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Pictures of Beverly and Sexy Angels in Action

Love or hate them, Beverly Sibanda and her Sexy Angels have taken Zimbabwe by storm. Could it be that dancing is a vertical expression of horizontal desires? The following pictures might provide some ‘straight’ answers.
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  • ABCD

    This is sad

  • fatstarz

    heellll nooooo

  • john


  • Simbaldo

    Zvaana Bev, akabuda mudumbu raamai here mwana uyu

  • Hov

    simbi ine blue ndoheavy mange

  • tin tin

    ko zvaakapfeka wani and arikungotamba wani.inga vanhu munositi anotamba asina kupfeka?

  • chadzo

    sexy no angels no

  • xOxO


  • Nyati

    they are dancers, why call them mahure? They are just trying to earn an honest living. They had a choice beween going to the red light district and doing what they do.They have people that enjoy what they do so leave them alone. Go and watch zvigure. In other countries there have what is called strip clubs where people go and watch this art. You are not forced to go and watch them so I dont see what your problem is. Not agreeing with something doesnt give anyone the right to condemn other people. I bet vakadzi who are name calling these girls. Try dancing for your husbands at home maybe they will stop going to see these girls dance. You people are so ngative about anything its sickening