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Chaos as Makandiwa exposes ‘satanists’

By Lizzie Mawarura

HARARE – There was chaos at the City Sports Centre in Harare on Sunday as people gathered to see “satanists”  being exposed by United Family International Church (UFIC) founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa during the morning service.

Prophet Makandiwa arrives for Judgment Night
Prophet Makandiwa arrives for Judgment Night

The young charismatic leader through prophecy said: “There are three agents of the devil who have been coming to UFI services, two women and one man. They make incantations the entire service and reverse any declaration made.”

He added: “The devil has been attacking left right and centre and was going unpunished. The battle lines have been drawn. We are praying for God to give the devil a lesson. We are going to irritate and frustrate him.”

Immediately, two women dressed in black came from the terraces screaming as if they were on fire and wanted to fight the prophet. One of them claimed to have been sent by Lucifer to cause barrenness.

They were however, overpowered by Makandiwa. Captured on camera, was also a man in green shirt who was fighting with the ushers. Makandiwa said:

“I will not let you free until you confess your mission in this ministry and reverse every evil you have done to the children of God. Only then will I pray for you and let you go.”

He told his followers that God  protects His children and is sure to grant them victory. “God is going to fight for us, every child of God will go out into the battlefield and come back a victor.”

Ushers and security guards had to help people out to pave way for the second service but many wanted to get a close glimpse of the “satanists”. It took security officials extra energy to clear the people from the auditorium.

The exact number of the “satanists”could not be established as more people came screaming and running to the pulpit as Makandiwa declared that no “witchcraft is leaving this place today”.

Efforts to get official comments hit a brick wall as pastors were busy. A source who declined to be named said: “The official statement regarding this issue will be published in the official UFIC publication which is going to be launched soon.”

Some of the people who spoke to the Daily News expressed confusion whether the people who came out were agents of the devil or were simply possessed by the devil. Some were not sure of what was happening.

Gladys Bandera said: “I am happy with the prophetic ministry, exposing the dark world helps to confirm that there is a God  in Zimbabwe who manifests his presence through mighty works of deliverance. I witnessed the hand of God today.” Daily News

  • what a farce……

  • Denny

    That was clearly stage managed.

    • DaBoss

      l agree with you man .

  • chingwa1q

    where is the chaos?

  • itaiti

    a bit if an oxymoron for a doctor to be part of such events,,, now if the doctors believe in this then how are they going to come up with cures? africa africa africa

    • JOJN

      U need JESUS MY BRO

  • Ezvedu

    I think Maneta went too far, if u listen carefully she insults Roki in Shona using some unprintable word. Listen to what she says just after ..”uri kuda kuonererwa…”. Obviously she was baiting Roki into a fight as she wanted him to go as well coz she knew she was on her way out. Poor Roki went for the bait.

  • Patie weUFIC kuti zvityise

    1oo% prophetic vachapera chete masatanists stupid hapana zvamunoita kuUFIC Zimbabwe has bn remambered nekuti Mwari akatipa a true Prophet MAKANDIWA

  • nana

    I was in Livingstone Zambia I was attacked by satanists they took me, my soul and I was in this strange place I stayed for about week unconscious in another world, I would advise any strong prophet to go Victoria Falls and challenge them if they are to test their faith, satanists go in groups I mean they change themselves, Zimbabweans Nigerians, from all over the world comes together to attack when something they want its really there. For the record satanist do not just attack people whom they dont see as useful, email me if you want me to explain how it works

  • Mike the Prophet

    I vant believe ZIMBOZ fall for such scams from these money hungry so called prophets, it’s a pity that with all the education zimboz have can just fall for such a staged drama item.

    • Andrew Goredema

      this is just like wwe wrestling

  • idai zimbabwe

    This kid is a piece of work. con man chaiyo.

  • Andrew Goredema

    bull ssssshh

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