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Drama as married woman caught cheating

By Tatenda Chipungudzanye

There was naked drama at a local lodge in Harare when a married woman was caught red handed by her husband while having ‘horizontal gymnastics’ with a boyfriend. The incident was captured on camera by the H-Metro tabloid.

Thirty-five year old Portia Jowa was stunned when her husband Herbert Jowa (40) walked in on her temporary love nest with boyfriend Emmanuel
Thirty-five year old Portia Jowa was stunned when her husband Herbert Jowa (40) walked in on her temporary love nest with boyfriend Emmanuel

Thirty-five year old Portia Jowa was stunned when her husband Herbert Jowa (40) walked in on her temporary love nest with boyfriend Emmanuel at the Aqua Lodge opposite the Harare Exhibition Park.

But before they could begin their own ‘exhibition’ of passion the husband and a group of relatives burst into the room and delivered what turned out to be a thorough beating of the compromised love birds.

According to the H-Metro “Portia received arguably the worst hiding of her life as her hubby’s relatives made away with her clothes as exhibit for the pending adultery court case. The scenario caused a stir at the lodge forcing some other couples who were booked at the lodge to come out half naked.”

Its reported that Portia runs a backdoor canteen at ZIB Heights in Central Avenue where she sells food and now it has been proven that she sells her THIGHS as well. All the dirty linen was washed in public amid revelations that love potions had been used on Herbert for the 18 years they had been married.

Also stunning were revelations that Portia made maximum use of prophets to get total control of Herbert while a 1Rand coin as well as clothes had been used for rituals to ‘tame’ Herbert. And while he was being tamed, other men it would seem were getting wild with his wife.

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“This woman has been cheating on me for the past 17 years or so. Ndanga ndakabikwa ini (love potions were at work). “We have four children with this woman but she has been abusing me. She used to beat me up until I moved out of my own flat to let her stay alone,” lamented Herbert.

Herbert said he moved out on June 4 this year so that he could have ample space to investigate Portia’s shenenigans.

“This woman would always say that she was tired whenever I wanted to exercise my conjugal rights. I then knew that she was dating a lot of men and she even confessed that she had the ‘sex of her life’at a Borrowdale lodge some time ago,” said Herbert.

On Wednesday night Herbert wanted to prove that his wife was a two timer and a readily available sex mate and arranged that one man requests quality time with her. Portia accepted the proposal and started sending love messages to Emmanuel.

One of the messages read, “Ndoda kuva newe wombonzwawo zvandiri. Bonus yangu ndoida chicken inn ye 3 dollars hayo (I want you to have a feel of me.

Another read, “Wake wake ndatotota ndodiko panemacustoma.” Little did Portia know that the messages were being forwarded to her husband as she continued being more and more raunchy.

“Daddy I love you very serious m***o yako irikuita seirimo shaa ndirikutonakirwa newe ini ndiri ndoga switie,” read one of the messages.

Another read; “…Ndekapi ndekapi..magaro anopera neku driver usingazorore. Ndimi munozotinetsa muchingoti mukaisa *** mobva ****** ini ndisati ndambokunzwa. Wako P.”

Little did Portia know that she was being trapped until she was caught red handed with another man. Acting on a tip off, H-Metro followed Emmanuel and Portia from the ZIB Heights Flat to Aqua Lodge where they booked for an hour.

And as they had undressed and readied to make love the H-Metro lens imposed itself for a THREESOME and spoiled the impending party! A fight erupted as Herbert and one of his younger brothers went on a rampage to beat the cheating woman.

But it was not until Herbert’s younger brother received his own share as Portia fought back and bit his arm.

After failing to get her ‘catch’ to sink something into HER she decided to sink her TEETH into the party spoilers! Portia’s son called looking for his mother only to be answered by his father who narrated the whole ordeal.

“Is it true mum?” asked the son and Portia said it was affirmative before the son hung up the phone. When H-Metro left the scene, all the parties were driving in four vehicles to Milton Park Police Station for justice to take its course.

Portia was only wrapped in a bed-spread when she left for the station under which her steamy hot and sweat dripping body lay. Herbert and his relatives are said to have proceeded to the flat where they threw Portia’s belongings out.

As they packed Portia’s belongings they stumbled upon a cloth with inscriptions for holy divination. “PORTIA JOWA MHOFU YEMUKONO. Murume wangu dzoka mumba. Ramba kufurirwa. Vakadzi vekunze siyana navo, funga nezvangu chete. Hama dzinoputsa siyana nadzo. Ziva zvemhuri yako chete

(Come back home my husband. Don’t listen to what relatives say. Think about me only and your family).” It appears that’s the spell that had been cast on Herbert so that he wouldn’t stray from the matrimonial bedroom although he was sex starved. H Metro

  • hubby4life

    The good thing about relationships is that, eventually YOU WILL KNOW, the bad part is the timing of it…. At least its better to know and be free, than never to know and be chained in doubt, suspicion & curiosity,,,

  • fatstarz50

    ndonyaya dzatinoda idzi kuona hama dzichibatsirana portia watinyadzisa

  • progress

    Violence against women should never be condoned. What a disgrace from H-Metro to persecute a woman who from your report was already separated from her husband. In progressive societies, this would be met with the full wroth of the law. It’s unfortunate in this day and edge, some men still think they can use violence to control women. Shame on you H-Metro.

    • Miral Mombeshora

      Ha ha ha ha Mahure! Unga supporter wo chihure nhai progress?

    • james nyamaz

      I think H-Metro did the right thing because it prevents the future incidences. Maybe she has been doing this for 17 years or before they got married. Who knows. 

      • Sangodema

        Haa Hmetro ndiyo yaparadza dzimba dzevanhu. Bhaibheri rinoti regereranai saka pachaita reco here apa izvo zvashambadzwa kudai

    • ndatimusaseke

      You are right progress, I hope the woman find strength and report this alien man for taking away her dignity. No matter what the man was not suppose to do that kune mai vevana vake. We have a right to what we want and zvaakaona kuti mukadzi waihura wakadii kumusiya. Maweakness ake murume uyu explains a lot about his own package in the trousers department beacause that woman is well built.

      • Tundie Ramukati

        Uri hure chete

    • Tundie Ramukati

      Iwe akabata achifeva whats wrong with you what are you trying to promote? Dzidzisa vamwe vasahure chete

  • Tandie

    ko hanti vakange vasiyana here? kungoda kunyadzisa mukadzi uyu chete.

  • Mukoma Gava

    The husband was luck to make such a discovery.In fact its not luck but grace from God. Varume vazhinji munyika umu vari kutambwa imwecheteyo kusvika pakuchengeta mwana wechikomba iye mukadzi achiziva uye chikomba chichizivawo. Unenge uchingonzi Bharanzi uya, Bharanzi wako umuchenjerere. Zvakaoma vasikana!

    On the other hand I strongly think the husband went offside again. He was not supposed to bit her. Bible spells out what  needs to be done in such circumstances. Kurovana is now outdated. Well its also true that when we all come under such situations, we fail to control our emotions.

    Imiwo ve H Metro makazonyanyawo. She is not the first one to cheat. Its not surprising that in the same lodge maitova nevamwe  vaitotambawo imwechetewo.Chihure ka ichi chatekesheyera nenyika pamazuva okupedzisira. she only made a mistake yokubatwa otherwise ndiwo  muitiro wavazhinji. I think you should have protected her personality some how. some pictures of her maifanira kungomasiya uye kuzotipa zita rake, basa raanoita, bin remacondom, that was too much and imi muri vanhuwo wani vakomana. No one is perfect . Its mascandal after scandal, munyika umu

    • Sangodema

      So true hey

  • Ko imi be H-metro mashaya zvokureporter here ndizvitsireiwo shoko kuna vamugabe kuti vava outdated vakura havazvione here tirikuda Katanga yedu Hondo seye kwa Gaddaffi

  • Makombe

    Ha guyz apa hapan nyaya apa. Ka H Metro kavakungoshandiswa ku settla ma scores. The husband moved out muna June vakomana. Ashaiwa zvekufambira mberi ne upenyu hwake here. Im a man also but thats a shameless man. Look what you have done to your children Kuyanika mhuri yako. Guyz lets look at the big picture mhani.

  • MfombiCrew

    Ngaatende vadzimu vake,coz tirisu vamwe tinoisa demo or mbumburu

  • Chie

    mahure ngaanyadziswe saizvozvo. Pamwe vamwe vangadzikama.Welldone H metro.

  • Khourtney

    Mukadzi benzi anozviputsira imba ega, saka chii chaakagona kusanyara kwemukadzi mukuru kusagutsikana nemurume wake. ko achati chii kune vana. Harinyari zigadzi ziguru.

  • Mutsikapandada3

    Just scores to settle here, zvisinei, I think H-Metro is becoming Notorious for destroying than constructing, what does one get from all this, fun. I think they are losing touch @ being good journalist & failing 2 feed us with important news.

  • Mombeshora

    am i the only one who is not getting this story? was this guy emmanuel in on it too? where was the hubby getting those texts from and who did he arrange with to get the texts?

  • Maliki

    anaPurogiresi mavakuda kuzviita vanhu veHuman rights imi manje? As much as we all do not condone violence in whatever form, we shall not be blinded and become hypocrites sewe kutotiwo “some men still think they can use violence to control women. Shame on you H-Metro.” ko u dont mention the fact that muchinda uyu airakashwa for 17 years kusvika abuda mumba, unless thats not violence to you? chibvapo izvozvi!


    Aiwa veduwee, asiri hure ndiani, at least mai Jones vaitozvidziirira,murume ndewako uinaye mumba manzwa. kana ari pamusoro pangu ndewangu nguva iyoyo. h Metro its just too much. Munhu wamatonyatsoburitsa ari musvo kudaro kunge imi ma editor acho musina twenyu apa tatonzwa nekukuvhurirai makumbo. nepana mai jones vacho makatombopfuura nepo. MAKUSHAYA HUNHU MANJE NEKUTINYADZISIRA PANANA BABA VEDU PAMWE NEVANA. Vharaika malodge acho, ko baba vakamira apo vasina nhumbi handiti vaito nyenga futi, murume wemunhu kauyu. Mai jones haana kumira muroad achizvishambadza asi akaenda pakavanzika. President vedu honai zvakuitika munyika medu, muripi. Zimbabwe haina kufuma kudaro. imi vapanduki musatikanganisira zimbabwe yedu mhani. PASI NE H METRO

  • Tknowels

    If she cheats on you just leave her, why beat her up.Black men are brainless.

  • ndatimusaseke

    I know I will offend many people with my views. But honestly marriage is a committment and involves trust. They have been married for almost 18 years. Love fizzles out sometimes and believe it or not a woman`s hormones do keep changing sometimes she needs emotional support from her husband, sometimes a man has to learn new techniques to keep the fire burning. Our culture is deprived of certain values such as love and remordenizing onself. a woman`s mind do change. woman have different persoonalities so is man. we are all different and individuals, so imagine 2 strangers joined with marriage. Marriage is part of our designer life because there is no rule to say you should get married if you dont get married you get killed. THERE IS NO SUCH THING BECAUSE MAN HIMSELF INVENTED ALL THAT. so this poor woman wether something was lacking in the house no one knows what mental torture she was experiencing. People like to judge what they do not know. People like to laugh when its not even a laughing matter. Please these people they should know better because they are adults but lack of education is the problem. They have 4 children, 4 children do you hear me? But what a fool of a man who is man enough to deal with his marital problems in private would come to an extend of humiliating his dear beloved mother to his children like that as if he never knew her. My psychological part of thinking in this issue, and analyzing the contents of the story and what the man has to say about his ex wife and the humiliation he has caused her and the children. I can conlude that they both need a psycho-therapist as well as their children because damage has been done. The man clearly has some issues with his confidence and he does have low self esteem because he went to great length to humiliate mai vevana vake to satisfy his dark side which probably he will never acknowledge. THAT WOMAN IS HEAVILLY BUILT and the man looks quite small physically. So it paints the whole picture because zvinonzi rudo ibofu espacially kunesu vechitema takaputirwa nechivanhu. Vakangwara vakadzi vanozvipa nguva youkutsvaka murume kwaye anomufadza achicompare befor azvicommita kuna anyone. But pachivanhu even anekatsono, chero afarirwa nehama zvotonzi garai mese. Ude kuchema chema mukadzi unongotukwa zvonzi unonetsa.

    • Tundie Ramukati

      You started sensibly but you started waffling at the end. just promote good morality. the Vows of marriage. The woman brought it upon herself. I dont condone beating a woman for any reason but women must not do tings because of that rights issue. they should just behave well.

  • Mrgreatss

    H-Metro sickens me, publishing pictures of a man beating up a women is no story regardless of how wrong she was. Cheating is cheating but allowing a man put his hands on a female while media were busy capturing it, is disgusting.

    • Lebo2011

      Yes!The H- metro was very irresponsible,I hope this woman has ample evidence to sue them and her coward of a husband.Shame on him for beating her up.

  • Nyati

    Murume unorova mudzimai igwara; I dont care what the woman has done. igwa nevamwe varume kana uchida zvezvi bhakera.

  • Eric_mutenge

    Disgusting, this isn’t news; makuhwa! What an immature backward people we are indeed!

  • Kumbi

    portia, take these picturesku court usungise everyone who laid a hand on you and photgraphed you against your will. hmetro manyanya…. 

  • Hymnmureru

    Kana ndiwe wo wanga usingazivi here kuti wakaroora hure chairo.Zvimwe zviri pachena asi unongoda kuzvisimbisa uchifunga kuti munhu achachinja.Hure unonga gara wazviona kuti ihure.Wakanzwa bata pamwe vana vaurikuti ndevako pamwe havasi vako.

  • cbronx

    ndokuti kuzeya ka uku

  • Saheed20008

    Why am I not surprised by this story? It’s common with women from zimbabawe! They cheat alot. Shame shame shame!

  • wacky

  • True African

    Amai ava vamunhu mukuru havanyare here,hezvo vakubuda zvidya pamaNewspaper.

  • Mgovero

    H-metro yashaya zvekunyora. Zvimwe murume wacho anga atoriwo negirlfriend. Hapana kana nyaya apa. tibvirei kure.

  • Cde

    “This woman would always say that she was tired whenever I wanted to exercise my conjugal rights. I then knew that she was dating a lot of men and she even confessed that she had the ‘sex of her life’at a Borrowdale lodge some time ago,” said Herbert.
    Yeh, chimai ichi chakapenga manje

  • ruuduu

    iyi ndoo mbwa, coward of a man

  • Patie

    serves her write

  • einstein

    nyaya ndeyechokwadi here? hmetro musadaro.

  • Rumbidzai Mushonga

    Neniwo ndoto zviitawo kuenda kumalodges nevarume vevanhu,saka chii chashamisa pana mai H-metro siyai tinakirwe.

  • King samit

    Haufungggi nhai

  • Scola

    Zvakadhakwa vanhu vakadaihavadive.unofanira kuchira hupenyu hwako.

  • Chimutengwende Chenhamo

    Imi vana Progress mutodawo zvechihiure siyai hure rinyadziswe. Ava mai I hure remakoko ndoto tenda hangu pavairamba kurara nababa ava vachiti vakaneta zvaive zvakakanaka kuti vaitoziva kuti vane chirwere vakangatozora uyu muface. Akatowana munhu asina hasha ndiriini hangu ndingadai ndakato pfuudza nepfuti ndobaya uk same time kwete ku supoter chihure

    • harmony

      Hey 1+1 is 2,chidinga chidinga hapana chiribeta.Adultery has no defence dai vakauraya bcoz tapedzwa nevanhu vakadai.Our constitution must address such issues.We r humans so let’s live like we are.God never made us ths way.lts sad.Hmetro keep it up ngavawatche.

  • pachako

    mahure anonetsa

  • chiwara

    katy mai vakakura avo,

  • Anonymous

    they should just mind thier own business

  • muziwandile ncube

    they should just mind thier own business

  • peaches07

    is this woman 35, she looks 50

  • Lael

    Champion bitch…..u reap wat u sow