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Only force can remove Mugabe and Zanu PF

By Freeman Chari

What I am going to write here is not new. It is common knowledge. It claimed the life of Hebert Chitepo and Josiah Tongogara. Rugare Gumbo, Henry Hamadziripi and Dzinashe Machingura spent close to 3 years in a dugout prison in Mozambique because of it.

The head of Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Happyton Bonyongwe, left, with Constantine Chiwenga, the commander of the Zimbabwean Army, centre, with Mugabe
he head of Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Happyton Bonyongwe, left, with Constantine Chiwenga, the commander of the Zimbabwean Army, centre, with Mugabe

Joshua Nkomo spent years in exile because of it. It is not new. What I am going to do is just remind you. To make you remember that the same jeans we are calling new-age fashion today were here even before we were born. This is not new!

When Nkomo confronted Mugabe about the highest decision-making body in government what did Mugabe say to him? “ZANU PF politburo!” It’s there in The Story of My Life by Joshua Nkomo.

In December 1997, after a ZANU PF congress without any fiscal consultation Mugabe declared that War Veterans be issued compensation amounting to a lump sum of $50000 and a monthly payment of $2000 for life. There are many decisions that ZANU PF has made on behalf of the nation either in politburo meetings or congress that have made it virtually impossible to distinguish between ZANU PF and Zimbabwe.

In 1990, Patrick Kombayi stood against Simon Muzenda in Gweru. These were the days of ZUM. He was shot and permanently paralysed by CIO operatives Elias Kanengoni and Kizito Chivamba who mercilessly pumped seven bullets into him. Both were convicted and sentenced to seven years in jail.

Before they could even serve their sentence Mugabe pardoned them. Today Kanengoni is Deputy Director – Internal of the CIO. That’s what happens if you are a ZANU PF thug – you get rewarded for your ruthlessness.

In 2000, MDC won 57 of the parliamentary seats despite the violence that claimed the lives of people like Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya. How many of you remember the Bikita West by-election? Yet Claudius Makova was sworn in despite the trail of blood that election had.

In 2002 exactly 10 years ago, we bore witness to a clear message from General Zvinavashe, that the office of the President was a straight-jacket , which people like Morgan Tsvangirai were not fit to occupy. This rendered elections just academic. Indeed they were!

In 2008, we saw the army and other state arms unleashed on the people by the same people who claim to protect them. It was clear that, ZANU PF was going to lose the run-off and so despite the wish of the majority we were cornered and squeezed until we accepted them as our rulers.

The Constitution

Today Zimbabwe is talking of a new constitution. What constitution? Whose constitution? ZANU PF only uses the clauses in situations that favour them and ignore it when they want to flout it. Doesn’t the current constitution protect the rights of its citizens? Yet every day, in the presence of that sacred document we are persecuted. Let me remind you of what happened in Botswana.

When Festus Mogae was president, every Motswana would boast that theirs was the best constitution. When Ian Khama became president and began to use the loopholes in the constitution to persecute people like Motswaledi , they began crying for a new constitution.

The truth though is that the character and moral standing of people in positions of authority coupled with the culture of transparency and tolerance in society elevates a constitution to its sanctity. In short, we are wasting precious time and scarce resources on a futile exercise.


ZANU PF needs power. They are even ready to run an election alone and win. In actual fact, this is what is going to happen. There is no way that ZANU PF would want to run against MDC at this juncture, not because MDC itself is in any better position but simply because people are fed up.

I have heard people talking about SADC; do your math. Khama is busy trying to deal with the political crisis in his own country, Dos Santos, Kabila and Bingu are Mugabe’s buddies. Sata is closer to ZANU PF than MDC. Zuma has muscles that can only be flexed up to Limpopo.

History has taught us that ZANU PF has a daring inclination towards the unthinkable, like what happened with the Commonwealth or even the SADC tribunal. If we are to free ourselves then we should be able to amass a force that is able to compel ZANU PF to cede power.

I know that the first idea that crosses your mind is having an alternative army. That is actually a last resort but should never be ruled out. Elections in Zimbabwe should be held under the auspices of an international force. It won’t be the first time it has happened in our country. It happened in 1980. That is the only way ZANU PF can ever accept defeat.

MDC should immediately leave the GNU. They have failed to influence the course of government, and thus it is imperative they leave this GNU and concentrate on putting pressure on ZANU PF to accept an international force into Zimbabwe.

There is nothing that MDC has achieved that needs protection except its reputation. Gideon Gono is still Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Tobaiwa Mudede is still the Registrar General and is clear that the voters’ roll is in good shape, Johannes Tomana is still the Attorney General.

The Police force does not listen to Theresa Makone. Tendai Biti only holds a small percentage of the national purse. So why is MDC still in government?

Finally, I hear Munyaradzi Gwisai and crew were found guilty for watching videos about the Egyptian uprising. This is a ploy to keep all of us anxious. Whether they are jailed or not it will impact the case of Solomon Madzore (MDC-T Youth Assembly Chairperson) and other comrades in custody.

It’s just a clear message about who is in power and what happens to anybody bent on changing the status quo. My only hope is that the trials and tribulations of Gwisai, Gumbo et al spur the activists more than it will the fund-mongers.

Freeman Chari is a former student leader

  • Wyswyg

    what a rant!

  • Rex

    I agree with you completely. The only way we can remove this monster is to go after its structures. Work with the officers in the police and army that are resonable and start going after them head on. they leave among us, they are big wich means they are exposed and we are not. Let hit them where it hurts, go after the families of the hardliners. They have been going after ours for years. Lets put a bounty on thier keen. At least they will have to watch their backs all the time. It’s time for an underground movement. It’s open season on their families!

    • Gullible Zimbo

      Rex, keep dreaming.

  • Bernie Herbert

    Dont fool yourselves the type of force needed to crush you, would be a handful of the American forces, they do not fear you, there is just no economic interest, and that is the sad fact, why you still run around with delusions of Grandeur. Any unbaised military authority, will quickly prove to you that YOU WERE GETTING YOUR ASSES KICKED by a handfull of very special Rhodesian forces. When South Africa had to pull out, there was to be no more petrol, and a country cannot operate without petrol. You “won” Zimbabwe by crying to the world, and getting them to put economic pressure on Rhodesia. Even still then beacuse of the people we ARE (yes we are still here, and will live on through our children) our dollar was more than twice as strong as the rand, and we outlasted the predicted 6 weeks by 15 years. Soldiers do not kill missionaries, women and children (remember the 6 month old Natasha Glenny murdered by 25 terrs… real brave huh?). You are cowards, and not 1 of you are war heros as you claim to be. Let them find oil in Zim tomorrow, by the next day you will see I speak the truth, when you get crushed by the US!

  • Bernie Herbert

    How dare you use the same camoflauge as teh Rhodesian Forces used you cowards!

  • Kuda

    your only let down is you failed to acknowledge that chimwe nechimwe chine nguva yacho. there is a bitch called karma, not even those holding that much power in zanu pf would understand what will take them down. its nature.

  • Lucy

    Psalms 109 v 8. Only 19 days to go. Amen

  • Wchikwasha

    It does not need force but the grace of God because so many innocent victims will be maimed or killed for nothing.

  • fanuel nsingo

    i agree with the vauthor of this article. Mugabe will only be removed by force. the time shall come when we and Morgan finally give up and decide to take arms and fight for our lives. it will take time for us as rebels to win since the AU and SADC are pro-Mugabe. If Zuma will still be president of SA by then we may be guaranteed rebels’ assistance, then we reward his govt with a few mines after we take over Zimbabwe. WE are not cowards and will never be. Mugabe and his soldiers are the real cowards.

  • does the writer stay in zim? because this article seem to hv been wriitten in Mars. if u want to reduce this country to a suffering zone try tt.

  • Jmackantony

    makes good reading Comrade

  • Benzynagu

    There is a just and enough reason for a military operation in Southern Rhodesia, firstly I use the term Southern Rhodesia because the whole Independence crap was fallacious. The total value of the Marange diamonds is estimated at 70 000 football fields, numerous Platnium deposits, copper, chrome, uranium…..etc Money that could have easily turned us into a first world country. Zanu leadership has been and will always be a failure. To this day, the Chinese and Iranians are molesting our resources left, right and center. This goverment has dismally  failed! An armed struggle that will wipe-out these people from our memories is the only option.

    This dude is killing people one by one, its a scary situation who is next? these people burn each other in houses, shot each other in broad day light……the list goes on. Do you people think 30 yrs with one man screwing us is enough. There were a couple of things not good about Rhodesia but there were many more good things about Southern Rhodesia, that out wieghed the Bad! Rhodesia was super and there is no comparison. If you think of all the brilliant people murdered by this animal, you begin to wonder how far ahead this country would have been.

    Everything he has touched has turned into mud, he needs to be walked  to the door and asked never to return.

    What kind of a country has 1/4 of its polutaion living as refugees? is it normal? those three million refugees need to be conscripted into a million man army. Tsvangirai does not understand that Zanu only understands a langauge that echos from the sound a machine gun. Mugabe & Zanu must go!  if they refused to step down after lossing an election what else do you expect?

    This filthy rigme has smeared our name by rubbing shoulders with Libyans, Iranians, Chinese dictatorships. Nothing about Zanu regime is honest, each one of those big wigs has stolen a spouse from a subodinate, stealing private property, stealing money from people’s bank accounts,stealing natural resources, stealing Phds and false credentails the list goes on


      True! Mugabe is buying time and playing delaying tactics.