Mugabe collapses at his mansion again

Sleeping on the job: President Robert Mugabe has wrecked the once prosperous economy.
Sleeping on the job: At the recent SADC Troika summit in Zambia, Mugabe needed the use of a golf cart to travel to and from his hotel room.


Zimbabwe’s 87 year old President, Robert Mugabe is reported to have collapsed once again at his Borrowdale mansion in Harare Tuesday evening according to the Zimbabwe Mail website.

The Zanu PF leader collapsed before he went to bed but “recovered after a routine work carried out by his medical team of experts and this morning he was said to be feeling a lot better.”

The First Family had just finished an evening prayer conducted by a well known senior Harare Cleric who is close to the family and the First Lady Grace Mugabe who is also reported to be not feeling well, went to bed while the President took sometime going through late night routine briefings with his aids.

Around 10:30pm, President Mugabe’s medical team was called in a rush from the Guest House where they now live.

Presidential Affairs Minister Didymus Mutasa and his wife Gertrude arrived 30 minutes later. Gertrude, a retired army colonel and former Deputy Director in the Army medical Corps is the family nurse and soon after her arrival she took the responsibility of comforting the sobbing First Lady up until late this morning.

As part of the routine process in the last few months, an order was sent to Air Zimbabwe, the State national carrier to prepare for an emergency flight to Singapore for the President’s further treatment.

However, his medical team did a splendid job overnight and this morning he was reported to be feeling fine but he has held back on some State duties.

In April it was reported that Mugabe collapsed four times at his mansion and his family members, including his wife wept uncontrollably as they feared for the worse. His medical team is said to have played a very crucial role in resuscitating the 87 year old.

At the recent SADC Troika summit in Zambia, Mugabe needed the use of a golf cart to travel to and from his hotel room. He was accompanied on the trip by a team of some 60 security and medical aides. Those who managed to get close to Mugabe said his legs were swollen, suggesting heart or blood pressure problems.

Mugabe has traveled to Singapore five times since December to undergo medical treatment there.

The African National Congress, which serves as the chief mediator on Zimbabwe, said in an official newsletter that its mediators reported concerns that “should Mugabe die or retire” before constitutional reforms are complete, rivalry over his succession could delay elections meant to end the nation’s troubled two-year coalition.

  • Davison Davkarls Kalitula

    Shingai Gushungo . Muri murume imi.

  • Davison Davkarls Kalitula

    Shingai Gushungo . Muri murume imi.

  • Get well soon our president we stil need you and your advices.God bless u.

  • routine appears three times in this routine article

  • routine appears three times in this routine article

  • Blessed Chivende Fungai

    God help our president, we nid him in his office.
    Get well soon Gushungo…

  • If these reports are true the the might is disintegrating rather I mean collapsed are true,from the bottom of my heart I feeel sorry for the old man.Anyway I wanted Bob to be healthy and fit to contest the next elections.We want you muri mutano vabhobho so that u will never claim that were defeated because manga muchirwara.You will never stop the time Mr president kana nguva yakwanayakwana.Aluta continua.

  • Jerome

    its not long people he,s human as us he will die ill spit on his grave 

    • Edna

      @Jerome – you are so tasteless mate. Inyama here yaunorwerera rute kudaro.

  • Davison Davkarls Kalitula

    Our president , a father, a granddad, a friend. Get wel soon.

  • Let the tyrant rest he has destroyed so many house holds Zimbabwe is left in desolate & ophans all over. I cant wait to witness the death of a foolish freemanson, 33 dgr knights leader

  • Davison Davkarls Kalitula

    Our dear president. GET WELL SOON.

  • LtAce

    And I will Piss on his grave. May the suffering he caused to millions be returned to him a million times. 

  • Bels

    how can people feel so much hatred for a human, munhu agara achangofa…i just dont get it, ofcourse he caused people lots of pain but eishhh ahh spitting and pissing on his grave, lets hope noone is saying the same thing about you…sad thing is you cant touch him and he will die only AND when only God says so…until then deal with it

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