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Zimbabweans believe in witches more than prophets: Angel

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – Flamboyant and controversial ‘miracle money’ preacher Uebert Angel has lashed out at his critics claiming that although they oppose him they follow him every day and hang onto every word he says.

Prophet Uebert Angel’s miracle money mystery continues
Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Angel as he is known likened his critics to Pharisees who opposed Jesus Christ yet followed him every day. “The same is happening nowadays, you see, they oppose us for being used of God but still follow them (us).

Angel said his critics were “connecting themselves to our social platforms so that they wait at every opportunity we post an update to oppose, they come to church so that they can write evil in the newspapers,” he said during a service on Sunday.

Prophet Angel had a dig at Zimbabweans in general saying they believed the supernatural powers of witches more than those of prophets.

“The reason why people oppose those who are used in miracles like I said is because society due to lack of capacity has relegated the supernatural to the witches and powers of darkness.

“What we need more than anything is to increase our capacity such that the word of God materialises right before our eyes. That we see the miracles of Jesus in our time. Jesus walked on water and confounded the molecular density of water let alone viscosity.

“Such levels are what God desires us to move in for we are his pro-gene. Jesus used to go through walls, the doors were there but Jesus deliberately chose to go through walls.

“He would ignore the door right in front of him and walk through walls but nowadays we do not have any man of God walking through walls, WHY? because we have left out the privileges of the children of God for witches to do.

“Society has become so conscious of the devil that when God performs any miracle it becomes easy for them to attribute any special miracle to have originated from the devil. A witch will travel from Chipinge in an African basket or broom yet a child of God relies on public transport and has never been in a plane… this is an injustice… The witch should die.

“The power of God does not run out and it has not run out in Spirit Embassy. The capacity to receive miracles has not run out either and this should be for any man, woman or child of God.

“Our capacity to receive determines the level at which God’s oil of miracles runs in our lives and when you see miracles, extraordinary miracles happening in other people’s lives and not your own this is an opportunity to consider and do your introspection on the capacity you have for the things of God.

“The miraculous is not reserved or left for the witches. It is for us, the children of God,” Angel said during his service.

  • Lynett Mabvaru

    I can’t be against the man of God for I dnt have the spiritual eyes 2 see the true and the false prophets but I’m still prayin 4 spiritual eyes but wat I’m against is some1 who goes out preaching or healing wth pride,4 pride is a demon when Jesus was healing pipo he never said I’m doing ths kuti zvityise pipo could touch his garment and be healed.food 4 thot pipo

  • Nxa a

  • Mayb in mashonaland not bulawayo.they must not say zimbabwe but Harare.yaz

  • Majomba Ronald

    This article is touching…. Its easy for people to believe that a person can kill another using lightining, but difficult to believe that a person can be used by God to raise the dead

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Amen Bro,Poeple should turn their hearts to GOD,vanoundura huku nemuromo kun’anga everyday in private and what to critise GOD miracles that are done in public

  • Yours are similar to those perfomed by witches and wizards.acts that defy logic or reality.


      watema mdara keep it up

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Your name is fightinng you, you look marture on the pic but you a baby in mind……all you know are miracles done by witches and wizards and who else…??? God created both and u dont believe he can do better,Repeant bro our GOD will deal with your blasphemy

  • Aaron

    Hamusi vekutanga chamangoipa kusevenzesa zita raMwari anonzi masaramusi ayo vana Hapurakatapura vakazviita kare zvose zve mari kumedza tsono. Itai masaramusi muchisiya zita rowedenga

  • U stupid liar we sick n tired of u

  • Trymore

    Amen,many people really dont know thier identity in Christ,yes we are the children of Priesthood of the most high God,why should we live like slaves.Miracles is our food.Phil 4 v 19 says we have a God who meets ALL OUR NEEDS,hayayayaya what a mighty God we serve.

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Amen Trymore

  • Isau TwinTwo Ndawona

    He is the fucken witch..vanoshandisa zvikwambo…

    • Bhora Resimbi



      Nice nice mdara. I repeat after you “He is the f.. Witch himself”

    • Reasi

      just listen to your language,”f…. witch”,munonyadzisa


    A miracle is a miracle whether performed by a Prophet or a wizard! musaita rusarura makambozwa maWizards achiti pasi ne Svondo? asi imi nanga nanga!

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Charima, read Bible its GOD who said pasi nen’nga nevaroyi,we leave by every word baba.There is nowhere in the bible witches are glorified….iwe ndiwe wakutozvipinza pausinga kwane if you are not a christian why comment about chrisianity???? Exodus 22:18 “Do not let a woman who does evil magic stay alive .

      • CHARIMA

        Bhora mberi! i respect your opinion.

  • Mabasa Makombe

    Good reporting . . . At least the writer ataura zvakataurwa na Papa chaizvo. To the critics. . . u. believe in the devil more than the creater himself.

    • Bhora Resimbi

      amen MM

  • Witches ar better than these false prophets

    • Reasi

      maiwee wanirwa nyasha iwe

    • Bhora Resimbi

      in what way are witches better,nekuda kusabvuma chete,

  • Jesus said, these prophets ar white painted graves

  • mama

    wat worries us is not wat u do bt whose powers are u using u might say jesus and God bt who is your jesus who is your God ko seiko muchiti mwari waProphet ko iwe prophet mwari wako ndiani ndimwari wa… hameno wenyu wekuGhana uyu iye aninamata mwari upi ?????????????????yes we might beleive all these miracles bt wat do u use wen peforming them jesus christ of nazareth akati tora madhaka uzodze maziso ako bt why do u bring machira nema handkarchf akazodzwa kare????????????? perform musina zvose izvozvo

    • Reasi

      musanyanye kuona maafrican movies ambuya,suscribe ku DSTV kana maafrican achinyanya kukupinzai busy rekufunga zvamusina kumbodzidza nezvazvo kana kuti zvamusina kuona,chinjai zvekuona muchaona kuti kana mafungiro achachinja futi

  • Nobu Ndlovu

    Dont force us to believe you, damn witches. Your powers are doubtful if they are from God!

    • Reasi

      hapana kana akuforcer kutenda mazviri mufunge,we dnt even notice kuti kune ari kuitawo nharo nemamiracles and haarege kuitika ka

  • justice

    at least witches and wizards operate during the night. they have enough self-respect not to show their vile and disgusting practices at church every sunday

    • Reasi

      ok ndozvamuri kuita mofunga kuti mune respect here nhai veduwee

      • i would rather get respect from a psycopathic serial killer

    • Bhora Resimbi

      wanzwa nekuundura huku nemuromo kun’anga
      LUKE 1:79 To give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

  • justice

    actually, i pity witches and wizards; that they can put in the same class as a charlatan like you. how sad…..

  • chisa moyo

    idyai mari dzemarema,nezvikwambo zvenyu,chitinha $100, nhumbu yoponwa 3days,munhu mupfupi orebeswa. Zakeyo anga ari mupfupi mwari vakamuburutsa mumuti vakaenda naye kumbakwate havana kumurebesa.70yrs ndirizvandiri nani pane 50yrs nemari yezvikwambo.Mwari aifambane maguardbody here?

    • Reasi

      umm iwe ndiwe wakatsva iwe,wakasara mabiya edu,kana uchigutsikana nehurombo hwako ah ndiwe hakozve saka dambudziko rako riri pakuti chii

  • KrisKros

    Jesu anonoka kudzoka.Taneta .

    • itaiti

      there is no magic, no miracles, the white people realized, the Asians realized, the Indians are realizing, only idiots would believe s**t like this, do you really think a dude that drives around in bentleys and the like “talks” to God? Its either one is religiously inclined or they are not, if you are, i dont see why you would have a hard time understanding or at least think it is pausible the our traditional beliefs, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha do exist, after all they are all just as ludicrous

  • Zvakaoma

    Zvakaoma; you shall know them by their fruits . They want to liken themselves to Jesus when it suits them, Jesus never performed miracles with pride; He never had body guards ; he never took money from people, he never mingled who had friends with politicians; he never sought fame; he never defended himself or criticised back cos he did not need to convince anyone. He never sought worldly fame or riches . He never preached hatred . By their fruits you shall know them not by miracles .

    • berean

      I n’anga idzi dzaka pfeka masutu. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Ma pimp aya.

    • Bhora Resimbi

      Ende urizidofo rinonyadzisa,Fame is what Jesus had,he come for everyone especially sinners,he critised a lot and u ned to read Bible chechi yako ndeipi ?? go back to sunday skool,i wonder if u are a christian

  • mina

    why do pple give too much credit to n’anga, are you saying ndidzo dzega dzinoita mamiracles,if he was a white prophet from europe you wouldnt be so against him, i am sure most people who use fowl language against this man of God are actually agents of darkness, the age of miracles has not passed, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever meaning he will always perform miracles, through his suitable servants

    • berean

      Too much credit to n’angas! Satan can pull miracles too. They are just different from God’s. Jesus gives it freely and Ubert charges for his.
      What kind of miracles are those? Confusion only. Did Jesus have to meet with Pontius Pilate to explain his miracles and technicalities? Agents of Darkness! Do you even know what you’re talking about? Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bonkee all false prophets- there I said it! white false prophets. A false prophet is a false prophet.

  • richard

    you are a fake profet mhani,u think we dont know?GUYS BATAI MUPOROFITA WENHEMA MUPINGE NDARE KANI,dont waste time avakunyanya kuenderera mberi

    • berean

      True. Mu profit-a ano enda kuna Gono woita explain nerwe seri. Ma SCAMMERS abvumirana mu back room. Pay off Gono, movaravara.
      Gono was like boys u can’t eat alone. Pay up your dues.

  • richard

    if u are a man of God why do you sound so jeoulos?
    “the wicth must die” ndaseka varume.how can a oprofet ,the man of god desires or wishes a death of a wictch? u shld atlest tell the wicth repent from evil doings,.so that it can inherite the Kingdom of God.Elijah in the Bible was a profet of God but aitotsira nokuudza vanhu kuti vatendeuke vagorega kusaparadza,my worry is why iwe mfana u a diffrent from yo old time profets?and why uchida kurwa navannhu kana vanokupikisa?zuro ndizuro waitukaGRINGO you cant b on GODs side but the devil

  • mama

    be careful to realise the truth when its too late

  • God is able

    hw abt Elisha.He killed!read yo bible well!yes let my enemy die if he/she does not want to repent! hw many of you will give yo enemies a chance to attack you!don’t lie people.don’t preach wat you don’t do you hypocrites, brood of vipers!

  • chibiko

    What do yoU people know? Remember don’t judge,leave judgment for GOD

  • margaret

    why do i have always little money? i am trying to get work, please pray for me.It is not possible for me to help god’s servants.i do not love money.