Zimbabweans believe in witches more than prophets: Angel

By Staff Reporter

HARARE – Flamboyant and controversial ‘miracle money’ preacher Uebert Angel has lashed out at his critics claiming that although they oppose him they follow him every day and hang onto every word he says.

Prophet Uebert Angel’s miracle money mystery continues
Prophet Uebert Angel

Prophet Angel as he is known likened his critics to Pharisees who opposed Jesus Christ yet followed him every day. “The same is happening nowadays, you see, they oppose us for being used of God but still follow them (us).

Angel said his critics were “connecting themselves to our social platforms so that they wait at every opportunity we post an update to oppose, they come to church so that they can write evil in the newspapers,” he said during a service on Sunday.

Prophet Angel had a dig at Zimbabweans in general saying they believed the supernatural powers of witches more than those of prophets.

“The reason why people oppose those who are used in miracles like I said is because society due to lack of capacity has relegated the supernatural to the witches and powers of darkness.

“What we need more than anything is to increase our capacity such that the word of God materialises right before our eyes. That we see the miracles of Jesus in our time. Jesus walked on water and confounded the molecular density of water let alone viscosity.

“Such levels are what God desires us to move in for we are his pro-gene. Jesus used to go through walls, the doors were there but Jesus deliberately chose to go through walls.

“He would ignore the door right in front of him and walk through walls but nowadays we do not have any man of God walking through walls, WHY? because we have left out the privileges of the children of God for witches to do.

“Society has become so conscious of the devil that when God performs any miracle it becomes easy for them to attribute any special miracle to have originated from the devil. A witch will travel from Chipinge in an African basket or broom yet a child of God relies on public transport and has never been in a plane… this is an injustice… The witch should die.

“The power of God does not run out and it has not run out in Spirit Embassy. The capacity to receive miracles has not run out either and this should be for any man, woman or child of God.

“Our capacity to receive determines the level at which God’s oil of miracles runs in our lives and when you see miracles, extraordinary miracles happening in other people’s lives and not your own this is an opportunity to consider and do your introspection on the capacity you have for the things of God.

“The miraculous is not reserved or left for the witches. It is for us, the children of God,” Angel said during his service.