Air Zimbabwe suspended by world aviation body

Troubled national airliner Air Zimbabwe has been suspended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), over US$280 000 in unpaid worldwide booking fees. It means Air Zim will be barred from international financial and flight booking services in the meantime.

air zimbabwe plane in Singapore
Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767 at Singapore Airport

A statement issued on Sunday by IATA told travel agents to “immediately stop all ticketing and refund transactions” for Air Zimbabwe. While the move will not adversely affect bookings by passengers who are Zimbabwean nationals, it is foreign nationals who will find it difficult if not impossible to use the airline.

Air Zim can still can fly using only its own facilities. On Sunday the airline’s management said it was working on resolving the issue and has “already engaged IATA to negotiate a payment plan.”

  • Mungwaru Nyakupinda

    Amen to that…..ndege dzawo dzasakara…..

  • William Kawara

    Does this mean i wil loose my tenders

  • Marck Cargo

    Yeah, it is very helpful info you had given here. But then what about International fly service related business over there. Because due to this issue the local business system will gonna effected. So appreciate the info related to it.
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