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Selmor Mtukudzi lashes out at ‘unsupportive dad’

By Esther Gomo | Nehanda Showbiz |

Selmor Mtukudzi the daughter of music legend Oliver Mtukudzi has lashed out at her father accusing him of not supporting her music career the same way he did for his late son Sam Mtukudzi who died in a car crash.

Selmor Mtukudzi lashes out at ‘unsupportive dad’
Selmor Mtukudzi lashes out at ‘unsupportive dad’

In an interview with journalist Wonder Guchu, Selmor said “I think if I had my father’s support I would be somewhere else today cause I know, like you said, I am talented and this is what I am meant to be doing, music.”

She initially tells Guchu “I wish i could tell you more but if you start digging you will be shocked by what you find out.” Selmor however fails to hold back and launches into a heart-breaking narration of her challenges.

“I wish someone would write the whole truth. I’m tired of people asking me why I don’t have certain things or why I don’t have a better car, I am tired of coming up with excuses for my father.

“It’s also not fair on my mother who has supported me with the little she has from day one. People do not know that my mother was actually married and wedded with my father because Daisy (Mtukudzi’s current wife) wants people to think she is my father’s first wife.”

Selmor, Brooklyn, Oliver, Sam Mtukudzi, and a friend at Oliver's birthday party, September, 2008
Selmor, Brooklyn, Oliver, Sam Mtukudzi, and a friend at Oliver’s birthday party, September, 2008

Responding to Guchu’s concerns that his initial article highlighting Selmor’s challenges might have caused her agony, Selmor says “You didn’t cause me agony you actually gave me hope that maybe my father will change the way he is treating me.”

Selmor alleges “no one wants to write anything bad about their legend except maybe Garikai (Mazara). But i don’t like the way he writes, he is not respectful and he seems to be out to destroy, that’s not what I want. I just want my dad to see that people know that he treats me bad because of his second wife.”

  • Israel Chipere

    She is lost..Mutukudzi came a long to be where he is today.This Selmor thinks she can rise to stardom overnight simply because Oliver is a legend.This is the first time to hear your name & honestly I don’t think yoou will make it in music.You are better off being a housewife than a musician.

    • tatenda

      you cant know her if you don’t follow music……some say she was/is way better in performance than Sam was.

    • Quartermaster Wacho

      Oliver Mkutudzi never helped her as his daughter that’s the point she is saying, the late Sam Mkutudzi had his father’s backing she doesn’t want to be Legend but wants fatherly help verenga zvakanaka

  • Grace Mavudzi Mseredza

    she shld know beta than to go public with family disputes. Theres always 2 sides to every story. This is not Hollywood were u get recognised for airing uer dirty laundry. Taura nababa vako wakadzikama chisikana

  • Stella Mtetwa

    bad father or not the guy is a legend

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • I dont believe this.

  • Victor Vicman Karonga

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii batsirai mwana

  • ts now clear.i 1st came 2know abt selma wen i saw her cv wen she wantd actin.it didnt luk lyk a cv of legent’s daughtr.her hom adres was highfield nd we debated about it.sum said eithr herslf or her sistr once workd at TM shop in norton.i think ts now high tym tuku starts suportin selma 2kip hs legacy consderin sam is gon.he shld thank God that he at list hv sum1 to tek hs legacy wen hes gon

  • Vimbai Muchikunda

    Hezvo ko ndaataure nababa vake ka mushe nhai manje akukonzeresa takutoziva kuti haasi mwana wamama Daisy, publicity stunt chete apa

  • Anderson Chamunorwa

    Nehanda Radio washaya nyaya dzekuposta here ndikupe??? Kiss goes by favor…

  • sirt

    what a bad father.

  • Jay Tee Mupariwa

    jst becoz sm1 is a legend doesnt mean his immune to critisism its a father’s duty to protect his family’s image,ngaabatsire mwana Tuku.Dai ari mwana waDaisy i tell u she cud b smwhre

  • Gomba Remarara

    Haiwawo benzi. Takanzwa mbiri yenzenza iyoyi pa Norton.

    • VaMutikizizi

      Iwewe mbiri yako ndeyeyi? What have you achieved in this life? Stop being judgemental and give good advice, if you have nothing constructive to say, the best way to hide your vanity is to shut up!

      • Chocco

        My point exactly. “I’m tired of people asking me why I don’t have certain things or why I don’t have a better car, I am tired of coming up with excuses for my father.” Her father built his career by himself. She should also do the same, not want to use her father as a stepping stone. Vana Alexio vari kusupportwa nevabereki here? If she was that good the world would have noticed!

        • Gutter Poet

          I think she has to grow up..if she were as good as she says then the world would have sat up to listen.

          • ndini

            Getaway Guter and Chocco iwe unga tadza kuva the stepping stone to your child’s success, haufunge

        • Ticafa Tazvigwira

          Many people may want to jump on Oliver’s defence but he has a duty to look after all his kids. If he left Selmor to fend for herself with her mother this is wrong. Tuku must be a role model. It makes us think that musicians are indeed an irresponsible lot. People must learn to treat children equally and people like Oliver must show the way. There are many children like Selmor who have been abandoned by their fathers and such fathers must be named and shamed.

        • tatenda

          if u knew what responsibility was….why have a child if u cant support them? muchatinetsa

  • Tendayi Mary Kazingizi

    Selmor why wash your dirty linen in the public? there is more to this story pple should her Tuku’s side of the story before judging anyone.

  • VaMutikizizi

    Sad story girl. But washing dirty linen in public will only put your dad on the defensive and you may not get the desired results. Trust in Jesus,you can make a name for yourself without dad’s help. Thank God for what you have already, a good marriage and a budding career. You are not where you want to be but you are not where you used to be… Thank God for that and expect more!

  • Kuimba chipo from God iwe hauna chipo sababa vako havana kukupinza chikoro here dai uri kusevenza basa remhando yepamusoro dai wakatevedza zvexool. Baba vako vakashinga maAlbums mangani akakukurira asina kana mukurumbira iwe woda zvirinyore enda unokamba asi hokoyo shinga unosvika

  • Kuimba chipo from God iwe hauna chipo sababa vako havana kukupinza chikoro here dai uri kusevenza basa remhando yepamusoro dai wakatevedza zvexool. Baba vako vakashinga maAlbums mangani akakukurira asina kana mukurumbira iwe woda zvirinyore enda unokamba asi hokoyo shinga unosvika

  • Vamurozvi

    I understand Selmor better than any one else coz I grew up in that situation.I just saw one stepmother who was treating her step daughters & sons like her children,I mean one.Anyway Selmor don’t expect anything more from him nw,he failed already.Don’t worry much just work hard for u don’t know what future holds for u.Love him,he’s yo dad & nothing will change that.

  • Anonymous

    ita mushe iwe Selma…Uchiri kuda rubatsiro rwa baba rwei chembere yakaita sewe

    • ndini

      Anonymous ndiwe junk yemunhu

    • Bamza

      Selmar ngaarumukewo kiya kiya zvinoita. Unenge unodawo mari iwe

  • Tsitsi Tia Hamandishe

    She ain’t a kid anymore instead of dwelling on what her father is not doing she ought to focus on her career.it looks to me like she ain’t got confidence in herself.If this is true then she should work hard and prove to her father that she don’t need his help

  • Zvakaoma chakafudza dzimba matenga.

  • Chihwa

    Thats sad. I feel Tuku should own up to his mistakes. He is a legend yes but l think he has his shortfalls. I asked some guys wen l attended his birthday bash where l noticed he didnt want to have much interaction with Selmor and her husband dispite their efforts. I believe he has another Son he is neglecting and the sunday mail once profiled him. Take responsibility old man and set a gud example

  • anenge anerusaruro tuku uyu, i hear he also has another son but haatombodi kutaura nezvake coz haasi wamadam varipo

  • Gamu Gee

    Ops kikiki

  • aiwaka paita stepmatha n stepdaughter apa ndoo pane nyaya yacho, bt plz SAMANYANGA shd sprt ths gal in whteva way. shez hurt thus why aita open up n washng her det linen in public as u wld say.she wants us to knw e otha side of ths family.

  • Baba Tana

    shame on you Samanyanga.As a role model u shld lead by example.

  • Farai

    what Tuku and people must know is girls tend to be closer to their dad’s and fathers play a major role in a girls life,most kids go through a lot as they grow because they do not have a male figure in their life,it affects the childs life because we need that love from a father,thats why most woman look for that in man because vanga vasingazviwani kubva kuna baba vavo,so please fathers never neglect your children nyange pasina mari its the love that makes a deference,Selmor it is well my dear God is there just reach out to him he will embrace you with love that no man can give you

  • Justice Mungwini

    Talented pple dont complain coz they know challenges and ‘unsupport’ perfects their talent, if its there…variko vasina vana baba asi their talent ravasvitsa kure

  • mkampota

    step mothers lets support these children they are ours .you step children chengetekaiwo.

    • Gutter Poet

      This is genius! Chengetekaiwo!

  • Chabwino Chauruka

    Selmor, you are a married woman and you should be independent from your father. You have benefited from the name Mtukudzi and it’s enough. Take responsibility woman and stop blaming others. Did Zhakata benefit from the support of his parents, if I may ask?

  • mhofela

    Selmor is rite..Mtukudzi is not a good father.Imagine with all his money..Selmor drives a batterd toyota Corrolla..even us just ordinary guys buys our kids better cars.Tarisai vana vanaGono,Utsiwegota.Kana munhu achishanda unoshandira vana vako kwete kusarudza kuti ndakarambana naMai vavo..Tuku hauna kutadzirana neVana asi mukadzi wako.Chengeta vana vako mdara..Even if Selmor and Sandra are old they will remain yo Kids there will never be a day when they will stop being your Kids and ndivo vakatofanana newe mdara kwete anaSamantha vauno Favour.Torwa DNA nevana Nzou ..u maybe neglecting yo only kids.We love you Tuku but u letting us down.Kana Mukomana watinongonzwa tora..hatizive sei Mwari vakakutorera Sam pamwe vaida kuti uone vamwe ava kuti naivowo vakakosha.

    • ndini

      Aah ndiwe watura iwewe

    • Tsano

      Haana murume here Serima wacho. Ngaasatinyaudza ngaachinje surname apo nxaaah

    • Fact

      Thats a point mhofela, you raised points in a way i would ever hv.

  • Kunaka Irvine

    what are other artists saying. is it support yababa yakaita kuti Macheso abududirire. Hatisati tannzwa Shingisai or Fungisai OR Agatha achichemachema

  • tomboona

    being a good musician does not qualify anyone to be a good father! mwana mwana if she needs help and papa is in a position to help, its only noble for him to assist. God has blessed atleast one person in a family so that they uplift others in that family! Lets not be selfish and uncaring!

  • Betty Makoni

    Yaa this girl has been struggling on her own but she is very talented…I follow her very much ..serious case

  • Jeff Mzilikazi

    Tell us more about her sisi, I always look up to Oliver as a stand-up guy..& an E.G. to us…..

  • Aaron Chemvura

    Why does she want Tuku’s support? She has a husband musician and a father-in-law who was a legend during his tym. She lacks natural talent and is beyond polishing. Sam was in a class of his own and needed little encouragement from Tuku. Selmor wake up and smell the coffee…you just are not made for music

  • Fiona Zororo Ruzvidzo

    Vanhu vajaira kungo piwa zvinhu muzvipunu. If she has talent she doesn’t need her dad to make her carreer a success. We have all made something out of ourselves and didn’t have dad to prop us up. Wake up Selmor and do your own thing. Look at Amara Brown, her dad id long gone but she is going places.

  • Betty Makoni

    Hapana iyoyo varume…becauase mwanasikana.this one i will fight.a good father must treat both equally.kana mwanasikana mwana..mwanakomana mwana chenga ose manhanga hapana risina mhodzi.hapana iyoyo.this child needs her father

    • Bamza



      please mwana uyu haana tsika uyu ave mukadzi womuridzi anodireyi kutarisa zvina baba vake hongu SAM abatsirwa nokuti akanga achiri mudiki achigara na baba asati aroora inga tinomboona iye SELMAR achitorwa na baba vachienda kunoita show vese wani ndiko kubatsira munhu akaroorwa ndiko kupiwa chipo na baba vanenge vachiti adzidze kubva kwavari ungade kutengerwa moto tenga wega nomurume wako shingirira baba vako vaka shingirira makore mangani vayi driver mota yakadini iwe uri mwana siyana nezvava bereki kusiyana kwavo usapindire uchauraya baba iwe mwoyo wako yayipa mwanangu kumbira ruregerero pane zvawa taura

    • lavenda bundo

      ko handiti selmor munhu mukuru anemba yake nemurume wakewo.kana achida mota ndaatengerwewo nemurume wake kana asingakwanise kuzvitengera. ko kana Daisy akada mota anoenda kuna baba vake here or kumurume wake?

  • Tevedzerai Maposa Phiri

    Ko sulu wakaimba baba vake vafa ko peter akaita the same, anolasher ani kikiki kana ukatanga zvausingagone usapomera mubereki mhosva.

  • Fiona Zororo Ruzvidzo

    Sis Betty Makoni this is not about the girl child. Honestly its not . Its about someone with no talent wanting the same benefits as those with the talent. Just because Sam and her dad could and can sing does not mean she can. And its possible Bla Oliver saw this a long time ago. What kind of support does she want anyway? i’ve heard her sing and honestly I was not impressed. If she can sing then she will get to the top with or without her father’s support. You cant stop a tornado with your hands now can you?

  • Fiona Zororo Ruzvidzo

    “I’m tired of people asking me why I don’t have certain things or why I don’t have a better car, I am tired of coming up with excuses for my father.” She expects her father to buy her a better car???? Whatever for??? And besides she is married is she not. Vatezvara vachengete mukwasha manje. Selmor get a life please!!!!!!! Maybe music is not her thing. Go on do something else please.

    • Bamza

      Fiona vabaya. Ngaauye tiite rese rese. Baba vangu vaite mupurisa vari kurambawo kundiendesa kuchipurisa kikikikikiki

  • Jeff Mzilikazi

    Question is..would she go on lashing @ Oliver if he was’nt a successful musician….?

    • Elton

      He is successful,thats why she feels he can help her..you don’t expect help from someone who dosent have the means..

  • Anne Kawenda Mudzingwa

    This has got nothing to do with her being a “girl child”. As a parent you nurture what talent there is but when there is none what can you do. She had expected to ride on the back of her fathers name. She can be the opening act for all of her dads shows but that still won’t improve her status as a musician. She will always be mwana wemunhu anoimba chaizvo and not the one anoimba chaizvo. What is her Husband doing to support her

  • Inini

    She must grow up. Her argument would have been valid if she was 18. Manje wakura so and married and you still want your father to buy you a car.. tsk tsk

  • chous

    wake up zimbos,why shld she still look up at his father yet she is married she must get that help from her husband & her inlaws,both who are reowned musicians,haana pfungwa chete musikana uyu ungada kuchengetwa kwawakabva here, ngaangoti the against is on her stepmother chete

  • Anne Kawenda Mudzingwa

    Uyu mwana uyuka. Is she trying to destroy her father or what. hanzi “Daisy wants people to think she is my fathers first wife”. Asingazive kuti Daisy is not amai vaSelmor ndiani. We already know that his marriage to Daisy is his second. Washing dirty linen in public will get you nowhere Selmor. Daisy akangwara because she has mastered the art yekusunga murumo wake kuti asataure whenever Selmor had blurted out stupid things such as these. Arikurwa shanje

  • Derby

    she’s right..who wouldnt want their dad’s support….kana vainazvo ngavabatsire mwana even akura..why not…mastep mother anoshupa mhani…ngaasiye mwana achengetwe nababa vake…Daisy usaite hutsinye hwakadaro…unorangwa namwari

  • Mazvi

    I would like to believe that Selmor’s sentiments and feelings expressed in this article did not just surface today. I have known her since before she was married and I understand where she is coming from. True there was never any support, at the time I came to know her one would never have even believed she really was Tuku’s daughter. Kana baba vari legend ngavasimudzire vana vavo and this business yekuti aroorwa ngaachengetwe nemurume wake is nonsense, its a Shona tradition yenhando. Isu vamwe takaroorwa asi whether tezvara or not my father supports us and is there when we need him saka Tuku haana nyaya. Vana vake ngaachengete, ndokunzi murume. One more thing, Selmor is a talented musician and is set to go places. I am amazed by those saying she should stop doing music, ndokunonzi kuvenga manje.

    • highfields

      Wataura Mazvi, ndafara newe

  • she must learn to accept kuchengetwa nekuendeswa kuchikoro kwaakaitwa nevabereki,after all she i married saka support yaanoda ndeyeyi

  • highfields

    Tinoziva Tuku akachata muGwanzura Highfields yese ika sapota Tuku nemwana wekwa Murape. Uyu Daisy weutsinye mukadzi wechipiri. Vakadzi vezvipiri utsinye kuvana vemikadzi wekutanga tinokuzivai. Iye mwana ngaabatsirwe kana baba vachiwana, wether son or daughter, wether married or not. Isu vedu tiri kungobatsira chete nepatinogonera . Tuku petticoat government taramba. Iwe Daisy wakawana mai vaSelmor vashandawo ukasvikodya share nevana vake mukadzi mukuru uyu mwana wekwa Murape. I have forgottent her name zvangu.

  • Raymond

    Msikama get a lyf yu not a teenager sme peps are makin it vasina vabereki don’t blame yr failures kuna step mother and girl yr music aah ah ah zama smething else get a grip or die blaming pple for yr lyf

    • Ticafa Tazvigwira

      Iwe ray asi urikurasawo vana vako kuti vapone nezvekupambara seshiri dzesango? Aiwa baba ngavachengete vana. Charity begins at home.

  • highfields

    What ever Selmor azvifumura chete, iwe Raymond go to school

  • highfields

    Ko iwe Derby uripapi muDerby ndopandiri muAlvaston

  • vamwe venyu muchiri kubhadharirwa rent nanababa venyu apa, kana varipo ngavamusuppote unozozviti uri baba pachii uchisiya mwanawako achitambudzwa nezvinhu zvaunokwanisa kumubatsira

  • Takunda Chikeyi

    Iwe Selma tibvirepo. Chave chigondora chave chimobe kutadza kutunga hurema hwacho. Baba wako wanobatsira munhu awanoda. Kana wakada kubatsira ini wachisiya iwe, ndizvozvo. You are now an independent person. It seems you want take advantage for nothing. Its just that Tuku is a mature person, should he decide to tell the world how it all started, we will all be shocked.

    • Elton

      Takunda urimwana wa step mother ndakuona..how can you say baba ngavabatsire mwana wavanoda vachisiya mumwe.that creates hatred among children..

      • Ndini

        takunda hauna kana brain at all wakapusa stereki ndimi vana vema second wives imimi junk

    • Ticafa Tazvigwira

      Yaah Takunda wakarasirira vana musango iwe. Chava chigondora chava chimombe? handizvo zvinoreva tsumo iyi shamwari. kana usingazive chiKaranga nyarara. Baba ngavachengete vana vavo. Zvekutogwa moyo neSmall house worasha vana vavaHosi hazvina kana brain. ndokunzi kufa pfungwa ikoko.

  • Makuhwa

    Iwe ukuzviti highfield une shanje waimuda tuku kana kuti uchiri kumuda dinga

  • mazvita

    selma grow up, of all thye people iwe ndiwe wakuite tanish your fathers image. am someone’s dauta izvi zvawa publisha zvanyadzisa, kurwa shanje dzamai? jealousing yo dad? no no no sis, run yo lyf & God for us all hey!

  • Anonymous

    Ko hauzi kuende kuschool here? Mwanangu haurwe shanje dzamai warasika. Idya zvesimba rako kwete zvababa regai vadye pensions yavo. Unoda kuchengeta mhuri yekwa Manatsa here? Shanje hadzi vake musha dziputsa. Better car from where? inobvepi haunyare.Namata kuti zvikufambire kwete kuchemera nhaka yausina kushandira


    What exactly does she want from Tuku?

  • mai na

    She does have a point.

  • Maureen Banza

    There are two sides to every situation. Kana Selmor aneconcern nerelationship and support yaari kupuwa nababa vake, ngaaende kunotaura nababa kwete kutaura muinterview. Kubvira rini tichiisa nyaya dzemhuri dzedu mupublic kuti vanhu vataure? Aiwa, whether fault exists or not, nyaya iyi inofanirwa kutaurwa between baba nemwana pasina isu.

  • taura hako iwe ko icho chidembo chinombovhiyirwa pane vanhu here

  • GenderEquality

    When one woman speak outs, she speaks not only for herself but for other women. The author of this article could have used a better title like Selmour ‘pleads’/’wishes’ to be recognized as deserving the same rights as if she had been a girl child. She is actually trying to address gender inequality and patriachial cultural tendencies that girl child are treated like 2nd class citizens and dont get the same recognition as boy children. Well done Selmour on stopping the silence on the prevalence of gender inequality in our community.

  • gamanya m

    ko sei tuku achibatsira vana vevamwe vake asingabetsere?

  • Anonymous

    Tuku wakaimba wani uchiti urikushandira mhuri,ndiko kunonzi kushandira mhuri here uku kanauchisarudza.Asi mwana sandiwako here uyu?Mandinyadzisa mukoma.

  • Bestfriend

    You people murikungotaura zvamunoda about Selmor you have no idea what you are talking about. Selmor and Sandra vakakura vachitambura kunge vasina vabereki. Selmor used to come to school neuniform yakabvaruka asina kana juzi muwinter, i was her best friend in primary school. She didnt bring tuck or pocket money achinzwisa tsitsi. As kids we were always wondering why her father didnt buy her stuff. If anything you people should be feeling sorry for her. Some of you didnt even read the full story, its on Wonder Guchu’s blog. please read for yourself then comment.

  • Inside info

    The issue is not that Selmor wants her father to give her money or buy her a car…she has already done so much for herself without any help from him.What she wants is the same support he gave Sulu,Willom,Munya and especially Sam.
    Selmor had to pay to record at her father’s studio but Sam didn’t.
    Selmor was not included in Nzou neMhuru but Sam was.
    Selmor was fired from Tuku’s band but Sam stayed.
    Its clear mdara uyu ane favour. But you can’t blame him becoz small house ine power ka… Bvunzai isu tine inside information…

  • Inside info

    Do you know that Tuku had the biggest wedding in 1979 at Gwanzura Stadium with Selmor’s mom, Melody Murape daughter of chief Murape from Domboshava.They had a good life with their daughters Sandra and Selmor living in EASTLEA.Then Daisy came into the picture ari small house akaporonga imba yevanhu zvekuti Samantha akanga atori mwana wemusango…kikikiki…ndambokuudzai kuti bvunzai inini ndine yese..

  • rodu

    Inside info please continue

  • kwekwe based

    ini ndakagara ku kwekwe ku Glenwood ndiri friend ya Sandra. Imika munongonzwa imi Daisy denga chairo haafi akarinhuwa.

  • kwekwe based

    Oliver and his wife left Sandra, (Oliver’s first born,the one that looks like him the most) at their house in Kwekwe when she was only 17. Akangodzoka kubva kubasa kwaaishanda at some small clothes shop ndokusvikowana imba yava ground mangosara ka three quarter bed chete. they had moved to their new mansion in Norton. Havana kana kumuudza only to be told by the garden boy kuti ana boss ndovatakura zvinhu but havana kutaura kuti kuendepi. She started living with the garden boy in that empty 4 bedroomed house achibika nemoto for about 2 months. Daisy and Oliver then came back for their fairwell church service thats when they told Sandra kuti they have moved to a new house in Norton so she was instructed to look for somewhere else to stay coz the house yanga yakuda kurenteswa. Even though Sandra begged to stay mu cottage since her job was not paying well vakaramba. So she found a bhoiskaya(handizivi spelling) in Fitchlea where she moved and started staying with a friend at the age of 17. Tuku had just bought a cell phone paya achangotanga but did not even give her daughter kuti if anything happens unongofona apa. Sandra only got her father’s number from a cousin after avharirwa mvura and she had no money to pay. The cousin begged Sandra not to reveal kuti ndiye amupa number coz she(the cousin) would get into trouble.

    Sandra came to our house crying asvika imba iri empty angosiiwa nagarden boy with no food, no contact number only a three quarter bed and a black pot yekuti vaibika muriwo vokutura vobika sadza. imagine a 17year old living with a 40 something years old man under the same roof vachitobika vese baba vaenda nemhuri yavo to a new and beautiful house. Didnt she need more support then coz clearly she was still young and needed support from her parents. BUT when Faith Kadzura (Daisy’s daughter from another married guy)uyuka Faith who claims to be Faith Mutukudzi paakawana basa kukwekwe it was automatic that she would live in the cottage yaTuku iya yekurambirwa Sandra and it was fully furnished….Pafungei

    • Chabwino Chauruka

      Pane nyaya. Wakadini kutaura izvi tisati tashaudha Selmor? He? But Tuku hindava achiita semunhu asina brain so? Ngaagare pasi nevana vake ovakumbira ruregerero nokuti seri kweguva hakuna munyengetero. Nyaya iyi yandibata mhani!

      • ndini

        Chibwino its good wazonzwisisa Daisy ane hutsinye ungafurire murume kusiya mwana wake dai akaitwa ngomwa chaiyo

    • Amazing Grace

      While I sympathise with Selmer as a forty something old man the advice i can give her is that she should move on. She cannot make someone love her. I know how it is to grow up unloved. I was telling my children a story about 2 days ago that when I was about to start form one in 1984 my father went to Harare bought my sister a book case, mathematical set and I am not sure what else he bought but did not bring me not even a pen. The shoes I wore to school when I started form one I bought them from the money I got from selling sweets. I am able to tell the story becuase I have moved on and God has blessed me. God does not overlook the tears of the suffering. My elder brother actually testified that I was the least loved child. I am now sending one of his chidren to school.
      My point to Selmar and others is that let God fight your battles(2 Chronicles 20:15)

  • Nengomasha

    I think Selma ari right.dai uriwe unababa vakabudirira pabasa rimwe chete serauri kuita waisada rubatsiro kubva kwavari.the old man is neglectng his own.he shuld b told.Tuku is a celebrity in the real sense of the word n i dont c anythng wrong with buying his daughter a better car let alone supporting her efforts.mdhara vanozonyanya kuterera Daisy

  • Inside info

    WHAT???Kusiya mwana wako?Hazvina kumbosiyana nekurasa mwana ka izvi.Haaa Kwekwe based wandikunda apa.
    Iyi ndanga ndisinga izivi wo iyi

  • Dombo

    Mashokouye zvaiitwa Selmor izvi zvandirwadza. Ndanzwa kuda kuchema zvechokwadi. Zvinorwadza kana baba vachikutsara nekuda kwechikonzero chipi nechipi hacho. Was in a similar situation, zvinorwadza, asi ini ndawe successful and no longer need anything from anyone, Mwari ndewemunhu wose. Vamwe vazhinji vangangotaure hawo vachishora Selmor, asi ini ndinozviziva kurwadza kwazvo

  • Inside info

    Murikungoti henyu Selmor ngaatenge yake mota coz akura, ko Samantha haana kukura here? Inga Tuku paakatenga Range Rover Discovery 4 yake yeBlack yakanzi TUKU panumber plate akabva apa Samantha Jeep yake yeWhite iya wani…

  • Big Fan

    Mati Tuku akasiya mwana wake payi?

  • Dombo

    Tuku munhu mukuru, ngawaonewo zvokuita pana Selmor, mwana wavo chokwadi. Mwana achemawo vani!!ngawasadaro. Ngawapewo Selmor chinoonekerawo hacho kungoti apa baba vazamawo nepawanogonerawo kwete kubva vamukanda musango kudaro. Zvakaoma…

  • Inside info

    Hanzi akatuta zvinhu zvese mumba mwana arikubasa.Kuita kunzvenga mwana wake ane 17 years. Aida kuti apinde muchihure ka. Coz mari yekutenga chikafu nekubhadhara rent and bills aizoiwanepi

  • Dombo

    ungabve waramba mukadzi zvose nevana vacho here vakomana…

  • Big Fan

    I’m disappointed.This is not the kind of behavior we expect from our Ambassador.

    • ndini

      taura hako big fan

  • Dombo

    Am disappointed too….

  • Dickies

    Selmor try VaTezvara Manatsa vakubatsire ,Nyara kana zvinhu zvakaoma munokumbira zvakanaka ..WISE UP ..Inga ana SAMA are doing their own things!!!!!!!!!!!!NDAKUMAKA

    • ndini

      ibvapo iwe samantha anongopiowa mari and mafavours hobho anoenda akuma trips navo wani even though akaroorwawo so kuroorwa kwa selmor kwashamisei kuti haaitirwewo chinhu nababa vake?

  • commander

    Stop blaming your dad . You are not talented. Ko baba vako vaka svika pavari nerubatsiro rwaani.

    • ndini

      vakatobatsirwawo nevamwe vanhu kana kuridza gitare chaiko, toziva yese isusu

    • munhu mutema

      Mudara ibenzi uyu. Varungu vake tatsamwa. Taridzirai nekusaenda kuma shows ake.

  • Ndini

    Dickies enda unofa hauna kana contribution rubbish yemunhu

  • Inside info

    Chimirai ndikubatisei yese manje… Iwe commander do u know kuti Tuku kuti azogona kuridza gitare akabatsirwa naZexie Manatsa..? Aiuya kupractice kwaZexie opiwa gitare raZexie odzidziswa nemupfanha waZexie ainzi Stan. Tuku aiita mashows naZexie achiridzirwa neband raZexie. Makanganwa here kuti Tuku akambotambidza Zexie ZIMA award achimutenda nerubatsiro rwaakamupa. Hanzi kutanga kutsika muBulawayo chaimo Tuku akaendeswa naZexie. Iye zvino Zexie is out of the game saka Tuku ndiye ngaachibatsirawo mwana wake.

  • Dombo

    @inside info
    Ndiwe une yese zveshuwa…..

  • highfields

    Iwe makuhwa ndinomudii Tuku neuipi hwakadaro. Washaya nyaya, tsve zvatiri kutaura .Manzwa @inside info hapana ane remuromo. I hope Daisy na Tuku muri kuzvinzwa. Kumbirai forgiveness and repent. Pachivanhu panoripwa nyangwe ari mwana tese tofara. Asi Daisy ,Daisy newe Oliver misodzi yevana ava haiendi yoga. Mu England tinoti What goes around comes around. Ndapedza.

  • Dombo

    Pamwe rufu rwaSam (May his soul rest in peace), waive Nyadenga vaitsividzawo misodzi yewapwere awa, hazvizivikanwi kudzorera ndekwaMwari. Pamwe Mwari vaida kuti muonewo kuti pane vana vane misodzi pamatama vamire mumadziro mawo vasinawo chawainacho. Idi mungadye here zvose zvinonaka nevana vanainini, vamaiguru vamire mumadziro, vaine misodzi pamatama… Tuku usadaro weduwe…

  • ndini

    vegance is for God, siyai muone chete

  • Nzou

    You are right Chihwa. Ipapo pabirthday bash hauna kuona here Sandra achidzingwa pakeke naDaisy. I was standing close to them pakanzi vana ngavacheke cake and Sandra took the knife to cut the cake akanzi ‘usabate keke iroro’ naDaisy pakazara vanhu.That was embarassing…

  • Dombo

    @Nzou…. uri kutaura chokwadi here apa??????

    • Nzou

      Ndiri taura shuwa ndanga ndiripo ka ini.Ndakazviona nemaziso angu aya.Cake takatozo ripihwa naSteve Dyer.

      • ndini

        inga akaita hake Steve Dyer maito shota keke ka apa

  • Dombo

    Eishhhh…. ndanyara zvikuru

  • Hon Dare

    Any1 @ Sandringham btwn 97&01 knows how loose she was. At least 2 known guys screwed her during that period. Totaurawo dzake

    • ndini

      nyangwe akatorara ne the whole school handizvo zvinoita kuti baba vake vasa mubatsire kuwana exposure mhani iwe, you are going off topic, get lost Hon Dare

    • ndini

      Ana Bamza nyararai kana musinga zive kwatangira nyaya, haasi kuda mari mwana uyu ari kuda kubatsirwa kuti ave nestable mucarrier yet tuku haabatsiri mwana wake ne exposure chaiyo only becoz of Daisy, tichamubhomba kusvika amen Daisy wake iyeye, kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Dombo

    @Hon Dare… i do not think kuti her personal life is of utter importance here, but the main issue at stake here is the relationship between parents and children, and how everyone shld strive to help the other. Also the issue is that of how much pain is caused when first marriages break leaving children to the mess of stepmothers. l do not care much about her sex life at all, but about how successful people sideline there biological chldren

  • sandringham

    @ hon dare ungabva waita out of topic kudaro. washaya nyaya. so what if she screwed the whole soccer team. yashamisirei sex. ndozvinopa baba kusarudza vana here izvozvo.

  • Nzou

    @hon dare haunyare kunyepa uchitaura zvausingazive. Selmor anga ari tom boy zvake hapana kana vakomana vaimbomunyenga. tainga tiriko ka isu.

    ngatidzokere hedu panyaya chaipo imi…

  • Sanduza

    @hon dare haunyare kunyepa uchitaura zvausingazive. Selmor anga ari tom boy zvake hapana kana vakomana vaimbomunyenga. tainga tiriko ka isu.

    ngatidzokere hedu panyaya chaipo imi…

  • Inside info

    DID YOU KNOW? Selmor has been doing music for the past decade and Tuku has never been to any of her shows. She has been married for 5yrs and Tuku has never visited her in her own home.

    • tavaziva

      iwe inside info , you are there to Tanish selmor and Tuku in public , zvinei newe izvozvo , enda kuchikoro

  • Dombo

    ko zvazvinosiririsa nhai imi?……

  • tavaziva

    i think the young sista should concerntrate on building her career, in music u dont wake up being a legend , there is a learning phase and u still need to grow ,whether your talent is natured or not if u have music in your spirit it will come out, yes sam got his father`s support but the boy had talent in him , listen to cheziya you will agree with me.the other thing is that you should not wash your dirt cloth in public , find a better way not the media,

  • Pane vamwe

    Both Tuku and his daughter are each concerned about their relationship I think. Selmor feels that she isn’t getting enough support from the father and the father also sang “Hazvirevi rudo handina.” I don’t know what he meant exactly but in case it had to do with his daughters it means he also wants his daughters to understand his plight and probably sympathize with him.

    It would be favourable for Tuku to support his daughter but the daughter must be prepared to move on with her life in case the father doesn’t realize the need fully. Love can not be demanded even if its the best thing to express to somebody.

    • Tawanda

      Good point

  • kudyiswa chaiko

    Ndinovaziva varume vakadgiswa kudai kurasa vana vemukadzi mukuru vachida vana vemkadzi mdiki. Ndinlziva vamwe baba rombe vakatya kuenda kumuchato wemwanasikana wamaiguru nokutya muroyi waanogara naye. Imagine

  • Inini

    Amana musanyeperane Selmor anoimba kupfuura Sam. She has a powerful voice like her father’s and she is a great performer. Listen to her albums Shungu, Ndinewe and Live you will hear for yourselves.

  • MisJonez

    Kana munhu ave over 18 they r out of their parents budget,then u r old enough to work 4 yoself and build yo life jus th same way evrybody else does,kana uchitoda kubatsirwa you go and ask,selmor shuld nt expect tuku to jus pick up and say mwanangu oo tambira.these girls wer part of tukus backings vakazviti vakura vakuda kuzviitira,un4tunately 4 her hazvina ku fire sezvaaifunga jus coz she is a legends daughter.grow up selmo,ask yo father 4 forgiveness then go and pray asking God to deliver u 4rom yoself.

    • ndini

      MisJones kwanai mufunge kana sam and vamwe vana vashitengerwa dzimba vato as birthday preents va over 18 ko sei selmor nevamwe vana vasiri kutengerwawo dzimba

    • ndini

      MisJones kwanai mufunge kana sam and vamwe vana vachitengerwa dzimba vato as birthday preents va over 18 ko sei selmor nevamwe vana vasiri kutengerwawo dzimba

    • ndini

      MisJones kwanai mufunge kana sam and vamwe vana vachitengerwa dzimba as birthday presents va over 18 ko sei selmor nevamwe vana vasiri kutengerwawo dzimba, vana ve Legend yakadaro aaah
      Saka vachatoroja kumatangwena becoz baba vadyiswa

  • kwekwe based

    guys hadzisi nyaya dzatanga zvino izvi. ini ndaziva mhuri iyi for a long time and taizviziva kuti one day chichaputika. Tuku akarova mwana wake Daisy anyepa kuti mwana haana kurara pamba. Pese paibikwa rice vamwe vese vainzi vadye asi Sandra ainzi apakurirwe sadza kubva pane rinenge rabikirwa imbwa. Mwana uya aigara aine misodzi pamatama. ask Daisy she can confirm….

    • ndini

      yuwi yuwi ko zvaanoroya nhai Daisy uya, ane hutsinye kudaro iye Tuku oti fototo kana kutaura anything akadyiswa nefoshoro shuwa

      • Yondo

        shuwa masecond wife haaite, Daisy ndamumaka

  • Marova

    I think Selmor is very talented but just lacks exposure. I have always wondered why Tuku doesnt support her and now i know.

  • Molyfe

    Iwe MisJones asingazive kuti Selmor was fired from Tuku’s band ndiani? Asi urihama yaDaisy kani…

  • Aga

    Sure selmor is right!!! This we noticed years ago tuku based u are very correct when u wrote no one ever thought this will come out like this. Employees past and present know bosses are very hard hearted and see treatments given to children daisy very hard hearted woman !!!!! Camera shy never she knows with publicity comes exposure thats why achiita hutsonye staying out of media glare

  • Sidney

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with supporting your child if you really love them.Age has nothing to do with it because your child will always be your child nomatter how old.(Huya hako gotwe rangu weee dzoka,zamu rakamirira iwe dzoka uyamwe.Kukurumura kwandakaita gore riya,pawaka siira ndipapo dzoka).
    Hapana chinoshamisira apa.We get help from our parents from time to time.

  • wellington

    Selmor taurira na baba vako zvinokunetsa nenzira kwayo. Izvi zvekuswera uchigwauta mumapepa hazvibhadhari. Kufukura hapwa hakunabetsero. Dzikama baba vako ndibaba vako vanokuteerera. Nzira yawatora iyi haukohwe.

    • Bestfriend

      Chausingazive Wellington ndechekuti vana ava vakaedza kutaura nababa vavo in private countless times but he doesnt care to listen. Besides, Selmor haana kuenda kumedia akangotapwa muromo chete. Iro rinamanyanga rinoputirirwei?

  • rodu

    Mtandazo Dube
    Remember Selby Tapiwa Mtukudzi? The then 27-year-old love child of Africa’s Top 10-ranked celebrity, Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, that this publication unearthed last year?
    He is a troubled soul, desperate to be united with the rest of the Mtukudzi family and currently failing to cope with life’s challenges.
    The now 28-year-old former Roman Catholic priesthood aspirant seems to be unable to shed his “lonely” childhood figure, which almost saw him becoming a priest.
    In a complete turnaround, Selby is now seeking solace in prostitute-infested nightclubs and beerhalls, sometimes even begging for alcohol.
    This reporter has made several encounters with the ex-Arrupe Theological College student who graduated with a BA Honours in Philosophy last year. The young man, whose lips have been ravaged by years of puffing nicotine and drinking, has resorted to just blabbing to anyone who cares to listen.
    During a recent encounter with Selby, he could not withhold any information about his “family”, especially stories about Mtukudzi and his relationship with his daughters.
    “My father is a very principled man, you know. Whenever any one of his daughters gets pregnant out of wedlock he chases them away,” began Selby’s apparent narration of the secrets of the Mtukudzi family.
    He continued: “People don’t even know why mdara (Mtukudzi) failed to attend Dhewa’s funeral. The family had gone to Dande where some guys who impregnated Sandra a while ago were paying lobola.
    “Bright Matonga was actually the go-between for one of his friends who knocked up Sandra about three years ago. There were serious disputes because when she got pregnant and mdara chased her away the guy just stayed with her and didn’t even bother to make contact.
    “So you can imagine the fury when this guy showed up after three years wanting to pay damages/lobola. Apparently, there were rumours the guy (Charles) could be married and that was also a cause for serious problems but things were later resolved,” narrated Selby.
    Sandra confirmed most of the details given by Selby, although she could not give the exact dates of her traditional marriage, saying only that “it was in late October”, which is around the same time that Dhewa was buried at his rural home in Sesombe.
    She also confirmed that she, indeed, has a son and that Matonga was involved in the negotiations, which were done “kumusha” but declined to shed more light, saying: “When lobola negotiations are being done women are not that involved especially the one being negotiated for.”
    On her relationship with Selby, Sandra said she was not yet prepared to comment on the issue, as she is just a minor.
    “I’m just a daughter. I cannot be seen commenting about such issues, my father and his wife would be the best people to talk to,” she said.
    Selby also spoke of how proud Mtukudzi is of his daughter Selma, married to Tendai Manatsa, because she got married without any problems while everyone else had problems of some sort including Daisy’s daughter, Faith, who also had to be chased away from home when she got pregnant.

    He also said he was excited about his sister’s wedding to “Father” (Tinashe Nengomasha). “Isn’t it you know that Tinashe is not his real name? There will be drama I tell you, I wonder what they will write on the invitation cards or marriage certificate,” said Selby.

    It was recently reported that Samantha was pencilled in to wed Nengomasha yesterday in Harare.
    It seems only Mtukudzi has not brought himself to acknowledge that Selby is, indeed, his son as this reporter in the company of other reporters from this stable has spotted Selby with other Mtukudzi family members including Selma (Mtukudzi) and Tendai Manatsa.

    Mtukudzi, whose Hazvireve Rudo Handina Mwanangu hit seems to be an apology to his illegitimate child(ren), insists he had only one son, the late Sam, who died in a car crash on March 15 last year

  • Topaz

    Nhai veduwee iye Serima uyu haasiriye here wekuimbirwa this song called HAZVIREVI RUDO HANDINA yakaimbwa nababa vake.Parents make mistakes but this is not the way to solve family issues, this is not the way to make your father see whatever you want & get respect. Go & apologise kunababa vako . As children sometimes we might never understand some things parents did way back but late rafter you sit down with them wakura then you might undertand some situations. If mubereki akakanganisa & you sit down naye humbly munonzwanana ufunge. Izvi zveMedia izvi wakanya Serima thats the truth.

    • Bestfriend

      she tried that and it didnt work. Apologise for what?

  • kayz

    Haa Selmor akaita zviri bhooo.Baba vanowanzo terera stepmother vana vachioneswa moto.Tuku is not a good father.

  • takawira

    So the whole time these guys have been pretending that everything is ok while they have skeletons in their closets

    • ndini

      ndoyaitambika iyoyo nekuti vana ava vaitya kutaura the actual treatment yavaipiwa na Daisy

  • keke

    sometymes u need a helping hand bt kana wakura work for urself uite zvako by expecting so much from some1 ndopakuvengana ipapo

  • biggest fan

    haaaaaaaaaa tuku Chiiko ngaabatsire mwna apa asi chii nhai? akakumbira kubarwa here mwana iyeye ngaatibvire apo ndomuda hangu chaizvo mudhara uya asi iyo haaite iyo

  • Charmaine

    So the child chooses to bash her dad in public. Kafeve! Why can’t she stand up on her own feet? Kana kuenda kuchipurisa? Kusanyara, blaming your failure on others. Kuchikoro akaendeswa, what more does she want. Maybe she is not good at all, so why should Tuku waste resources pa dofo? Smh!

  • Roro

    Hupenyu hunoda kushinga chitoshanda zvako! Ukada zvevamwe haiwa unofa negodo. Mai Chavakarambirwa hatizive! Ivo mai vake vaigosiya mwana achienda kuchikoro asina juzi sei? Mukadzi usasiye vana vako. Kuda zvinhu kunge mbare bag!

  • takawira

    Selmor is not blaming her failure on anyone. And who says she has failed? She is still a young woman with many years ahead of her. Iwe Roro naCharmaine muri madutye chaiwo kana muchiti Tuku ari right. Mwana wako ndewako chete nyangwe akava dofo, idofo rako. Kukundwa naTongai Moyo akasiya arongera mwana wake. Discord rinoimbwa naPeter Moyo hamurinzwe? Asi vanhu vanongomusupporta wani. Murimapenzi evakadzi!!!

    • Charmaine

      Imi zvamusingapengi, chimira miraika and solve this disgruntled child’s problems ipo pano tione. Tsve kuraira munhu kuti you cannot demand love and money from your father, hazviseenzi. Move on vanhu Bateman, get a life. Kana magitare aramba maybe she is not as good as she thinks she is, ruka majuzi or something. Lol

  • Barbs

    Am speechless.ko chiiko Samanyanga.Daisy asadaro,ndamumaka.bt she knew they existed so why???

    • Bethu

      Pliz don’t rush to judge, people who fail in life always find someone to blame, the fact that for all these years noone knew that Selmor was not Daisy’s child shows that they were raised in loving home with no segregation. She is only venting out her frustrations abt life

  • Chene

    I think Tuku akadyiswa naDaisy, asi hey chakafukudza dzimba matenga, taingofunga kuti vari perfect tisingazive kuti hapana mutunhu usina zvokwawo, zvisinei Daisy needs Jesus and Tuku anoda kurutsiswa anything chaakadyiswa nesmall house…someone ngaatsiure 2uku kunyanya imi veNehanda becoz munhu watinorespecta, we dont expect such king of a behaviour

  • merit

    Eh eh siyai munya mataruse out of this anei chamungatomuti hanzi he got from Oliver akatengerwa mota here? Kunge irikudiwa naselmor, and zivai kuti haana kutanga magitare kwatuku tht young man started zvemusic tichitori kuchikoro and hazvitishamise kumuona achishanda natuku wacho, ok iye Selmor wacho does she work hard samunya mataruse kupakare paye we are always there munya anokiya mashows emahara kubhawa ratuku uko kunenge kwakazara and Mtukudzi wacho he is happy nazvo that’s why muchiona achimutora achiita naye mashows kwakasiyana siyana. And musanyepe kuti hanzi heeeee sam mtukudzi aipuhwa mafavors heeeeee chino chino munonyepa imi ask vanhu vaakashanda navo, tuku aitomuti unobhadhara kana uchida PA system and for sure aibhadhara dai arimupenyu aikuudzai kuti akararama hupenyu hwakaoma sei tuku haaite spoon fEed munonyepa imi even maband members ake they will tell u . dai Selmor watsvaga mabasa ako woshandisa zita rekuti Mtukudzi kuti rikuendese pamberi apo, unoda Rudo rwakadii iwe mashows akawanda ndinongokuonai muchiridza nababa vako asi unoda kubva wapuhwa mazimari here wapedza kuridza aiwazve haupihwe yakawandazve msikana kuonekwa ikoko nevenhu that’s the publicity you need ko vanhu vacho vanenge vauya kuzoona iwewe here kana kuti tuku saka take advantage of that and presents your music to your dads fans ndiko kukura kwacho.

  • lavenda bundo

    selma akaroorwa so ngaasiyane na baba .dai atsvaga support kuna Zexie manatsa. ko akaroorerwei kana achirikuda zvekumba kwababa. haisi mhosva kuita baba vakapfuma she should work hard forherself kwete kutarisira kutengerwa mota na baba iye aine murume inyope chete

  • touched

    m dissapointed Tuku……zwawakaimba vanorara musango vachichema chema…zwiri kwamuri mambo kuda kwenyu itai chido chenyu here ichi ..pindirai manbo………………………………….

  • Fact

    @betty, i suppose you are taking this from an activist’s point of view, and i have been following your posts and all the stuff you post on facebook-jus like a politician you say out something in a way yu think your audience would want to hear it,..i find little reason behind your statements and i believe you blow your horn too much on your side..kungozviti ndazodai,ndikazodai..,chimboroverwawo bembera nevavakidzani mudikani. Why not raise tangible arguments like these other guys are? I dont support tuku at all, but i have every reason to blame Selmor too. Look at those kids vari paPakare paya,all they are getting from tuku is the refinement of their talent,nekungopiwa gitare chete kana asingakwanisi kutenga. I know the kids personally, tsvete, donald kanyuchi, and the legend munya mataruse…, hapana kana 1 wavo arikupiwa kana dhora zvaro namtukudzi,varikushanda vafana ava,go to pakare paya each sundy,even munya mataruse still plays for free just to mobilize fans,but look where he is now. Selmor mudikani, farira kushanda,kana music yako isiri tsvina chete zvinofaya

  • Inside Info

    Munya Mataruse apinda papiko apa? Ambotaura nezvake ndiani? Ko iye angade mafavours kunaTuku kuti mwana wake here? Munya naSelmor vakatosiyana nekuti ropa ririkufamba mavari rakasiyana. Kungotya kutaurawo asi vane zvichemowo futi ana Munya vacho ivavo. Kana vasina vabereki vakashanda kare vanotomaita mashow emahara manje Selmor baba vake vakashanda kare, its her birthright.

  • Mary

    This is shocking news…so what did Tuku think was going happen pakanzvenga vana achivasiya Kwekwe achienda kuNorton naDaisy nevana vake?

  • taka

    ndosaka zvanzi akadyiswa. Bcoz a father in his right mind wont do that to his own children.

  • merit

    @ inside info enda pamacomments ari papage 3 unoona pakanyorwa Alexio, willow namunya . Hatisi kurwa newe isu we are not supporting tuku at all nekuti mwana wachiyangwa anoonekwa kuti ndewa chiyangwa, kana mwana wamugabe chaiye anoonekwa kuti mwana wamugabe saka watuku ngaaonekwewo kuti ndewatuku, ndirikuti dnt mension mazita evanhu muchiti varikusimudzirwa vasina chavakawana from tuku wacho muchisiya nyaya yaselmor nababa vake. Iye selmor ngaakudze vabereki vake Chero vari wrong kuti mazuva ake awedzerwe panyika zvinorwadza ehe kuti haana chaainacho asi ngaasarwa nababa nadaisy wacho nekuti rubetsero kubva kuvabereki harwuzi rwemari chete. Pachaita zvinoda vabereki apa iye ashambadza Shambadza huipi hwababa nadaisy she will lose more nekuti tuku wacho akanyarara hapana zvaati ataura nezvenyaya ino, ichapera noise yekastory ino and the reality shall come baba wavashambadza huipi mumanewspaper pamwe urikucheka hukama hameno nekuda kwemari chete. Ko ivo amai vaselmor ava vakarambana natuku sei and amai vacho vachiri vapenyu here nekuti idzi hadzisi pfungwa dzaselmor chete idzi kufurirwa naamai chete uku.

  • Aga

    Zvipi tuku should be very ashamed hapana zvekuti waroorwa saka handichabatsira kosandra skatizwa sine 17 anga aane murume here selmors problems started before marriage kana angasingagone kuchikoro baba ingadai vakaona kuti aita ka cousre kanoenderana nekugona kwake haana kuroorwa ari 20 !!!! I am sure shamwari dzatuku and those who no him close vanoziva ane hutsinye and hazvinakidzewo here kuona mwana wako akagara zvakanaka even aroorwa he does not need to be buying cars all the time but just to set up foundation orumura but haana kumbobvira ayamwisa saka asina understanding of good parenthood samantha got married but 5 months ago she was in the uk with parents apa to selmor its do or die coz there is no recovery of relationshipfrom papa anda svovi iye tuku should put his house in order and meet with his children coz the kids had meetings and iye ane way of thinking iri out of this planet .

  • taka

    Taura hako Aga. Iye Tuku kuramba akanyarara arikuziva mhosva dzake..

  • merit

    Taurai zvese zvamungataura asi mubetsere Selmor what she should do nenyaya iripadariro macomments ese amuri kunyora awa Selmor achabetsereka here from her dad kana kuti kwete. Ini sekufunga kwangu as long as daisy is alive Selmor haalume ngaatotsvaga maths dzaangaite ãwane mari osiyana nemanewspapers awa anotozomuita kuti ãnongedzerwe nevanhu pese paanofamba and never think kuramba achienda kumanewspaper Will help hapana nyaya mukutowedzera dai maitokwanisa maitombotora baba venyu vonorutsiswa kana kumapositori chaiko nekuti iyi yakora Muto.

  • Aga

    Apa selmor going on with life as usual daisy was never there for them saka kwavari life goes on the only good thing is that people no what happened in the tuku household and from comments above kuds tried to tell dady their problems which they should have not done at all coz a good dad shold no welfare yevana vake especially paine step mother inenge daisy but iye anoti imi vana thee is nothing wrong so iye kana azopepuka kuti ane vamwe vana then he can look for them before that it may be suffer continue for the kids but as another writer above said even ana munya play for free and are not happy but vanotua kutaura . Tuku as a person akaomera but haazive wr to stop his stingyness coz nekuvana kwese haadi kuburitsa except vadaisy coz mai vavo fights their corner. So as selmor said i just want someone to write the truth i think she is happy tuku has a house in south africa for iye daisy and their beloved ana selmor havasvikeko no address and norton its by invite so hapana to cheku repair i building bridges thats needed and tuku can afford zvaakwari kufuga nekuwarira nekuomera jwake ikoko he is just stingy

  • Themba Mlangeni

    Nyaya iyi inoratidza chinhu chimwe chete – that in any relationship – blodd or otherwise – it is necessary to manage perceptions. It doen’t matter what you buy or do for the other person – do not forget to manage the perception. Selmor thinks daddy vake havamu supporte – and thats what Tuku has to deal with. Sometimes it just takes a serious and very honest chat zvisina kana mari mukati to set things straight. Love, and showing it, is the best medicine. I think both Selmor and Tuku need counselling.

  • Aga

    Well said themba the love is not there thats the problem he sees his kids as problem zvekuti ndakuendesa form four wafoira saka ndapedza newe what contributed to the failing hecis not worried to say wapedza kufundisa mwana is wamuitisa course or awana basa ozoita distance learning wega its fine but vatuku its form four fail then he will be saying ndakake uendesa kuchikoro but mwana is now saying mentaly they wr triubled souls and baba is not interested. Now vakura they can say to whoever listens coz havacharohwa and daisy canot really say anything . Had mai va selmor gone for maintance kumacourts tuku would hv cried foul and say i will stay with them just because of kuomera iye tuku should now make his move selmor can sit back coz as someone wrote she has been married 5 yrs but baba vake does not even no wr she stays anotyei tuku??? To find his dauta lounging on the floor because he never gave her support to start a decent life semwana waambassador for children or he is just not interested .

  • Aga

    ZIMBABWEAN music legend Oliver Mtukudzi has been forced to publicly defend his reputation after a damaging burst of accusations by family and friends of his former guitarist, Philani Dube, who died last week.

    The veteran Zimbabwean singer, in South Africa on business, has been accused of abandoning Dube and failing to come to his aid as he lay in hospital, dying.

    Mtukudzi failed to attend the funeral last Wednesday, but provided fuel for a van that ferried Dube’s body from Harare to his hometown of Bulawayo for burial. Mtukudzi also provided funds for the coffin.

    South Africa’s City Press newspaper reported Sunday that residents of Chitungwiza, where the long-serving guitarist died last week, were shocked to see his coffin being loaded into an old ramshackle van, which was to ferry him to his final resting place in Bulawayo, some 500 km away.

    “The hearse attracted the attention of scores of residents who came out to watch the grim spectacle in disbelief,” City Press reported.

    The battered blue van was the only vehicle that was available to ferry Dube’s coffin, his widow, children and relatives to Bulawayo.

    As the coffin was placed in the van and the 12 accompanying passengers squeezed in beside it, the skorokoro slumped so low everybody wondered if it would make even half the trip, the paper reported.

    The car had been offered free of charge by Dube’s friend, Dickson Maponga. Mtukudzi’s manager, Sam Mataure, told the family that Tuku Music company did not have a vehicle to ferry the corpse or mourners.

    The company could only provide fuel for the trip. But the “hearse” ran out of fuel in the middle of a forest along the Harare-Bulawayo highway around midnight.

    The people accompanying the body spent the cold night crammed in the van with the coffin while arrangements were made to have fuel brought from Bulawayo.

    But Mtukudzi, who is in South Africa on business, said he was not responsible for the shocking send-off given to Dube.

    He says Dube left his band a long time ago but that from time to time when he saw posters advertising a Black Spirits Band show, he would bring his own guitar and join them.

    Mtukudzi say he could not chase him away because he had worked with him for many years.

    “I bought the coffin and the fuel. If the car ran out of fuel along the way it is not my problem, blame it on the economic situation back in Zimbabwe because fuel shortage is a problem.

    “I had no obligation to contribute towards the funeral, but because I am an African, I know that we have to help each other in times like these.

    “And then I get blamed like this. As a colleague, you can only do so much. The rest of the work is for the family to decide what they want to do.”

    Meanwhile, at New Magwegwe, Bulawayo, mid-morning the following day, relatives and friends had gathered to give their hero a send-off. They were shocked when he arrived in the groaning ramshackle van.

    “They expected something worthy of Mtukudzi’s name. They were further angered by the absence of Mtukudzi and the rest of the band,” Elfigio Maponga, a friend, told City Press.

    “Philani would have been alive today if he had been given the necessary medication, food and comfort that these people denied him,” fumed Maponga.

    Another friend, Paniso Nyilenda, added: “He scrounged for food and could not afford medicines. He had to surrender his cellphone as collateral in order to have a chest X-ray taken, three days before his death.

    “He did not have the $300 000 (about R30) that was needed. None of them assisted in any way. No-one visited him.”

    Maponga added: “We phoned Mtukudzi last week when Philani was bed-ridden and in severe pain, but he would not assist with money to buy even painkillers.

    “Tuku actually told Philani on the phone while I listened that he too was experiencing dire financial problems.”

    Mtukudzi said his conscience was clear. “They say I could not even buy him painkillers, but they won’t tell you that I have been buying him ARVs for a long time. When I help a person, I don’t blow my own horn.”

    Dube was one of the two remaining original members of The Black Spirits, Mtukudzi’s backing group.

    Dube was dropped from the band and replaced by Clive “Mono” Mukundu. Mono himself is no longer with the band after another reshuffle.

  • Themba Mlangeni

    I think people who are saying Selmor is now married and should go on with her life are a bit harsh on her. Relationships – especially blood relationships – do not change with time or age. hazvinei nekuti Selmor ava ne 30, 50 or even 70 years – mwana wa Tuku and as such should be given the fartherly love and care as bestowed by this relationship. Of course the way you care for your child in high school is different from the way you would care for mwana ane mhuri yake or even vazukuru. But the bottom line is that mwana wako chete. Thats why iye Tuku akaimba Dande mai vake vachimuti dzoka uyamwe. Its never too late to be there for your children no matter how old they are. I am 50 yr old professional with my own family – my eldest daughter is 27 and graduated from university 5 years ago. I lost my mother beginning of this year and you wont believe how much havoc has come my way. In fact right now I am busy trying to lose the 8 kilos I have gained since she left. Actually I never imagined that a big man like me needs a mother. But the point I am making is that she used to support me. I might have been the one providing for all her material needs but, wherever I was, whatever problems I had, the knowledge that i had a loving mother gave me some strength. So I think thats what Selmor missed – the knowledge that daddy vake is there for her, even if it means in herat and spirit only. She is not crying for mari ya Tuku but just to be called mwanangu.

  • taka

    Hey…Tuku akaoma vakomana!

  • Aga

    Yes themba that love gives peace of mind and one can prosper!!!!

  • Aga

    Even anatongai vakafa haaende kunhamo coz anoti havana kunge vakarongeka iye chete ndiye akarongeka because akabudirira pane vese

  • Charmaine

    Selma ngaashande I totally agree, aa mukadzi mukuru, hupwere hwakatopera wena. Whatever differences she has with her dad, she needs to get past them. Kune chirwere chinonzi Hypertension, a silent killer. Unofa like a joke nekukwirira BP mari yausina kushandira.

  • Themba Mlangeni

    Siyayi Selmor a spoiliwe nababa vake. Pane munhu here asingadi ku spoiliwa – be it nemurume wake, nemudzimai wake, nemwana wake, nababa vake – its just human nature. Ko munogomuti ngaakanganwe nezvababa vake aite zvoupenyu hwake sei sekunonzi baba ndi employer wokuti kana wa resigna kana kudzingwa zvapera. As long as Tuku achibvuma kuti ndiye baba vake – NAYE! nemumvura mese kunosvika kuDande.

  • Marcus

    I agree with you Themba.Mwana wako mwana wako chete nyangwe akura sei.I was at Hifa this year were Tuku was performing.During the perfomance he said “Im going to call my daughter to come and join me .”People started calling out Selmor’s name because she is the one we know and expected to appear but we were surprised to see some girl joining him.
    The guy I was with commented,”Ko mdara uyu indava akapusa.Apa ndipo paanga achifanirwa kupinza mwanasikana wake mustayera,” but I brushed it off.Now after reading about this I understand mamiriro azvo.Reminds me of John Chibadura’s song “NDIWE HERE MUDIWA JANET…KUBVIRA MUSI WATAKADANA NDAKAKUUDZA KUTI NDINE VANA VANGU…NHASI UNO ZVAVE KUFAMBA SEI ZVAWAVE KUTI HAUDI VANA VANGU.”
    It seems Daisy pretended to love the Superstar’s kids just so she could get him to put a ring on her finger.As soon as she got what she wanted she started singing a different tune.SHAME ON HER.

  • Marcus

    I was also at Winter Jazz Festival at Jazz 105 and I saw Selmor Mtukudzi performing.It was my first time to see her on stage and I remember thinking to myself that how come she is not recognised in the country.She performed right at the end and the others acts before her were nothing special so much that people were just seated.When she got on stage i remember i was on my feet dancing until the end.I remember the last song was “Simudza gumbo,maoko mudenga” and vanhu vaiita pressure kuti vakwire pastage and dance with Selmor.She is truely talented.

  • Mavhuto

    I have watched Selmor twice @ Jazz 105 as welland what a superb. She is a fantastic singer (not sure about the hubby though) I remember thinking, the crew was not well dressed etc. Now it makes sense that she is struggling in the music industry BUT my advice to Selmor is God’s answer in not selective, you are a good singer better than Sam. Hear hear hear and you will be rewarded one day!

  • jonga

    inga zvinoitika zvakaoma muupenyu…i thot tutu ws mo organised ndakangonzwa kuti daisy anoshusha pamusikana wasam ainzi ane nhumbu i never thot it was ths bad..

  • Memo

    Oliver Mtukudzi: Yes, everything. But, men run away from that. They become bossy. A good leader is not bossy. He is a good listener, should listen to what the children are saying and come to terms with the conditions.

  • Surprised

    Really surprised nezvandanzwa.heya ndozvavari baba ava. Hameno havo ngavafumurwe.

  • gimmo

    lol Selmor please, please.. you were given a chance 12 years ago hapana zvawakaita. Isn’t not Tuku your dad who introduced you in the music scene, iwe ndokutizira hako kwaManatsa. So, why you complaining as if Tuku is responsible for your unsuccessful music career. Sam, was a hard working young-man. See what he left in a space of 3years 2 albums, plus multiple singles. There is only one place that Sam had startied knowing the ‘STUDIO’ were he spent most of his life hours at. Fix your ways first..

  • MaiTino

    Let us be honest and tell the young woman the honest truth. Yes you have the talent. Yes your father is a legend in the industry. It would be very unfair for him to carry you in his back and nurse you like a small baby. My father had enough money. I left Zimbabwe 5 years ago and came to SA with nothing. I never fought with my father or accused him of anything. I only needed his blessings and here I am today. I hustled everything by myself and today I hold my dignity and thank God for everything. I do not owe anyone anything but only hardwork. My advice to you would be, get out there and do something for yourself and prove your worth. And to the guys who comment let us remember this is her father who knows her better than most of us who read about them. He has his reasons why he is taking the back seat. good luck sister

    • Bethu

      well said, you cannot spoon feed your children forever, they need to learn the ropes of life and become independent. You should not raise your children to be cry babies, you want them to toughen up and face3 the world

  • Gandalf

    Wedded with my father??? really? really?

  • Bethu

    Selmor is in her mid 30s, she is an old woman who should have made a name for herself by now. She once was rising, I remember in 2004 when Hillcrest College in Mutare had a cultural show, she was invited to perform, but her appearance fee was as huge as her fathers, the school could just not afford her. She wanted to ride on her father’s name instead of taking time to build her own legacy n her own following. Now she cries fowl.
    She used to make adverts as a child with Andy Brown, the olivine advert, i think thaat was the dad trying to promote her. You have no idea how frustrating it is for a parent to keep pumping money on a child who is talentless. Now its no longer a singing career, its about a car. I don’t blame Tuku at all, he tried his best

  • Sinyoro

    Why blame Oliver? Selma is an adult of 30years of age anoda kuzorumurwa zvaita sei? She wants to be a parasite until when?

  • ray

    That’s why black people muchingova vanhu vanotambura ,its because hamusiire vana venhu legacy why kutanga patswa ivo baba vavakumusoro uko.Mtukudzi anotya daisy period at the expense of his kids and they didn’t
    apply to be here on earth.Haungoite vana pese pese uchiti vachazvitangira vega asi vana vemukadzi ve2 iye daisy vachipiwa pokutangira…..tuku can be a legend but what he is doing to his kids is stupid