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Tinopona Katsande assault saga in pictures

Former Studio 263 actress and ZiFm DJ Tinopona ‘Tino’ Katsande was savagely beaten up by her boyfriend over the weekend. In a message posted on twitter she claimed nightclub owner Brian Munjodzi beat her up because she asked him to help do the dishes while she did the laundry.

Munjodzi was freed on $100 bail after appearing in court before Mbare magistrate Reuben Mukavhi. He is being charged with domestic violence.
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  • VaSoko

    shuwa inyaya yebasa remumba chete here iyi or pane zvimwe zvatisiri kuudzwa apa??????????

    • Mutundo

      The reporters of the story are not giving a balanced story, lets hear what the boyfriend has to say as well. (Not that his reasons justifies his actions) but there are always two sides to domestic violence……..and women will naturally become the victims, and yet there are too many dimensions to what causes it, women’s role in it and other factors outside the immediate home environment of the victim/s and perpetrator/s….(note… I use both singular and plural to show that the violence can also be two-way….and that there could be more than one victim as well) We do not measure/condemn degree of emotional violence as much as we do physical violence, yet both forms of violence always leave a scar on the victim. However I am not suggesting that this woman violated her boyfriend!!!!

      • changamire dombo

        Baba munoziva nyaya imi. mataura nemo nemo chaimo muri nuetral. Ndatenda hangu.

      • Mboma

        Dyuuu wabaya dhodhi nechigunwe ooops sori meant wabaya dede nemumukanwa,wabviro buya gwinyiso

  • munya

    Tinotenda need to tell pple the truth.

  • Gaba

    Can someone tells us the ‘story behind this story?’

    • KuraiMGT

      Daidzai vebehind the camera, kikikiki

  • Reason

    honestly people whatever the so called “story behind the story” there is no justification whatsoever for a man to brutally beat up a woman like this. no matter what she did. l think people should understand that domestic violence is not the brutality of the beating, it is not even the reason for the beating, it is simply the beating itself. this guy shouldnt even be out on a 100 dollar bail. it is like justifyng a murder because the deceased had wronged you one way or the other. domestic violence is totally unacceptable, even regardless of the sex of the victim.

  • BlaTindo

    The way this lady is loving the media attention is a bit sickening. Yes she was beaten and that is very wrong. But as a DJ she knows how to manipulate the media and you can see she is posing for the pictures in court and really exaggerating her pain etc. Weirdly I feel she is seeking fame from this unfortunate incident. Just my thoughts

    • Sibo

      The next thing we see is she is opening an NGO for victims of domestic violence and use her pics to raise money from donors. Wait and see. Soon vultures of feminist activism like Betty Makoni will start to yep yep

  • TinayeNZ

    Damn… She is milking this situation bigtime. Is there anything like Justifiable Assault? She got home and headed straight to the bathroom? Why? To get rid of a ‘fishy’ odour? There is more to this story than what meets the eye. Fists met eyes, but there is more. Out with it Tino

    • Chihera

      Whatever the story, it still does not jsutify a beating!! This was his place, he shouldhave jsuttold her to leave period!!

  • Sibo

    Dai ndiri ini ndaikazvambaradza hakaimbowana simba rekuita pose for those fake photos. Ngakachiroorwa kusveroti boyfriend boyfriend till when. Saka kakakwaturwa

  • Joseph

    kana akarohwa akatonakawo nhai

  • 5star

    akamama. ngaarohwe futi. bitch

  • Taurai

    Some men here have no shame. I am sure they all crack their jokes all week about a wife beating and probably are wife eaters themselves , then troop off to pay lip service to Makandiwa and Angel come Sunday. As a man, it sickens me.

  • progress

    Makandiwa or angel apinda papi nhai goon.wadii kuti voenda kuchechi kwenyu kana uchinamata or kubhwawa kwako kana uchinwa.tikwanirei amana.

  • progress

    Context says the wife beater is a club owner.do your maths what a club owner is capable of doin and stop deceivin yoself .dai zvanga zvanzi he is a christian from Makandiwa Or Angel’s church, then your analogy wud be relevant otherwise for now you juss displaying gross arrogance and hatred for a Man of God whom I doubt you like.

  • innocent

    dhiya ndibatsirewo nekusuka maplates atadyira…..mbama, really!!!!! Tino please, your FELLOW COUNTRYMEN reasons further than that, usatijairira. I SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

  • Anonymous

    Tino kanonyepa kange kabva kundosvirwa and her statement is totally different from that of his boyfrnd