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Bag snatched during prayer at cathedral

HARARE – Proceedings at the Roman Catholic Church cathedral in Harare temporarily came to a halt as congregants chased a thief who had stolen a hand bag while people’s eyes were closed in prayer.

Barbara Muyengwa lost her purse and cash to a cathedral thief while she had her eyes closed in prayer
Barbara Muyengwa lost her purse and cash to a cathedral thief while she had her eyes closed in prayer

The incident occurred on Sunday when one Barbara Muyengwa screamed for help that her bag containing car keys, cash and a cell phone had been stolen from her while she was down on her knees.

Barbara left the temple barefooted as she ran into a Good Samaritan’s car and drove looking for the man who had been spotted next to her. The thief believed to be an illegal rank marshal dumped the bag on the pavement between 4th street and made off with US$65 and a cell phone leaving the car keys.

Members of the flock, who spoke after the incident, said they are afraid of closing their eyes in prayer following that incident. “We are used to closing our eyes during prayer in a way to avoid distraction but after such an incident our fears are that we might lose our belongings,” said one of the parishioners.

“We never suspected such a thing at the church premises and today I am convinced that not all coming here are genuine Christians. Sister Barbara vakafunga kuti nemota yacho yaenda after realising that she lost the bag with car keys and it was so bad she literally searched for the car in her pockets,” added the parishioner.

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    Mwana waKunonga chete..

  • shit news

  • shit news

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    Its a new one; Christians are afraid too! and chase after earthly possessions.

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