Wicknell gives Maneta car and scholarship

HARARE – It appears flamboyant city dealer Wicknell ‘B.I.G’ Chivayo has become a philanthropist. He has honoured his pledge of buying former Big Brother Star Game housemate Maneta Mazanhi a sleek car.

Maneta and Wicknell
Wicknell gives Maneta car and scholarship

He has also extended a scholarship to Maneta who is studying towards a Bachelor of Laws Degree with the University of South Africa.

According to sources, B.I.G paid Maneta’s varsity fees for two years in advance and he purchased a sleek VW Beetle that Maneta was recently spotted rolling in. He also assisted Maneta with capital investment for her commodity broking enterprise.

B.I.G and Maneta were once alleged to have had a romantic affair, an allegation they both scoffed at but the latest developments tickled the public’s curiosity as to what B.I.G’s interests are.

Yesterday, Maneta, who has tried hard to stay out of the limelight, confirmed the developments and said the gesture was on the basis of their ‘special relationship’ with B.I.G “Well, yes the car was bought by B.I.G because we have a special relationship.

“He is like a brother to me as much as I am his little sister and as such he can buy me anything and I can spoil him. I really appreciate all he has done for me,” said Maneta.

B.I.G could not shed light on the matter. The person who answered his mobile phone said he was locked up in marathon meetings.

“Well, I am sorry Mr Chivhayo will be engaging in a series of business meetings this week as you see we are just beginning the New Year hence a lot of strategic meetings,” he said.

However, sources from within the B.I.G circle of friends said that he had pledged to buy Maneta a brand new vehicle for US$28 000 but she opted for a cheaper one.

“The thing is B.I.G wanted to buy a vehicle worth US$28 000 but Maneta opted for a VW worth US$10 000 because she was on the verge of starting a business where she imports weaves and other cosmetics from Dubai and she also wanted to finance her studies,” revealed the source.

Meanwhile, after Maneta’s legendary exit from last year’s big brother edition she has been laying low unlike her counterpart Roki Josphats who used the experience to catapult his music career which was heading for the cemetery. H Metro