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Zimbabwe police claim TB Joshua ‘satanic’

HARARE- Zimbabwean police have described popular Nigerian preacher Temitope Balogun (TB) Joshua as a false prophet as President Robert Mugabe’s supporters step up a campaign to block his visit to Harare.

Nigerian prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua)
Nigerian prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua)

TB Joshua, who angered Mugabe’s supporters when he correctly predicted the death of Malawian President Bingu waMutharika last month, was reportedly invited for a national day of prayer on May 25.

But Zanu PF supporters including high ranking government officials have voiced their opposition against the visit. They accuse Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of inviting the prophet to bolster his campaign to topple Mugabe from power.

The campaign took an unusual turn on Wednesday when senior police officers were shown a video that allegedly exposes TB Joshua as a womaniser and sorcerer. TB Joshua’s church, The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), has in the past dismissed the video that has circulated on the internet for a while as fake.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General responsible for crime, Josephine Shambare and Senior Assistant Commissioner Nonkosi Ncube, were some of the senior officers that attended the screening of the video titled “TB Joshua’s evil doings finally revealed.”

The screening was done at the Police General Headquarters in Harare and Ncube told journalists the video was screened because “people must be aware of false prophets.”

As the police were watching the video, ex-communicated Anglican bishop and fierce Zanu (PF) supporter Nolbert Kunonga was launching an unprovoked attack on the Nigerian at his offices in Harare. He said TB Joshua’s prophecies were driven by Satanism and were “diabolic.”

Kunonga who is accused of persecuting Anglicans, violently driving them away from their places of worship, criticised the televangelist for predicting waMutharika’s death.

“It is diabolic; it is Satanism to think in terms of a person’s death,” he said. “TB Joshua uses evil powers which are satanic and satanic powers can also work. TB Joshua’s visit does not scare me because he is not God. What are people scared of? What is he coming for? Does he have power to take life?”

The Nigerian has not confirmed that he intends to visit Zimbabwe anytime soon. Radio VOP

  • Anita Samuels

    To say that TB Joshua is satanic would be quite a harsh statement, but let’s just say he needs to conduct himself in a more Godly manner if he is truly a true prophet and man of God. I have been reading a lot of articles recently about TB Joshua and his prophecies including the one of the death of the late Malawian leader. I have nothing against TB Joshua but I have concerns about these prophecies because PROPHECY is a very sensitive topic just like death itself. TB Joshua is a prophet who lacks wisdom because if one is really a true prophet of God, then God should grant you the wisdom on how to prophecy into the lives of his people or how to sepak a prophetic word to those to whom it is directed.

    If we read in the book of Isaiah chapter 38vs1-8, King Hezekiah became sick and was at the point of death, and God sent Isaiah son of Amoz to tell Hezekiah to put his house in order or he would die. Hezekiah went before God and repented and Isaiah again returned with a word from God that he would not die. Also in the book of 2 Kings chapter 7, we read about Elisha the prophet who was sent to the King of Israel then with a word that there was going to be food in plentiful the following day after a faminine had devastated the land. Even when King Saul sinned against God, God sent the prophet Samuel with a word to him. Now I have a problem with TB Joshua because if God surely speaks to him then he should have had the wisdom to speak to only those to whom the prophecies are directed to or at, and not to shout about it, that is wrong especially to leaders because it is God who thrones and dethrones kings and leaders. As a man of God he should learn to respect whom those God has placed over our nations and not to speak anyhow, that is wrong.

    Yes, I do agree in cases like those of the prophet Jeremiah whose prophecies were directed to a nation, and if it is so let the nations hear the word of God, but if it is a word directed to an individual like what Isaiah done in the case of King Hezekiah, then let the prophetic word be spoken only to that individual and not to shout to the whole world about it. For in the house of God there is order and not confusion.

  • Eric

    What Idiots we have, im so ashamed!! eish…ZIMBOS.

  • Mkhokhelimox

    who are you to label another human being satanic.if  TB Joshua is really satanic,then what is the fear all about,let him come so the truth can be revealed.

  • Mkhokhelimox

    God speaks to his people in so many different ways,and there are so many factors involved ie believer or none.The prophet in question has never figured out any  names but gives clues and we summarize.TB Joshua is no confusion,but those who are  scared of facing reality are the source.

  • Malebuho

    God  speaks to his people in so many different ways,and remember the devil also enjoys his share hence overcast other people’s faith.TB Joshua is not causing any but the scared cowards who will never glance to reality are the source.A  prophet has never invited any one but his good work has  always been a cause of gatherings.  Yes i personal don’t go to church but i agree that people like him can help us decide which route to pursue.

    • Anita Samuels

      Yea right, TB Joshua can help us decide which route to pursue, man you must be joking. There is a saying that charity begins at home, take a good look at Nigeria my dear brother, why can’t TB Joshua help his country decide which route to pursue?

      Listen or rather read with clarity and understanding, I have had the opportunity of attending these so called Nigerian churches based here in the UK with prophets or man of God llike Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy, the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and even one Kenyan prophet too Bishop and Prophet Climate Irungu of Kingdom Church and I must confess that THEY ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON, THEY PRAY WHAT I WOULD CALL WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS WHICH ARE CAPABLE OF CLAIMING PEOPLE’S LIVES. There are what they call DELIVERANCE SERVICES where the man of God prays for you and you are asked to pray as follows I quote: I COMMAND WHOEVER IS TROUBLING MY LIFE TO DIE BY FIRE, YOU ENEMY OF PROGRESS WHO IS TRYING TO HINDER MY PROMOTION, DIE BY FIRE, and the list is endless. And yet after Jesus had been in the wilderness praying and fasting for 40 days, the devil came to tempt him and he simply rebuked him and sent him away. With all power and authority as the son of the most HIGH GOD, WHY DID JESUS NOT SAY TO THE DEVIL, “DIE BY FIRE?”.

      To be honest with you these Nigerian churches are well known for eliminating people from the face of the earth using these so called DIE BY FIRE PRAYERS, and if I was Tsvangirai I would never associate myself with a man like TB Joshua.
      After all who doesn’t know what Nigerians are well known for, if you want to destroy a nation or country bring Nigerians along and they will do the job FINE WELL WELL. Mind you I do not hate Nigerians and my neighbour is Nigerian but I wouldn’t trust him nor her with my spiritual life nor bank account, never, for I have experienced what they are and capable of doing. My dear brother SHINE YOUR EYE WELL WELL BECAUSE WE ARE LIVING IN TERRIBLE TIMES AS THE BIBLE SAYS, PEOPLE LIKE TSVANGIRAI AMONGST OTHER LEADERS ARE PEOPLE NIGERIANS ARE LOOKING FOR WITH RED EYES TO SPONSOR THEIR CHURCHES IN ORDER FOR THEM TO SURVIVE. You know Nigerians they want QUICK BUCK.   

      • hama

        Mam a Prophet is usually not great at Home even Jesus Christ was disregarded at Home

    • Anita Samuels

      And in addition dear brother, don’t think I am in support of what Zanu PF are doing hurling insults against TB Joshua because Mugabe is no different to Tsvangirai. He opened the doors for these Chinese people to come and destroy our nation Zimbabwe. If your house in not in order right, you do not go and invite a divorcee nor a prostitute to come and put order your house because it will go from the frying pan into the fire. Chinese people are not people of a good reputation just like Nigerians, so if really Mugabe wishes to build our economy he should go out there and look for a reputable nation and not China.

      There are so many prophets out there in so many different reputable countries and I think Tsvangirai can find a true prophet of God who can come and pray for Zimbabwe and even be a mentor to him. Don’t forget my brother that when Moses was sent to Pharaoh to perform miracles before him right, Pharaoh’s magicians could perform the same miracles as did Moses performed. So let’s not just say because of one, two or three prophecies TB Joshua is a true man of God, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF IT WERE NOT A COINCIDENCE, THE DEATH OF THE MALAWIAN PRESIDENT OR THE NIGERIAN DIE BY FIRE WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS THEY PRAY. You see my brother, there are so many so called prophets in this day and age especially in Nigeria they are sprouting like pumkin leaves, and so we have to be very cautious of whom to believe and follow. A man or woman who claims to be a prophet in this day and age has to be a person who is not prophecying ordinary prophecies but THINGS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN HEARD BEFORE.

      God sent Moses to perform miracles and all of them the magicians of Pharaoh could perform too, but there was one miracle which God performed which the magicians of Pahraoh could not, and that is the killing of the first borns of Egypt, and after that Pharaoh truly believed that the God that Moses and Joshua served was truly the GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. So I advise Tsvangirai to look elsewhere for a UNIQUE PROPHET OF GOD WHO WILL PROPHECY AND PERFORM MIRACLES THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN HEARD NOR HAPPENED IN ZIMBABWE BEFORE. What I’ve just told you is not hearsay but I’m talking from experience, DIE BY FIRE PRAYERS OR SPIRITUAL WITCHCRAFT PRAYERS AS I CALL THEM ORIGINATED FROM NIGERIA, AND I HOPE OUR LEADER TSVANGIRAI WILL NOT BE LEAD ASTRAY AND REGRET IN THE END. And one thing people should be aware of and understand is that THERE IS NOTHING LIKE SATAN NOR SATANIC, BUT THESE ARE WORDS WE USE AS HUMAN BEINGS TO DESCRIBE THE EVIL THINGS OR ATROCITITIES THAT PEOPLE COMMIT. YES, I DO AGREE THAT WE NEED A NEW LEADER IN OUR NATION BUT LET US NOT PRAY FOR SOMEONE TO DIE, BECAUSE NOT EVEN JESUS PRAYED FOR THAT TO HAPPEN, HE CAST OUT DEMONS AND HEALED THE SICK, NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE DID I READ THAT JESUS PRAYED FOR SOMEONE TO DIE BY FIRE. WHERE ARE WE GETTING ALL THESE THINGS FROM?


  • bie

    These Guys are Pharisees of today. If you listen to the Bishop from Hell Kunonga he is worried that he will lose a big number of his Congregants because he does nothing for people except take offerings and garner support for Zanu.As for the Police they are worried that even ZANU diehards will have their eyes opened and see ZANU for what it is
    and lose elections. Zanu losing for most of them means the end of work in Police Force
    so they resort to dirty tactics which wont work because this man is God driven and guided. Like the Pharisees failed to shut Jesus’ Mission our prophets of doom will dismally be disappointed 

  • LtGenChaurura

    If he is such a fraud, as portrayed here, why is he not being prosecuted. Surely it should be so easy with these witnesses, shouldn’t it?

    • Anita Samuels

      Talking of prosecution in which country, Nigeria? Does that exist? In Nigerian as long as you have money you can get away with anything, so prosecution is out of the question here. I have a very close family friend who travelled all the way to South Africa for a healing and deliverance conference at Christ Embassy, actually it was a seminar where she would be presented with a certificate at the end of the course, and this was just after she was granted her status here in the UK. You know after having heard about Pastor Chris, I think you know his publicity, the woman was excited, and spent all her life savings to attend this seminar/conference in South Africa.

      Well, after having completed the course that was in seven days, she was told that the group had to pay an extra £250 as the seminar/course was to go on for another week before they could be presented with their certificates. She paid the money and then two days before the actual presentation of the certificates, she was asked to be part of a healing miracle practice performance. What it actually means is that the woman was asked to push another Zimbabwean able bodied woman in a wheelchair, and then when she got to the stage right, Pastor Chris prayed for the woman in the wheelchair, and she immediately rose from her wheelchair and pretended as if she had been healed. After the service that Sunday morning and it was all live on television, the woman who had pretended to be wheelchair bound right, her children immediately called her on the phone and asked her when she had become wheelchair bound when she left the country in good health. She showed us the video which she still has in her possession today as witness that these so called Nigerian prophets are fake.

      And in this day and age, there is nothing the governments can do about it, they just let them be. I have been to so many healing and deliverance seminars, conferences you name it in these so called nigerian churches and trust me I have seen a lot for me never to return again, and what do the governments do about it, nothing? Do you want to know why? Because all these churches operate as charity organisations, as long as they donate the required percentage of the money they receive from people or rather donors, what happens in the churches has nothing to do with the government. Whether they are real prophets or fake prophets has nothing to do with them. And mind you there are so called prophets of God who get their powers from other sources in order to perform these so called miracles, so I think you need to experience these things before you can actually make comments about them, and I am talking from experience and not hearsay.  

    • Sanmuringai

      taura hako iwe!

  • Sonya

    Anita [email protected] stop hating on others success

  • mudiwa

    pple will surely surely die kufa chaiko,touch not my annonted ones hatizwi ba 

  • Mengisto

    see this link before you make your decision.

    She is a work of art.-

  • peace we dangerzone

    kp on anita. zanu pf alwyz put politics at hand

  • Mpendulo Sabelo Ndebele

    T.b Joshua is the man of God.you need to pray coz its seems like Devil is playing with you.dont take your satanic doings and paste to the Man of God