. These are similar cases why treat them differently do someone have interests here.

  • jackovic

    Can Minister Muzembi and company take over the management of the company like what they did to Renco Mine. By the way did NRZ complied with the indigenisation laws. Can Minister SK move in so that locals benefit.

  • zvombo

    pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzz NRZ and Zanu-pf managers do somethin mhan

  • Nhamodzenyika Freedom

    The railaways pays its office workers yet it cannot pay its general staff a monthly salary this is not good practise on how to run a a company but then they could be emulating the goverment

  • radkonimusha

    Fanueel Masikati you are the worst public relations on earth how can you be insensitive to those sufering women you are a disgrace to the proffession you dont care