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Zimbabwean women seek beauty in pampers

By Briggette Katiyo

While a new culture that celebrates women with hips has hit the country, the slim and not so good ones have been forced to seek alternatives in pampers, a study has revealed.

Zimbabwean women seek beauty in pampers
Zimbabwean women seek beauty in pampers

Eager to keep in touch with modern trends and follow international celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and many others, young women in Zimbabwe have devised their own means to imitate their icons.

Walking along the streets of Harare confirms this new wave of make shift curves as women jostle to keep in touch with modern trends. Countless stories of young ladies being spotted wearing pampers to enlarge hips are awash in the streets of Harare.

Some go as far as wearing two to three shorts inside to create a visible hip line not mentioning skin lightening creams and pills that have been around for some time now. A cross section of people in Harare expressed mixed feelings over this new wave of enhanced beauty that has gripped Harare.

Ephraim Mambare, a vendor in the streets of Harare attacked this new culture of enhancing beauty saying it was a sign of desperation. “It’s very strange because they were created like that but they go on to fight with God, We don’t know who they seek to impress

“We see them walking in the streets covering only the essentials, this could be associated with increasing cases of rape and sexual harassment at workplaces,” Mambare said.

Zimbabwean women seek beauty in pampers
Eager to keep in touch with modern trends and follow international celebrities like Nicki Minaj

Kudzai Kambarami lamented this emerging trend blaming it on elders for closing their eyes to this menace. “Is it that I’m stuck in the wrong generation, or is it that our elders are being uncomfortable with this contemporary society,” laments Kudzai Kambarami.

Kambarami added that it could be signs of end times as the situation is getting worse as each day passes. A social commentator, Gladman Madara said the family had lost its role in the society, which is to socialize children into what they are supposed to be when they become independent.

Pampers (diapers) are being used to keep in touch with modern trends and follow international celebrities like Nicki Minaj
Pampers (diapers) are being used to keep in touch with modern trends and follow international celebrities like Nicki Minaj

“We have known the family as the first point where a child is taught societal values and culture. These new behaviours we see in the streets are reminiscent of the divergence of the family role on children,” Madara said.

“Young people are a problem and do things that our elders never did, that is why we no longer have rains in this country, our ancestors are angry, surely this is the end of the world,” stated Wellington Kaitano, with agony and pain in his eyes.

Zimbabwean women seek beauty in pampers
Walking along the streets of Harare confirms this new wave of make shift curves

A beautician Gamuchirai Gurure of Morden Style beauty parlour said some of the skin lightning creams women were using had adverse effects on their skin.

“Those women who use skin lightening creams are at risk of developing skin cancer. Some use pills which they are purchasing from unregistered dealers which on its own is dangerous,” said Gurure.

As fashion trends keep changing daily due to globalisation, questions continue to be asked whether the family and society still has the power to guide and nurture children into responsible and respectable members of society.

  • Whitlaw

    Vanhu vakungpopfeka hembe dzinobata chete, vanhu vane zvinhu zvavo, ndiani akambobvisa munhu hembe akaona pamper.

  • Brough Skosana

    “Typical Zimbambwean women” tinonyarira kupiko nhai???

  • Samaita Jikinya

    haaa pasi parohwa ne nyundo zvino ukavhura chikoso masambo odonha aya u notiza hahahaha

  • Davison Mudzingwa

    interesting…is it pampers or diapers??…or its a colgate/toothpaste affair.

    • Bandag

      Chero vaziwa kuti inyaya yei? Its SURF or washing power

      • shitload

        It’s kokokora-soda affair

    • tatendataa

      kana uchigara mu Zim its pampers but if u are in the diaspora its diapers, wayiziva

  • Tk Rashama


  • Elliot Chipuru

    Vakadzi vanozvinetsa,rega zvinzi vaida kunzi vatadzi.Chii ichocho?Kuzvinetsa nema pampers nxaaaaa !!!!!!!

  • Elliot Chipuru

    vakadzi vanozvinetsa,rega zvinzi vaida kunzi vatadzi.Chii ichocho?Kuzvinetsa nema pampers nxaaaaa !!!!!!! Tsvina!!!!!!.

  • Khulisimuzi Moyo

    Ababuye egoli bazo injectwa khona bazaba naHips nt ukufaka amapamper tjo

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  • Kuda Ruziye

    For wat?who are yu faking coz ndichazongozviona kana ndavakurara newe,wat image is it gonna be eish ladies pliz,can yu pliz get life and leave as normal.Dat’s where satarnism begins coz urikuzvidza Kusikwa kwawakaitwa namwari.Wokudza Satan pliz pliz ladies

    • Suchmore Sambiri Mutete

      ..hello …….. make it bigger…

      • Bandag

        Make it bigger for sure, if King Kong was a small monkey…………….

  • Okamtotobi

    Guys, I respect all your opinions, and I would fight anyone who tried to take away your freedom of opinion and expression, but I however disagree with most of you, because you sound like you are against these ladies’ freedom to do what causes no harm to the next person. Most of us are living in fear in Zimbabwe and some of us are in unintended diaspora because we have been gripped for more than three decades by a regime that does not tolerate dissenting opinion, but then it may appear that we too are the same. I personally wouldn’t want my girlfriend to wear these diapers, but then if she insisted on doing so, that would have to be a bone to be chewed by me and her, and maybe her parents and mine too, but not outsiders.

    I feel I have no right either to feel anything about a girl’s dressing if she has nothing to do with me. I accept that society has a collective responsibility of setting up norms, and maybe to a certain extent, policing them, but however we still have to be aware of how far we go in deciding what private individuals may do privately, and proceed to do things without actually infringing on others’s freedoms and privacy. I do respect all your opinions and concerns, but gentlemen, please answer this question, how do these ladies affect you if they don’t live in the same house with you, work with you, and they are not related to you?

    We may also want to realize that the old patriarchal society that we were bred in is dying all over the world. Gone are the days when men could collectively decide what women could do about their lives. That is a step forward in civilization, but then there is still the freedom to stay behind if so chosen, as long as one stays behind alone without dragging others back to stay with him. I am not trying to insult our Zimbabwean male psyche and ego, but I’m simply laying out things as they are, and how it appears they shall be in future. In most countries that I have been to, making such comments on women’s dressing would definitely get you out of your job if there are women employed there, even if you made the comments away from your place of employment, and it would definitely slim down your chances of getting another job in a place that employs women. The rationale is that such comments show that you may be thinking that you have a god-given command and authority over any and all women by virtue of your sex, and that your thoughts may at one stage mutate into actions, some of which may be violent if your masculine authority is not acknowledged.

    Many men in our country will happily throw word (ukuphosa ilizwi/kukanda izwi) at these girls that we are prosecuting in the court of male opinion, just because they send our blood boiling, only to abuse them after we are turned down. Most men want to marry this type, only to stop them from this kind of dressing the moment they are pronounced “wife”. Fair enough if she agrees to stop, but then when she dresses like mbuya nhingi as per our male prescription, we keep leaving her at home when we go to satisfy our phallic appetites on the very same girls who wear these diapers to enlarge their booties.

    In a nutshell vakoma nanakhazi, if she is not your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, cousin or other relative, how she dresses has completely nothing to do with you. The key word is “tolerance”. Next time you see one dressed in a way you don’t like and you feel some fury itching in your head, just tell yourself “I don’t know her, and i will not have a raised blood pressure over someone who has nothing to do with me”, and you will feel some relief and sense liberation.

    • ABCD

      u have time on ur hands huh?

    • Chabvonga

      Vakuru kana manga muchitaimira kusvika pakuzoti kana nengito hadzina mhosva mairasa. no tolerance on everything let rubbish be rubbish . Ngochani nema diapers hazviite

    • let it be

      I like your response, Zimbabwean society is to be so condescending towards women. Its almost as though they blame women for everything if they want diapers or pampers let them alone to do it. And ABCD this guy is making sense

    • shitload

      Avoid a response that is textually more voluminous than the original article. These ladies should stop this because they are cheating men who may genuinely love butts.Only for the man to discover layers of cotton after putting on so much effort to bed the butt-cheating girl. Be yourself,if you have a flat butt,there are men who like that figure too, don’t get the wrong man because Mr Butt-lover will soon discover those layers of extra cotton obva arova marata.

      • shungu

        you got a point there shithead

        • shungu

          sorry i meant to say shitload

      • ndabaningi

        shitload lol you are a shitload fo sho

    • makuhwa

      well said pal I couldn’t say it better than that

  • mutongi gava

    mapamper anopfekwa nevane Aids kuitira madhodhi nekuti vanofamba vachizvimamira…..Yaaa a kurumwa nechekuchera nekuti waifamba uchingovhuravhura makumbo ako pesepese uchikwirwa waiti uri wesimbi here?

  • Kuda

    Kikikikikikikikikiki. Bridgette i wanted to pour scorn at you but hey, you have a point there. Apologies. That lady in a black dress and white top is suspicious. she could be wearing the diaper. Asi vamwe vane simbi dzavo havo.

  • Mspeelicious

    “To each his own” why would someone get affected by another bleaching their own skin? if they choose to enhance their booty let them be, at the end of the day they”re their own person, not owned by Zimbabwe, or you. if the bleachers get skin cancer, will they come to your house to ask for money for treatment? i dont think so, so why should it affect you?? next thing these people will start saying women shouldn’t wear weaves.??? please.

    FYI for those asking yes some people prolly wear pampers, but those with money buy, booty-pads these cost a lot but they are well shaped and they look real and even feel real. and to the guys saying ah fake this fake that…..blah blah blah, am sure these women are not finna attract someone like you…. there”re men who like that and believe me these men are attracted to that ish.

    Personally i dont have a problem with anyone doing as they please with their body. its their life so why do i care. besides in a way we all fake it. e.g i like weaves and i spend a lot on my hair coz i wanna look good, not for a man bt for me, i like looking girly girl and pretty, i wear make up, not because i wanna attract a man, but because i actually enjoy applying make up ( its art), sooo i guess we are all faking it in a way.

  • linda

    Hahahahaha vanhu vaakuda zvinhu akomana, zvino munhu haazotizi here kana akuona zvaakudonha eish. Munhu gutsikana nezvauri, only God nows why he made u the way u r and you arewonderfully made, rejoice in that.

  • Okakwali

    But we love our women as natural,not with pampers,this is strange.

  • Mhanzi Mhanzi

    What a waste of money pamper and skin lightening creams!! Kana mukomana asingakudi uri mutema sezvauri better ayende

  • chommie

    Unopaka madiapers, then ndozozviona kuti waijuta,,, divorce…

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  • zisto

    regai vanhu vaite zvavo zvawafunga nemari yawo

  • Anonymous

    unofanira kuzviratidza kuti urimhunu kwete kwekuita semhuka ?

  • zephenia norumedzo

    unofanira kuzviratidza semhunu kwete kuita semhuka

  • batman

    its only in s.a whr u get the real thing..masasko dnt need ma pampers..thy r naturally super lovely

    • hater

      well said buttybway

  • Mo

    ko vanomama sei?

  • patrick

    guys we leave in a free world stop hating if a person wants to walk naked leave them

  • Jabulani

    zvine basa reiko,vakadzi venyu varikuswera vachikwirwa kumaavenues uko

  • Ndiniwacho

    Really? Pane akambovhura one mukadzi akaona mapampers acho? PRovide the proof otherwise find better stories. Munganyore zvemubhurugwa remukadzi shuwa?

  • tsoka

    Sorry for the Harare ladies, in Bulawayo, Botswana and South Africa, the women are fed up with that. If only you were descendants of the SanKhoi not from the great lakes region.

  • Kudzie

    oh plizz ladies havent you heard of padded panties..stop embarassin yourselves…look online..probably available in joburg or here in cape twn, or any pther places in sa