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‘Tsvangirai married my daughter properly’

By Never Kadungure

Former Chitungwiza mayor and Zanu PF Central Committee Member Joseph Macheka has defended Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai telling newshounds from the state media that the PM had married his daughter Elizabeth, ‘properly.’

Joseph Macheka (left) attended Morgan and Elizabeth Tsvangirai's wedding
Joseph Macheka (left) attended Morgan and Elizabeth Tsvangirai’s wedding

Macheka said he accepts and respects the PM as his son-in-law but this will not affect his allegiance to Zanu PF. “I am Zanu-PF and that will not change. We have to learn to co-exist with whoever we don’t agree with in terms of ideas. He married my daughter properly, so I will respect him as a son-in-law.”

“Elizabeth doesn’t know politics because she has no interest in it. The reason is that I did not raise her. She was raised by her grandmother, but all the other ones I raised have an under­standing of politics so they would know the implications of some relationships,” Macheka said.

Macheka who attended Tsvangirai’s wedding on Saturday, said he hopes his daughter will quickly catch up with politics to match the PM. “When I heard that she was in love with the PM, I called her and said: Mai Rumbi, are you sure that you are in love with the PM and she said ‘yes’.”

“I said ‘What do you like in him?’ And she said she just liked him. I said to her that life with Tsvangirai is different from that of her previous husband who was a civil servant. This one is a politician and there is a great difference between them.” Elizabeth’s previous husband, the late Mabasa Simba Guma, who died in a car crash 10 years ago, was a soldier.

“You must learn quickly because it is different now. I am a follower of a President and a party, but he (PM) is the president of another party. The way we voted in the previous election showed how big his (PM) family is. I want you to be aware of how big the family that will call you mother is,” Macheka said.

He also described his daughter as hardworking. In her first week after the wedding, Elizabeth attended the trial of 29 MDC-T activists facing what their party believe are trumped up charges of murdering policeman Inspector Petros Mutedza.

Both victim’s father Solomon Mutedza and brother Tichaona exonerated the MDC-T activists and instead blamed Zanu PF and CIO agents for the murder. Justice Chinembiri Bhunu still reserved indefinately his ruling on a bail application for the group, some of whom have been in custody for 16 months.

Tsvangirai married Macheka under customary law (which allows polygamy) thereby thwarting attempts by his bitter former lover Locardia Karimatsenga who had succeeded the day before in getting a court injunction taking away his (Chapter 37) marriage licence (which does not allow polygamy).

Karimatsenga and her legal are still trying to get the PM arrested for allegedly lying in court that he did not marry her under customary law last year in November. Tsvangirai allegedly claimed in court that he had only paid damages to the Karimatsenga family.

  • jinny

    Macheka u are a true son of the soil & not the only zanu pf cadre in this kind of relationship.

  • mandiwonza

    asingadi kuroodza mwana wake kune mari ndiyani. macheka, hokoyo nemari!. mari yapinda mumba. people are in politics not because they love their country or they love people more than Jesus Christ – they are in politics because of money. money answers everything – Ecclesiaste 10 vs 9.

  • Nicky Bennett

    Marrying is not a crime, but the procedure of a prime minister and a nobody should differ. After loosing his wife he was suppose to stay cool, his close security and advisers were going to ask him if he has anyone in mind to help him through his work, that is when he could say yes i have, and marriage and weeding get arranged for him after assessing points of interest which might cause the wedding to be a nightmare. it took days argueing with the other lady, the third parties should have approached the other lady and to tell her to stay out of the way of the marriage. Its all about money, if she was given what could have satisfied her she was not going to bother. As it is he has shown his weakness to the rich man hunters who will put him in a trap. She has to remember that the former wife died African deaths are mysterious. Its nothing to do about party politics, its about bad behaviour.tanishing the image of the country’s leadership qualities. Now who in their normal senses would want to vote for him? He behaved like Baba Chidhakwa.

  • himself

    i datya mudhara uyu, and i wonder kuti arikuda kupenda mwana wake or,,, zva X husband zvinei and all, nstead of burying that ugly past fo the love of her daughter…. kokungoti ndafara nezvaita mwana…. datya… its sad… very sad

  • tata

    mdhara Macheka always speak e truth out of his heart i luv that man