Zimbabwean mum romps in front of kid

LONDON – There is outrage in the Zimbabwean community in the UK after a leaked video appeared to show a mother having sex in front of her traumatised young child who kept calling ‘Mama, Mama’ but was totally ignored.

UK child abuse Zimbabwean mum
UK child abuse Zimbabwean mum

The video, apparently filmed by the woman’s sex partner, has since gone viral among Zimbabweans at home and abroad and shows the mystery couple romping in front of a distressed boy of about three years. The woman’s face is shown in the video while the man made sure his face was not exposed.

The child walks in on the two and shouts ‘Mama, Mama’ but is totally ignored. Visibly distressed, the young boy raises his left hand to his head as he looks straight on at his naked mum who is on top of the mystery man.

Speaking in Ndebele, the man says: “Sengiphos’ukuqeda [I’m about to finish].”

She briefly stops her activity and asks: “Uthi kunjani? [What did you say?]”

“Ngithi kanti wena awuqedi? Sengiphosa ukuqeda [I’m saying are you not ready to finish? I’m about to finish],” he explains.

A few seconds later, the man groans with satisfaction shortly before the woman gets off from on top of him. She says ruefully: “Mhh, angiqedanga mina [I didn’t finish].”

He reassures her: “Uzabuya usuqeda [You’ll finish when you come back].” She walks away as the video ends – presumably to attend to her son.

Nehanda Radio has been told the woman in the video lives in Leeds and is married to a Zimbabwean who is a doctor in the UK but on this occasion was away in Zimbabwe. The boyfriend is said to live in Birmingham.

We have also been told the mystery man who filmed the video has done this before to another married woman in Newcastle. “He seems to like exposing these married women who cheat on their husbands,” we have been told.