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Chiyangwa’s ‘sex obsessed’ daughter heats up Facebook

By Esther Gomo

Wealthy businessman Philip Chiyangwa might need to invest some lessons in preserving dignity for his ‘sex obsessed’ daughter Memory Chiyangwa who is raising eyebrows on facebook by using sexuality explicit language to talk about her father’s promiscuous sex life and insulting poor people who live in ‘ghettos’.

Memory Chiyangwa who is raising eyebrows on facebook
Memory Chiyangwa who is raising eyebrows on facebook

If the 21 year old Memory Chiyangwa is not talking about how rich and fabulous her family is, she is posting status updates on sex, orgasms, masturbation, premature ejaculations, sex during periods and how sweet she is during sex.

Memory who claims to have studied for a “Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery” at the University of Zimbabwe, even shocked her friends on the 23rd of April this year when she asked for a list of women who had slept with her married father, Philip Chiyangwa.

“Ndiri kukumbirawo kuziva vasikana vakambonyengwa na daddy (Phillip) or even kutorara navo ..??” she asked in Shona on her Facebook wall. Predictably she got a lot of abuse from people commenting on her thread with some accusing her of lacking in respect for her father.

Memory who is believed to stay in the United Kingdom fires back saying her dad does not mind her outrageous posts and that “tumutemo i think twuri ku poverty ikoko if things ar ok hakuna chinoyera- rules are found in poor families, if a family is well off nothing is taboo” she says.

Memory who claims to have studied for a “Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery” at the University of Zimbabwe, even shocked her friends on the 23rd of April this year when she asked for a list of women who had slept with her married father, Philip Chiyangwa.
Memory who claims to have studied for a “Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery” at the University of Zimbabwe, even shocked her friends on the 23rd of April this year when she asked for a list of women who had slept with her married father, Philip Chiyangwa.

In true Zanu PF fashion, she even threatens some of those commenting that “plz guys stop being jealous and make sure mazita enyu vamwe ndekunyepa yu might suffer fo no reason..-make sure your names are fake, you might suffer for no reason,” she warns

One of her friends called Charity, tells her that “Yo family needs some serious therapy and so u know poverty is a relative term compared to Strive Masiyiwa your family are beggars kuma avenues. To be frank vanayo they don’t brag they let their money do the talking on their behalf. So tinyararirewo Memory.”

Memory hits back telling Charity that “inotori nenhamo yako hure rakaita sewe iko kushata but hakukurwadze here .Hona vanhu vauri kuti compare navo takapenga tinorarama nemari dzenyu marema muchimama kuma location kwenyu kunonhuwa ikoko,,@Monalisa if yu need a contract huya kumba kwedu ukwirwe na Bingo becz hse maid wadu hauite.”

Translated, Memory told Charity that they (Chiyangwa family) are rich because they feed of money from fools like her who stay in the ‘locations’ (poor suburbs) which stink. She tells another woman called Monalisa that if she is sex-starved she should come to their house and have sex with their dog ‘Bingo’.

On the 21st of October Memory told her facebook friends “ZANU PF yakatiyambutsa veduwe dayi zvikaramba zvakadaro , ..kwedu zviri ku faya mhuri yeZim iri kutishandira- Zanu PF has helped us cross the bridge, things are going well for us, hope it remains like that, the Zimbabwean family is working for us.”

Several other posts from Memory are packed with sexual innuendos like “kupeterwa pasofa apa dumbu riri uko kunakirwa chete..”. In another post she asks “Can you break virginity while you are wearing a condom????”

In May this year she asked “Ndeupi mukomana anokuda ane future btwn anokushandisira condom or anoda nyoro ..??- which boy who loves you has a future between the one who sleeps with you with a condom and the one who sleeps with you without a condom?”

Memory can also be a bit of a tease. In April she threatened to write down a list of all the celebrities who had asked her out.  “today ndoda kunyora list yema celebrity akambondinyenga …!!,” she said in one status update.

In the same month Memory also urged her friends to go and celebrate the release of the late serial rapist Madzibaba Godfrey Nzira who was released from prison by President Robert Mugabe where he was serving his 20 year jail term for multiple rape crimes.

“Handeyi tinopemberera kudzoka kwa madzibaba Nzira , Macheso and Kapfupi vachange vachiridza kumasowe…,” she said.

During Mugabe’s 87th birthday on the 21st of February this year she urged him to step down because he was now ‘old’ and should give others a chance.

“Kuita makore akawanda hakuna kuipa hako baba Bona chido chamwari but kubvuma kuti wachembera ndipo pane nyaya , hatipe vamwe mukanawo ..Happy birthday vaMugabe,” she said.

Surprisingly Memory has also built a legion of followers who like her sense of humour and no holds barred approach to life. Whenever she does not post any updates her friends line up on her wall begging her to say something exciting or controversial. “Why are you quiet Memory,” one friend asks, “Facebook is boring without you,” she says.

Below is a collection of Memory Chiyangwa’s outrageous posts

“Chiii chakaitika musi wawatanga kurara nemusikana for the fst tym and how did yu know kuti zvinoitwa nepapa ,, Have been tokng to one of the guys hanzi vakomana tinowanzo dzidzira pahama ..Is dat true and wat do yu think??? 6 April 2011

“Is that true kuti murume anokuda mazuva ekutanga meaning inenge ichimira nekuda kwako but nekufamba kwemazuva inenge yomira nevamwe vanhu but opedzera shungu kwauri wepamba??…Thats y u see ma babe emahwindi etc vachiwona moto nayo …True or False”  25 March 2011.

“vakomana munowona seyi kuti musikana anoda blambi too much or kuti musikana anokuda usati wamunyenga..??” 24 March 2011.

“Guys if yo grlfnd or yo wife says,` isa yese handisi kuyinzwa` , while yu knw yaperera..wat doyu do or wat do yu think ???- if your girlfriend or wife asks you to put all of it inside and yet you know you already have, what do you do?” 22 March 2011.

“‎90% of yu guys hamugoni kutundisa vakadzi and you have full of i know also some they dnt even knw kuti kutunda kwemukadzi kuita sei,..vakadzi vave kungogarira kuti ndodi…Lets help each other guys” 20 March 2011.

“Kuti mukomana azoti unonaka unenge wamboita seyi chaizvo becz ndanzwa nekunzi unonaka but im just simple..” 4 March 2011.

“Wat is the day you will never forget in your life???rangu musi wandakabva humhandara , and YOU ???- the day I will never forget is the day I lost my virginity.” 18 February 2011.

“Varume yedzaiwo kufadza madzimai , most madzimai kungogarira vana kana kumbotundiswawo hupenyu hwake hwese..- men, please try and pleasure your women into getting orgasms, some women just stay around for the sake of the children without reaching a climax the rest of her life.” 16 February 2011.

“is there any problem kusura pabonde????- is ther any problem farting while having sex?” February 2011.

“Nhai veduwe ndabata mumwe musikana achiita bonyora but now im confused kuti ndoita sei ?/ can i ask fo 4gvness or wat since andipa rimwe ziso rakaona and akaridza zitsamwa…” 4 February 2011.

“Is there any prblm 2 hv sex ndiri kuma periods???” 29 January 2011.

“just wake up to say, ` murume wangu unogona kuzviita ndatenda hangu`.,,,hameno kwamuri uko zviri kuzipa here??” 22 January 2011.

Controversial Memory Chiyangwa has also built a legion of followers on facebook who love her sense of humour and outrageous statements
Controversial Memory Chiyangwa has also built a legion of followers on facebook who love her sense of humour and outrageous statements


  • Sonofzimbabwe

    Whoever is doing this, its wrong and vile. Have a heart for other people’s privacy. Manje manje tichave hedu ne a Murdorch-NOWT-gate ne Zimbabwean Press nenyaya yekuita zvimafake profile to get cheap tabloid…….

  • Zimson

    There is no proof that she is the owner of this profile. There are lots of words used here that I dont think this salad girl has ever heard. I wont rush to judge or defend before I get proof.

  • nyasha


  • Sharosechimeto

    can someone tell her that they might be filthy rich..but too bad their money cannot buy her dignity…infact may they invest their money in a lifetime of ARV’s..coz nothing goes without side effects…

  • shinginewtok

    Whatever this person is trying to do it really not worth publishing. A person’s profile is a personal space. Even FB policies do not allow or approve what this article potrays. We are so worried about what someone is doing and forget to live our on lives. She might be rich and outrageous and comments a lot or whatever but is her life and she is having fun. You watch it and it has affected you. Whether you like or you dont you surely dont have so much fun with your life to follow up and stripping people’s profiles and writing about them. Get a life . Who cares if she loves sex. So many of you do and you write whatever crap you want on your walls but who publishes it. A tip for you, a profile is a private space if it irritates you unfriend her rather than posting her profile here. We need more stories and not facebook issues. Its private and half the time its fake. How can you entirely proves its her. I can impersonate my self as big breasted hipilicious or whatever photoshop does all that. You could do better as a writer than copying and pasting facebook.

    • Postlan

      go to hell

  • Gimmo

    hapana kana nyaya apa

  • KissMyArsenal

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Watch this space….

  • time_nguva

    this could be the work of the devilish haters.lets not rush to assassinate the poor little girl.it mite be someone else using her pics.its only facebook after all..this witchhunting is all because its the so called daughter of chiyangwa.

    • Hater

      hauna brain kana uchisimbisa this spoilt brat js coz they r rich and have doll, na mean dat she should taurn the social network into her wanky-room and talk chack-bout about poor people and how they live big @ poor people’s expence. oy missa babylon,wee u get ur system ya from?ndezvekupenga zvetuma threats twake utwu akajaidzwa coz u cant slunder ur father’s name like that Dick-craver.

  • Mwana45

    It doesn’t sound right to my ear that she claims to have gotten a degree at UZ because she probably attended college overseas. The second photo was photoshopped: look at the legs. A Memory-Facebook-wall is not evidence as one can easily create A-MEMORY-CHIYANGWA profile, post something and find 5 people to comment then take a screen shot…In my opinion this article was made up by a HATER!

  • checkfacts

    Miss reporter ,you write the article as if you are certain that it is indeed Miss Chiyangwa who owns that profile.Have you heard of fraping or fake profiles? What will you say if it turns out that some enemy or jealous ex with access to her photos has actually created the profile in a bid to give her a bad name?If you verified that the woman actually owns the account then fine but if not,your reporting leaves a lot to be desired because you are just spreading rumours.

  • Terra Nova

    Don’t make excuses for her, it’s not a fake account. Im also her friend on Facebook and she has been doing this for more than 3 years. If it was a fake account it would have been closed by now. This girl is a strong character by the way, she will probably be laughing about this article and even posting it on her wall, wait and see, u don’t know her the way some of us know her, she is the Queen of I Don’t Care.

  • Edmund Chiyangwa

    Edmund Chiyangwa
    Please be advised there is an individual who is obsessed about Phillip Chiyangwa going around claiming to be a part of our family yet she is not. She is posting improper comments on facebook disrespecting everybody including the Chiyangwa Family. Her name is Memory Chiyangwa. Be aware of this individual. Thank you!!

  • Smupedzisi

    FACBK u are misusing it and if u are Memory Chiyangwa for real it shows me dat how u are annihilating your families image especially ur father and urs.


  • Shampala

    she is is not the one who posted ol that..the language can not match her age…haters

  • Gina Simz

    That is the fake memory Chiyangwa. Its a fake account which was created by one of her haters, she doesnt look lyk that. There are 2 accs of Memory Chiyangwa on facebook, the other one with a smart looking girl is Memory’s real account………….

  • Bl

    oH shut up and just suck on this mutombo this the only thing you need to do

  • Anesu Mushava

    I dont think its her profile!!!!! To the reporter, make factual reports and dont be happy damaging other people public image

  • Tpule2012

    This cud be an ex.. Inotambika stereki iyoyi

  • Eunychigodora

    they rise to fall…hard.is tht the sweet memory who used to present in the zimbabwean
    music show

  • Kudzotsajustice

    this is not true!!! there is a person who has opened an account of facebook with the name of this innocent girl. please leave this girl alone….

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  • FairPlay

    Ester Gomo am sure you can find us better stories. Even if it was real or not who are you to expose or set your standards on her. If you have nuin to report go and do care work. Poor article.

  • Sbaiwa

    it needs we pple to take our time and not dash into conclusion ,if this is ture eiiish

  • be quite


  • Mutongi Gava Maenzanise

    This is not her!

  • Imargendlovu

    This is the world’s worst girl

  • tkays

    This story is rubbish.Failing of journalism!How do you know it’s Chiyangwa’s daughter’s file.Facebook source of this article?weduwe hatiite serious

  • There’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with sex as long as you maintain your dignity. Taking naked pictures of yourself with your iPhone and portraying yourself as a porn star is a whole different ball game…

  • Tattiana

    haaa anogona kunge ari mukomana arikutoposta all this junknachishandisa wrong profile

  • Bro King

    ndiye here? mean nobody/i mean ,u cant say all this on yo real profile unless u are an impostor?

  • Dineo

    shame memo go and seek help,yu are nothing but a piece of work asi kwawakakuriswa hauna kurairwa here??????

  • Sirnyjel

    ndiko ka malema kanyowani aka

  • Dingani mpofu

    he doesn’t have have money he is blood thief state money

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  • Lorinhongo

    it’s too artficial, this can not be chiyangwa’s daughter, too much vernacular n snobbish, haters’ work. cheap propaganda

  • Disgrace

    Mwana waPhillip  Chiyangwa Memory arikurwara fungwa makatarisa.Vanhu va Mwari ngati na mate kuna Mwari kuti Mwari aitire Memory nyasha.I dont think is normal.I dont Jurge but we need to Worship that God can have Mercy on Mermory in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Joho

    Since there is no real proof that she is the one who posted these comments .there is also a possibility that she could have been hacked by some hater hacker. This issue is really extremeee at the same time funny.what up with this lady (that is if she did this herself ) there is still need for maturity . Maybe she going under some physiological trauma connected to her family ,that what she is doing is some kind of revenge .nobody in her right mind who try to cause his /her family’s downfall.

    • Memory wechokwadi

      This is God given says Mrs Chiyangwa. Iye God uyu anotora futi kana musina respect sa Memory na baba vake vaakatodza. Kushora vanhu vawari nezvipo zvaakakupai. Watch this space . Mwari anotsamwa. Hauzive kwakabva upfumi hwacho. Hezvo mumwe akaita commit suicide hanging for life-ngozi. ma parents divorcing gure pachena. Mwari veminana munovaziva here. Remember Job. Muromo wako uyu!! Ndatya. Mwari pindirayi.