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Millionaire Makandiwa: Man of God or Gold?

By Brilliant Pongo

Last month I took part in a radio discussion about prosperity gospel preachers and I was inspired to write this article by the comments made by those who listened to that discussion.

Emmanuel Makandiwa
Emmanuel Makandiwa

The comments and contributions were very interesting. Some contributors said it is not right for us to judge while other contributors were of the opinion the prosperity gospel preachers were in it, for the love of money.

A majority of the comments blamed the poor congregates for foolishly following and enriching these preachers materially in the hope that God would in return lift them out of poverty.

On the radio discussion we focused on the new breed of young prophets the likes of Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel who have taken Zimbabwe by storm with their razzmatazz way of life and gospel preaching style. The question is, ‘are these men of gold or God?’

Should the clergy be paid? What does the bible say about this?

I found Matthew chapter 10 verses 5 to 11 of great interest for we find the perfect blueprint and supreme example of how those who want to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ should go about it:

“These twelve Jesus sent out after instructing them, saying, “Do not go in the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter any city of the Samaritans; 6 but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 7 “And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’

8 “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons; freely you received, freely give. 9 “Do not acquire gold, or silver, or copper for your money belts, 10 or a bag for your journey, or even two tunics, or sandals, or a staff; for the worker is worthy of his support.

11 “And into whatever city or village you enter, inquire who is worthy in it; and abide there until you go away,” It is worth repeating vs. 9 “Do not acquire gold, or silver, or copper for your money belts.”

What must be happening is that these preachers are to be looked after by those with means, as the word says in vs. 11 “and into whatever city or village you enter, inquire who is worthy in it; and abide there until you go away”.

Brilliant Pongo
Brilliant Pongo

This is not what we are witnessing now with these millionaire preachers, they are now so rich they do not even live in the same neighbourhoods as their congregates and too rich to even visit the dusty environs of their free giving flock.

What we are witnessing now is the opposite of scripture, indeed the prosperity gospel preachers have taken with them bags full of all sorts of tunics (socks, shirts and suits worth thousands of dollars) and trunk loads of sandals/shoes.

They have brought baskets and pillow-cases in which to collect gold, silver, and copper yes it is money they are after. We also learn a very important lesson in the book of Isaiah that we should not seek payment in the ministry (Isa. 45: 13).

In the New Testament this principle is reinforced in 1 Peter “feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; neither as being Lords over God’s heritage, but being ensamples to the flock.

“And when the chief shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.” (1 Peter 5:2-4) Is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ a calling or a chosen career for you? That is what makes the difference.

If it is a career then it is for the money and the immediate rewards that go with it. The salutations in the market places, (what car do you drive? I drive a Bentley, Lexus etc.) and the chief seats in the synagogues, and the uppermost rooms at feasts.

On the other hand if it be a calling it is service to God and to fellow men which shall be rewarded by the Chief shepherd with a crown of glory that fadeth not away (1 Peter 5:4).

Several other blessings are poured upon those called in this ministry when they diligently fulfil their duties while here on earth. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” The gospel of Jesus Christ has boundless powers for moving people towards greater spirituality and devotion to living righteous lives.

It can bring a spirit of beauty and peace and can inspire love and unity among people. Those called to preach this living gospel should however be reminded that they are not of the world even as he that sent them is not of the world.

In the book of John in the 17th chapter verse 15 the Saviour offers prayer for you: “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.”

Preachers can greatly benefit us as individuals.

Gospel preachers can lift our spirits, give us courage, and move us to righteous action. Even those that have made preaching the gospel a career help people know some of the scriptures and for that, they have their reward.

Emmanuel Makandiwa holds fellow prophet Uebert Angel's shirt which was auctioned for a whooping US$10 000.
Emmanuel Makandiwa holds fellow prophet Uebert Angel’s shirt which was auctioned for a whooping US$10 000.

However, it is disturbing when one does not practice what one preaches. One has to understand that when one is preaching the gospel it becomes inescapable for one to live comfortably to that which one preaches.

The tragic incongruity of all this is that it is the very people who I am trying to awaken to this great scam who are the first to leap up in defence of those who are defrauding them.

Nonetheless I take comfort and draw strength from Paul of Tarsus for indeed, the apostle Paul never grew weary of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He preached it, wrote about it, and lived it. It was important to him and he wanted it to be important to others.

The churches of Galatia desperately needed to be reminded of the importance of the gospel. It was being distorted by certain individuals causing some to desert and fall away from the faith. Paul, armed with the gospel, reminded them then and reminds us today about the importance of the one gospel.

And what Paul says about it has much greater meaning for us today. We need to be impressed with the importance of the gospel. There has been an upsurge in the number of those preaching the prosperity gospel in Zimbabwe most of which is very sweet to the ear and uplifting when you listen to it.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the same preachers when we scrutinise their opulent lives and contrast that with the abject poverty of those who are milked endlessly by these supposed men of “god”.

I plead with those involved in amassing earthly wealth at the expense of their poor congregates to do the virtuous and honourable thing. We want modest preachers who follow the ways of the great prophets and those who have gone before.

It is thus, for us to awaken our brothers and sisters to free them from the devil’s trap, the snare which has a strong hold on their lives, the evil spirit used by these con-artists who masquerade as preachers while they rob God’s people will be exposed in the name of Jesus Christ, for He is indeed our Redeemer.

It is important for this gospel to be defended because it was planned by God. The death of Jesus was no accident. Paul said it was “according to the will of our God and Father” (Gal. 1:4).

Peter said that Jesus was “delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God” and adds that “God foretold by the mouth of all the prophets, that his Christ would suffer” (Acts 2:23; 3:18).

This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. And these false prophets are doing their part however, unbeknown to them they are doing the devils bidding and in the process they are fulfilling scripture, blinded by greed.

The congregates are also as it were drunken by the promise the promise of material riches and the desire to grab hold of the wealth of this world such that the words of these false prophets draws them like magnets would iron, like opium to an aficionado their words have become to the congregates still in their bondage, but as God lives and in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, these false prophets shall fall one by one till all of God’s are set free.

It is my sincere prayer that the eyes of all those who are yet to see this fraud be opened for indeed true is the word of the prophet Hosea, “My people perish from a lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

Bless your people with wisdom God bless them with knowledge that they may have power to see the fraudulence of those who masquerade as sheep yet they are wolves, let them see those who preach for gold and help to choose those who preach for you almighty Jehovah God.

To all the prosperity gospel preachers the question is, are you in it for God or Gold (Mari kana kuti Mwari?). I am grateful for the true preachers of God and the wonderful gospel teaching that has blessed my life.

I ask God to forgive those who blaspheme against his name in the comments that are to follow this article and those who are used and are still overcome by the devil help them, God, to be free of Satan’s control, cure them from hate and relieve them from their love for money; in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Victor Vicman Karonga

    Well written article . Jus ask yoself kuti ava varikuzviita Maprophets vangavaripi zvinhu pazvanga zvakaoma munyika vakauya neDollarisation musarohwe $ makasvinura inga makaenda kuchikoro wani .

  • Timothy Tinashe Mutyavaviri

    Rova mari yemabharanzi, hauzi kuba, varikukupa vega!

  • SirWilberto Clementino Godservant Mabuzve

    Zvonetsa izvi. ZvaMakandiwa zvotongoda ivo Mwari mutongi. It depends however, somepple varikutopona fro the bondage of poverty coz of his gold oriented evangelionto.

    However to me, I am not intrested in him coz am afraid of the kind of his blessings. Most pple who get them end up doing sort’f worshipping prosperity and yena uMakandiwa than God.

    Actualy, I hate selfclaimed titles and pride. It maks the followers worship the leader and make him God.

  • Gold!!baba

  • ndongomunzwa hantimuziye

  • Mwari ndiye oga anoziva kuti makomborero aakamupa kana kwete.

  • haiwawo ana makandiwa mbavha dzakahwanda nechurch

  • phillip makanje

    Man of God????

  • SirWilberto Clementino Godservant Mabuzve

    Hanzi kuchauya vaporofita venhema vachati gomo sumuka uyende apo…. Ndoyamunoti minana ka iyoyo whilst being manipulated by those prosperity evangelists. Yu don give THEM, yu will not be Blessed or yu be even more poor. They kno, some of them that if yu give to the poor and those in need yu wil be blessed so they take that money and give to charity and be bl€ssed themselves whilst the mass€s vachidya monja.

  • A man of gold

  • Brenda Zinyuke

    I feel sorry for the victims falling for this pathetic scam#shaking my head#. Work your ass off to get rich instead of waiting for Makandiwa to bless you to get rich. If he has powers to finish everyone’s poverty why doesn’t he pray for the whole country so that everyone gets rich. Selling spiritual airtime and bidding clothes, I don’t remember encountering a verse in the bible where Jesus sold anything to his followers. He claims his riches come from God, what a lie they are coming from his followers lolz

  • Walter Chinamora

    Makandiwa makes me sick! The man is a thief

  • makandiwa itsotsi

  • Anonymous

    what is important is to have your soul saved by jesus not wealth of this world

  • you cannot worship the lord and mammon its clear in the bible

  • varume unogona kuwana fuma yepasi pano asi kana usina kuponeswa hazvibatsiri

  • ?????????zvakaoma

  • Mellissa Carol Mukundu

    I like his preachings bt all those stories abt him n his fellow frnds making a church a bidding house maya that mst def makes him a man of Gold

  • Anonymous

    money factor

  • Heyi

  • Anonymous

    Well said my brother

  • man of gold ,pfumwa yamwari iri mumwoyo

  • Lol um not here tu judge but thts a food for thought ey!!!

  • ‘Do not judge or you will be judged’

  • Man of Gold!!!

  • Man of God.WHY? becoz we dont understand him noting that comes from God is understandable within the scope of human minds .Its all about faith nigga

  • God who gives life knws the truth so dn’t comment on what u are not aware of.

  • Petty

    These people will not last,just give them a couple of years to show of and god will out them on there righteous place,they are not the first ones to still from the poor but will not be the last

    • XOXO

      steal not still

      • Chinemamvere

        Suddenly Xoxo, you are an English Faculty Dean.

      • ban

        mxm! haha!

  • Bruce

    I think we as Zimbabweans have to be very careful about JELOUS. We are known around the world for that.Cruelty among ourselves. Reporting each other to the home offices abroad and getting each other arrested and deported etc. What wrong has the man of God done. Do christians not deserve to be rich? Why dont we celebrate our own? If it was TD Jakes there would be nothing wrong just coz he is American or he is not Zimbabwe.If Prophet Makandiwa was catching kombis , wearing $2 clothes and living in Mbare you would have been ok with that.heeee?? Varoyi!!!!UFI, AFM,Spirit Embassy, HIM, ZAOJA, FOG and other upcoming ministries keep serving God. Pfumai kusvika Jesu vachiuya. Usarega muroyi achirarama!!!

    • Ngonie

      Bruce you seriously need to get your facts straight my brother and also do away with yo gross non patriotic character bcoz u are Zimbabwean wether u like it or not. It is pple like you that portray Zimbabwe in bad light. Why are u even politicizing the facts that the author just outlines. If this really makes you uncomfortable then go to yo prosperity churches and stop inhibiting this progressive discussion with your shallow commentary.

    • Anonymous

      My dear u dnt knw wat u re saying,go n read ur bible very well.pastors of dis days re after money nt souls.

    • Anonymous

      Tipeiwo verse

    • David K. Nhari

      Read (google)up on David Koresh and the Waco incident, or the massacre in Guyana. It is people like you who have the brains of zombies who follow and are exploited by the Makandiwas of this world. Serving God my foot !!!

    • Anonymous

      Azvidza shoko asungwa naro.hationi sugar iri pasi pemaheu tichisiya mapete aripamusoro;munyori kana anyepa mcheki mukuru ndiye achatizivisa

    • Tonde

      If you read the whole article right, you’d realise that the writer is writing about PROSPERITY PREACHERS of which Makandiwa is one of them. And

      • ruu

        hapana amanikidzwa kuenda ku prosperity church.asingawirirane nadzo go to churches dzamajaira isu siyanai nesu.

  • makandiwa aita mari nema rema

  • Anonymous

    are you nt a preacher? U said it well mdara

  • Anonymous

    Yep satanism takin center stage

  • Chitova

    The bible tells they shall come false prophet with great power and here is the time in real GOD there is nothing like prosperity gospel

  • Muchazopepuka henyu mati madii? Chiutsi chese chiri kumeso chichabva mozotanga kuona chiedza vamwe vaenda.Zunzai homwe machinda.

  • Prosperity must not be the centre of any child of God’s faith..if stil go to churches bcoz you want to be rich shame on you guy.we follow christ becoz we want to be saved at his secound coming..let makandiwa be mr Gold but no heaven for him.

  • Shame Murienda

    Zvichapera havana kana tsitsi kutorera vanotambura twavanatwo, kutadza kuparidza zveumambo hwaJehovah voita zvavo zvekutsvaga hupfumi kuvatendi vaTenzi

  • domboro

    wl u b hapy to tak th ltle frm pipo struglng to lve selng tomatoes.u take th money nd buy a gift fo ur relativ who even afford to bu hiself 1.vanhu havana tsitsi.ko iyo pfuma yacho inonamatirwa here?mwari akatipa zvipo tisati taberekwa.kunamata we do fo our enternal lyf nt zvepasi zvinopfuura

  • Simba

    You have Nailed it Mr Pongo! Very well put. Thank you for taking the time to really bring out the scriptural aspects of it. That really brings out the truth.

  • papa t

    wel said,bt yu too im startin to doubt yu,thse new prophets as for money frm pple to support th ministry,th same way yu ar askin for donations to suport yo editorials… #Hardtalk

  • Mambo

    Follish old Man…If you know So much..Were can we find you with all da Wisdom..god has given you…wat is ur phone number and address…help us….how many poor people are u feeding..how many..people are u clothing,,,who have you given money…maBasa enyu Speak for you…Be humble and let God use who he wants….Let every tongue that riseth up against True Prophets of God be condemed…

    • none

      Hahahaha, wabaiawa? Ende apa shoko harivhikwe.

    • Tonde

      The true Bible prophets never uttered any such evil threats as the one you make. They defended God & never themselves! So you know where you belong now!

    • Monk

      Ende Mambo whoever you are wakarasika, why don’t you take other people’s views without offence? And munodzidziswa such foulness kuChurch here? Where is tolerence and benevolence….

  • RV

    Greetings people. I would just like to pose a few questions that are not beign asked? Dear writer, why are you manipulating the Bible in order to fuel your jealousy? Matthew 10v10 says “Those who work deserve their pay”. You dilibrately didn’t put that in. I’m not sure if you are just an amatuer journalist who doesn’t do his research or you are just trying to manipulate us. Also, you are not looking at all the other things in the bible that balance things out. Galatians 6v6 says we must provide for our Teachers/Pastors. The question is how much do they deserve? As much as they are working for. I don’t expect a Man who is Pastoring 60 000 people to drive around in a Toyota Tazz!!! You don’t look at the money that Peter had!!!!!! He had a fleet of ships!!!! You will never find a poor preacher who is changing thousands of lives. Jesus had sponsors to HIS ministry. When HE was on The Cross the soldiers gambled for HIS clothes. Seemingly those clothes were of great value!!!! My whole point is, before we critisize anyone, preacher or not, find out what the real truth is. Last time i checked, Prophet Makandiwa gave to many orphans and widows. Dear sir, Who have you given to? We understand that you don’t earn much, but who do you feed? How many people have you brought to GOD? And since this Eternal crown is so great, why did you go to school? Why are you looking for a promotion? All The Prophet does is Preach and Help people. Last time I checked, it is Prosperity preachers who give more than Poverty preachers. You have a right to get a bonus every December but if a preacher get’s one it’s a problem?!!! If Prophet Makandiwa had 100 members in his church, if he used a bus for transport and he didn’t exhibit any supernatural endowment – you wouldn’t care even if he wasn’t preaching the truth. Please give us a chance to lash at you as the public. Give us a chance to critisize your journalism. You don’t write any articles on how much any Man of GOD is doing for GOD but you critisize others. I hope you’re not a Christian, because if you are – you didn’t help anyone. You just helped people doubt your GOD. If Makandiwa is a fake, then who is genuine? And please give us a name!! Please let’s have a balance in journalism. If 3 people say Makandiwa stole their cash, let us also hear about the other 3 that say Makandiwa built them houses!!! I am not a Zimbabwean, I am a 20yr old South African minister.

    • Maxwell

      Very young South African minister to understand anything.

    • Ngonie

      If you are not a Zimbabwean then I suggest you kp yo opinions to your self because this subject matter strictly talks about a Zimbabwean and your research and the Authors research are two worlds apart. U are talking of car models suck as a Toyota tazz as though it was a bicycle, that my friend does not make you any different from the person in question in as far as prosperity and the Word of God is concerned. You do sound like you know the bible however from a studious point of view but trust me when I say your application of wisdom steel has a long way to catch up with reality. Your talked of how many people the author has helped, well he has helped me to be a self sustained and wise son of God who does not have to Waite to be spoon fed and be taken advantage of. Yes these prophets help people by giving them homes and food, but less you forget that those funds are not theirs but belongs to those that donate in good faith with the intention to help those in need. These prophets simply act as a medium. But it’s people like you that want to portray a different picture prior to what I just mentioned. So I hope it’s clear to you that what ever form of money the masses give to a ministry is not for the prophet to lead a flamboyant life. That money is given to them by God fearing pple however most of it is channelized for their personal use which is where the augment of this topic is. If you where Zimbabwean i would simply have said that you are a victim of indoctrination from this ministry but the fact that you are South African further more makes me question your applied wisdom. So i suggest u refrain from yo impulsive lashing and think before you act. God bless you my brother.

      • none

        That was haaaaard bro.

    • Anonymous

      “Those who work deserve their pay”: You need to stop confusing a normal man and one on the discussed path.

    • dick

      ko iwe RV wakambopawo ani iwewe?????? dnt rush to criticise Pongo who is just outlining the facts and usabvunze zvausina kuitawo futi iweiwe.


      Sorry mate is it not clear to you what the writer said? They do not deserve to be paid because that is not work it should be a calling. All those who want to preach the gospel should strive to be CHRIST-like that is why Peter, Paul and all the others never at once amassed any wealth. If it was about getting paid why didn’t CHRIST live large and amass nice and big houses and everything else? Wake-up.

      • SSSSSSS

        Kekeke Jesus had a treasurer Judas. What was the job of the treasuerer?? Werenga futi ur bible

        • KEKEKE BOOM

          So are you saying Judas used to keep millions of dollars for Jesus? Thats why vanhu vasinga fanirwe kuverenga Bible because they then put their own interpretations to it. Even if he had a treasurer you still did not answer the question yekuti, Did we ever hear of Jesus buying huge houses and nice strong horse and chariots of gold?

    • Tonde

      To you my RSA friend, how about Pastor Mokoena who was reportly bought a helicopter by the poorest of the poor in QwaQwa! He even runs a great supermarket and funeral parlour next to Namahadi & towards Mandela Park! To me this is an outright abuse of the trust so many poor souls place in a Pastor so they can be led to a true worship of the Living God.

      That some1 does it in QwaQwa where people are very poor will not justify anyone doing it in Gauteng where tenderpreneurs flourish.

      By the flamboyancy of these prosperity preachers, priorities get so mixed so that very intelligent people like you end up flimsily defending such a sinfull practice by these modern con- preachers!

    • Monk

      RV, can i ask you a simple question? From the Bible we know and have read that God says ” All the silver and the gold are mine…”, and in your very seemingly enlightened and educated view, do you think that Jesus during his time could not have managed to command the fanciest chariot, the finest linen, the best camels etc? He being the son of God chose to live a humble and dedicated life, a life that created YOU as the pastor. Why do you think this is so? You think God can not provide? If Jesus managed to change the whole world walking on barefoot and you tell me now you need not drive a Toyota Tazz, you need to check yourself into some serious rehab. I am a Chrisitain beliver and i specifically do not choose to attack any other Church based on my opinion but we need to be guided by the Bible. My friend, go and re-read your Bible on the temptations Jesus had, one of them was to get the world right? Why did he refuse? People do not convert to faith because of money, they convert because of the goodness and mercy that is in Christ, preach love not cash. I certainly do not want to be poor but at the same time i do not want to be robbed or to see something that is questionable and let it pass. This discussion is not about trashing each other, if your views ate balanced and logical, convert us but not through vitriol.

    • Sheep

      RV for Matt 10v10 the author put in the complete verse the mere difference is your translations. You argument holds no water, firstly the bible will not contradict itself, from verse 9 it says: 9“Do not acquire gold, or silver, or copper for your money belts, (10) or a bag for your journey, or even two tunics, or sandals, or a staff; then it finishes saying: “for the worker is worthy of his support”. So u cannot say that the last part of the verse now says preachers must have abundant riches, the last statement in the verse is simply telling preachers that where they go preaching the gospel their needs of food etc will be met by that community in which they preach they will definitely not go hungry. Be very careful the bible warns that it is possible for false prophets to deceive even the elect will be deceived Read Matthew 24v24.

  • ado

    man of gold



    • none

      It is MAn of Gold not God.

  • Tery

    Zvinoda Jehova nenyasha dzake

  • Ngonie

    First of all I would like to thank Brilliant Pongo for taking his God given time to elevate our level of wisdom to an extent that will help all of us understand the truth as it is. Modern day prophets as they refer themselves to be, have since turned the word of God into a money making medium hence they do it with out shame. People are constantly tricked, robbed, threatened and intimidated to part ways with their hard earned money all under the name of the Almighty. This sordid behavior sickens me to my tummy especially when perpetuated by a man who claims to be of God. These false prophets have studied the bible very well such that they will always dwell upon scriptures that are in-sync with the troubles that people inevitably face during their timeline. Take for example in Zimbabwe, the country is currently going through a financial phase which automatically gives these false prophets leverage for their word if prosperity to be receptive to poor struggling countrymen. It’s all a goose chase and a game of win or lose. People might call Mr Pongo a witch hunter but I sincerely think that he is merely a messenger of God trying to warn the masses of ZIMBABWE from deception. If these prophets want to be true leaders then instead of stealing from pple I suggest they start unlocking people’s potential to become better by strictly preaching the true Gospel of The Lord. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. God bless you all……..NBC…….Out!!


      Ngoniie u are just an analyst with no biblical facts. Before I give you a series of bible verses just tell me u and Pongo why Jesus came to the world and why he died on the cross????? And please give biblical verses to support your arguments!!

  • chadzo

    regai marema akinditswe mari Jesu chaiye haana kumbobvira adai marema jahwi varume

  • Maxwell

    Well said Mr Pongo, its very sad that the people you are trying to wake up are the ones who will leap and hurl insults at you. Nevertheless keep up your good work. We have a sad and foolish Generation of people who cannot read and understand the bible. The word of God is not about money as you correctly quoted the bible. People love God and its that these prophets have realized and are using the bible to crook poor people of their sweat. People are donating cars, money etc to these crooks believing that oneday God will enrich them. God is very faithful and if one prays, prayers can be answered and that has nothing to do with a false prophet. God loves us all and he owes no one.

  • gidza

    the love of money is the root of all evil. Well said author. These thieves who use God’s word to steal from the poor will perish in God’s time

  • blessedennis

    brothers and sisters l greet u in th name of Jesus Christ
    1. from the scriptures quoted by th author u ddnt relate the first scriptures wani? that is verse 7 “And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’

    8 “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons; freely you received, freely give. 9 “Do not acquire gold, or silver, or copper for your money belts, 10 or a bag for your journey, or even two tunics, or sandals, or a staff; for the worker is worthy of his support.11 “And into whatever city or village you enter, inquire who is worthy in it; and abide there until you go away,” It is worth repeating vs. 9 “Do not acquire gold, or silver, or copper for your money belts.”
    why ddnt u repeat the issue of healing, casting out of devils etc?is this man doing it?In this world or during th time of th old pane akakwanisa kuita zvese zvairehwa ne shoko ramwari here?asi Mwari haana kuvati hamusisiri vana vangu.look at Moses,Samson,Solomon etc.bt they remained Sons of God, Saints, Men of God.

    • alois

      ” and on that day many shall come to me and say Lord, Lord, didnt we prophecy in Your name, cast out demons in your name…and I will say to them, depart from me you workers of iniquity, i never knew you”. On the day of judgement there will be a crowd of people who will address Jesus as their Lord and try to reason and plead with Him that they cast out demons and prophecied in His Name. Indeed, Christ didnt refute their claims but simply told them to depart from and to literaly go to hell which happens to be the final destination of the wicked. Using the casting out demons or prophecy line as the yardstick of righteousness is the greatest mistake made by Zimbabweans. The guys in scripture will be utterly rejected by Christ despite their plea thats hinged on casting out demons and prophecy. God in His sovereignty can work miracles for the benefit of the people but not as a means of endorsing a preacher. The miracles can be His but the instrument being used might be off the mark. Paul didnt take his great spiritual exploits to mean they were the automatic pointers to his qualification to enter heaven. He writes and says ” …i beat my body (discipline) so that after having preached to all these people i myself will be disqualified (paraphrased)” Paul realised that God can use any vessel He so wishes to use. At some point God used a donkey to speak to the prophet gone mad. It doesnt mean that there were no righteous human beings that He could use at that time but because He is sovereign, He does whatsoever pleases Him. Miracles and all the externals dont approve a man. But by their fruits. The external works can be worked by God and we dont get rewarded for these. When the disciples were sent two by two they came back rejoicing that demons were subject to them and Christ killed it for them by saying dont rejoice in that but that your names are written in the book of Life

      • Monk

        Well Said

  • chana

    LEAVE MAN OF GOLD ALONE they are after money

  • Oscar

    Can the writer of this article contact me on 0735 756 185 titaure.Thank you in advance.

  • Tiwi

    Well said bro,one trhing that is certain is God will reveal the truth regai vakadaro,besides chero pharoah akaomeswa moyo asi chokwadi audzwa.let them be vatojaira kubirwa mari vakatarisa

  • mupositori

    Jesu akati regai zviyo nesora zvikurirane iye ndiye mucheki mukuru.paanouya hameno kuti iwe unenge urikupi .shoko rinoti mari ndiwo mudzi wechivi.chivi kana chakura chinounza rufu,vese avo vanoda kukudzwa mbiri ndezvepasi pano.shoko rinoti zvininipise.vatendi vaJesu tisanamata mari asitinamate Mwari,ini zvemari musandiverenge ndobvisa yekubatsira vanoshaya nezvimwewo zvinodiwa pachurch,

  • mutendi

    mari yakaipa.namatai Mwari chete muite kuda kwaMwari kwete kwe church

  • Samanyika

    Very well said Mr Pongo, however I have been left hanging, when apostle Peter preached in Acts, the multitudes were puzzled and they ask him, ‘what shall we do’. He pointed them to Jesus the way. My question sir is, where shall the multitudes go today to get free, true gospel that will lead them to ertenity?

    • muna

      pray n God will show u the church to attend. some1 was shown that vision and she ddnt even know that that church existed. she had to look for it.

  • superaunty


  • Bigstage

    Tricky to judge. I hear yu bro its so true.but let look at a few points, 1.is the flock being conned or they are willingly giving?.2. Must preachers be the tail and not the head?.3.should we judge preachers by their pockets or rather by the word they preach?, are they preaching heresy,or blasphemy?, are they helping pipo?, is their gospel saving pipo?.I think focusing on the preachers deliverables and contents of their sermons makes more sense than dwelling on their pocket?.if they are changing a generation,taking the pipo to the next morale & spiritual level and making a difference in the flocks life then i dont really mind their pockets.

  • chihera

    Ana Bruce, hanzi ZAOJA last time I checked it was called ZAOGA. Man of Gold vanhu vakada Mwari kwete MAri ndana pastor Chiweshe vasina kufunga zvekutanga machurch avo nekuti vaiteverwa nevanhu hobho nekuda kwekugona kuparidza. Ana makandiwa nana angel vari ku abuser shoko ramwari vachidyira vanhu mari yavo vouya pa samlevy village otenga matoys evana vake e$14000 apa vanhu vachitambura nxaaaaaaa


      Chihera nyarara becoz on all pple who have commented u are the one with the shallow thinking!!!!!!!!!!

  • tarvish

    who are you to judge someone’s servant. to his master he will stand or fall

  • Chokwadi

    Munyori wanyora chokwadi. Vazhinji vachafa nenyaya yekusaziva. Ini ndinofunga kuti vanhu vanoenda kumasvondo emari aya vanenge vakavharwa meso emweya nenzeve dzemweya saka vanoona zvisizvo, vachinzwa zvisizvo nokuti nharo dzavanoita dzakaoma. Dai mwari vatumira mweya mutsvene chaiwo, vapihwawo njere kuti vagone kuona nekunzwa kunaka kwamwari. Zvino kana iwe pastor wako waunopa chegumi nema free offerings anoclassifaiwa ebronze, gold, silver vomira mberi kwekereke vachi auctiona shirt yavo $10 000.00. Hazvikupi wega kuona kuti murikutungamirirwa neakarasika. Tsvagai Jesu achawanikwa veduve

  • anonymous

    dambudziko ratiinaro vanhu nderekusaziva shoko ramwari. pakafa Jesu Ishe Wedu mucheka wetemberi wakabvaruka nepakati kureva kuti iya nzvimbo yainzi holy of holies yakashaiswa basa Jesu Kristu aiureva kuti akavhura testamende itsva paupenyu hwedu. hakuchina zvevarevhi ikozvino shoko ramwari rinoti munhu ashnde namaoko ake asingade kushanda haadyi asi harirambidzi vanopa nemoyo kwete nekumanikidzirwa or kutyisidzirwa or hunyengeri. shoko ramwari iyezvino ravekutsvaka munhu ane hana yakachena kwete zvinoonekwa nameso avanhu ndosaka Jesu Kristu achiti ndavekunyora murairo wangu pakati pemoyo wako kureva kuti hana yajo munhu ndiyo temberi yamwari. pliz Makandiwa naAngels nevamwe vose ityai mwari nekuti vanhu ndevamwari nenyika nekuzara kwayo ndezvake.


    There is no prophet after Jesus that is why he warned us against false prophets whi incidentally claim to be prophets in his name.

  • Me

    Ua all dumb, who is this pongo we dont noe abt. He is truely the man of GOD, kana muchiti haasi tiudzei kwavanowanikwa ka. This pongo shud be saved, godo rakakubata hauna kana yako yakaendako. Ukutodawo ma donations 4 ya shallow writtings. Research well, n read the bible. Tikanzi takapusa here 70000+ plle nemunhu one who is dumb 2 realise the importance of the word. Pongo ukudawo kuteverwa manje u got none of GOD in u. Enda unonyora ngano

    • muna

      majority is not always right. a a few are goin to b saved. b wise n ask the holly spirit to guide u as u read the bible and understand. dont twist the word to suit your needs. thanx . God bless u.

  • tony

    RV has a point even though he is a South African ,because everything you do you expect it to Prosper,Who are we to judge Man of God ngatisazvitsvagirei mhosva inozotitadzisa kuenda iko kudenga kwacho,if I may ask you all kuti why do we give Tithe and Offerings at Church mayb yu can have a better understanding of it all,the writter is wrong by critisising because even asingazive you don’t need to expose him /her but kumunamatira kuti azive because only a Prayer can not judging or kutengesa newspapper uku ,if you think they are after money then why are you not helping them by praying @ least maybe ungabastire everyone ,Or iwe wotiudza wacho chaiwoka ,I think une Spirit yakaipa inoda kuba Vana vaMwari uchivarasira kwakaipa ,Coz if you really understands your mission here on earth is not to destroy the house of the Lord but to add more pple in it ,if you are telling pple to move away mukuziva mwari then who is your God,People be careful because some of these pple are Satanist missionaries wasingadi kuona huwandu hwevanhu huchitevera Christu ,Love is more important than wasting our time judging others because our God is Love himself ,if you put Love in your heart instead and stop that hate speech ,Be possitive always,Mweyai watekeshera muno muAfrica wekuti munhu ngaazopfuma achembera ,hanzi ukapfuma urimudiki then pane somethiing hehehe guyz let’s not be jealousy coz haidiwe even in the Bible and even poverty too coz there must be a change inofanira kuonekwa pane mutendi from spiritually to Prosperity kubva zvaakatanga kunamata ,because God said seek him first and everything else that yu need shall be given unto you,if yu read the Bible guys read it carefully and understands its meaning ,kana ukaramba pasina change mulife yako inoonekwa then how can you convince everyone that God is good,

  • Mutendi Weshoko

    Mwari tipeiwo meso nenzeve dzinoita kuti tinzwe zvakawanzika zveshoko renyu.
    Kune avo vose vanoshandisa renyu zita kuita zvenyama yavo vanzwireiwo Baba,tipeiwo kudya kwedu kwedenga kwakatiringana,tikundiseiwo muyedzo wekuva vatongi vazvakawanzika zveshoko,Lord take control we beg for your spiritual enrichment and then physical yotevera…….nezita raJesu Kirisitu akaroverwa pachipiyaniso kufira zvivi zvangu namadzitateguru angu….Amen

  • Givemore

    Ini ndiri Mupostori washe,but i do not agree with the writer,in particular attacking Makandiwa and Angel,is not a solution.I wanted to know from Mr Pongo where he does his praeching if everyone there is poor?If so how then his church is able to look after the poor,building halls.Many of us are quick to condemn yet many of some churches survive on foreign donation from different sources including gays and lesbians.Even the illuminati popular groups take turns to send some donations in our churches.We are very pleased to receive donated funding without even checking the origins in many of our old churches.yet i feel very much strongly affected by this syndrome.Here we have our own Churches originated locally and the local followers now believe in themselves by donating so heavily and abundantly to their church and that is a positive achievement where no one noticed.We can quote as many verses discouraging ourselves to be our own,but that it so genuine christianity. If there is anything wrong with these new breed of pastors and prophets lets have meaningful critism than talk of money.Stealing is a sin.Fraudsters will no inherit the kingdom of God,but genuine wealth brings life to the lifeless by helping the poor.Poverty is the dangerous demon that has caused famine and wars in all developing world.In Jesus christ we want that old thinking of accepting defeat by allowing poverty among us.Judas Iscariot was the treasurer,that means the disciples used to gather a lot of money to help the upkeep of the organization.Any church without money is not Godly as God himself is rich.The heavenly life is full of Gold.Saka muchanogara sei kudenga kune Gold kana muchiramba kubata gold muchiri panyika??

    • Bhora resimbi

      well said Pongo irombe richafa risina chinhu,he need deliverence from the tow man he is attacking,

  • son of the prophet

    S0 who said man of God should be poor.soccer players get paid crazy amounts and get sold like animals but you don’t comment.when man of God become millionaires the devil frets coz he knows he is in big trouble.

    • james

      @son of the prophet, a bicycle is not the same as a car, neither are things of haven similar to those of earth. Comparing, those who claim to do God’s work to those in entertainment shows you have no grasp of the issues under discussion I cannot believe that you even compared soccer players to preachers what else can I say but, Mwari ngaave newe


      Iwe Son of the Prophet namatisa uzarurirwe. What a daft thing to say, saka did you ever see RONALDO in front of people telling them the Gospel, his is dirty money and you cannot compare the things of the world to the things of HEAVEN.

  • Chinemamvere

    It shall come to pass.

  • Chokwadi

    i wld rather give my money to the guy in the streets than give these money sucking vampires.
    Hameno zvavo vanovapa they hard earned cash kuti vafambe nemaLexus vana venyu vachishuvira nyama pamurono. mbwaa dzavanhu.

  • Yola

    Mr Brilliant, Thank you for the scriptures you gave but please also read 1 Corinthians 9 vs 11 but particularly vs 11. For your information, God has ordained ministers of the gospel to live from the gospel. Besides this giving is biblical – whether you are poor or rich. Remember when Jesus sat at the treasury and watched people giving and thereafter commended the poor widow who gave – it tells me God is interested in your giving. Be careful to preach against God’s doctrine of giving.

  • Yola

    Mr Brillian, thanks for the verses you shared. However, have you ever read 1 Cor 9 v 1 – 11, particularly v 11 which explains the privilleges of ministers of God. This is the divine arrangement of God. For your own information, giving is biblical and you seem to advance a doctrine that is contrary to giving to God (you seem to imply that if one regards themself as poor, they are justified not to give). Jesus is interested in people’s giving, thats why he sat and watched as people gave before he commended the poor widow (Mark 12 v 43). Is being rich good for christians and bad for pastors?

  • Malvin

    “Charity begins @home, love your neighour and exercise charity to the poor”Did Jesus ever embark in acquiring material wealth?or which prophet did? I agree 100%, they donate and enrich the pastors while their relatives suffer!

  • J


  • alois

    When the disciples were sent two by two they came back rejoicing that demons were subject to them and Christ killed it for them by saying don’t rejoice in that but that your names are written in the book of Life. In a certain scripture Jesus said “…and on that day many shall come to me and say Lord, Lord, didnt we prophecy in Your name, cast out demons in your name…and I will say to them, depart from me you workers of iniquity, i never knew you”. On the day of judgement there will be a crowd of people who will address Jesus as their Lord and try to reason and plead with Him that they cast out demons and prophecied in His Name. Indeed, Christ didnt refute their claims but simply told them to depart from and to literaly go to hell which happens to be the final destination of the wicked. Using the casting out demons or prophecy line as the yardstick of righteousness is the greatest mistake made by Zimbabweans. The guys in scripture will be utterly rejected by Christ despite their plea thats hinged on casting out demons and prophecy. God in His sovereignty can work miracles for the benefit of the people but not as a means of endorsing a preacher. The miracles can be His but the instrument being used might be off the mark. Paul didnt take his great spiritual exploits to mean they were the automatic pointers to his qualification to enter heaven. He writes and says ” …i beat my body (discipline) so that after having preached to all these people i myself will be disqualified (paraphrased)” Paul realised that God can use any vessel He so wishes to use. At some point God used a donkey to speak to the prophet gone mad. It doesnt mean that there were no righteous human beings that He could use at that time but because He is sovereign, He does whatsoever pleases Him. Miracles and all the externals dont approve a man. But by their fruits. The external works can be worked by God and we dont get rewarded for these.

    • alois

      Rev 2:2 “‘I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not, and found them to be false.

  • RV

    So all things said and done. Let’s take it that Makandiwa and Angel are fakes. Who is real? I’m only talking to christians now. Also can we see articles that point us to the right direction. What if a member of Makandiwa’s church leaves it after reading this article, where should that person go. To the ‘Vapostori’ or to Zcc?(please don’t critisize me for beign blunt, answer my Q) If you are just a critic, carry on. If you are a Christian, your article just destroyed someone’s faith. I believe this article would have a lot more value if it included bank statements with transactions from UFI to Makandiwa. Last time I checked, any pastor (according to the level of his responsibility) must be provided for. The only problem all you people have is when a pastor is given so much that he is better than wordly people. Where did Jesus get money for food? (we also don’t know how much quality the food was) As far as I checked, HE wasn’t working. When Peter & the desciples went fishing after the crucifiction, where did they get the boats and nets, could it be that their businesses were still running while they went preaching? One time, a lady washed Jesus’ feet with very very expensive perfume – someone said “We could have sold it and fed the poor”, Jesus shot that suggestion down. Jesus was 30yrs old when HE went into ministry, are you telling me HE was still living with HIS parents? If HE had a house, what do you think it was like? Paul thanks them for their gifts in Phillipians 4v19 – so he recieved gifts!! When Jesus was born, HE was given gold, why doesn’t anyone talk about that? One time during offering, Jesus was looking at the money beign put in the basket!!! What if HE did that today? HE would also be in Pongo’s article. Jesus also rode on an untouched young donkey into Jerusalem – if it were a car, how much value would it be?!!! None of you can give me valid answers, simply because your blind hatred for Makandiwa is due to a comprimised relationship with GOD. How much time did you spend in prayer today? Which Bible verse did you read and memorize? Who did you tell about Jesus Christ? You are lacking in all these areas and yet we all qualify to correct Makandiwa??? My last Q (for now), Does GOD want you to be poor? if yes, explain Proverbs 10v22 & 2Chronicles 9v13-28. Critics are people who fail to handle their own business, then get into other people’s business.

    • alois

      Rom 16:18 For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.

      Your assessment is almost correct but falls short of the acurate account of the Bible. Jesus didn’t have house. If you read your bible correctly you will see where He said “foxes have holes, birds have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head”Like 9.58 Matthew 8.20 This was in response to one of the people who had made arequest to follow Him and Jesus bade him not to because of the above reason. I can punch many holes into your arguments which are very amateurish. You very vaig knowledge of the scripture and because of that you greatly err. Read all the letter of Paul concerning the gifts that he received. Paul received gifts that used to minister to his needs not his wants. He was receiving gifts to cater for his needs when he was on ministry. In thessaloneans he told the Christians that he left them an example by working with his own hands. (he was a tent maker) and he goes on to say he who doesnt work should not eat. The point is that if he was receiving large amounts of money in those gifts why would he need to work? But Paul worked as a tent maker. Secondly, The boats that Peter was have no reference in them being expensive or merchant boats. If you study a little bit of Jewish history you will discover that people who were fisher men were the commoners of the society. You use very simplistic arguments to defend the indefensible! The other thing is that you tend to make doctrine out of one simple scripture. Pulling proverbs 10.22 and trying to create a doctrine is folly. There is a new testment doctrine that you have to grasp. the old was a shadow of things to come and You never hear any apostole in the new testament glorifying earthly riches. Instead the trajectory of the New is that prepare yourself for the Life to come. It teaches people to work with their own hands, people to live peacably, to live holy, to live for Christ…Nowhere do you hear them being money mongers. They never sought fame for themselves. They were the hated ones of the nations that why all the 12Apostoles were heavily persecuted and eventualy slain in horrendous ways. The early church had thousands of it elders and bishops and general believers slain in the most ruthless ways. some stayed in catacombs (underground tunnels) for decades. Do you think that the apostoles were preaching fame and a house in Borrowdale brook when Nero was setting other Christians aflame in his gardens? Paul used to boast in his tribulations, in his sufferings and at one point he said we are persecuted but not abandoned, pressed on every side but not crushed. all the stories of Paul were stories of great persecutions and how these light afflictions were only temporary. At one time he says that we were so pressed with issues that we loathed life. John says ” i John your fellow servant in the sufferings for lord” Now tell me wher the message of prosperity is in all the new testament. Dont try to squeeze scriptures and suffocate one verse to say what you want it to say. There is a pattern that we need to follow. You need help my brother! In their times Paul and other used to expose fakes. Paul speaks of Alexander the Copper-Smith and many others and of some he recommended the Church to hand them over to the devil. You are very shallow my friend…read the word and you will be wise. Christ says” beware of men” and He also said Matt 24.4 ” See to it that NO MAN deceives you” He also said ” “Beware of dogs”. The epistles are full of warnings how we should “test ALL spirits” not some but all. The issue of deception is problematic read all the epistles and you will see that 95% of the time they are talking about the return of Christ, being vigilant in the last days because of the deceiving doctrines of demons, True Christian faith, order in the church etc. Rev 2:2 “‘I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not, and found them to be false. That scripture Christ is commending the Church at Ephesus that they were on the right path by TESTING THOSE WHO CLAIMED TO BE APOSTOLES BUT THE CHURCH FOUND THEM TO BE LIARS. Your statements about us leaving those thieves (makandiwa and uebert)is null and void.

    • Givemore

      RV,you are star!Everyone needs money for survival being a prophet or ordinary member.Even all these just today someone donates A nice cat to them,as a gift would they deny IT? I’m a very poor apostolic member but I do not agree on Cristicising fellow Christians.Heavenly kingdom is so reach,that’s why Jesus taught us the only Prayer “THY KINGDOM COME”Many critics are out of jealous but ndiani asingadi mari?I mean vari muchurch,be it Mapositori/Methodist/Anglican/Catholics/pentecostal or whatever church,everyone needs money.The reason Why Mr Pongo could be living out of this country is he needs money. We have the likes of Paul Mwazha,Mutendi,Marange,they are rich Bishops in their own,but Why only Makandiwa and Angel?Beware of blasphemy!!!

  • ?,?

    vanhu munorwadziwa ne mari yevamwe matadza kuita yenyu here?the problem with u pipo z dat u hv 1 eye.Leave da men of God alone

  • The bible says it is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.


      Pastor Gudo ndosaka muri pastor wemakudo. Finish that verse for us please and do not stop in between

      • duke

        I always wonder why people like you insult those who think differently. The book of Acts shows us that the Bereans researched as to the authenticity/ merits of the gospel that had been preached to thém. Likewise modern Christians must “test all things”. Miracles/ gimmicks do not prove authenticity…… rather, the Spirit and the Word do


    One of the biggest problems with the present generation of CHRISTIANS is that we are lazy to read the word of GOD ,thats why GOD says my people perish because of lack of knowledge , 2 PETER 2 vs 1-3 makes it clear for us to be care full of false prophets who shall , thru feigned words make merchandise /exploit people . so its better kuzviverengera shoko than kuda kumirira umwe munhu kuti atiparidzire coz GOD is for us all. WATCH & PRAY tt u may not be deceived.

  • Bright

    people are very funny. if you want yo check if Makandiwa is false or not check his doctrine, what does he say about Jesus what does he say about the bible? God is the one who instituted that levites and preists live good lives how did these people live in the O/T? Even the Apostle Paul that some qoute adresed the importance of the ministers welfare check 1Cor 9:1-27. There is nothing wrong in a pastor becoming rich as long as he will not neglect his/her calling. The pastor must not worry about clothing food, rent,car,school fees, he must only pray, study the word and prepare to minister to the people. Let the angel and makandiwa members give as they purpose in thier hearts, as long as thier pastors are doing their work. IF YOU DO THE WORK OF GOD, GOLD WILL FOLLOW YOU.Matt 6:33

    • muna

      my problem is why do they have to wait for the cameras to give and how can u auction a shirt in the temple. jesus got angry wen HE saw pipo selling in the temple…. am just askin?

  • Bhora resimbi

    The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about,When God blesses a man such articels appear from devils operated human line u Pongo,yr misquoting one verse shows your limited knowledge of the word of GOD,giving offering to the house of God is biblical teaching from Gen-Rev.ACTS 4:34 Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold…..why should man of GOD lack?I pray Propehet Makandiwa to buy and airoplane soon,PAsi nasatani,noone is banned from opening a church as long you perach the Gospel and people give you freely whats the issue,you dont even write about healinga nd great miracle beinmg recorded in Makandiwas ministry,Thank you Prophet Makandiwa for preaching withouit fear of favor i belaive your GOD,i only see him on DVD im based in SA and i know there is GOD in HIM

    • Chamboko

      Bhora resimbi what are you talking about it seems to me you are the one with no clue what you are saying, please get some education and learn to wright even more to spell i can not work out what you are trying to say i suggest you send a recording of your argument to nehandaradio because you maybe a better speaker than writer. lastly ask your leader Makandiwa to pray for you that you may get money to go ku night school.

      • SSSSSSS

        Chamboko if the demon inside u is offended get deliverance rather than attack a person becoz of ur personal feelings

  • madhotiemheni

    these so called modern prophets are stealing from the poor pple,i guess God is going to punish them severely

  • Anonymous

    They are not only after cash but they are also satanists. I have said this and will say that again and again.

  • Anonymous

    gold and silver belongs to who (JEHOVAH) in Psalms 82:6 GOD says I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.so if we are children of HIM also wealth belongs to us

  • cairns

    hey ,stop winging about how these pastors got so rich. you people put your own hands in pockets and pull out your cheque books . thats not a crime….

  • Tendai Watungwa

    Money is better than poverty if only for financial reasons. It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy. So perhaps the real measure of wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.

  • Givemore

    The good thing God does not take instructions from people.If that was the case, then many would have instantly wanted many of thse so called prophets/pastors dead or burnt alive.But our God is wonderful.Do you how rich are the likes of Mwazha,Nehemia Mutendi,Noa TAGUTA(MARANGE)?Why are peolp quiet is it because thses have passed our generation for comparisons.What is evil is fradulantly acquire Money.They are so many false prophet Mumapostori vari poor,causing suffering to many families prophesying about witches,accusers and blasphemers.Since they are poor then they Godly?

  • Tichaona Gande

    This all I can say. Makandiwa is a thief. Watch this video!!

    • chamboko

      What more can i say these are pple on the ground can anyone from camp Makandiwa respond to this?

  • EDD


  • makah

    one question for all of those vanorwadziwa nemari yevanhu yavanoti inoenda to the men of God, UNE YAKO YAWAKASHAYA HERE??????

  • Saviour

    I kindly urge those who have their monies stolen to report to police so that offenders would be prosecuted. If the author of this story feel that people are not following the real Word, then may he humbly pray to His God so that they will return to the real word. As for some of us who tasted both sides of the world, will rather stay put @ UFIC under Prophet Makandiwa than go back to my former ways. Please kindly guard your money jelously whreever you are but as you execise your right to use your money a you so wish, may you kindly allow some of us to use our monies the way we deem fit including giving to the church,….it has been and its still working for us…Thank you for educating us but next time share with us too of what God is saying to you right now for we know He is still speaking…thank you.

  • Trevor

    People make the mistake of comparing mortals to Christ. Makandiwa and Angel are human beings, whereas Jesus is the only begotten son of God.The times have also changed since the biblical era, it is therefore unfair to expect modern prophets to live according to that old standard. Next thing you know people will criticise these prophets for not dying on the cross like Christ. The early church leaders and prophet’s suffering was part of the birth pangs of the church. Attitudes and lifestyles have changed.Christ died and suffered so that we shoulddn’t have to experience what he did.

    • JC

      I think you are making the mistake of trying to excuse these “mortals” as you put it. Jesus himself warned his followers to beware of false prophets. The prophets would be distinguishable by using what you claim to be “old standard”. What Jesus left us is a model to follow his steps closely. (Read 1 Peter 2:21) It doesn’t go out of date. His instructions and those of his faithful apostles, encourage us not to love money and not to be showy. Read for yourself 1 Timothy 6:6-10, Hebrews 13:5, 1 John 2:15-17.

      Also in another Scripture at 2 Corinthians 9:7 Paul under inspiration wrote: “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” You cannot honestly stand up and say that these prophets do not coerce people into giving.

      James also warns at James 3:1, thus: “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” So don’t fall for the trap of trying to be lenient with these people of have a softly spot for them. See for yourself on the following: http://www.ministryWatch.com the list of ministries who have an alert there for misuse of funds, ‘fleecing the flock’, so to speak.

      • Tofarirepi

        Thats true JC, Trevor do you have the guts to compare the two with the Holy one??? I doubt, what so modern has changed? I bet you don’t know the price of Bentley & the latest Mercs being driven around.

    • Monk

      “”The times have also changed since the biblical era, it is therefore unfair to expect modern prophets to live according to that old standard. Next thing you know people will criticise these prophets for not dying on the cross like Christ”” , Trevor, did you think through your statement? What is the old standard you are referring to? The word and instruction of God do not change because of newer technology, contemporarism etc.

  • Ngonie

    Well first of all its Ngonie with one i unlike your name with a replica of an alphabet that does not bring meaning to my understanding. Also i would like to thank you for the generous complement of calling me an analyst I think I will add that to my list of professions. Ok Sssssss wat ever your name is, do not be quick to judge me for being ill informed about the bible, as a matter of fact I expressed my self in the same way you expressed yourself without quoting any bible verse simply because this discussion is not of preaching the word but ruling out those that abuse it. I did not see a single verse in your comment in as much as u claim u know all the verses in the holy scripture. I believe you are as empty as you suspect me to be. So I will tell you why Jesus died on the cross, something that you probably do not know yourself hence you are probably trying to find out from me. “Jesus was nailed on the cross because it was a preconceived notion that God put forth so that my sins and your sins could be forgiven on earth thus the world was so full of sin hence it needed cleansing” so for your own information my analysis tell me that Jesus did not die for us to get rich or die trying or alter the bible to rob people during daylight. I hope these words edify the little that your spec which unfortunately you call a brain with wisdom. Also takes to account that I do know the bible and I don’t have to prove it to twerps like you or any one else. Don’t be quick to judge me however get your facts right before you stand a chance of further making yourself look like an idiot. I suggest you also start thinking of a better pseudonym bcoz Sssssssss just sounds blatantly pathetic and very immature.

  • Odza

    I would leave the final judgement of these men to God. However it doesn’t mean that one forfeits their right to to an opinion on the matter. One could see an element of truth is both sides of the argument which makes it a very interesting situation. Te biggest challenge faced by any believer is how distinguish false prophecy and the truth. I pray that we all receive wisdom from above at this our point of need.

    • Monk

      Well said Odza

  • JC

    Ngonie is right. He has laid down his issues so well. Pongo did a good research as well. It is so sad to find people who try to defend these prophets but are still being swindled of their money, on top of being lied to about what the Bible really says. SSSSS, are you saying that Ngonie has no Biblical facts? OK then, I will help him out because he is right.

    First check out Mat 6:1-4 [really read it, if you are honest]. There Jesus gave counsel and warning about making an outward show when giving to the needy. It reads: “Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

    2 So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you” (NIV) So even when giving to the poor these so called “prophets” blow the trumpet, blatantly against Jesus’ Christ clear counsel.

    Further down in verse 19-21 of the same chapter he says: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” And in verse 24 he mentions the danger: “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” His counsel is clear for any honest-hearted, God-loving person to understand.

    • Simon Kambarama

      You have nailed it my brother that is what the word of God says “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon”.
      so these guy are serving Mammon, yes they can look like smooth preachers and are able to show what appers to be miracles but what i have observed is they all have the same way that they ‘fight the so-called demons’ they kick the air trip unseen beings and people in the front rows of their congregation always fall, why is that? where in the bible does it say they kicked demons or for that matter fought with demons? my bible says they cast out demons in Jesus name. there was no showmanship as is now shown by these people. Makandiwa, and Uebert Angel whatever thier real names are for i beileve they have changed their names are crooks using juju and the power of satanist that they got recruited into by Botang thier spiritual father remeber spiritualism is not necessarily the gospel of Jesus Christ. God help us save us from these devils you are now running around pretending to be doing Gods work.

  • TP

    It matters most where you grow up, who raised you up and how you were raised. Where is the gospel of prosperity coming from, the gospel is the gospel period, how you interpret it is you business and is according to who you are listening. Brothers and sisters is being rich a sin? if it were a sin then Abraham, David, Jacob, Joseph even Jesus were all sinners. Christianity is not a religion but it is the life through the Word in you heart, if you understand this, you will understand this glorious life we are called to leave as Christians. If our father says riches and wealth belongs to Him is it wrong to be a partaker of ny father’s estate. Please stop trying to do the Word and being religious and start leaving the Word and see if you do not becomes what it talks about.

  • Tofarirepi

    We must open our eyes and see, why not taking the millions worth of fortunes and feed the poor? Why driving around Bentley and what image are we portraying to non believers? We are killing the gospel.

  • will


  • Zva

    Very well presented and accurate message!! You couldn’t have said it better. Its a pity we are taught never to challenge authority or ask questions, not only by the church but its a cultural problem we have in Zim. You are at a different level of enlightenment and most people who read this article and go to those churches will simple dismiss it by saying ‘It is the devil talking’, but well done for trying anyway!

  • Solomon Ngwenya

    Makaudzwa kuti Kana nyangadzi yogarapachigaro zivai kuti ushe wekudenga hwaswedera

  • senator

    its now scary , i hate the gospel of wealth ony

  • Solomon Ngwenya

    Kanawadakutsvaka Mari unoiwana uye kanawada kutsvaka Mwari unomuwana zvisarudzire wega zvaunoda

  • Solomon Ngwenya

    Mwariwawagara uchinamata haumuzivika sakawavekuti heee Makandiwa akazoti wamanikidzwa kuenda kwaMakandiwa wacho

  • Let the Lord judge for himself in shona they say Rinamanyanga hariputirwi!

  • nyasha vheremu

    kungoti kune vamwe vanhu vasingade kuzviendera kunoona kuufic vega vanomirira kunyeperwa nemaverse amusingazive zvaanoreva. majournalist anenge achida kt bepa ritengwe wakambozvibvunzawo kt sei usinganyorwe pafront page vakakunyora unozikanwa nani haritengwe saka take take nevanozikanwa saProphet Makandiwa.mese murikunyora maverse imi dai makaita zvakanaka zvipi zvinogona kutendeutsa kana vanhu ten zvavo.hoyo atendeutsa vanhu vangani so far kureva kut kwenyu kungwara bva taurai zvamunoda ndezvenyu izvo nxa

  • nyasha vheremu

    mbavha ndimi izvezvi kana manxt door kana murume kana mukadzi kana ani matadza kutendeutsa neunhu hwenyu hwekuvenga munhu asina chaakakutadzira.akambouya kudzimba dzenyu?zvino ndokunamata kwacho here maverse amurikuisa munoziva zvaanoreva imi.hamunyare kana Makandiwa akauya semuyedzo kuvanamati kubva wakukundai muyedzo wacho kunamata kwacho wedzerai nekut muchi vacheche.

  • Pets

    Makandiwa is the man God. In the bible varipo mbprophet angaakapfuma wani. Wanhu vanomupa wega haavatoreri and haavabire

  • Jimmy

    Gold is now being found in Mt Darwin , Mutoko and Mudzi people are just picking it up from the ground