‘US$2 000 for breaking my virginity’

Report by Hardlife Zuweni

CHIPINGE – Twenty-One year old Nomatter Mlambo from Chipinge is demanding $2 000 from her ex-employer and former lover as damages for seducing, impregnating her and failing to fulfill the promise of marriage.

chipinge-map-250Mlambo told the court that sometime in 2010 she was employed as a shop attendant at Dube’s shop in Chipinge’s Central Business District. The two allegedly fell in love the same year after Dube’s wife died.

She told the court that their love grew phenomenally that in February 2011, Dube made the trip to the Mlambos to seek Nomatter’s hand in marriage.

Mlambo alleges that on an unnamed date in March 2011, when she was about to close shop, Dube dashed in and slammed the door shut before seducing and bedding her, breaking her chastity in the process.

After she had fallen pregnant, Dube is said to have strengthened his relations with the Mlambos by signing papers promising to marry Nomatter once he had finished the traditional rites for his late wife. The signed papers were produced in court.

“Despite numerous calls by my parents to take me to his home, Dube continued playing hide and seek saying he had not finished the rites.

“In September 2012, I had complications when giving birth and had to be ferried to a Mutare hospital where I was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit for four days after undergoing an operation. The child, however, died and was buried by Dube in my absence,” she said.

Mlambo told the court that Dube became “slippery” after her stillbirth and has since married another woman.

“Your worship, that man broke my virginity. He wasted my time, he impregnated me and dumped me and now I have become a laughing stock for all and sundry.

“My body is permanently damaged and I was ordered to do physiotherapy exercises for it to recuperate,” Mlambo told the court.

“$600 is for deflowering me, $400 is for wasting my time, I want another $600 because I am no longer attractive and men resent me and $400 for physiotherapy costs,” she added.

However, Dube said Mlambo’s claims were ridiculous because she was not a virgin when he met her.

“She was never a virgin as she claims. I did not see any blood after the act as she claims, neither did I have any problems with penetration and I never promised to marry her,” Dube said.

Chipinge magistrate, Mr Vuso Gapare presided over the matter, which was adjourned to February 8, when Dube’s lawyer, Mr Langton Mhungu and the applicant are expected to give their closing submissions.

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