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Picture of ‘new’ Tsvangirai woman published

The state owned Herald newspaper continued its onslaught on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai publishing on Tuesday a picture of what it claimed was the picture of a new woman the PM had promised to marry.

Elizabeth Guma
Elizabeth Guma

The paper fiercely loyal to Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF is claiming that Tsvangirai is backing out of marrying Harare businesswoman Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo because he had promised to marry someone else.

The Harare woman sucked into the speculation is Elizabeth Guma (35) (nee Macheka) – who runs a boutique in the Avenues area.

The Herald is claiming that she has been in love with the PM for the past year. It’s also claimed the two met at the Harare International Airport while she was on her way to China to buy stock for her boutique.

Tsvangirai’s aides deny the PM married Tembo last week and that he only paid US$10,000 in damages for getting her pregnant out of wedlock. The PM’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka last week told SW Radio Africa that Tsvangirai would be issuing a statement on the matter ‘in due course.’

It’s being claimed by the Herald that Ms Guma had confided in some family members that her marriage to Tsvangirai was set for next month. A source who spoke to the paper said;

“When you wrote the first story that Mr Tsvangirai had married, I thought it was all about Elizabeth. She has been in love with him and many people close to her are aware of the relationship. Right now, Elizabeth is in hiding and rarely comes out.”

But Elizabeth told The Herald yesterday that she had nothing to do with the PM. She said there were some people out to tarnish her image.

“Please, do not write the story because I am not in love with Tsvangirai. Vana Locadia ngavasiyane neni. Ngavaite nyaya dzavo vasingapinze mazita edu mukati- Locadia should leave me alone, she must cook her own story and not try to put my name into it.”

But sources close to Ms Guma said PM Tsvangirai recently sent her e-mails saying he had terminated his relationship with Tembo. It’s now thought Tembo was furious with this and it would explain her apparent determination to embarrass Tsvangirai using the state media by leaking information to them.

Details on Ms Guma remained sketchy but the Herald claims she has a live-in boyfriend with interests in the petroleum sector and he is believed to have set up the boutique for her. She was once sued for adultery by the businessman’s wife at the civil courts. Her first husband Mabasa Simba Guma, whose surname she is still using, died in a car accident nine years ago.

PM Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka last night said “The Prime Minister will make an announcement over the matter in due course.”

The leaking of Tsvangirai’s private affairs, including who he is dating, is giving credence to accusations that co-Home Affairs Minister Theresa Makone who is friends with Locadia, is conniving behind the scenes to railroad Tsvangirai into marrying the businesswoman against his wishes.

  • Sandy

    Why all the fuss?

    EVERYONE in Zimbabwe, bar a handful of ZANUPF thieves and bootlickers, LOVE MORGAN TSVANGIRAI. Tsvangirai is the peoples’ first choice for President so NO CIO created sex scandal is going to work. THE PEOPLE LOVE TSVANGIRAI.

  • Randy

    What’s new? The Mugger in the Nandos advert (opposite) was shagging the Graceless shopper whilst his wife was on her last legs. The CIO/HERALD should follow this one up too just to get a bit of balance. 

    Oh, one more thing. Who in CIO organised the killing of Morgan’s wife? One day we will all know when these ZANUPF murderers are finally brought to book for their crimes against humanity

  • pee

    ummm i smell a rat ini

  • Cde Mabhunu Muchapera

    Once a monkey always a monkey. No wonder this idiot has never won in the elections

  • Munhumutema07

    Undururani huripo hahwo Mr PM asi choice yema tune maneat unayo mdhara.

  • Nattie

    Tsvangirai ita zvaunogona iwe, who says if a man has 20 wives can never rule a country. All this is bullcrap about woman we want to talk about nyaya dzokutongwa kwenyika zvakanaka isu. Mahure ngaakwikwe even ini if they come like that kutinha chete.

  • theman

    there he goes again

  • Makwabar

    musiiyeyi akadaro,ko zvine basa rei

  • Ras Massive

    Haa aka ka number. ndirini ndai roora ndozo dealer nema consequence acho pa later

  • Mary2012