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Former journalist turned farmer turns to music

By Lance Guma

Many Zimbabweans will know David Mwanaka as a former journalist who made history by becoming one of only two black farmers in the UK. Homesick exiles frequent his farm to buy rare white maize, pumpkin leaves, rape, choumoellier, tsunga and butternuts, among an array of other popular products.

David Mwanaka
David Mwanaka holding his white maize produce

Unknown to many though was the fact that Mwanaka was also nurturing another one of his many talents, music. This week those efforts gave birth to a new song “Don’t Cry” which his band JODAM uploaded on the video sharing site You Tube.

Speaking to SW Radio Africa’s On the Pulse programme Mwanaka said: “I play bass guitar, write and arrange songs. But then I can’t sing. A friend of mine once told me, ‘never ever sing in public’, so I’ve listened to that advice.” Along with his 14 year old son Jonathan and niece Joanne, the trio formed the band JODAM.

Mwanaka explained that the band name was a combination of their names JO (Jonathan and Joanne) DA (David) and M for their surname Mwanaka. He said they are in the process of recording four videos for their new album adding: “We are just starting, it’s a new career for us.”

Half of the proceeds from the sale of the song ‘Don’t Cry-Little Child’ will be used to fund charities that deal with “abused or suffering children.” Mwanaka singled out Betty Makoni’s Girl Child Network and the Tinogona consulting project run by another Zimbabwean, Dr Tererai Trent.

Last year talk US talk show queen Oprah Winfrey selected Dr Trent as her all time favourite guest. SW Radio Africa

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