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Video: Crazy Church Pastor in Zimbabwe

  • WOOOOW! things happen.

  • Manndann2002

    Why is this guy xenophobic…i quite enjoyed his comical side…but towards the end why does he say tsika dzechichangani…

    • kwandebele

      he should be very wise in preaching ” language special” yikusidelela lokhu

  • Edwinahj4

    now das is a nasty preacher he wasting Gods n his own time

  • Gmukonya

    this is sick if na crazy ths pastors r making hilarious jokes to attrct e crowds its craz, someone put a stop to this, pple must sho som respect

  • Greats

    This is the best preaching I have ever had. Ifwe can have only ten preachers like him Zimbabwe will be saved.

  • Billys

    Ava ndi-Mullah Omar!

  • Pheb

    Imagine yourself, wife/ husband, your inlaws, your father, mother and your childeren attending this church service. Ndosaka anga achiti tarisa kuno. This Pastor should learn to interpret body language.

    On a couples meeting I dont mind. in a normal church service I honestly mean I will have a problem with this kind of preaching

  • Pathetic, never had such nonsense in my life. He is a disgrace to church and Zimbabwe as a whole. In short stupid.

  • Edienhema

    I would have loved it if you tell me that he was preaching at a couples seminar, not a regular church service.

  • Tafaddzwa

    this is too much kuvatendi varume …kuchirikunamata here mune vanyarikanyi  ? vakomana tisatambe namwari tichidayi …

  • peter

    ndovhangeri rezvokwadi go o go man of GOD, ZIMBABWE SHAL BE SAVED

    • Vedza

      unazo o iwe

  • bee Dube

    if u stand for the truth, u will stand alone. chokwadi chinorwadza if u are caught on the wrong side of things

  • Aamkoko

    Kuparidza uku kune hukasha. kune kutyisidzira, kune moto. Kune emotional appeal, kune egoism. Kunotsverudza, kunodyorera mavhu nemarara, hakuna disecration. Hakudi machangani, hakudi vanyarikani, hakudi vanofunga, ndezvekutyisidzirana chete. Kunenge rally yemusangano we Zanu kana MDC (kana ZUM). Kunenge kune kuzvitutumadza, kune mweya weseggregation.

  • noku1

    The word of God harina munyarikani. people should be told the truth and the truth shall set you free. go pastor kudenga hakuna ambuya kana mukuwasha.

  • forward

    This is TRUE, undiluted gospel.  Wonderful. ZIMBABWE SHALL BE SAVED!

  • forward

    That’s TRUE gospel.  Zimbabwe shall be saved.  Most people like false promises and enticing words!  But this is undiluted gospel.  Go man of God go!  Go Pastor go.  Kusvikira Gehena risisina vanhu.

  • Pakame

    this is a disgrace…. vulgar vulgar all through out… he is a perv is all i can say… 

  • madaliso

    Maria Magdalene was a hure. The only woman whose geneology was linked to Jesus Christ, apart from his mother was Rahab, and Rahab was a hure. Vatezvara know your bible better and learn the Word. Do not judge. God is the judge. Why do you preach like you have bitterness in you. like makambohurirwa. did people actuaqlly sit through this preaching, someone pliz tell me this is a joke. Mungaunganidze wanambuya in the church of God to subject them to such………

    • Eve

      You are wrong. Maria used to be and she was converted after hearing the message of repentance. You therefore cannot describe her as hure. Are you trying to justify kuti chihure chirimu bible?? Yes, varimo mahure but they all repented so should you. Kana uri hure, you should repent and not justify uchi quoter vanhu vasina basa. You cant go that low and try to convince people that Jesus is associated with immorality. NO WAYS

  • madaliso

    Maria Magdalene was a hure. Rahab, the only woman whose geneology Jesus Christ shared, apart from his mother, was a hure. Who are you to judge? Reade your bible more and know the Word.  What preacher has such a free-running mouth and is so disorderly? Do people actually leave the comforts of their homes, and of proper churches to go and be dressed down like that in a church of God? Why does he preach like he is harbouring a lot of bitterness towards women – like mai vake was a hure or akambohurirwa nemukadzi? Why dessecrate the church of God like that.. Why kushamisira like that?……

  • WEBDEV David

    if this is for real……i dnt know where this world is goin…even in the Bible there are no such words..the Bible says, “every word that yu utter out of your mouth shall be counted against u…so i dnt kno wat this pastor is upto…..i wonder wat his followers are learnin..

  • Freedom Gangsta

    Uyu anoda kurohwa

  • Mike Mwale

    This is mere performance not spirit inspired preaching…..The Word of God is not meant to reflect the pastor’s own rhetoric and show of language or mere insulting……pastors must know that theya re also sinner first before they preach to others…….Whose Word is this idiot preaching?

  • shittaz


  • Sweetness

    PREACH THE WORD !!! Mamboverenga here shoko?

  • Mudiwawangu

    3rd Commandment says Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who taketh his name in vain

  • Tundaka

    Ko chimusuri nedhodhi zhinopinda papi muchechi mune vanyarikani? Kusura nedhodhi kutadzira Mwari here? Kugeza neweti futi?

    Like every preacher he says some sense but his language is too crude, chihure akachimaster, cant be muchechi i doubt, just some shit scum

    • Eve

      Come on dude, zvanyadzisaka kuti dhodhi kana kuti chimusuri?? Ok, ko dai ati fart kana kuti poopoo zvainyadzisa here? NO. Its just that we have failed to accept our language and deemed it useless whereas we are so welcoming to other peoples languages. There is nothing wrong with what this preacher was saying. In fact, i have learnt a lot.

  • Quest

    Ndoo church dzemadhunamutuna idzi…….

  • Wegw

    iri ndiro gospel manje.

  • Missb_real

    Zimbabwe what  a beautiful country, but tsika nemagariro yangorubbish! I don’t blame this pastor at all  for using such nasty language. Just take a look at the number of people living with HIV in our country. Chihure! I think the situation in Zimbabwe will force anyone to talk this way cause our people have failed! I honestly think the pastor is angry. So don’t call him crazy at least his got the guts to tell you guys how disgusting you are. Coz if we have enough respect for our kids, vanyarikani vasanzwe this kind of talk we need to change our approach to life too.   

    • Eve

      Which NASTY language are you speaking about. If he had used the word FART instead of CHIMUSURI or POOPOO instead of DHODHI you were going to be fine with that right? Its just your mentality. DHODHI ne TSVINA is one and the same thing and nothing vulgar about it.

  • Tmushapaidzi

    pastor must do it in a way to accommodate everyone in a one church building, ambuya, tsano, all sots of vanyarikani.

  • Porschepinguin


  • Djsim_1

    This is inappropriate content and the admin should have not have passed this if they proper moderated their content. PLease…

  • ALCA

    the truth always hurts,go pastor go full support here,

  • ALCA

    The truth always hurts,got yo back pastor.hatidi mahure muchurch.

  • Chokwadi

    Kudenga akuna munyarikani,before adam and eve sinned we were suppose to live naked.Pastor ndizvo,chihure chanyanya,tarirai nherera dzinosiiwa.In each family someone has got aids or the whole family is wiped.Chihure chacho chazara mumachurch imomo,who doesn’t know the word of God?but pple are dying like rats.Pastor musadzokere shore naro vhangeri,kudai zvaibvira kuisa cd irori mumakombi nemumabhazi zvingabetsere hupenyu wevanhu nekukoshesa miviri yavo.Go go Pastor.

  • Giftkakore

    makaoma pastor is it fiction or real

  • Jowae

    Kuparidza zvaviri, nemo nemo. And who said the pastor is crazy, no its the reporter who is crazy here

  • Observer


  • the truth

    The problem with people is they don’t want to be told the truth. This pastor was telling the way it is.if you don’t like it, go to hell….

  • Sabbs

    iyi ndiyo inonzi “rabishi” manje. Mfundisi wakatsveruka uyu!!!!

  • Me

    Total shit mixed with a bit of common sense.

  • Tinashecrfclearances

    Pana Mwari hapana kunyara kana Tezvara kana hambuya you should get to the point. He is good this man.

  • Devine

    is this a serious, preaching seminar.. I dont think so! honestly this is embarrassing , very offensive  indeed. 

  • Vincent

    This fucking guy is mad,imagine if you had your whole family in that church.

  • Disgrace

    Mhazidzo yakadai aikomboreri kuna  Mwari.Panevana ne vanyarikani .Saka kwechizwi ma Pastor vanofanirwa kuenda ku Bible Study.Kuparidzwa kwakadai akukomboreri.Chero Jesu chaiye aana kumbo paridza achidaro.Private ye mumba aifanirwi kudai.Ma Church nga manikidzwe kuita Bible Study.Kune Bible Study ye vana vaduku,ne Bible Study ye ma teenager ne Bible Study ye vakuru.Kana vafundisi va chiparidza va Chidai.Bible Study nga paridzire ku va Rume Chete.Church ino pidwa ne vanhu vanonyarikana.Zvekare ngatidzidze kuremeredza Mwari.Mufundisi uyu asa ona sevanhu vese varimwo vakadzi vake.Ini mwana wangu kana nhuri yedu atingambopindi Chechi yino paridzwa zvakadai.Kune nzira yekuparidza zvinoremeredza  vanhu va Mwari. kuti vabve mune svakaipa vapinde zvakanaka.Kana Jesu chaiye aana kumboita maparidzire aya.Zvimwe svinhu ,munhu anorwara soro musikaoni kuti Muparidzi soro rashata.Uku ndikwo kwakunzwi  munhu wa kupenga.
    Zimbabwe goverment should look out for the Churches,is too much.This is disgrace to our country Zimbabwe.

  • Pepukai

    Haiwawo, there is NOTHING WRONG with this Pastor.  Chaari kutaura chamusinga zive chii ipapa.  Kunyepera kunyara kunge muri vanhu kwavo.  Why beat about the bush.  Let him speak your language!! pamwe munganzwe.  Majaira mapraise you Jesus muchbatana kumeso.  Chokwadi ngachitaurwe sezvachiri!!  zimbwa ndiro!!

  • Nkukalaps

    call a spade a spade, munoda vhangeri rekubhabhadzirwa muri muzvivi

  • Mai Fifildo

    People i have listened to the whole sermon it was at a ladies conference, any men that were there were asked to leave or stay at their own risk ( and pls note its a female preacher she just has a deep voive).  I think she made a lot of sense as a lot of couples are suffering nekuda kwekushaya zivo.  Munhu kana achikupa advice, u sift dont just take it all zvinotokubatsira some women tend to be holier than thou even neku bedroom that was her main point.  I would actually love to buy more of this womans sermons.  We listened together with my husband(of 16years)  discussed and we agreed with most of what she says is actually rellevant and women need to be told these things.

  • Ezvedu

    “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers – Eph 4 vs 29

  • kwandebele

    mind your langauge pastor tsika dzechichangani why?

  • pradaful

    Well this is the truth men and women do these things but pple turn not to want to here it when exposed pple say its nasty