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Teacher kills maid who slept with her husband

By Takunda Maodza

A Hwedza schoolteacher reportedly fatally assaulted her teenage maid after catching her being intimate with her husband on their matrimonial bed and hid the body for 12 days. The body was later found hanging from a tree with some body parts missing.

Sarudzai Chitevere (17) was later found hanging from a tree with some body parts missing
Sarudzai Chitevere (17) was later found hanging from a tree with some body parts missing

Missing from the maid’s body were feet, which were chopped from the ankles, an ear, breast and private parts.

Itai Mutami (35) — a teacher at Makanda Primary School — allegedly assaulted Sarudzai Chitevere (17) after she caught her being intimate with her husband Patrick Sandati (36) in the couple’s bedroom. Mutami then reportedly connived with her husband to conceal Chitevere’s body for 12 days.

According to Oripah Mariridza of Negombwe Village under Chief Ruzane who is related to Chitevere, Mutami hired the teenager to care for her unemployed husband and children. After working for one-and-a-half years, the maid later fell in love with Sandati.

Word about the pair’s relationship reached the primary school teacher who then set a trap and found them in bed on the fateful day.

“They (Sandati and his wife) came here on April 23 reporting that Chitevere went missing following a misunderstanding. They came back two days later with her clothes, but I refused to accept them,” narrated Mrs Mariridza.

She said Chitevere’s body was later found hanging from “a small tree” on May 2. “How can one kill someone who cooked for her for one-and-a-half years? We are shocked,” said Mrs Mariridza. Chitevere’s relatives are refusing to bury the body.

“How can we bury a child with missing body parts? All we are saying to them is please bring back the body parts you took away and we will bury her,” said Chitevere’s grandfather, Mr Naison Chitevere.

“We are shocked and angry at this gruesome murder and we demand an explanation from those who killed her,” added Mr Sandati. A post-mortem report confirms Chitevere died from injuries sustained during an assault.

Mutami and Sandati have since appeared before a Marondera provincial magistrate facing murder charges and were remanded in custody.

“On April 20 2012 at Sandati Village under Chief Ruzane, the accused as husband and wife connived to assault Sarudzai Chitevere, their maid, with open hands, sticks and sweet reed many times all over her body till her death.

“They tried to conceal the body for 12 days,” reads the charge sheet at the court.

  • Jose

    y do you get maids when you cant keep them from your husbands, mukutiraira vibrant young generation eligible to be our wives. dai mangamurimi maid wacho mainzwasei moreover you were underpaying her even for satisfying your husbands asingagute

  • dasukinternational

    This murderous couple must hang or life in prison for them to understand that it was not worth killing the poor young girl who was their house as their maid. Why did this woman kill her husband? So she chose the weakest link and God forbid they should both rot in prison for they are ungrateful. After the husband feasts on the poor girl then all she deserves is death this is very bad and the law must not spare these two devils.
    Sorry to these young girl’s family and let the young poor soul rest in peace and make sure these two monsters see hell here on earth and in heaven if God grants these evil persons the opportunity to face their evilness.

    The man was wrong he is the one that should have faced the fate the young girl faced. He took advantage of the poverty that brought this young girl into his home. For the female teacher you will never find true love and you will die a whore. 

  • NEGOMO Emheni


  • NEGOMO Emheni


  • Kanyi

    Truly disheartening. I mean, the little one in her circumstances did not have a stand of saying ‘no’ to the heartless husband: I don’t even buy the idea of her falling inlove with the man, it was a simply matter of being told ‘come to bed’ as much as being told ‘wash the dishes’. This life is especially harsh if you are born poor!

  • Memoranga

    benzi remukadzi kuraya mweya waMwari, zirume rake hure ndiro raifanirwa kufa kwete chana icho muchanotsva murume nemukadzi you abused that girl.  You should go to hell chaiko, kunotsva kunotsva chete.

  • Anita Samuels

    I pity the young girl, obviously she was being abused by this teacher’s husband, what a loss. LACK OF WISDOM, so now that she killed this young girl, is this going to stop her husband from sleeping with other women? She’s a disgrace to womanhood.

  • pat

    A couple of Questions…
    1 What was the woman teacher thinking, hiring a woman to take care of some lazy loafer husband
    2 Why would the husband not do the house chores, since he was not employed
    3 What options did the poor girl had considering the economic climate in Zim
    4 Did the teacher confront the husband about the alleged affair, before murder incident
    5 Why did the husband team up with the wife do this sin
    6 Did these two thought they will live happily ever-after
    7 A CASE OF CHILD LABOUR? She probably started working for this couple at the tender age of 15…
    8 CHILD SEX ABUSE/ GROOMING FOR SEX PURPOSES (under those circumstances and set up, she had no chance to interact with opposite sexes of her age to have a boyfriend or otherwise

  • devang

    ko kungomudzinga, nehanda yo reporting sucks, if anything this little gal was raped, mukadzi uyu muroyi

  • tada

    Hatina kumbonzwa pataurwa zveRAPE. So how can YOU comment muchitwista nyaya kumurume? Mhosva yake ngeyeku hwandisa umhondi hwemukadzi wake chete. Varume paonei apa