Stolen bag ‘talks’ in Mbare Musika

HARARE – There was drama in Mbare Musika on Saturday when a stolen bag reportedly talked. This led to the arrest of six women who confessed to having stolen the ‘talking bag’.

The women who stole the 'talking' bag being held at Mbare Police Station
The women who stole the ‘talking’ bag seen here being held at Mbare Police Station

Travellers and residents mobbed the women as they tried to catch a glimpse of the ‘talking bag’. A seven year old boy was the first to hear the bag talk and he shouted in shock drawing the attention of passersby.

One of the women then threw the bag away after the weird development. She confessed to stealing the bag from a traveller. According to witnesses, the voice produced by the bag asked for tea from one of the women.

“Bag rabvunza amai avo kuti ko hamusi kundipawo tea here and that is when she panicked and screamed,” revealed one witness. The woman then confessed that she and her accomplices were in the business of stealing luggage and they stole the bag in question on the 24th of December.

Police officers look at Mbare 'talking' bag inside a kombi.
Police officers look at Mbare ‘talking’ bag inside a kombi.

They then disposed of all the contents save for some baby nappies that could not find a buyer. When H-Metro arrived at Mbare Musika the women were being escorted to the police post as the crowd bayed for their blood.

Vendors at Mbare Musika said the group of women worked in a well orchestrated syndicate while targeting travellers.

“There are about nine women and every vendor here knows them, they snatch bags from travellers and they are well organised,” said one vendor. The women were detained at the police station assisting police with investigations. H Metro