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Video: TB Joshua’s evil doings finally exposed

Temitope Balogun Joshua commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua, is a Nigerian Christian, minister, televangelist and faith healer. He is leader and founder of the ministry organisation The Synagogue, Church of All Nations which runs a Christian television station called Emmanuel TV.

He has been called a Secret Agent of the devil; some say he works hand-in-hand with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who they say is operating with a demonic tsumanee spirit. Top Nigerian newspapers like Global News have called them Fake Pastors.

Whatever the case might be, watch this video and judge for yourself. It’s about Pastor TB Joshua and his sexual adventures.

  • Marxie

    Has anyone watched this video? I cant connect, its not loading. My net is slow 2day. pliz tell me wats happening?

    • ini zvangu

      yes i have watched three quaters of the video. he used manipulation and tricks to fool most people that he was genuine. also when people were told to surrender their medication it was not thrown away but given back to them in holy water and food. he is simply a con artist. and a good one at that. i think the interviewees are genuine

  • Berusmusaz

    this is hogwash, this reporter is confused.

    • reece

      you are the one who’s confused. This tb joshua evil item, is all over the net !

      • Yoofi Nana

        Take your time to watch this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yscOZcP9WzM&feature=related

        The truth will always surface. I pray for those who try to tarnish the
        name of true ministers of God because they are fighting against God and
        when you fight against God, that is the end of you. Ask Pharoah and he
        would tell you that the repercusions are mighty!

        • tendai

          This “satanist” lady is a muslim who is trying to discredit the work of God, can`t you see. She has slipped back into her evil works after  infiltration and  getting access to church`s hierachy so that her stories would sound credible. I feel she is a liar, judging from the contradictions revealed from this latest video clip and her earlier story. She should be warned against being malicious to those ordained to do the work of God. 

    • Shagbaor

      that woman she just an animal with a confuse half life.

  • druda

    get lost he’s a true man of God

    • Onesmus

      Man i dont blame you ,it is because you dont read the bible that is why you say he is the man of God

  • markus

    pls guyz u shuld mind ur own bussiness,n let people leave alone,is a man of god n we all love him………..

    • pinks06

      U r also brain washed, r u one of his followers do u think people will lie that they have been raped whilst telling fibs? Get a life.

      • Tatgun

        dont judge the prophet bt judge prophecy by scripture. yu shld know that Satanists are nt only capable of this bt they cn also eat human flesh. Nw hwz that fo unbelievable

  • Gaaghg

    this video was created by satanists… trying to deceive people n cause confusion. NOTHING in the video really shows they are telling the truth… THE DEVIL, LUCIFER, IS A LIAR. This whole thing is a lye

    • Gotosat

      I knew it, l knew it, these men are rapists . Udulteres, manipulaters. Don’t be fooled TB Joshua and his allies are just there to make money out of you , pliz read Mathew 11 vs 13 for Me …. False prophets l know of 3 former prophets who later turrned out to be very effective traditional healers . Whose power will they be using

    • Mapwiya2011

      Whether Pastor Chris or TB Joshua are fake should be left to God to Judge. It is only lack of knowledge which makes people perish. Why can’t people learn to accept and appreciate the Power of God and the works of the Holy Spirit? What i hear in their ceremonies if you measure it with the Holy Bible, i find nothing wrong in them. I know it is possible one to be a sinner before accepting Jesus Christ of Nazareth as Lord and Savior and many people were saved through that process, but that status dies the moment one accept Jesus Christ of Nzareth as Lord and Savior and that should not be used to discredit them for their good work of saving lost souls if they were once sinners. One clear this is that Many people knows the truth and have learned the Gospel of Jesus Christ through these people and are living a decent life after that. I wonder what is wrong is a lame person walks in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth? I wonder too what is wrong if Cancer gets healed in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth? guys search yourself, NEVER MOCK THE HOLY SPIRIT by denouncing the good works these Pastors as written above are doing because that sin shall never be forgiven and NEVER MOCK JESUS CHRIST. LET THOSE WHO BELIEVE BELIEVE AND THOSE WHO PERISH PERISH IF THEY DONT WANT TOACCEPT THE THROUGH TRHOUGH TB JOSHUA or PASTOR CHRIS ( I am with them!!!!) BRAVO PASTORS!!!!!



    • you will never bring down the man who is brought up by God Himself..you people are trying to frame him because he is disturbin your kingdom which is the kingdom of darkness! Leave the man alone,leave it to GOD!

  • Chihera

    This video does not convince me at all, rather im painting yekuti these people are promoting their own church, yes it might be true that TB can be of the dark but i see the same in them too….eish what has come to this world honestly!!!  Ini naMwari wangu tiri vayiri chokwadi, tisu tinozivana!!

  • Sintim kingsley

    i dont like dis, pointing fingers and doctored tapes, By their fruits u shall know dem, tell me one thing ur churches ave done to improve the life of the common man, yet ppl are soo inprovished, battered and living in fear of ur dictator. i recommend churchshift to u guys, rather than publishing illlusive clips innspire ur audience.

  • sintim kingsley

    stop dis propaganda and poisonin ppls  mind with unfounded truth doctored from the studio with a confession from a lady with rolling sucket eye balls, lemme breathe pls and worshio GOD, go and read churchshift and make a difference in ur improvished society, kk

  • Rkachere

    so who are the real prophets .im so confused , how do we no the true and the fake

  • Alchingodza

    Touch not my anointed ones says the Lord

  • To hell with all these witnesses. We have got somebody who visited TB Joshua from here Zim and he was healed! Why do you seek to tarnish the image of the man of God?. To hell with you sentiments especially that male witness who purpotes to have been his disciple. The lady testifier is a mockery to the women as a whole! How could she testify to such falsehoods?. I’ve not seen where TB Joshua has raped in your video- actually a doctored one!

  • Executive

    I have seen thes women  before on Emmanuel TV. Whta rubish!!!!!!! When I saw title of your story I though it was somthing out of this world. T.B. joshua is a tru man of God, there is history to it. He did not just pop up from nowhere and started ministering, his started on a mountain for days (which many of us can notendure). He started off as a nobody and then recived the annointing of God.

    Whoever wrote this story ashaya zvekuita. Rather my bro/ sister who seek the face of God rather than writting this rubish!

  • Malebogolm

    satanists whatever you trying to reveal here we cant see,what are yoou trying to prove here ,u want us to come to ur new church?. that ugly lady with cockye eyes is a muslim bitch ”LIAR”.

  • Madfocha9

    TB Joshua z a blood sucking parasite n every1 wu followed him needs thorough spiritual circumcision.next its maka…wa of zimbabwe

  • Pastr Moreblessing

    touch not the annointed man of God,,,u wil receive a curse…dont comment what u dnt know…this is hooliganism over rationality and triumph of evil over good,,,this news can be believed by those who are prepared to believe anything,,,nonsense,,,tb joshua 4 life

  • Macsyddy

    Mr pastor in this article you are the very person who need to repent .
    Why do you take all your energy to try and prove to the people that all that TB Joshua does is a lie without taking a thought at  the Good works and the contributions that he has done to society.Scholarships ,Haiti help,donations .Are all these not real?
    You say that he cannot prophesy but asks the the people secretly.Fine ! Who told him about the Haiti earthquake,The Nigerian soccer match outcome ,The Indian Disasters,The fire outbreak in UK. Look the lady that testifies here must have been booted out the SCOAN because of misbehavior or failed to lure TB Joshua. Remember you have said something about a Moslem background.That does it for the day.You were never converted in the first place to be a xian .

  • Tattiana

    iye akagadzira video iyi akanga atadziswa kuita mabasa erima natb kasi

  • Coolsoko

    The people who have commented above are a clear products of deceipt. Thats why at one point Jesus refused to perfom a miracle. He knew that miracles are not necessarily a sign of God’s presence because the devil can also do them. You shall know them by their fruits, not by their miracles. In these last days we need to be able to distinguish between a true church and a Business Empire.

  • Nompilokomboni2006


  • Charles

    Those are people who were paid to say whaever they are saying . I have got a personal experience of TB jOSHUA’S healing powers through the annoiting water in Cpae town . What they are saying is not true . TB Joshua is a real Man of God . Anyone who has doubt must visit one of his churches to experience the power personally . Remember even Jesus Chrict himself suffered persecution . There are a lot of the so called Prophets whose diabolic spirits were exposed by this Man of God who are fighting him . Why do you have to listen to these people , just go to Lagos and judge His powers for yourself .

  • George Mabani

    this is pure hatred among African churches as usual,that woman reporter is jua a prostitute and this other  pastor (ghana story )is just too bitter and cant even put together his stories.Am not really a TB JOSHUA fan but i feel and think there is a lot of jelous in Africa…lord save us….The bible says…..touch not the annointed ones of God

  • Nate

    Foxes in the Desert these false christs and false anointed from the pits of hell. TB Joshua is a disease he is a lie. Search the scriptures look to Jesus Christ  

  • Jewlz

    @ marxie…. I watched the whole video.. It has two ex synagogue employees saying the things they went through of sexual exploits and how they were manipulated…. How his prophesy is not true…. It just leaves you at a point of wonder about everything but who are we to judge, we are not all perfect an at least he brings souls to Christ how many have any o us brought….

  • Simpsonbiri

    TB Joshua is a true man of God!!!!! Remember the lord Jesus himself was also accused of casting demons through Belzebub the prince of demons…………………..A kingdom that fights against itself can not stand!!! The video is a creation of people that dont comprehend the ways of the lord!!! It gives the wrong impression that everybody who perfoms miracles is of the devil!!!

  • sober mind

    any person in his normal sense can tell that these guys are lying. i still cant figure out what they get from this lying, but its bad to blackmail someone. this video is the work of the evil one.

  • Rbanhwamasuka

    only GOD knws who his true followers are so stop quarelling here in the last days and these are the last days. just give ur life to Jesus Christ and read the BIBLE it wil definitely show u the way

  • hmachawira

    this is rubish and people should not even begin to beleive this craizy upload from the pit of hell.. one hint to you , she says at that particular time we needed god. which means it was then but now they are back to their real master in hell. what nonsence.

  • Smpngo

    she someone who slept with tb joshua but tb joshua didnt want her anymore.she is very stupid.

  • James marabhini

    wow let me not attack anyone but just say that people from SOAN:why do u call this lady a blasphemer.Jesus was accused of blasphemy for calling himself God when he was man.However Jesus was God and thus no sin.however this lady says negative things about tb joshua u call her blasphemer meaning joshua is God,beware of the words that u use or maybe he is God to you.2) what u are doing is daylight idolatry,why do u use stickers with this guys face and idolize them,and whatever he gives u worship that thing,eg if u loose the towel or water he gives, wont u cry  and curse whoever u think will have stolen it. i do not know

  • Tuli303

    Thou shalt not judge



  • Nigga

    all these are lies because i know of people from Zimbabwe who went there  on wheel chairs not the one pastor paul is talking about.pastor paul if you want followers preach th good Lord and he will give the congregation you desire.And bisola you testified on your own evil doings on emmanuel tv and you said you were sorry and wanted tcome back to the same person you are implicating today,i think you were not given the same job as the one you used to do and alla your corruption activities has been discovered and your have no chance to deceive people again that’s why you are saying that.  

  • Endro Mbetsa

    its one man for himself and God for us all !!!!!!!!!!

  • Makore

    People People People! Let us not rush to accuse or defend blindly. God gave us brains and the Bible says God’s children will be able to tell false prophets when they see them. Because I have never attended any of TB Joshua’s services, I can only use my scripture teachings and examples here. And going by my Bible I think this Guy is a Joke. About being Satanist I wouldn’t know but possibly a good con artist. Satanist implies someone who actively follows Satan, so I cannot make that accusation. However I also doubt his being a man of God. Christian means being Christ like and nowhere in my Bible did Christ make such a circus of healing the afflicted. Nowhere did he embarrass the suffering and made a spectacle of them just for publicity. I wait for a day when someone touches an afflicted poor soul and calmly proclaims to him that “In the name of my father you are healed.” Or easily says “Rise up and walk, your faith has healed you.” I think TB Joshua’s shows are too commercial and there is nothing that he does that cannot easily be staged by a determined con man.

  • Sharencoetzee

    wen evr ther is going to be a move from God he use’s a man.the enermy tries to use the only thng that cn stop the mov of God,the truth will alwys cum out,nd wen a prsn lies abt the man of God ther is a curse that is set apun them,be vry carful abt wat u say abt the man of God,for we hv no rite to point fingers at the man of God.ths woman is spkng brokn storys.T.B JOUSHA hs a beautifl wife he wud leav hr for ths woman????????????plz say sumthng els.ths woman is being used by the devil.u guys becful of wat u say abt the man of GOD God will send fire on u nd ur family

  • majaji goto

    False prophet he is. I have Seen this, he is an artist , a clever con l am telling you , don’t be surprised to hear that he is now a Traditional healler , an interpremier seeking for reaches and fame, read for yourself @ Mathew 11vs13. Whose power is he using ……….

  • Gumbofirst

    were is the satanism. why are you lying. who ever did this the almighty God is going to judge the person. regardless of how small is the man of God never play around tarnishing Man of God.

  • Mudimu

    Please don’t loosely comment about things you don’t know. It’s risky business. Read your bible, open Matthew Chapter 12 verses 23 to 32 
    Mat 12:23-32(Good News Bible Version)
    (23)  The crowds were all amazed at what Jesus had done. “Could he be the Son of David?” they asked.
    (24)  When the Pharisees heard this, they replied, “He drives out demons only because their ruler Beelzebul gives him power to do so.”
    (25)  Jesus knew what they were thinking, and so he said to them, “Any country that divides itself into groups which fight each other will not last very long. And any town or family that divides itself into groups which fight each other will fall apart.
    (26)  So if one group is fighting another in Satan’s kingdom, this means that it is already divided into groups and will soon fall apart!
    (27)  You say that I drive out demons because Beelzebul gives me the power to do so. Well, then, who gives your followers the power to drive them out? What your own followers do proves that you are wrong!
    (28)  No, it is not Beelzebul, but God’s Spirit, who gives me the power to drive out demons, which proves that the Kingdom of God has already come upon you.
    (29)  “No one can break into a strong man’s house and take away his belongings unless he first ties up the strong man; then he can plunder his house.
    (30)  “Anyone who is not for me is really against me; anyone who does not help me gather is really scattering.
    (31)  For this reason I tell you: people can be forgiven any sin and any evil thing they say; but whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.
    (32)  Anyone who says something against the Son of Man can be forgiven; but whoever says something against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven—now or ever.

  • Angela_kamanga

    get lost who ever doesnt believe our spiritual father God sent TB JOSHUA . touch not my annointed . its only God who can judge you are jeolous . so you are telling us TB JOSHUA is being used by the devil  you the writer wan brainwash so that we dont believe God is healing pple. You mean to tell us the devil is powerful. will not follow yr lies

  • mie

    what do you expect to hear from moslems who doesnt believe that Jesus was the son of God.

  • Mthokozisi_dlamini

    Religion is a mine field…. true belief comes from one’s inner self NOT from someone else. eventually pple will learn that ONLY YOU can trully fight for your redemption. whether TB J is Antichrist or Not Well thats between him and his God. the rest of us can just look out for our own salvation…

  • Itai

    I will not judge anyone but people must repent and worship the true God through his only Son Jesus Christ. Stop confusing God’s children

  • Chenai

    before i even watch the vedio, this tb joshua man is doing the works of the devil confusing pple and telling them fake funny prophecies coz he can connect to the dark world. he is not a prophet of the Lord (Mwari in Shona) who walked with the Israelites, who gave us Jesus Christ amongst other things….

  • Tpf

    false prophets.

  • bill

    i love the man of God those who judge they they r at the blink of facing up the wrath of God mind what yu say my brothers and sisters

  • Liz Chuma

    We may be desperate for money but lets find other means of getting it & not be used to tarnish the image of Jehovah’s servants. T.B. Joshua has gone a long way in helping people and to discredit such a person is to commit sin, one will leave to regret. Let the Gospel of God be known world wide, lets not try & hinder it from reaching all corners & let us remember all the time that we shall be answerable for our dids some day.

  • Phil

    Naming Pastor Chris in your article is just diabolical. It’s meant to tarnish his image. In your video TB Joshua’s prophets clearly exonerate Pastor Chris who they say is a true man of God who was conned to attend the meeting. This video exposes TB Joshua and none else. If you want to tarnish anyone else, you must do so with with evidence! The problem of naming every Spirit as evil is not wise. Why do you think  satan is the only one who can perform miracles? Remember God can not be mocked. Jesus said “I tell you, every sin and blasphemy can be forgiven–except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which will never be forgiven”. You reap what you saw. Zvimwe zvinhu ndezvemeso..Phil

  • Ruthnda

    God please come and do your judgement on earth.We are all living dangerously.If this is true pliz these prophets should be charged and destroyed out of these world.

  • Chinulameya

    Leave the man of God alone Pliz

  • Anonymous111

    Thou shall not touch the anointed of God, nor do His prophets no harm. AMEN

  • helena chikwanha

    you are mad go to hell girl

  • child of God

    There has only been one Jesus. People would do well to not put their faith in men (regardless of what they say) and develop a relationship with God instead. I pray for everyone to see the truth whatever it may be.

  • Precious

    TB Joshua is a man of God, Dear God why are all these men not seeing you when you call unto them?  Please people, mind what you drive yourself at.  The lord our God shall bless him more and more, IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST THE DEVIL IS A LIAR AND SHALL NEVER WIN THIS WAR.

    • Guest

      rubbish, respect man of GOD

    • dombo

      It seems everything is about TB Joshua and what he does , not about what God Says and what God can do.



  • tobas

    Father, forgive them and remove the veil of ignorance from their faces for they are giving false testimonies against the men of God to justify their qwn weakedness and failure.

  • Hildamusingarimi

    do not touch the anointed man of god, T B JOSHUA IS A TRUE SERVANT OF GOD,SATAN YOU ARE A LIAR

  • semere

    really,you are antichrist who opposes the work of God! please abstain from such kind of  activities but TB JOSHUA is the one God uses as a medium in this world to heal the people.
    I advise you that you should accept the work of God rather than opposes the prophet!!!!

  • semere

     Alas! Alas! you who oppose  the work of the Holy God.

  • James Mupa

    this guy who is dissing TB joshua is aso a con trying gain popularity by dissing the other one…
    you shall know them by their fruits.. i they speak not according to this testimony then there is no light in them.

  • otieno

    Lets be real lets put TB under Bible test what is it that he preaches- by the way if he is a christian why is he using the name allah in his posters? does he know that muslims dont believe that Jesus is the saviour? you people get real leave alone deceptive miracles lets find the Bible truth for indeed this will set you free.

  • Joysaiti

    No matter what tricks devil may use T.B Joshua is a man of God.may they not die before  confessing

  • Isseldube

    Jesus himself was rejected, a lot of people said, “the son of the carpenter,” etc, the truth is TB Joshua is a real servant of God specifically sent by God to save the lost, the poor, the suffering and people in bondage. Let me a sound a warning,,,”TESTIFY FALSEHOOD AGAINST THE SERVANT OF GOD IS LOOKING FOR THE WRATH OF THE LORD”   Read the bible carefully.

  • Mikebelemini

    Insulting a prophet has consequences, remember when Prophet Elisha was insulted in the Bible?  Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!”  When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.  And he went from there to Mount Carmel, and from there he returned to Samaria. 2 Kings 2:23-25

  • Rmadoda

    Some people will always want to tarnish the image of the men of God. God says “Do not touch my anointed ones.” If you don’t believe them you better stay quiet. You never know you can face God’s wrath because you are against them. Let those that believe them continue to do so otherwise your evil stories, videos etc will not change their belief. Everybody knows that we are living in a world that has advanced in technology. Don’t fool us!!

  • Mazvizvolewis

    no matter how we can say about Joshua answers are from God who he created joshua.


  • Pororo

    its only a fool that said ‘there is no God’ Pororo

  • Edmund Unyolo

    only GOD knows, many people are led astray because of little knowledge

  • Mpumi Nzimande777

    TB Joshua is a man of God no matter what the devil says  through her evil agents.
    We love and we pray for him in Durban,Wyebank.


  • milda

    if u r not gonna finish reading this then dont even start it, hmm…… ok, everyone has got thier different opinions but i want us all to ponder on these…..why is it that the accusations against him(TBJ) are sooo much, yh even Jesus was not really accepted in his own hometown and he was even accused of using demonic pwrs but i dont think he was ever accused of immorality, i dnt think those people r judging cos d bible already says so, they just dont want u to miss d way cos a blind man cant lead a blind man, seriously.. look at the lives of some well known pastors, how many people or witnesses have risen up against them? even if they did,to the best of my knowledge those accusations either didnt go round well enuf or died off, but the accusations against him keep coming up again nd again wf many “witnesses” though i cant ascertain thier genuity. nd moreover what about the prophecies dat dont come to pass…..dont b blinded by loyalty or any reason, just dig deep to know that u r on the right track…..God help and bless us all…say Amen nd dont hate me cos i said the truth….ciao

  • pamela

    Computer engineered Everything is fake I have done this befor at college leave the man of GOD alone or you will recieve curses

  • victor

    God forgive than pls man of God forgive that. He is a true man of God. you are the agant of devil. Pls some people did what you did and they die becareful. Live man of God along for good of you self and your family

  • precious

    TB Joshua is a true man of God. Satanists needs to drive christians way from the Lord. Manje makairasa muchatodainidzira kuti Jesus is the Almighty. Satan urichiiko zvako iwe utoriwo munhu akasikwa namwari, hauna simba iwe nekuti denga nenyika nezvose zvirimairi ndezvamwari.

  • mina

    i am a member of scoan church, the attached video is the works of satan, the lady has since apologised to TB Joshua and she is now back to be a muslim, she was just bitter after she was job shifted from being the emmanuel tv commentator to adminstration, her position was given to a much more fluent foreign national. TB joshua is a man of God and those who are saying foul things about him, should be very careful, better to just keep quite if you do not have God’s sipritual eyes and ears, you will bring upon a curse to you and your generation

  • julano

    Zivai zvemaConstitution enyu makanyarara.Endai mono vhota mareferendum enyu being quite,kwete kutinyangadza mhani.