Zimbabwean mum romps in front of kid


LONDON – There is outrage in the Zimbabwean community in the UK after a leaked video appeared to show a mother having sex in front of her traumatised young child who kept calling ‘Mama, Mama’ but was totally ignored.

UK child abuse Zimbabwean mum
UK child abuse Zimbabwean mum

The video, apparently filmed by the woman’s sex partner, has since gone viral among Zimbabweans at home and abroad and shows the mystery couple romping in front of a distressed boy of about three years. The woman’s face is shown in the video while the man made sure his face was not exposed.

The child walks in on the two and shouts ‘Mama, Mama’ but is totally ignored. Visibly distressed, the young boy raises his left hand to his head as he looks straight on at his naked mum who is on top of the mystery man.

Speaking in Ndebele, the man says: “Sengiphos’ukuqeda [I’m about to finish].”

She briefly stops her activity and asks: “Uthi kunjani? [What did you say?]”

“Ngithi kanti wena awuqedi? Sengiphosa ukuqeda [I’m saying are you not ready to finish? I’m about to finish],” he explains.

A few seconds later, the man groans with satisfaction shortly before the woman gets off from on top of him. She says ruefully: “Mhh, angiqedanga mina [I didn’t finish].”

He reassures her: “Uzabuya usuqeda [You’ll finish when you come back].” She walks away as the video ends – presumably to attend to her son.

Nehanda Radio has been told the woman in the video lives in Leeds and is married to a Zimbabwean who is a doctor in the UK but on this occasion was away in Zimbabwe. The boyfriend is said to live in Birmingham.

We have also been told the mystery man who filmed the video has done this before to another married woman in Newcastle. “He seems to like exposing these married women who cheat on their husbands,” we have been told.

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  • Lesley Tererai

    its a shame

  • Yakamwa mwana achiona.

  • Dzikamai Bere

    I think you are now abusing this woman.

    • johnbota

      respect yrself woman. do u have a heart at all

    • chasingred

      I agree.

  • Evangeline N Abel


    • fari

      Evangeline;u should be ashamed now.dont u wish u could change her name to sipho khumalo so that your comment can stand. U were fast to make a tribal comment .i think u should apologise

      • mzilikazi

        typical comment posted by Zimbabwe’s one and only W…..who told you that she is a Ndebele, you loody a…hole..Get your facts right silly little b…. For your own info this girl grew up in Byo but she is a shona.

  • chirima

    let them be exposed vanhu vasinga kwanisi kuzvibata , only a few days murume aenda kuzim wakutoita marara akadai

    • Tboz

      Do u know her?

    • nhonho11

      vakuru munenge munotaurisa

  • @ange,stop tribalism its a shame our compatriot

  • Really Evangeline .This is where you are gonna take this?

  • rasalay

    you guys should not give vague story tell us wat really happened otherwise dont give us a story at all.wat wz e third guy doing there,where dd the kid cum from

    • tt1

      loverboy shot the deed on camera, then kid walked in!

  • meluleki

    This is a complete lie…..on one end the write of this story claims there is a mystery women, whose face we are all seeing…and a man…whose face we cant see…and both these people we dont know their names….but on the last paragraph…..the writer claims the mystery man….whom we dont know…we have not seen, and do not know his whereabouts, has filmed another video in Newcastle…and the writer claims “he like to expose cheating married women”….come on….we have brains….either the writer knows whats happening here…even he is the one filming…or this is absolute fictitious story to increase readership and ask for donations…..

    • Cash Talk

      Its mystery woman because no one knows her name or that of the man you dimwit

    • kwidz

      firstly, you should understand that pictures may only be for emphasis of the story, like having one of a woman with her hands held to her face in shame, i.e it only highlights the story detail. it is not always a picture of the actual pple mentioned in it. Also, pple may have said we know the lady, she lives in Leeds but we dont know if they named her.

  • Mutongi

    Privacy laws..Media laws..the parties involved can seek redress through the courts…
    Firstly we need to identify the guy or lady who filmed this…What was his/ her constructive intention.It appears all parties involved in this clip cooperated in the filming and publication of the clip.

  • That is the problem with women they are too greed they never get satisfied . What a shame!…..

  • What a disgrace to woman, shame on her.

  • Martin Ngwerume

    Daddy away mama will play , Ma1 maZimbo ..

  • thomas

    please post this video on youtube we need to see this

  • Face of ecstacy,ponyrider

  • Spectator

    Writer vango nyora kuti zvinakidze chete apa. Ma wardrobe ayo ne background yacho iri kumashure hardly looks UK. Maybe SouthAfrica or Bulawayo. Ngati taurirane chokwadi hama.

    • chido

      hapana kunyepa, ndevekuLeeds

    • tt1

      Ndakaiona nezuru, its UK, true…i doubt her hubby is a doc coz looks like anogara muBEDSIT hence mwana had nowhere to go other than bathroom. still no excuse, they should have locked door/ taken mwana to a baby minder .

  • shon corner

    please give us a link

  • Guest

    street fight regerai veduwee.

  • fatstarz

    ive got the video varume its sic she doesnt deserve anything hope the british government vanomutorera mwana wacho

    • Jack

      Send it to me pliz I’m in Leeds I know the lady

    • Todini

      If the child is taken what purpose will that serve. YOU dimwit. The child walked in. How was that child made? . Watch the video again then comment. It is wrong . The woman needs to seek legal advice.

      • lynn

        she should definitely seek legal advice, If she is a willing party to this ok but if she isn’t thats another story . how would he feels if the woman done this to him when he is licking her cunt,. these men don’t they have female relatives how would you feel if it was done to one of your own blood?.They are even from the same country , what has she done to him so bad for him to disgrace her like this .?

    • send it to me on face book please

  • Hubert Murefu

    Kuda zvinhu



  • Celia Ushe

    that is sick.i hope the social services in UK will take the kid away from her.

  • Lawrence Kundayi Mabrot

    Munhu achadya cheziya kwete miracle money

  • Mboma

    Sad indeed shame

  • munya tach

    Just watched it,ko mukadzi uyu akadarireiko,felt sorry seeing the boy,the boy is being abused.Zim southern women,hayibo,am not a triabalist but zvanyanya izvi.

  • Charity Makaya

    Inonzi smart phone! This is sad! Chirungu tirikuchibatira pamusoro! Saw the video its sad u feel sorry for the little boy!

  • shona

    hey you should click the link given by fatstars. it is real and it happened for real. ma ndeks. and ndo hunhu wavo. its a shame.




      THE Zimbabwean woman captured in a horror cellphone sex video with her son looking on, is Chipo Mpofu (24). Mr Tribalist whats your comment now? Think you should repent and stop your satanic ways you brother of Lucifer

    • Gucka Gucka

      Infidelity has nothing to do with tirbe,race or gender but it is all about money

  • Slydin

    Saw the video on whatsapp ha ma1 ………..in full view yemwana umm zvakaoma

  • MaDouble Double

    l have examined the video more than five times… l think something does not add up here. it looks like a green/blue screen production. when you exmine closely you will see that when the child appears in the scene the frames are jumpy not smooth 24 or 25 frames per second. Special after effects are able to produce something like that. compare this video with this http://youtu.be/CE0Q904gtMI

  • Prince

    Ok about the famous Zim Lady ari kutapirirwa pamberi pe mwana uyo .. lets not be to harsh to judge.. not that l am supporting it ( musandi kote) ..pandaona ka clip kacho ..mwana is towards the door ..pamwe pamwe akavhura door ega ..apo amai vari pakati pekuda kuuya ..pakadaro panonetsa kumira and hauna simba rekuudza mwana kuti buda

    • Skyheart72

      Shasha usanyepe, dai arimurume wacho akapinda mumba unoti mukadzi airamba achiita here or aitojamba. Hapana panonzi aive asvika stage yekusamira. Kutorwa video hakuna dhiri but kuzoenderera mberi achi ignowa mwana ndopanenyaya yese.

  • Miss M.
  • Matibili

    Vakadzi ve chi Ndebele what do you expect? chero veku South vakafumuka kudaro

    • umkhonto

      Bloody tribalist

    • Gucka Gucka

      Shamwari pamhata pako,im shona,a real samanyika.zvinondifinha kuona vanhu muchitaura zvetribe panyaya dzakadai Ndebele,Shona,Kalanga or whatever we are all Zimbabweans and black people…we are family

  • OhGoodnessMe!

    Actually, Its the man doing the fucking who is the sick pervert. Worse still he did the filming. I am not convinced that the woman had any idea that she was being filmed. Take an iPhone for example – I can film anyone in any way and they will be so close, and they wont even realise it. My gut feeling is to HUNT THE PERVERTED PRICK who recorded it. This woman’s privacy has been violated. Poor woman will hand her child to a relative then kill herself after she names the guy who recorded it. Relatives of the dead woman will pounce on him. Then he too, will commit suicide in a bizarre twist of the ZIM DIASPORA-SEX VIDEO SCANDAL.

  • I dont like the source of this article, it looks like this reporter is a porn addict, ndiye futi akaburitsa mavidoes a Stunner, how did this reporter get the video, is he a good samaritan, what happened kumwana zvakaipa but the reporter has made futher damage coz mwana iyeye achakura achinongedzerwa nevanhu kuti ndiye uya ana mai vekukwirwa in my opinion he should have simply taken it to social services mwana akabetserwa panekurova bembera

  • Magaisa

    People, this shit is real. I know some of the guys who are doing this, they say its a movement in revenge for women who cheat and they target married women and take videos or pictures. They justify their actions by saying women have become too empowered in the diaspora and are challenging men, resulting in too many marriages breaking down through cheating on the part of women. Sometimes they send the pics to the husband’s facebook inbox. One guy I worked with once aida kutondi recruiter ndikaramba, he showed me pictures of a married woman on his phone in various states of undress in a hotel. I dont think the women will be aware of these recordings all the time, as can be seen from this video. Obviously i didn’t agree with that, its sick, imagine if the same stuff is done to you. This is not on.

  • Glen Mufundisi

    Kudya kwe ***** ndiwo musimboti wavo. Loose morals. Mukadzi ihure hombe. Blazo hope Havana kubhadhariswa marubbish avakadya

  • zvanyadza

    its a shame to married women and men who cheat on their spouses. Asika zvemubedroom gazviperere imomo. What is the point of taking a video and showing the whole world, murume wepi asinganyare, unowanei nekuzvipa mbiri yekurara vakadzi vevanhu. Hauna musoro chikomana unoshamisira nechihure kunge zvinokupa kuraramama rombe remurume uchaona moto one day. Asinga zivi kuti sex is between a man and woman ndiani. Hazvirevi chinhu i am also blaming imi ve media monongokumba mavhu nemarara emapicture nemavideo asina hunu. What kind of journalism is it kutadza kubudisa zvinhu zvinovaka vanhu kuti vave nepositive mind makuita journalism yeponography. Shameless .

  • Busi Ndlovu

    Ths is child abuse social workers shuld take away the kid n keep him in a safer place I saw the video thts disgusting n she luks like a realy porn star star I’m nt worried abt such stupid pple in the society if she was in Zim she was gonna rot in jail manje uk amakhiwa like such filthy things (porn videos) n thy mke money *surprised n very upset*

  • Guap

    The fact that the two spoke in Ndebele doesnt make the woman Ndebele. Maybe she was Shona, or Kalanga or Venda, but spoke in Ndebele coz she knew the language and coz the guy was Ndebele. The possibilities r endless. Tht having bn said, enough with these tribal stereotypes. Guys educate yourself and dnt act dumb!

  • Mboko

    They are in South Africa and she has been named. Munonyepa . Hee Newcastle blah blah

  • Boitumelo Kgaesto

    were cann i get the vid anyone ?

  • chiwara

    zvirikumuridzi wamaimufana panye zvaishorter

  • Zen

    these are lies this lady is in South Africa, typical of u, just publishing stuff without getting to kno the real truth. for ur own info stop the blaming of tribes pple it meks u look stupid….

  • geofas

    iri papi video yamuri kutauara nezvayo (chipo mpofu)

  • Soco

    Ough me am enjoying the video.

  • mwanawevhu

    The man making the videos is sick!!!!

  • Baba

    Sex is a nature of man as is eating, talking , dancing, etc.

    tend to brand things which are so insignificant as evil, bad and so
    while those which are indeed evil and bad, we overlook them such as
    Malice, Envy, Greed and so.

    Can anyone of you without blabbing aimlessly tell me what is bad in what she has done? Is sex bad? Is the boy hurt in any way?