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Man locked by ‘runyoka’ is a Masvingo pastor

A man who reportedly became stuck to a married woman after sleeping with her on Wednesday in Masvingo’s Rujeko C suburb is a pastor with a pentecostal church. The two are said to be still stuck together as relatives make frantic efforts to get them separated.

Last year in October, Bernard Madzivanzira (pictured) was facing difficulties walking and said he could no longer wear underpants after his private parts swelled up permanently in a suspected case of ‘runyoka’ or witchcraft
Last year in October, Bernard Madzivanzira (pictured) was facing difficulties walking and said he could no longer wear underpants after his private parts swelled up permanently in a suspected case of ‘runyoka’ or witchcraft

A traditional healer was said to have been hired. Reports that the cheating pair had died have been dismissed by relatives as untrue. The woman lives along Chikuni Street in Rujeko C.

A relative who spoke out said;

“Of course I cannot tell you the identity of the woman concerned because she is my uncle’s wife and her husband is a truck driver who works in Zambia not in South Africa as alleged by some misinformed people.

“The husband has been notified but it seems he is reluctant to come and rescue the man who is also suspected to be a pastor of a pentecostal church in Rujeko C,” said the relative who requested anonymity.

He said the pair was whisked away by a private vehicle, a red Renault after people had mobbed the street demanding to get a glimpse of the drama.

Another resident said:” It is true that the couple was whisked away by a private car, Renault, red in colour and I witnessed everything. Firstly people were attracted by the cries of the woman as she shouted for help from her matrimonial bedroom.

“It is when the neighbours who coincidentally, are fellow congregants, went to the house to investigate. They forced-open the bedroom door and got inside where they took the couple who were still in a compromising posture, into the car.

“What we don’t know is how the car was hired because we only noticed the car waiting outside and just in a flash, the couple had already gone. I saw them with my eyes but we cannot divulge their identity to the Press.”

Another resident said the man’s brother who lives in Harare was contacted but said there was nothing he could do because he didn’t know how runyoka could be treated.

“The husband’s brother has been contacted but he said he couldn’t assist because he did not have any knowledge on how runyoka is treated. However, the truth of the matter is that the two were not taken to the police but to a traditional healer somewhere in Mucheke and they are believed to be still at the sangoma’s house,” said the resident.

It could not be ascertained, which part of Mucheke the sangoma resides. Police maintained that they were yet to receive a report about the incident.

“We want to say once again that we did not witness the drama which residents are claiming to have happened. Unfortunately we are not pursuing any investigations because that has nothing to do with us,” said Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Peter Zhanero.

However, a source from Chikato police station said: “While I don’t have the permission to officially confirm the runyoka  incident, information that we are getting shows that it really happened but as police, no one witnessed it.”

A pastor said he had been phoned by a fellow pastor telling him that a man of cloth had been “stung” by runyoka.

“A fellow pastor phoned me today telling me that one of our own is stuck with a married woman, his congregate for that matter. At first I didn’t believe it but when people started describing the man, I was able to identify him. The man is even a member of pastors’ fraternal for Masvingo province,” said the pastor.

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    I will only believe this is if the police confirm it happened or I see irrefutable visual evidence.

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      Were are they now still live or dead the reporter come back to us and confirm your story.

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    The story has a lot of version with some saying they were taken to the police station&later to the hospital where they are believed to be dead.So why police are refusing to comment.The pastor is said to be from ZAOGA why not getting comments from the respective church

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    Mehluli Sibanda has put the point clear from the scientific perspective. How then do we link science with “runyoka” as it is believed if one consults a Sangoma to be able to lock his wife it works wonderes. How do we link the fear in the woman to the husband-initiated-lock. If the woman has no such fear will the “runyoka” work? If the woman has fear and the husband does not get the runyoka do we have incidences of “locked-up” couples without runyoka….(pure vaginismus)?

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    Chokwadi vanhuwe, ngatinamatei Mwari wedu muzvokwadi.Makereke hongu akanaka , asi, accountability mazuva ano, yavekunetsa.Kunoti, mari, hupombwe ndozvauraya makereke edu, zvizhinji zviri kutsipika muvakuru pakuti anounza mari ndiyani.Chirwere mazuva ano chatowanda kumaChurch, kwatinonwa uku tavakuziva kuti kufa kwakauya, hama dzofa nokuda kwehupombwe pakati pevafudzi, nevafudziwi.
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    A man using runyoka must be arrested because he is abusing a woman by locking her without the woman’s consent.

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    I support runyoka and my wish is kuti zviwe legally required kuti munhu vose aroora kana kuchata obva apiwa runyoka rwake. That would teach people to respect marriages and married people to start behaving well knowing kuti ukangoenda to any married women unonamira, at least that would bring back humanity. Pamberi nerunyoka. vanhu vanobva vaziva kuti kana vada zvokuroorwa ,zvechihure wosiya pasi iye kana vadawo zvokuroora, siyana nechihure or ibva vagara usina kuroora kana kuroorwa vanhu vongoziva kuti ndozvauri, kuti uchiri kuda freedom yako including freedom of sex with many partners. hapana angamboite hanya newe, but people get it wrong when you pledge to be faithfull yet uri kunyepa, uri hure remukadzi or remurume. Pamberi nerunyoka

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    If runyoka have to be legalised the woman should lock their husbands on mutual basis



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