Leaked pictures of Tsvangirai with SA woman

Posted on Sep 13 2012 - 8:50pm by admin

A South African woman Nosipho Regina Shilubane on Thursday suspiciously launched a bizarre bid to block Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s marriage to Elizabeth Macheka on Saturday, claiming he had promised to marry her.

Photo of Tsvangirai with South African woman Nosipho Regina Shilubane

Photo of Tsvangirai with South African woman Nosipho Regina Shilubane

To back her claim, which legal experts say has no legal merit, she attached this picture of her and the PM allegedly on a love cruise holiday in Singapore for up to two weeks in 2011, on a yacht called the Legend of The Sea.

ZBC joined in on the act to publish the pictures

ZBC joined in on the act to publish the pictures

ZBC joined in on the act to publish the pictures

ZBC joined in on the act to publish the pictures

  • http://www.facebook.com/oscar.manduku Oscar Manduku

    A leader that is incapable of holding in his biological “virtue” exhibits extreme leadership inabilities.

    People, this route you are taking will lead us to political prostitution, as, if we as a people are led by someone that can enter into one woman tonight, then into another, and then another on another day, what stops that person from leading us into agreements with nations that have vile agendas, leaving us enslaved or internationally ridiculed?

    This matter is not a light one. Even though it is in every African man to feel like a bull on heat and able to express passion, we are however a new breed that have what is called “moderation”.
    Corruption is easier to stop as it has roots in “greed and bitterness”, but Promiscuity is extremely difficult to stop as it has roots in “prostitution and selfishness”. I’d rather follow a bitter man than a promiscuous man, at least the former is hurting and needs love and assurance that our intentions are for a better future, yet the latter is unknown.

    It is easy to be on any throne, but character of the leader is far much more important. I am extremely disappointed by my Prime Minister and if I have a chance to speak to him in person I would highly recommend that he apologizes to Zimbabwe and listens to the counsel that is around him, as in the multitude of counsel there is safety.

    As a simple behaviour analysis, this “Morgan Scandal” is an inadequacy that resulted in the spliting of MDC to MDC-T, MDC-M, MDC-N, and all the other alphabets, as no one wants to follow a leader that does not know how to say no to fleshly delicacies.

    I am grossly peeved by this Right Honourable Prime Minister, Founder & President of MDC-T and Troubled Casanova Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

    • Susy

      uri mhata oscar

    • Legend40

      Osca you are a true Son of the Soil. Save failed the country and will never rule this country. Worry not about Susy is like his leader.

  • Betty Makoni

    yowe ndosaka ndati tsiurayi PM ava ..yowe ko seiko vachingoti one day naye mukadzi pabonde ..ava vane hosha pazip ava eish …

  • Fatso Farayi

    This is a cooked pic, who would go for a cruise dressing so formal….

  • Victoria Farie McMire

    baba ava kuti havasi ivo vaka pfudza mudzimai wavo here nekuda zvinhu

    • Nicky Bennett

      Ndiwe uri kutaura chokwadi. Munhu afirwa anodzikama kusvika vepedyo vobvunza.

  • Pachawo Mapfumo

    Comment reserved till finalisation of the bottom line. Gud nyt fellows.

  • Elvis Tawanda Makuyana Dzimba

    tell whoever ordered this photo to be doctored that i can do a beter job than this

    • Nicky Bennett

      Photo haina basa ko Aids yakazopera rini?

  • Lovemore Mukwena

    Nehanda Radio Kuraiwo mhani picture yakango Editiwa munhu iyeyu afanirwa kutosungiswa kuEDITOR picture yemunhu vasin kutenderana +promise inokwanisa kutadza. ko chinorwadza mahure aya chii?Dey mst move on wth ther lyf.whn dd she lst Contact him? De jst wn to TURNISH TSVANGIRAI’S IMAGE/SOME POLITICIANS VARIMOWO MUKATI MENYAYA IYOYI.TSVANGIRA ANOTOCHATA CHETE DIS Nosizo(pho)mst ask Locadia

  • Methu Magwali

    Desperate times!!!

  • Jimmy Muwodzeri

    Fake photo. If Morgan ‘s wedding was arranged in heaven then on saturday he is getting married come hell , come high waters. All those trying to throw spanners into his works will be shamed on saturday. PM l wish you all the best on your wedding.

    • chenai

      best comment hands down. i feel exactly the same way.

    • mafikezolo

      Pamberi nemuchato pasi nemahure aya arikuda kutadzisa muchato..mabasa e Zanu ne CIO stuid fools.

      • Nicky Bennett

        Pamberi ne ZANU PF isingadi zvema dis nyongoro.

    • Nicky Bennett

      Is so did he kill his wife to get a marriage arranged in heaven?

  • Brian Chifamba

    This is insane!whoever is behind it is far behind becoz he/she thinks tht we are not aware of the modern tech wich can join two people.lf u take a close look u cn simply see the joins-tht will automatically qualifies the creator of this crap as the most fool this country ever had….shame on them.

    • Nicky Bennett

      Kureva kuti pane zvinenge zviripo. Hapana hunhu anoita basa nemunhu achata zvakana.

  • Biliard Hlungwani

    Wakamboona pikta yechokwadi yakadaro iwe?anongo chata chete after 48hrs!

  • Tendai N Sakala

    I cn do dat in photoshop,in 5 mins

    • Nicky Bennett

      Munhu chata usina zvipomerwa. Locadia angadai akamirira nguva yekubzi pane ane zvekutaura here vanhu vakamirira obva asimuka zvapera.

  • Garcia Tawonezvi

    Chatai zvenyu mp musatedze mahure ane godo

    • Nicky Bennett

      PM ndo hure, rinoti apa rabata, apa rasiya.

      • mafilezolo

        Zvechuhure zvakatanga nemukuru akatora mukadzi wake achiri mupenyu…shame

  • Vincent Rufaro Mukoko

    Its only a marriage certificate and the creator himself mudhara God vanokwanisa kumisa uyu muchato. Nemiwo veNehanda Radio mashaya zvekutiudza here? According to the laws of the land if the two factors above are not there tinotomuona chete muchato uyu.

  • chamvari

    now that is graphics manje idzi

  • malcomX

    But he was not doing things in hiding. He was in a relationship which did not materialised. Tsvangiarai should reject all those CIOs who are protecting him. They are after expedition.

    • Nicky Bennett

      Mukadzi ajafa anga akanaka, uyu akanaka uyu kureva kuti achatevera kuti mumwe akanaka agofavo.

  • malcomX

    These are not cooked picture but are fried photos. This is what the Zanu have been trying all along, just like failing to announce election results.

  • mahwani

    These are lab cooked pictures .

  • pkanyama

    Blurred pictures,something wrong with them.Who ever cooked them,is a sick person.

  • Mkaranga

    Siyanai naSave varoore mukadzi wavanoda. “Mwoyo muti unomera paunoda” the saying goes. Mahure arikutsvaga pekuponera vachipuwa mari nemaCIO. Manje muchida kana musingade Save vanochata chete come Saturday!! Vanenge vasvotwa ngavarutse. Long live Tsvangson. Now lead us to the promised land of a Zimbabwe free of oppression, corruption and petty jealousies. Chinja forever…kusvika zvanaka.

    • Nicky Bennett

      Oppression ndiyoyi irikuonekwa kuna locadia. pane inodarika ipapa here?

  • Mutundo

    Takagara tazviona kuti PM vanezemo rakanyanya…..kungo rova wese-wese avhura nhayi…manje ukadaro iwe urimutungamiriri weOpposition muZimbo wairasa nekuti vakomana vanenge vakakusona…..iwe uchifunga kuti urikuita muchivande….akashayawo here akamuruma zveve kuti zvirozvo vharirayi mubhurugwa This story is very true….I have known about that SA woman for some time now, saka when this story came up I was not surprised….(I am an MDC supporter period, asi zvinoitwa nababa ava zvinonyadzisa for a person of his stature….chero mubhaibheri lots of stories of great men who fell into disgrace because of issue yemadhirezi…..(U have to be a Robert someone kuti unyenge mukadzi wemunhu…..ugokwira….ugomitisa…get the hubby to divorce and still deport the hubby to make sure haazokwirizve……without the media having a field day!!!!)…
    Manje Mogie “wakakwira yaona”!….kikikiki!!!!!!!

  • Rorimaster

    Haa its too late for that.Aya ndiwo ma last kicks of a dying horse!Pamberi ne muchato.

  • Parks Papindanyoka

    Adope Photoshop used to put the head on both pictures. I took the picture to my school and we put the pictures on a very advanced computers in the lab. Guess what happen? the head and the body both produce different results and it linked us to both pictures website. I told my teacher that our prime minister is being framed and we all just laughed.

  • Vasco

    This is ridiculously fake, I mean a 5 year old could do better on photoshop Get a life!! to whoever wasted time sketching this CRAP

  • piwaz

    Yaah its true cooked picture only to tarnish the man,s image