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Bennett attacks US hypocrisy on Nkomo

By Lance Guma [twitter-follow username=”lanceguma” scheme=”dark”]

Exiled MDC-T Treasurer General Roy Bennett has criticised the US Embassy in Harare for issuing a statement that said the late Vice President John Nkomo “was a patriot who dedicated his life to Zimbabwe’s sovereignty and prosperity.”

Roy Bennett (right) attacks US hypocrisy on John Nkomo (left)
Roy Bennett (right) attacks US hypocrisy on John Nkomo (left)

But Bennett arrested, detained, assaulted and tortured several times by Mugabe’s regime before fleeing into exile was having none of the niceties.

“Every time a prominent figure in Zanu PF dies it becomes the occasion for all sorts of nonsense and stupidity. We recall the ridiculous things that were said when (General Vitalis) Zvinavashe died. We are now seeing the same with John Nkomo’s death,” he said.

The outspoken Bennett said he was no sure what the American agenda was but their statement was ‘total rubbish’. Bennett said Nkomo “sat at the heart of the beast that has destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy. He has held the hand of the dictator that has obliterated our hopes and freedoms.”

Nkomo he said “must now be remembered by the choices he made. He chose to oppose the people, rather than serve them. He walked around in tailor-made suits while Zimbabweans walked in rags.

“He received private medical treatment in South Africa, while Zimbabweans in South Africa were dying in the townships. And he has many questions to answer even prior to his joining Zanu PF.”

Bennett also queried why Nkomo “was one of the last Zapu people to be dismissed from government in the 1980s, long after Joshua Nkomo and others had been sacked?

“Why was he, of all people, chosen to accompany Mugabe to an international conference in early 1983 while his fellow party members were being slaughtered in the Gukurahundi?”

“Go and ask our Zapu friends if you think I am making this up. My advice to the Americans and others who appear to be bending over backward to show their neutrality in 2013 is this: better to shut-up and say nothing than to insult the millions of Zimbabweans who have been murdered and impoverished by Zanu PF,” Bennett added.

At the inception of the unity government in 2009, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai appointed Bennett to serve as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. Mugabe refused to swear him in claiming he faced treason charges. But even after Bennett was cleared of those charges Mugabe still refused to swear him in. [twitter-follow username=”nehandaradio” scheme=”dark”]

  • sasikamu


  • Tindo

    stupid Bennet please shut up ur chambered mouth if u’ve no better things to say, anxa!!! never cme back here again.

    • Zimbabwean Patriot

      Tindo, can’t you face the truth. You silly little zanu boot licker

    • Betty Matako

      Tindo, please shut the fuck up you stupid zanu thug

  • malvin

    thats bullshit mr Bennett

    • Amiai

      Malvin, you’re pure bullshit

  • VAN

    tikukumamisa very soon bennert,,,and hapana zvatinoitwa tikakumisa wena

  • Anonymous

    Roy what you are saying is not false, you are simply reminding the pple of zimbabwe their plit and reality and as well the international community on their double standards. but on a funeral in our culture a lot more good should be said than the bad to send the deceased to a resting place. the truth shall free us

  • Michael Nyathi

    Bennet,you are a despicable dog. You are dancing on John Nkomo’s grave but you said nothing when Ian Smith and Peter Walls died. Does your memory only stretch only as far as1983….let us try from 1893….you skunk!

    • Betty Matako

      bennet is right you racist pig.

      • Michael Nyathi

        Bennet is right on generalisation?..why can’t he be specific about the crimes John Nkomo committed and what is your definition of racism?….you knuckle head. You worship white people…how dare you defend this rhodie

      • jephy

        Bennet was a Member and an official of ZANU PF in 1983 as well he only quit in 2000. Who has double standards then?

  • Okamtotobi

    Bennett is right that after ZAPU tied a matrimonial knot with ZANU, John Nkomo became part of a dictatorial regime that sent the country back to the Medieval times. But then so did MDC follow suit, it formed a triumvirate with ZANU and ZAPU by about four years ago. The government did not change its brutality or the mulching of the country after MDC jumped into bed with ZANU. To make matters worse, unlike ZAPU, MDC’s position hasn’t even appeared to be that of a bride in this marriage, but only that of a bridegroom. ZAPU is guilty of joining forces with the devil, and so is MDC. However it appears that MDC will absolve itself because it has handed in divorce papers, and I wish them all the best.

    • jephy

      But Bennet was ZANU too

  • Jimmy

    Bennett is being overtaken by events on the ground , in we must learn to move on . I understand his hatred Bennett is bitter over the diamonds on his farm diamonds that he personally benefited from for years

  • FormerSpiritEmbassyMember

    Bennet looted diamond..let him shut up..he is the last person from whom we should hear of morality

  • Chimunhu

    Mr Bennett is just making noise because the Americans have stopped telling him he will get the huge farms he was enjoying while the people had nothing

  • truman

    Bennet i plead with you to shut your caucasian beak.We were very unfortunate to be enslaved by your kith and kin.last ultimatum to you blood unrepenting racist.

  • Amby

    I hope Zimbabweans will be able to put the sadistic voyeurism forced upon them to watch old, sick and dying leaders clinging onto power as they perish in the public eye to a resounding end at the next election. Watching John Nkomo, Stan Mudenge and others dying b4 my own eyes while wasting their last energy oppressing Zimbabweans by their disfunctionality and perennial absence from office instead of focussing on fighting their ill-health is traumatizing to say the least. Vote these dying buggers out please….maybe wait a bit until we see their king go the same way…that might be enjoyable for many.

  • chaliceman

    i think insults are more damaging. i trust that all the contributors so far have something to say but they are angry. best not say anything when angry. i see Mr Bennet not as a white man but an off-shoot of a black man ( we are all from the three brothers Ham ,Shem, and Japhet ..the sons of Noah). Our white brothers treated us badly, it was tragic. lets accomodate him in our discourse. lets do what is right.However my personal view is that the late Honourable John Nkomo contributed to our cause, and so did Mr Bennet and many other Zimbabweans who went unnoticed because they do not occupy the prime political space. to me what matters is what a person does to develop the communities. both black and white must work for one goal, just do what is right. Condolences to the family of the late Vice President. i always pray that our white brothers work together with their black brothers for the good. if the Good lord did not love us all, this should have been either a white world or a black world. there is no space for a white man to think he is superior than the blackman,or the other way round.people become arrogant when they control and own things that others don’t have. Mr Bennet happens to belong to that clique an apology from their white brothers for the black genocide , slavery, colonialism , apartheid and all sorts of inhuman acts they supported and carried out. blacks are angry. as such, it is the critique of the moral pedestal which the whiteman has lost. to gain moral ground and acceptance, the whites of present day must disown the sins of their fore fathers and they must attack their own rascism.

  • Anonymous

    they were half brothers ,mothers are sisters

  • Zimbabwean

    so who is right here?

  • irked zimbo

    Bennet were you not a Rhodie so why should you be listened to,double standards muface you too should be ridiculed then.

  • Pikerere

    benet is just a dog. he can go to hell and follow  ian smith

  • Yaya

    This is very true

  • madhunduru

    When Bennett and his for fathers kills our parents was all good what so bad by America to praise the work which was done by the son of zimbabwe

    • Mthwakazomuhle

      What fucken work did he do?Just cause you are a fucken Zanu PF supporter, anything stupid is right to you. It looks like every white has had his or her parents killing Zimbabweans..fake..

  • Munya

    He killed a lot of people in Munyikwa area after he lost his bull during the war. He is not going to be sworn in and he should not dream to be part of the Zim cabinet in any future. Better work to fight for another Rodesia if you still have guts.

  • hala

    and to think he was part of the Rhodesian system, now he loves these Zimbabweans so dearly wow wow

  • toerag

    Roy Bennett nor his forefathers have ever killed Zimbabweans. You people who issue these statements are truly lacking in the education that Mugabe and Zanu PF promised you in 1980. Look at the facts before you make such inflammatory and ridiculous statements . Ask anyone who worked for ‘Pachedu’ and they will tell you of his innate Goodness and Care for his country. You should be voting him into power not besmirching his name. So long as you support an Evil, Racist regime so long you will remain in Ignorance and Penury.

    • Jazzy E

      You obviously have no idea of the country’s history for you to issue such a stupid , uninformed statement that “Roy Bennet nor his forefathers have ever killed Zimbabweans” – you are crass and ignorant.

      You have google, why dont you do a little bit of research about Zimbabwe’s history since the 1800s ?

      The fact is, Roy Bennet himself was part of the evil Rhodesian racist regime.
      John Nkomo was a part of the evil Mugabe racist regime.

      Spot the difference if you can ……

      • marikos

        The difference is Bennett atoned for his erroneous ways and joined the new system in place. He fought for what he believed in and lost but joined the new order. We should be ashamed in that Nkomo is one of our own, who brought suffering upon his own.

  • JJJJ

    All those that think and feel that ZANU PF is the best, when it is responsible for killing people from the day they got into power until now. Please take a hard good look at yourselves and think again. People lost fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and loved ones, you name it. Bennett is within his right to point out the wrongs ZANU has done and are continuing to do. What ever you say the fact remains ZANU is no good.

    • Patriot

      ZANU is not the best but whites should shed off their superiority complex. Bennet committed the same atrocities, so how can a Cobra blame a puffadder for killing humans when it is also a killer. The raw deal that Bennet and his fellow whites are getting befits him. That is the only area I do agree with Mugabe. His anti – white stance.

  • Patriot

    Birds of the same plummage. Bennet and Nkomo have more similarities than differences. Bennet is not relevant in Zimbabwean politics. As much as we deplore the present government Mugabe’s attitude towards the whites as well as Malema’s, is straight to the point.

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