ZAOGA pastor expelled over nude pictures

The Forward in Faith International (ZAOGA) church in the United Kingdom has moved swiftly to cancel the work permit of one of its pastors after he was allegedly involved in a series of sex scandals, the latest of which involved naked pictures.

ZAOGA Headquaters
ZAOGA Headquaters

Nehanda can exclusively reveal that Pastor Desmond Gono who was deployed in Manchester is being accused of sending nude pictures of himself to either one or several women, who later reported the matter to church elders.

The married pastor who also has kids has now been asked to leave the United Kingdom by the church after officials got his work permit cancelled. His wife meanwhile has asked for more time to make arrangements for her child who is in high school.

It’s not clear whether Pastor Gono has been granted a disciplinary hearing but some church officials interviewed said he has been asked to go to Zimbabwe while his case is still being investigated.

“This guy has previously been accused of sex scandals in the past but at the time no one believed the accusations and the matter was just swept under the carpet,” our source told us. Efforts to get a reaction from the pastor have been fruitless.

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