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Zim woman jailed in £100k UK bedsit scam

LONDON- A Zimbabwean asylum seeker was jailed for four years by the Croydon Crown Court in the UK after being convicted of 11 counts of fraud. Thirty-two year old Rose Chimuka ran an elaborate house-letting scam which made her £100,000.

Thirty-two year old Rose Chimuka ran an elaborate house-letting scam which made her £100,000.
Thirty-two year old Rose Chimuka ran an elaborate house-letting scam which made her £100,000.

According to a report by British tabloid The Sun “Chimuka took leases on family homes and then illegally sub-divided them into bedsits. She let them out to unsuspecting tenants and pocketed rent — ripping off the real landlords by giving them nothing.”

It’s further reported that Chimuka packed up to 15 people into each house in what police called an “elaborate fraud”. To make matters worse “when she was rumbled by the real owners she just disappeared and started again elsewhere,” the paper reported.

“Chimuka used fake ID and pretended she was a respectable mother with a well-paid husband to take leases on homes across South East London. Once she got possession of each she changed all the locks and put beds in every room.

“The owner of one house in Brockley found it crammed with tenants who thought Chimuka was the genuine landlady. And another home owner was cheekily reported to cops by Chimuka when he tried to get in,” The Sun newspaper reported.

Houses were left filthy, smelly and with appliances stolen. Owners lost up to £86,000 each in rent and the cost of repairs. Chimuka is set to be deported after she completes her four year sentence.

  • Dipacbw

    rascal…..rascal rascal.wagwan ,,hustle or die style?

  • Huve

    Very Common in Cape Town 

  • Muvhitori

    Manje Chimuka uchamuka wariwona jere!

  • Vane Yese

    Amai ava ndovanonzi vakaenda London kunotsvaga mari kwete kuno wona varume…true hustler!

  • Kwidzproquo

    I do’nt see why she has been sentenced to prison. This is a civil matter. The landlords should have stated within their lease agreements with her that no sub-letting. if she went on to do so would have meant she is breaking the terms of the lease they signed. Again that is a civil matter and the landlords can seek to have the lease terms dismissed as null and void.
    Now, she was paying rent for the house from the landlords but she just happened to have used the houses to earn more money than she paid for it. the landlord is claiming prejudice of his house’s worth but where is the crime? Are we saying everyone should not look to make money from an opportunity? So the people who go to Africa, buy diamonds and come back and put them in necklaces should not claim more than they paid for them? This is not a crime.

    • Tinashezhou

      she lied ,thereby committing fraud which then becomes a criminal matter

      • Kwidzproquo

        Lied to whom? Are you seriously suggesting that all people who lie should be brought to court on fraud charges? Then kubva ngatitosiya zvatirikuita all of us all over the world. Lying is part of life. get over it and stop hounding the woman.

        • Sai Mbuz

          Behind  all lying is  a demonic  spirit. . . . yes  the lier  is  only speaking the  language  of  his/her  father  the  devil 

    • Senior Major

      Kwidzproquo, this woman has been said to be an asylum seeker and that in itself has its own obligations and limits which she has breached in all the 
      acts as reported. Above all else you must not overlook the fact that here is 
      a Black African using her intelligence to commit fraud and that in itself may
       have landed her in the 4 year placement that she finds herself in. In all of 
      it the diamonds example does not compare to the issue at hand. 

    • lisa

      there is definitely a criminal element to it, its fraud.

  • Zchawaipira

    if this crime was commited by a white Briton it was not going to be a case beware of them they dont want Africans to make money very concerned she should go to a higher court

  • Maodzac

    maBrishit pavachazosvinura maZimbo anenge apedza nayo kudhara

  • Nadaba

    And how did she make £100, 000?

  • Chisora

    Kwidzproquo you have a point. Never mind what other pple critisizing you have to say, they literally do not understand you. We are different and no wonder other people make money and others don’t. And when they don’t, they label whoever has it a thief. Now back to the Rose lady, she merely went into agreements with homeowners and sublet the properties so that she could make more money. There is nothing wrong there at all. Its like hiring a minibus and then commute with it. That shows she is a clever woman. I am not sure if the Editor posted it correctly when he said “Gave the landlords nothing”. I would assume she paid them whatever they had agreed on and pocketed the big difference (Which is called Profit). All businesses you see are doing just the same. They get something and sell at a higher price and pocket what is called the difference hereinafter called profit. it doesn’t matter which business is concerned, the system is the same. Profit making. I believe most of the people commenting on this forum are employed somewhere and might not be in the picture of what really transpires. Now to the jailtime, i think it has to do with the Asylum document that prohibits her to work in the uk and her skin colour which like mine may not receive fair judgement in foreign lands.

    • mahungwe

      when you’re an asylum seeker you’re not allowed to work or to do business full stop.