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Adam Ndlovu funeral in pictures

Thousands of people thronged the streets of Bulawayo to witness the funeral procession and public send off for legendary Zimbabwe and Highlanders striker Adam Ndlovu who died in a tragic car crash this past Sunday.

More pictures will be added to the album as they come……………

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo, Minister of Water Resources Development and Management Sam Sipepa Nkomo visited Adam Ndlovu’s house to console his family.

According to radio legend Ezra ‘Thisa’ Sibanda “tens of thousands of people lined up the streets, singing and chanting the departed legend’s name and the atmosphere was terrific. Analysts believe the crowd surpassed the late Vice President, Father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo’ s funeral procession.”

“People were singing, others crying and some whistling, blowing trumpets, lining up on both sides of the Luveve road up to the stadium. A service was held in the stadium, speaker after speaker sang praises and said everything good about the people’s warrior, how humble and tolerant he was.

“It was a very moving and touching ceremony with Highlanders legends led by the emotional Douglas Mloyi paying tribute to this great son of Zimbabwe.

Two buses loaded with Dembare fans arrived for the funeral, soccer players of yesteryear, today’s and people from all walks of life, different political parties, various religious groups and the public in general were all gathered at Adamski’ house.

“Never seen so much unity amongst Zimbabweans and this is proof that Adam was the people’s man. Every province of Zimbabwe is represented, People from all over Africa and Europe all landed to pay their last respects. Saturday, the programme starts at 8.00am at Amphitheatre, see you there!” Sibanda said.

  • Allen Alz Jiri

    Adamsky’s passing has bro

  • Allen Alz Jiri

    Adamsky’s passing has brought unity n love amongst us all Zimbabwean what a man we have lost. Sob sob 🙁

  • Kelvin Ben

    Tribute to Adam “Adamski” Ndlovu
    Go well Malume, I first saw you at Rhudhaka Stadium, Marondera, and that day I fell in love with Bosso. What I saw on that day remains engraved in my mind. Bosso dominated the Maronga “The Bomber” Nyangela led Black Rhinos. The final score was 3-1. Despite the fact that I had always been loyal to Rhinos, because my father was in the army and part of the management there, I quickly moved to be an avid Bosso fan.
    Now that you are gone, we are all running thoughts in our mind. The goals you scored when we really needed them. Your commitment to Soccer as a whole was beyond talent. While everyone is thinking of the goals you scored I am tempted to think about that wrongly disallowed goal in Angola. The header from a corner that was disallowed and no reason was given. On that day Dumisani Mpofu was called on to mark Fabrice Akwa and he did that in style.
    People are quick to try and gain popularity in this land when tragic events happen. If you were alive and were asked if you wish to be buried at The National Heroes Archer, I doubt and strongly doubt if you would say “yes”. That is not your place, if Dabaningi Sithole had no place there and many more then yes it’s not your place. Lady Stanley Cemetery will become our own hero’s archer. Enough said on that back to the goals.
    The Warriors team that dominated but did not qualify for any major tournament had you name written all over it. Adamski yours was a life of achievements. Words will not describe how many hearts your life touched. Sorry to those who want to question the occupants of the car on that tragic day and moment. Shame on you who write unfounded stories about the departed. Our hearts will never remember gossip but the magic moments you provided this our nation. In Swiss Football at Delmont, probably you best spell on the international stage they will remember your for the 39 goals you scored in 109 games, at FC Zurich things did not work out as we would have wanted perhaps because age was catching up with you but you still scored 4 goals in 18 appearances.
    With our beloved but underachieving Warriors you remain second top goal scorer behind a wizard known as Sukuzonke but I doubt if you, I and many are bothered as we know that in our lifetime no one will overtake you. I hope they sing Nyama yekugocha as they bury you my hero. May your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace. Farewell Admaski 13.

  • He was well-known thru out Africa and even beyond.

  • Monica Kunzekweguta

    Nice send off.

  • Tarasikirwa zvikuru

  • Famba zvakanaka, uzorore murugare. Tinotenda nezvakabati pano pasi.

  • Jonathan Risinamhodzi

    Dead or alive, an icon will always be remembered!!!!! RIP Adam,

  • Ndakamirira mhuri yese yekwa phiri.. Ndinoti fambai zvakanaka vandlovu. Kwasara kunesu. Ndiyo yeduwo tose .bye bye

  • Muzambiringa

    Ndakamira mhuri yose yekwa Chinotimba
    Famba zvakanaka shamwari/ Hamba kuhle mngani wami.

  • You are my hero.Go well my brother

  • Go wel Adam,R.I.P

  • Pasi idandaro chokwadi

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Adam wil always remember u big bro.

  • wezhira asipo haapo

    famba zvakanaka nemabasa ako

  • chaporonga

    he was a hero after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He was the best Zimbabwean worrior, rest in peace

  • Anonymous

    May his soul rest in peace, some of us we just heard about his good works during his days. His lost is not only to the family, but to the world

  • Anonymous


    • jk


  • Anonymous

    Rest in peace Adam

  • ashley

    rest in peace adam l will 4ever remember u

  • Anonymous

    “balance”what abt da other woman who passedaway with him?was she a chikwambo O SACRIFISE?WHERE IZ DA COVERAGE UNIVERSAL BALANCE?”think twice”***

    • Meaning you did not go through the album, we posted a picture from her funeral

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    l n l know wagwaan,u are not doing yaself o da universe anygood so u gonna reap what u are blocking/reality fi da people***


    We thank you Adam 4 the great things you did during your life time . May you rest in peace

  • Anonymous