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Philip Chiyangwa the Rhodesian policeman

PICTURE – This picture appears to show businessman Philip Chiyangwa as a member of the BSAP (British South Africa Police) African Reserve and according to it he served for several months in the lead-up, during and post the March, 1980 election.

Philip Chiyangwa the Rhodesian policeman
Philip Chiyangwa the Rhodesian policeman

In the November, 2000, publication ‘The History of the British South Africa Police’, Chiyangwa was featured in this photograph taken at the time of the election lying prone with a police-issued FN, chatting to a senior, white BSAP officer, Supt Jack Broderick (Officer Commanding Police Reserve, Matabeleland.)

A copy was leaked to Zimabwe’s independent press bringing a vehement denial by Chiyangwa who offered a substantial reward for information as to (the photo’s) source. The photo was, in fact, taken from the BSAP’s magazine ‘Outpost’ archives in the early 80s, to be used at a later date for the-then unplanned history.

  • Israel Chipere

    Hypocrites,,,vanoda kutivhara varivo maRhodies chaiwo,madzakutsaku vanaChiyangwa!

  • muzukuru wamugabe vasingazivi verengai isu hedu tozviziva

  • Vose vakabva nako aishandira mhurizve

  • Chiyangwa was a member of the notorious Selous Scout everybody knows that

  • What goes around??

  • Zvine basa reyi.

  • Arron Chivaro Macloud

    Ukasatengesa vamwe hauiti mari

  • Double-headed snake

  • Shame

  • Saka Chiyangwa anga rari mupuruveya airova nekuuraya povo panguva yehondo yechimurenge. Dai akabatwa panguva yehondo taimuuraya nekuti aiva mutengesi. Saka pasi naye.

  • Sondo

    This is an old story.Reported by either The Horizon or Parade 15 or so years back!

    • Lodza weku England

      Saka, the facts have not changed and zombies like you who forget things need to be reminded of the hypocrisy in the Mugabe regime.

      • Dhiredhi

        Sean Timba chaiye….as Sando stated this is old news but funny enough vanhu vakaita saJonathan Moyo, Chinamasa & even Fidza’s own uncle Bob have selective amnesia……the truth will always out. As the saying goes “If night should turn to day, a lot of people will run away….”

        • Grace Jones

          Jonso and Kasukuwere going to jail. Watch

    • Batai Mhunu

      How many times have the Herald and other state papers unsuccessfully tried to lie to us that David Coltart, Roy Bennett and Giles Mutsekwa worked for the Rhodies. Here, Philip Chiyngwa, Zanu PF’s golden child has been exposed.

  • Ko zvaanotizve tisu anhu acho.

  • Tek Tek

    Hahahahahaha well done Nehanda Radio for exposing these hypocrites.

  • Bizmark

    So where did Chiyangwa get the money to start his billion dollar empire? This shows you how the Zanu PF system works, making money through political patronage and corruption. Look at Obert Mpofu and the other cretins.

    • jephy

      where did Bennet get his he was a policeman too

      • munzwa

        borrowed from the banks i guess with the normal risks

        • jephy

          they retired about the same time and they are both rich what is the fuss about chiyangwa’s money?

          • munzwa

            is bennet rich, from what i heard all his hard work was taken from him and destroyed by the likes of chiyangwa..

          • jephy

            he is still rich by any standards, what is wrong if a former BSAP is rich is it his color?

          • munzwa

            i object if they obtained these riches by use of the patronage system..which chiyangwa certainly did

          • jephy

            that is how the real world here in Africa if you are to be rich like these two men they have these things in common

            – they were both BSAP

            – they were both hard core ZANU at one point or another

            – their riches are both questionable

            – they got rich by patronizing ( Bennet Patronized Zanu & the white community to get loans & the certificate of no interest ) ( chiyangwa Patronized Zanu to get loans without Collateral)

            Did you know Strive patronized the late JM Nkomo to get his most rewarding licence ever.

            Howe ever many wrongs do not make a right my point if you look closely most rich men are guilty of some crime

          • munzwa

            you must know a lot, do tell, perhaps if we had a more open society there would be less patronage, the point is as well is how do these rich people deal with their wealth, does it uplift the community or is it self serving like that of chiyangwa. fleecing harare council of cheep land does not help the community.

          • jephy

            well that is the dilemma do you know of any rich people who genuinely uplift their communities in Zimbabwe ? we need to be more vigilant than to wait for their benevolence.

          • munzwa

            Mr Bennet did and does…

          • jephy

            give me some proof

          • munzwa

            put your walking boots on and travel the chimanimani area and speak to the people for a before and after appraisal. I also honestly believe that you need to re think the level of Bennet’s wealth. Chiyangwa’s wealth is nauseatingly excessive, arrogant and at the expense of the people. There’s the difference.

          • jephy

            I was there during the ngoda fever, indeed he will donate food stuff to vulnerable communities, if it was Chiyangwa you scream vote buying. But he himself admitted to ferrying (busing) farm workers to polling stations .I advice not to be fanatic about these politicians they only look after themselves best. Only you can emancipate yourself from bondage

          • munzwa

            my last post.. but you missing my point, look what he did for the community at large when he was farming there, that has not been forgotten, you right though few politicians serve the people

    • Chitimkulu

      I am not a fan of Chiyangwa but on this one I was there seeing him making money honestly. CIA Marketing is what made him money, not politics.

  • Zvakaoma, hypocrites!

  • gabarinocheka

    Mupuruvheya Phidza



  • Josefa Chinotimba

    Ndakazvitaura ini kuti Zanu pf has got sell outs,thugs not real war vets mhani.Is chinotimba a war vet?What about Jonathan moyo and the late notorious Border gezi,where they war vets?

  • Reginald Tererai Vheriwa


  • Reginald Tererai Vheriwa


  • Ndezvake

  • Ndezvake

  • Dzakutsaju

    Certain things need to be put into context. At the height of the liberation war, there was something called conscription or call-up. If you were of a certain age, chances are you would be forced into the security services, join the liberation willingly or be forced to join the liberation as many students and teachers experienced. I’m not a fanatic of Chiyangwa but let’s be factual with history, let bygones be bygoines

    • DeMbare

      Please dont lie. Conscription was only for whites. Those blacks who joined did so voluntarily! In this case chiyangwa sold out voluntarily

      • Grace Jones

        Dangers of knowing nothing. By 77 78. Blacks were called up. But only a certain education class

  • mafikezolo

    Mapurveya mose chimobotaramukai….sare Zanu …Zanu inorovera kudada maiwe…Singing. Thats what we used sing kugiti kumusha kwedu kwaMurewa…saka taitoreva fidza nhai?

  • Pj

    Just shows that blood is thicker than allegiance to past allegiance to Rhodesians ……all is forgiven over a whiskey, cigars whilst sitting on leather seats in a Mercedes Benz if you are related to the right politicians in Zimbabwe.
    I can just hear Chiyangwa saying ” yes Sah I will shoot any gandangas who try to drive away from my position….Sah”
    Inspector Broderick ” you are a good muntu “Constable Chiyangwa who replies “Sah bwana “

  • Pj

    This picture begs the question
    Would Chiyangwa have been prepared to shoot any of his current ZANU business partners if they sought to run this roadblock during the “Liberation war”?

  • nhamo


  • Linda

    so vanonetserei Coltart as if he was the only S/SCOUT,vese vari musame category

  • Linda

    they were friends with Coltart so why pointing fingers on Coltart alone ivo vanga vari jahwi

  • Charity

    Kikikikikiki, Dr Phidza. That looks more like him. Yes its him.

  • Jomo

    Ndiye Phidza chaiye uyo.

  • Captain Kangaroo

    Mugabe was an agent of CIO, he was used to infiltrate ZANU.

  • chindakupazhara

    i dont see the similarities on the picture

  • Grace Jones

    So what. What is the relevance of this photo? Have you treked all the BSAP nembers? Have you treked all the masoja and all the mamesse gers? Of what help is that information? If not tgen this is maligning the persin of Chiyangwa. Siyanai naye.This is gutter journalism .Nxaaa.