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Prophet Uebert Angel in pictures

Flamboyant preacher Uebert Angel is the president of the Spirit Embassy church. He has been in the news for his flashy lifestyle and controversial ‘prosperity gospel’. Born on the 6th September 1978, Angel has transformed from a penniless pastor in the UK to a Bentley driving prophet with several posh mansions in Zimbabwe. 

1-angelIn this photo album we look at the life and times of Uebert Angel and his wife Prophetess Beverley Angel.

  • Israel Chipere

    Muchamuka zvenyu,,,,More is coming..

  • vaparidzi venhema mavaona ndivava

  • many were called but few were chosen

    • trust andrinho chiama

      so im the chosen one vaparidzi venhema hindava kuparidzira vanhu zvekunhepa

  • malcomX

    Hameno, God Knows

  • Nxa-a

  • Rumbidzai Rumbi Mu

    Zvakaoma….talk of heresy…..

  • ZimRelax

    Kwaaaaa! People wear dinner dresses to these kind of shows just to lay flat down on there faces!!! I would be wining and dining in those dresses. ~ ZimRelax

  • ZimRelax

    Kwaaaaaa! People wear dinner dresses just to lay down flat on their face in these shows!!! I would be wining and dining in those dresses. ~ ZimRelax

    • Tapera tapera

      Just to show that when it comes to worshipping GOD IT DOESNT MATTER YOU ARE WEARING A DESIGNER….

  • aya ndiwo anonzi majerasi people just complaining but nobody wanna live for Jesus Christ ,i mean not many are bold enough to do so , vanhu musadaro so , Dont you know that when God finds a vessel of honour someone willing he is going to show His glory understand the signs of time ,anyways lets prophet of Lord asara asara

  • Nemazuva iwawo vadzidzisi nevaprofita venhema vachawanda vanoti gomo ibva apo enda apo richienda vachauya kwamuri vachiti tisu ishe Tirikurwira mweya yedu kut iwane zororo kwte hupfumi hwepano pasi.Angel, makandiwa & tb joshua ar they true servants of God

  • tb joshuwa siyanai naye.makamboona achiita zvinoitwa nana angel here izvozvi.those guys work from different brackets. Tb joshua is a real man of god

  • Blessing Mugurungi

    Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

  • Silly people..all being cheated and lied to by fakesters!

    • Dingdingwe

      “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven” Exactly how rich is “prophet” Angel now?

  • Mataz

    This is silly and stupid reporting. If you really want to give your readers the facts, shows us the growth in the “Gift” together with the growth in the riches. You are showing us the growth in the riches from rugs to riches but you are not showing us the driving force behind the success. It is the “Gift” that he discovered! Success will always come to you when you have a gift that meets people’s needs. You all want to be successful but if you don’t know your gift you shall remain reporters and analyzers for ever! Leave Him alone!!

  • max moyo

    What a bunch of charlattans.
    Beautiful women throwing themselves at his feet?
    Things are about to become interesting! Wait and see.

  • Sasha Lee

    His wife looks very pleased with herself.$$$$$$$$.No more doubts because now she is sure she made the right choice$$.

    • Tapera tapera

      Anyone would be happy to be covered by such an annointing.. this is a chosen couple nomatter what people say. God has elected them and there is nothing anyone can do about it!

      • Sasha Lee

        I doubt u believe what you just stated. Anointed my foot. Do you know the meaning of the word? These people are driven by money and that much is obvious. Why did they leave the U.K in the first place.? We all know the answer to that. People who are truly anointed have no desire for the riches of this world. U can see a picture of them traveling first class. If u travel first class that is your business but why flaunt it by taking a picture for all to see? That revealing lace dress Bev is wearing is unbecoming and the way she is posing provocatively and suggestively on that magazine cover is more hoochie mama than prophetess. These people are money hungry jokes.

  • Guitar

    it is the business of small people to talk about big people. you will never find Denzel Washington talking about Gringo

  • Tapera tapera

    i just love this man, i think people are bothered by the fact that this is a man who has shown the world how God can bless his own. Long Live Prophet Angel and Beverly…we shall stand by you always!

  • Webster

    No one ever talks about the magician down first street who lobbys for money after performing magic tricks whose source of power he has or where he takes the money he gets. Instead we get to see people from other churches criticising their fellow pastors right by the side of the magician… what a shame. they are comfortable in sharing crowds with wizards and screech in pain when other man of God seem better off than they are
    Riches are a part of life, Abraham had them, Isaac had them. David did too and Solomon was renowned for exorbitant taxes yet the bible boasts of his riches sitting that he made silver and gold as common as stones in Israel.
    You who claim to know Jesus so well, concentrate your energy on preaching what you term, the true gospel, not to flout some baseless allegations of ignorance gone on rampage.

  • munya

    taneta nenews dzenyu… tsvakai zviri nani mhani… munamatirei ka zvamurimi munozvigona

  • Tapera tapera

    Mazimba matanga, why cant you celebrate someone’s success? You rush to other countries because zveku”Botswana zvagara zvinonaka” For once lets appreciate our own. this is a man who gatheres more than 5000 people every Sunday and people are getting help. People are coming from as far as America just to see this man yet his own are busy persecuting him. Dzidzai varume…

  • Tapera tapera

    We love you Prophet Angel

  • MIKE

    So WHAT?

  • riman09

    Saka kuita prophet kwapinda papi apa? Beware of false prophets, in sheep’s skin!

  • WeUshe

    Chimboitai, This is not prophecy. Whatever direction you may want to convince people. Continue hapurakata dzako Angel, soon and and very soon the hand will write a note on the walls.

  • Tatenda

    Hanzi life and times, you made it sound like you had pics of his life from childhood

  • Hegale Kangoma

    Thats my papa and my mama Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophetess Bebe Angel a true man and woman of God.May God bless you