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Married women go wild at Harare birthday party

By Adoration Bizure and Kudakwashe Nyengera

A local leisure spot (Hunyani Hills) came to a standstill recently during a 24-year-old city woman’s birthday party that sent a lot of tongues wagging. Among the guests were married women who temporarily ‘replaced’ their husbands as they got to ‘tango’ with some youthful men believed to be informal traders (dealers) at Ximex Mall.

Nyaradzo Kamangira’s birthday celebrations were headlined by raunchy dance moves from her circle of friends and the dances left other leisure makers drooling and dumbfounded. The sexually provocative dances actually started along the highway — presumably the Harare-Bulawayo road.

The sexually provocative dances actually started along the highway — presumably the Harare-Bulawayo road.
The sexually provocative dances actually started along the highway — presumably the Harare-Bulawayo road.

Many were left wondering what happened once the cameras were off amid claims that the ‘sex dancing’ went into the night and became x-rated. Nyaradzo’s friends were identified as Nyadzisai Maketu, Sarah Mutsamira, Mai Melissa, Mai Praise, and Mai Utsawashe and their raunchy and sexually suggestive dance moves will leave Yondo Sister green with envy.

H-Metro is in possession of a 53-minute long video of the ‘wild’ celebrations. The video has since gone on sale and is found with those selling pirated movies at street corners. The six women and their ‘partners’ did not give a hoot that they were in a public place as some of their explicit gyrating seemed “unfriendly” to society.

On the video, the party starts when the crew, who were travelling in a convoy of two cars parked by the roadside and kicked off their indecent and raunchy dances that left other motorists dumbfounded. The women were visibly drunk but while H-Metro could not independently establish what they were downing, the joke in town is that they were drinking the popular ZED brew after making contributions of US$5 per head.

There is a general belief that the brew makes people do “anything and anywhere.” When they got to their destination they hooked up with a group of men believed to be cell phone dealers at Ximex Mall.

They then started sex-simulation dance moves with the men whose relationship with them could not be immediately established.

One of the women identified as Nyadzisai could be seen tearing her top exposing her breasts showing off her ‘assets’ to the men. Then came Sarah, who is believed to be the ring leader of the crew that is popularly known as the ‘Hot Girls’. Like a ‘true leader’, she is captured seductively rubbing her buttocks on the crouch of one of the men who was at the party.

The birthday girl, Nyaradzo was also seen moving from one man to the next celebrating her birthday in style. Of the women at the party, THREE are believed to be married and these were identified as Mai Mutsawashe (Hazel), who is married to a city tout, was clad in a black top and tight, Mai Melissa (Judith) who resides in Mbare with her husband known as the Bigman and Mai Praise (Patricia) who is also known as Porongi. Yesterday H-Metro caught up with Nyaradzo and she was NOT happy.

“I am so worried about the leak of the video. I had agreed with the Shingi, videographer that he would produce only two copies but now I hear the videos are circulating in town “We were drunk and that is why we ended up behaving like that, and in any case it was just a private birthday party,” she said. The private party was however, held in the most public of places where everyone was free to watch.

She was worried that some of her friends in the video are MARRIED and their husbands were NOT there and were NOT aware that there was so much lurid drama at the party. She also wants us to believe that NOTHING happened beyond the dirty dancing, something she however, CANNOT speak for all the ladies that were there.

“The other thing is that most of the women who were there are married, so I can’t even imagine how their husbands will react. “My boyfriend was the major sponsor but he was away in Bulawayo and I know he won’t take this lightly. I also need to clarify that nothing happened after the party because there are people who have been speculating that we ended up sleeping with the guys,” said Nyaradzo. H Metro

  • munhu wenyama ngaafare

  • …hell awaits if people do not repent.

  • Bnamauka1


  • your neighbour

    at least they are masters of something!

  • Gari

    This is sickening!

    • kuda

      dont pretend like you dont have sex murikuda kuzvi ita ma good samaritan siya vanhu vafare just live your life and let them live theres wayiziva 

  • makambwat

    I saw practising /executing the bottle dance

  • moyosinyoro

    ma pounds £ amurikuvatumira kubva kumhiri ikoko ndiwo atirikudya navo vakadzi venyu lol

  • D.M


  • Brighzaps

    wat a disgusting motion ???????????????????????????

  • Mutema

    This people have been like this before marriage and they will always be like this in marriage!

  • chitepo joe

    good  to have fun once in a while nothing is wrong with that

    • Tendomagaya

      majoki makatoroora arimo mumaden,anotofara arinani,arimudzimba madecent crook

    • Edmoer

      i dnt wat you are sayin z real man.instead of advicing these ladies abt such an immoral act you are sayin there z nothing wrong.are u really serious?

  • Tkchoms

    these  are prostitute workers not married women

  • Mukoma Joe

    Vanhu vari kuzvinakidzirwa havo, the only problem yekufara pavanhu these days is that you end up on youtube maboorangoma a recorder your excitement. Regai vanhu vafare.

  • Pop

    pipo are jus having fun guys ,if ever thy do anything aftr this without thinking abt the future then that is bad.

  • Joncayen

    Oh shut up people, these are adults-i don’t see any children or animals involved-who are you to judge them? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. This is the problem with Zimbos-you don’t know how to mind your own business-worry about what your own wife is doing-this is not news-grow up. report on starving children-give that attention!

  • Guest

    hure ragara riri hure ende rinongofa riri hure……ndasemeswa mhani


    Aya ndiwo MAHURE CHAIWO

  • Chimuti

    @moyosinyoro, ichokwadi but hazvitaurwi…. unorwadzisa vanhu vanotipa mari!

  • Calebmadyirapanze

    i dont think these women are married , its those types who are in prostitution

  • Sponono

    I don’t see anything wrong with this.

  • Cleaobabe

    damn we all party unfortunately these women were caught on camera

  • Lungile Nyathi

    This is not what a respectable newspaper should be publishing and exposing people’s name for what they did. Such sensationalist news are awful. Leave people to live their lives the way they want it. If you are morally outraged then don’t do it. I am totally disgusted by the unprofessionalist of the authors and the editor for posting this. What was the motive behind? What do we Zimbabweans gain from this? Please respect these women and their right to celebrate the way they want to. It is up to their family and friends to give them advice not the populace. It’s not as if they did anything illegal.

  • mborondinde

    manje so. moti kuitawo here ikoko

  • Lovtech

    Are they really married?

  • Yantse

    I didnt see anyone expose themselves only suggestive motions and a bit of drunken banter. Zimbabwean males need to drop the notion that they own their women and that women should be completely submissive and cow down to them barefoot naked and in the kitchen once they are married. Judging by statistics this attitude toward women causes them to rebel and seek attention and satisfaction elsewhere outside this dominant environment and culture hence the images portrayed in the above videos. Open your minds Zimbabwe this priitive archaic mindset belongs in the dark ages alongside mugabe and his ideal.

  • Brittywevvy

    uuuh, these are no longer married  people but harlots

  • Brucedzete

    its not rite what they do what are they teaching the youths,they are making us a laughing stock all over the world especially here in capetown coz pple percieve differently on them,its good to have fun but not to that extent

  • Handsometakaidza

    kana  isu   tikatendera  vakadzi   kuti  vamwe  doro    tinozorwadziwa  sei   kana  vodai. nyangwe  isu  varume  tikadhakwa  tinoweta  pamberi  paAmbuya  wani.leave   them  like  that.

  • here In bangkok

    ndiyani angagare nemarombe iwaya mumba make

  • Egichanga

    Clearly they were having fun and they went abit wild and did not act like ‘married women’ but then again lets this not be blown out of proportion.

  • noku1

    zimbabwe yapanduka


    Kana pane wyfaz yako apo….HAULUME!

  • Norman Tsvarai

    nothing wrong

  • Carolmatsvaire

    ya neh

  • Missbee

    totally disgusted! i need a sick bucket!

  • Kuzie A Sauramba

    follow me @ kurzwell05 or inbox me for the full video of the disc, Its on sale down here ……

  • Haedmoremoyo

    Eddie it’s what we call crazy a married women doing foolish in the street they don’t respect their husbands if it was my wife i should devuorse my wife strait away 

  • Ncubemathias

    Live life to the fullest, nothing wrong with that.

  • Thabomafikizolo

    One of these girls is a hooker at Summit in Joburg.

  • R Beitly


  • Dandaro

    Zimbabwe iyoyi….yakanditora mwoyo

  • SUKA

    l don’t see anything fascinating, juss  people having fun.Give us better news to read.poor journalism………

  • Bkvscasey

    Negroes are the cockroaches of humanity. 

  • Mwoyounazvo

    Nyika yaparara weduwee!

  • Criishuka

    akomana zvinyi zvirikuitika muzimbabwe, farai henyu anhu woye asi hey mmm ma 1 bidha chaiwo etaakuoneswa pano lol

  • Jimalo

    Stinking shit!

  • Tatendamasendo

    ko ingavarume vane madzimai kumba vanozviitawo wani kuma bhawa nevamwe vakadzi.i 50 50

  • chisenga

    good to hev fun, but not this kind of …for respectably married women.  kurai vanamai maivepi pamaiva vasikana

  • usaudzavanhu

    chaitemura nhasi choseva kikiki

  • Ncubenrn

    its a disgrace 2 all married woman

  • Beatrice Mhango

    ndiko kufarisa kuzviregerera.  ndirini kumba kwenyu munonyatsofara chaizvo zvisina anoiti hei

  • Memory Gwatidzo


    Chihora hachiende kumba upenyu hunoraramwa kamwe chete ndiani akavaona vachifeva nevarme vechidiki ivavo saka kana kufara kuchirambidzwa saka mapati ngaaregwe.

  • pengaudzoke

    I hope these woman shown above dancing are not divoced the day after part

  • gal

    ndizvo chaizvo


    ukaona murume anobvuma mukadzi wake ipapa akaisirwa mupfuhwiraaaaaa

    • Jekiseni

      Saka munhu orambirwa madhanzi.

  • Stingray

    What do you mean by hot girls? these. are old bitches.

  • Mhofu

    Those ladies are not anywhere near hot …..kkkk

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