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Killed by a mermaid, then brought back to life

By Bishop WG. Kusema


A Holy Fire, stocked by the Spirit of the Lord Jehovah, consumed the valleys and plains of Zvimba-Chirau from the 21st to the 24th of July 2011. This sacred place, on the banks of Muche river, next to the Nemakonde Mountain Range has a Tabernacle of the African Apostolic Church led by Paul Mwazha of Africa, built for the glory of Jehovah Most High.

Picture of a mermaid said to have been seen on the banks of Lake Chivero outside Harare
Picture of a mermaid said to have been seen on the banks of Lake Chivero outside Harare

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Vast multitudes lifted their voices in sanctified prayer, accompanied by divine songs of thanks and praise. Indeed, the prophecy of the Psalmist was fulfilled in which he prophesied saying, “From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same the name of the LORD shall be praised among the Gentiles.” Psalms 113 verse 3. This scripture was fulfilled this day, among the sons of Cush, at Zvimba-Chirau in Central Africa.

Myriads upon myriads of devout apostles of Jesus who worship God in the African Apostolic Church thronged this serene place to worship God over this blessed weekend celebrating the Holy Communion. They arrived in big buses, small cars, bicycles, motorbikes and other various forms of transport. Some had come by air transport from such diverse places as Europe, America, Dubai, South Africa, Zambia and various other faraway places too numerous to mention here. This is the place where this astonishing event chronicled below occurred:


“You are killing people! You evil Apostles. Mauraya vanhu nhai!” The large group of villagers gathered besides the Boniface pool on Guyu river shouted furiously. “You have killed the pregnant woman and that other young man!” The youngmen and women of the village, the headman, police officers they all came down to the river by the Bonface pool and they were seething with anger. They wanted revenge and justice for the pregnant woman and her unborn child who had drowned and died in the river during baptism by the local Evangelist for Runene parish, Evangelist Munarwo Matavire. Some of the women by the poolside were now weeping hysterically adding more sadness and anguish to the situation.

The restless mob 

The restless mob was now impatiently looking for signs of life at the water surface by the pool side where the baptism was being conducted a short while ago. There was no sign of life whatsoever. Two police officers had been called to open a criminal docket on death by drowning of a five month pregnant woman (and her unborn child) at the hands of members of the African Apostolic Church during a baptism ceremony. Things were now getting out of hand. More and more villagers hurried to the river to witness this tragic event. Someone was busy sending word all over the village, saying the apostles had killed a pregnant woman of the village. So the villagers came with great fury, intending to beat the lights out of the white garment wearing apostles of Jesus. But the Lord Jesus who sent Paul Mwazha of Africa made a timely divine intervention…

The testimony of Evangelist Munarwo Matavire

“I was the Baptist baptizing all the new converts on that fateful but eventually joyous day. It started off as a routine baptism with 5 new converts to be baptized, four males and one female convert who was 5 months pregnant. The baptism took place on 20 September 2010, on the Guyu river, in the Boniface pool near Magurekure Primary school in Zvimba, Mashonaland West province which falls under Bishop David Mukasa. I entered the baptismal pool and blessed the baptism water in the name of Jesus. This meant the pool was now sanctified and ready for Holy use. The baptism went smoothly until the pregnant woman’s turn to be baptized came around,” said Evangelist Munarwo Matavire in a recent interview with the AAC Herald at the Zvimba Chirau Tabernacle.

Invisible satanic force

“Before the baptism ceremony, the pregnant lady (Mrs. Ekina Kofi) had started by confessing that she was possessed by a mermaid spirit. She said the spirit was a generational spirit which passes on to a chosen child in the family line from generation to generation. But I had assured her that the word of God gives us total authority over all evil spirits and demonic powers. (Matthew 28). I made three quick baptismal back-head strokes, baptizing Elika Kofi in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

As I finished saying the words ‘the Holy Spirit’ the pregnant woman got up to leave the baptismal pool and join the other women in the congregation singing by the poolside. She had gone for only a couple of meters when all of a suddenly an invisible, powerful force pulled her back into the water! She shot past where I stood in the baptismal pool at top speed and went for about six meters towards the shallow end. Then suddenly, she was catapulted to the deep-end of the pool and she was sucked under water by a mighty force, never to resurface again!” Evangelist Matavire related this story to us animatedly.

“Sometimes these things do happen. A person can be possessed by a demon during baptism and they go under water briefly, only to reappear a short while later with the demon gone and they are healed. On this particular occasion though, things did not quite work out that way. Mrs. Kofi did not reappear at all. She was violently drowned by an evil force and to make matters worse she was pregnant! I looked around me feeling the water with my bare hands in the hope that I might stumble upon her body, but there was nobody there.

Drunken with the Holy Spirit

“By now word had reached the village that a pregnant woman had drowned during baptism at Guyu river in the Boniface pool. People were now coming from all over the village calling for my head to roll, since according to them I had caused the pregnant woman’s death as I was the Baptist and Evangelist, ‘We want to beat you up, long beard. We want to kill you…!’ The young men of the village and everyone else were shouting at the top of their voices.

The police were called to the scene of the tragedy as well. Some of the village women were weeping and wailing. At the same time, members of the Runene Parish continued to sing songs of praise to God as they always do during baptism ceremonies. I noticed that the church secretary, Clemence Musarurwa, was greatly overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit. He staggered to and fro, drunken with the Spirit of the Living God in a great way, then, something dramatic happened…

Secretary Clemence Musarurwa’s testimony

“You must die or rot in jail, you foolish apostles…!”

“As I saw all those people baying for our blood saying, ‘You are going to jail for your crime! You must die or rot in Jail, you foolish apostles…, they were demanding that we be beaten up and arrested for causing a pregnant woman’s death. They surrounded the pool in great fury. That moment, my heart longed for the salvation that can only be found in the Word of God. The Word of God says no instrument fashioned against us shall prevail and that those who wait upon the Lord shall be given new strength.

Would God allow His work for which He Commissioned His servant Paul Mwazha of Africa, will He allow it to be put to shame this way? No, surely He has to intervene in a mighty way the same way He opened the Red Seaand the Hebrews crossed over! So His name will be praised among the hearthens! So I thought. As I thought this way, that moment the Holy Spirit struck me like a mighty storm as I looked southwards, my eyes filled with tears of compassion as I thought about our predicament.

Taken into the pool

“I was swept off the poolside by the Holy Spirit and plunged deep into the deepest end of the baptismal pool. To this day I cannot understand what happened for God works in mysterious ways. The Holy Spirit took under water to a depth of more than four or five meters. I did not feel any fear at all, all I felt was the abiding presence of the Spirit of God as I sank into the uttermost depths of that pool. No water entered my lungs through the nose, or mouth neither did a single drop enter my eardrums,” secretary Musarurwa spoke eloquently as he sat opposite us besides Bishop Mukasa’s tent during the interview conducted alongside the Holy Communion Conference at Zvimba.

The search for her dead body

“Underneath, I started searching for her all over the Boniface pool. I could see well under the water. I searched everywhere but could not find Mrs. Kofi’s body. I then noticed that there were some caves under the water in the pool. I then began to search for her in those caves which were under the water, after a long time I decided to come out of the network of caves under the pool since I had not found her body there. As I came out of the caves in the deep end of the pool, I stumbled upon her body, neatly laid upon a level underwater rock face. She was dead.

“I do not know where I got the strength from, but I managed to pick her up with one hand and threw her up to the surface of the pool. I followed her, swimming upwards towards the surface of the pool. In the end I lifted her up in my arms and took her out of the pool on the shore. I raelised that there was even more trouble because the people from the village were accussing the believers that now two people were dead, including myself (since I had taken along time to return they thought I was dead too!) When I came out with her body there was a gasp of amazement from the villagers who were shouting.

“Everybody rushed to where I had laid Mrs. Kofi’s body. I opened her eyes and saw that her life had slipped out of her body. The Holy Spirit directed me that we should pray for her. I thus requested the congregation to sing Hymn 30, Changamire Muponesi (Christ Our Redeeming Saviour). We prayed for her fervently, placing the book The Divine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa which has Paul Mwazha’s picture on the cover against her face. Suddenly, she took a very deep breath and the breath of life returned to her body. I quickly left the place and went back to Magurekure Primary School to advise Reverend Sandres Dandajena what had happened at the river.

On the way I met a large group of villagers on their way to the river. ‘We have heard two people are dead at river Guyu as a result of a baptism that went wrong!’ They said but I assured them that the Lord Jesus Christ who sent His servant Paul Mwazha of Africa had intervened and brought the pregnant woman back to life. We all went back to the river and prayed for her again together with other leaders such as Evangelist Tigere. She then complained that her foetus was no longer moving in her womb. Thus we prayed for Holy Water which we gave to her to drink and her child started moving in her womb again and all rejoiced at this news and many people joined the church as a result of this miracle!

Mrs. Ekina Kofi’s Testimony

“One night as I was asleep in our bedroom I heard people at church singing Hymn 30, Changamire Muponesi (Christ Our Redeeming Saviour). The music was very sanctifying and I felt my soul greatly blessed by this kind of music. But I could hear that the voices were coming from a distant place. I was 5 months pregnant so I asked my husband Onias Kofi what was going on. He told me that there was a weekend church gathering for the African Apostolic Church at Magurekure Primary School. So I asked my husband if I could attend. He agreed, besides my brothers attend that same church.

Spirit wife

“The following day I left for church but before I left my husband told me about an unusual dream he had had the previous night. In the dream he had “seen” a man declaring that I was his “wife” as I had a mermaid spirit and I was his “wife” through that spirit, his spirit wife. The evil spirit in the dream said if I should be baptized in the Afrcan Apostolic Church in the river, then I would not survive the baptism. In the dream, the spirit husband took a reed and threw it into the water declaring that I would not survive the baptism. Ithen asked Onias my husband to escort me to Magurekure Primary School to attend the church service but he refused and went on a different personal journey,” said Mrs. Kofi during our discussion with her.

Baptism of fire

It took me a while to get to church since I had to rest on the way as I was 5 months gone with my pregnancy. I decided to join the church because I no longer wanted to be burdened by mermaid spirits, I no longer wanted to be a host for evil spirits. I confessed before the congregation that I was possessed by a mermaid spirit and I wanted the Lord Jesus to set me free. We attended church the whole weekend until the Sunday when we went for baptism. The other four men were baptized without problems until my turn came. I do not know what came over me soon after my baptism.

“A dark cloud surrounded my entire being and I saw the entire pool turned into a lake of fire. The Baptist, Evangelist Munarwo Matavire was now baptizing me in a lake of fire instead aof a pool of water. There were flames of fire all over the place. I tried to get hold of the Evangelist’s garment but I could not touch him anymore. A great darkness consumed my soul and it felt like my heart had cracked into two pieces. The pain was immense and I was breathing hot fire in all my lings burning spears of heat seared my nostrils and pierced my lungs. I felt I was sinking and I tried to call for help but my voice could not come out. I stretched my hands to grasp at anything that could save me to no avail. After that I could not remember anything again.

The Angel of Africa appears

“All I can remember is seeing the picture of the Angel of Africa, Paul Mwazha shining like a very small light at the end of a very dark tunnel. When I died, I felt like one going to sleep and a great darkness the like of which I have never seen anywhere before covered my being and I was struggling to come out of that darkness. The moment I saw the vision of the Angel of Africa, Paul Mwazha of Africa, that is when light started coming back into my life like a pair of blood lights. The light increased gradually until the floodlights hit me and I came back to life and vomited a little bit of water. They prayed for some Holy Water of Alpha and Omega and my baby started moving in my womb. Meanwhile the congregants continued singing Hymn 30 praying for me then in the end they gave me some food.

“I am happy because the Lord Jesus who sent Paul Mwazha of Africa saved my life and that of my unborn child. Now I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I thank the Lord Jesus who sent Paul Mwazha of Africa to give me a new life. Four angels came to me. I recognized two of the angels namely the Angel Gabriel and the Angel of Africa, Paul Mwazha of Africa, I did not recognize the other two. They prayed for me and since then I have never been sick again and I gave birth to my baby girl whom we named Lesley-Dimo Kofi.

Praise be to God!

Bishop WG. Kusema is the Bishop for Europe & America. He is based in the United Kingdom. For more information about this powerful ministry you can contact him on his email: [email protected] Mobile:00447934254273; 00442086540511. Alternatively you can contact: Archbishop EP. Mwazha; The African Apostolic Church; No. 8 Jefferson Road, Logan Park, Hatfield, Zimbabwe, Africa Tel:002634572426

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