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Macheso blackmailed into marrying maid

Alick Macheso with wives Nyadzisai and Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako
Alick Macheso with wives Nyadzisai and Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako

By Chipo Sabeta

In a dramatic turn of events, sungura giant Alick Macheso on Friday revealed that he will NOT be taking his former housemaid, Adeline Hunidzarira as a third wife. He only has TWO official wives — Nyadzisai and Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako.

Following reports of the “third marriage” newspaper readers have been savaging Macheso and he decided to give an insight on his not so private life.

In an exclusive interview at Tafadzwa’s Eastlea home, Macheso said the US$1 500 cash and US$600 groceries that went to Adeline’s rural home in Murewa last week was BLACKMAIL. He had been threatened by Adeline’s relatives and forced into paying ‘lobola’ for his misconduct.

Third wife ... Adeline Hunidzarira
Third wife ... Adeline Hunidzarira

The “marriage” has since been nullified following a meeting between Macheso his two wives and Adeline’s aunt, identified as Tete Chifungo on Wednesday. As has been the case over the past week, Nyadzisai led the way in explaining: “This is the first time for the three of us (Alick, Nyadzisai and Tafadzwa) to call the Press to try and clear all rumours spreading about our private life.

“What we want to inform the world is that Adeline’s issue is now water under the bridge. She will NEVER be part of the Macheso family because Baba Sharon loves me and Tafadzwa only.

“Her relatives had threatened me and Alick with arrest if we failed to pay Lobola and we complied to please them. Surprisingly, Adeline was neither abused nor did Baba Sharon sleep with her but they were just close.

“Adeline rushed to inform her relatives because she was afraid of being beaten up when we confronted her. That money was only paid to try and conceal Macheso’s misconduct -merely proposing love to that girl.”

Like a backing vocalist, Macheso chipped in: “I misbehaved and consequently my family was badly affected. I was thinking that it would be a secret asi rinamanyanga hariputirwe. “All hell broke lose when my daughter, Sharon intercepted a message that I had sent to Adeline.

“The family took advantage of my famous name and forced me to marry her on the grounds that I would be arrested “My intention was to secretly marry her and find a place to rent with the help of Mai Sharon. I was afraid to tell Tafadzwa because she is pregnant and that she might be stressed.

“It is true that we went to Murewa in Gatsi Village last week to pay US$1 500 lobola and groceries worth US$600.” H-Metro had it that Macheso and his wives had a meeting with Adeline’s aunt only identified as Tete Chifungo of Zengeza 2 which effectively annulled the marriage.

Macheso said, “We were at her aunt’s place yesterday (Wednesday) and we formally cut our relationship with them. I don’t want anything to do with that girl and I told the family to squander the money that I paid for lobola with my blessing. “I have forgiven them for threatening me and forcing me to marry Adeline. I must admit that I was under pressure.

“Nyadzisai and Tafadzwa are my two official wives and I will NOT take a third wife.” Nyadzisai added:

“The only other woman I will allow in Macheso’s life is Tafadzwa. She is the only one I want to be part of my family.” The six-month pregnant Tafadzwa weighed in: “All I can say is that Macheso loves me and he stood by me throughout the years when the media and other people tried to break our relationship.

“Maiguru was married in 1987 and I was married this week after two years with him. “That girl was employed in February and it’s amazing that she was married so fast. That proves that it was a set up to blackmail our husband,” she said.

Tafadzwa added that she was bitter about journalists who were writing stories based on rumours. “Many papers have written bad things about me and my family and that I used juju to lure Macheso. They also declared that I was barren because I was keeping rotten eggs in the house which are all lies.

“The truth is that I am a clean woman and I have never consulted a n’anga or muporofita. I never planed to go the UK and neither was I married to an armed robber. “People should give me my space and write the truth,” she said. Macheso also blasted the media for interfering with his private life.

“Zvinozonyanyawo, chese chese Macheso, Nyaya dzapera here. My children were really affected even at school. Sharon’s legs were swollen because of stress. The other kids refused to go to school for fear of victimisation. “People must respect zvemumba mangu or at least ask me if they want clarification,” he said. H Metro

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    I have a few words to maiguru Nyadzisaid. Maiguru sei muchida kungofukura hapwa pese-pese? All these stories you are the one feeding the press, why? You are not happy Alick is marrying all these women and feel kuti telling the world ndokuti anyare or maybe vanhu vamuseme. Sandizvo akoma, people love his music not his life style. Ini wangu mubvunzo unoto nangana nemi kuti sei makuunzirwa danga revakadzi? Chiripo chamakatadza saka imi should take responsibility and sort out this mess because mese muchafa nechinhu one. Nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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