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VIDEO: Beverly dances in Harare prison

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda has released a saucy video depicting her experiences in police custody for two days following her arrest last month. Bev claims she was forced to dance for police officers following numerous requests.

VIDEO: Beverly dances in Harare prison
VIDEO: Beverly dances in Harare prison

Bev and fellow dancer Zoey Sifelani were arrested after the publication of alleged indecent pictures in the media. It was for that reason that she decided to shoot a video highlighting some of her experiences.

The video dubbed “Bevy Jail House: This is My Story,” shows her being locked up in a cell by an agitated police officer. She immediately disrobes her yellow prison garb, revealing a set of red lingerie and begins to dance.

  • Lou Nyasha

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    • Mafifi

      yisifebe, ibheyapeya mpela. ule demon wena hule. lani madoda elibukela lesi sifebe lilama demon

  • Vimbai Muchikunda

    Bev kanosaya!

  • Tawanda

    Ma Officer kuda zvinhu kudaro. Zvakaoma

  • Rashie Musungo

    Ngaanzwire vasungwa tsitsi,kana avatambira vozodii?chingochani chowanda mujeri

  • Melo Muvingi

    Free entertainment in prison. Thats gud

    • blessing simba bosha

      wat gud mweya yetsvina chiyo god help us plz

    • Charleschowara

      Gen’a makaita bonyora pamakaona kabhurukwa.

  • vane yese

    Aah Bervy ndiwe une yese.wakakosha kudarika Zanu Pf.

    • jonga


  • Roeze Vee Mutebuka

    I think they taking her raunchiness too far manje!!these are all-male inmates and apedza kuvaratidza bottle dance yake iya,what’s next?kukurudzira ngito uku and the weak in those cells are goin to suffer vakuiswa kumanyowa ..ngaasadaro

  • Crazy

  • Cathie Matura

    ”Come down Lord the world is ill, wrecked with fever, the livelong day, man must struggle for ‘peace’ until you show the way” went a hymn at my convent middle school.

  • Maxwell Speedy Mazhawara

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  • Cynthia Magwere

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  • sir Bryan

    ZRP kusada kupfuurwa siyayi mwana aite mari yake

  • Bikita Nyika

    Police officers must further thier studies and become more of human to animalism like what they are doing

  • Muchati Bwege

    Uyu anotamba akasimira ari nani inga kune vamwe vanotamba vari musvo wani. Siyai mwana aruke dhora rake

  • melody

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  • trent

    seriously how can u put such a blatantly made up video,zim jails are crowded and not that cozy looking…i been there so to hell with this made up video,i think u nehanda guys are obsessed with bev and whatever she does becomes news,hell she ain’t no celebrity but juss a simple tramp gaining publicity through media houses like you.this video is garbage…

  • trent

    they don’t give u jail garb in zimbabwe and besides we saw the pictures when she came out of the holding cells ,she didn’t have that hair do….this is the lowest standard of journalism you bite hook,liner and sinker whatever story is thrown at you without verifying the facts…shameless journalism…i am disappointed

  • monya

    this is crap i tell u ku sitokisi mukadzi pfeki bra kana nduwe

  • Gomba Remarara

    Crimes against humanity.

  • mandla

    nothing like that in Zim , only advertising Pacific

  • Moyo

    Mapurisa amugabe aya.


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  • Monk

    Kikikikiki, nice try, but this is by no means a Prison or cell, check the bed, bars etc, but i like the creativity really, nice marketing and original thinking…

  • Anonymous

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  • enoch kaseke

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  • muradzikwa

    with this type of publicity,this bev thing must try her hand at politics.

  • Virimayi

    murikunetsekeiko nhai vamwe, it was just a video that was shot to make money, kwete kuti ainge asungwa.

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  • Givemore

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  • Tisutinotonga

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  • nqobani

    even wild animals behave better than other people.

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  • Emax

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  • jay

    what Beverly is doing its absolutely satanic .l think thats the end of the world all because the US$ the money is evil especially the us$

    • muradzikwa

      bring back Z$.otherwise with the continued use of the US$ more bevs will mushroom.

    • Anonymous

      where do you live you stupid fool do you realy know Bev gosh!

  • bnz

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  • ashamed

    where have our african values gone if we can appreciate such obscene material from a desporate sexual secubiss. Christianity aside it goes against the very nature our community and duty to each other as Africans…where is the future is some can appreciate this pornographic material we patronize the west for such behavior and yet stoop to such levels think about your children What example is this deviant sick excuse for a woman setting and shame on the media for directly or indirectly supporting such profanity.

  • farai mubangwa

    many pple here are either illiterate or ignorant, bev didnt dance for prisoners, this video is an artistic creation not a video of wht actually happened, so before you comment take a few seconds and read. gosh!

  • muradzikwa

    movie shot on location at rainbow towers.the director wishes to thank rainbow towers for allowing him to use their facilities.

  • Anonymous

    nehanda.com you have the stupid mind of using our sacred heroin’s name to publish bad things about the country she died for. You are lucky Berv does not use this station she would have sued your tits off. You have become so adicted to lying to such an extend you dont care about facts. Our Prisons are guided by prison officers not policemen like that video of yours.

  • jonga

    Mwari chiuyai nyika yaguma

  • VH1

    bevy did nothing wrong, she was just dancing to entertain drinkers. its just the same as going to a bitch club. the bitch won’t search 4 u in any way. prostitution can only be stoped by the word of God, not zrp or any body, becz its spiritual thing, If u got affected, with prostitution u are a prostite, eg parable of a repended hyna

  • Anonymous

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  • funny

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