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Musarova Bigman Winky D, he is circumcised

Popular dancehall artist Winky D has revealed that he is circumcised and not only is this ‘smart’ but “one of the coolest moves you will ever make. I should know…I made that move. Takaipa…Takaipa!!”

winky d
Winky D

“It (male circumcision) is a quick, safe and painless medical procedure that will leave you feeling smart, and confident that you are always hygienically clean and protected from the HIV-Aids virus,” Winky D said.

“Being cool is not just about having a string of hit songs. It is about taking care of yourself and looking after your health. It is about making sure you are presentable, smart and clean all the time. That is why I am asking you to think about getting circumcised this school holiday,” he added.

The ‘Musarova Bigman’ singer was speaking in a campaign message distributed by the Southern African Aids organisation. The Pinda muSmart Campaign material is sponsored by the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Association, National Aids Council, UKaid, USAid, and Population Services International.

There is a big effort underway in Zimbabwe to circumcise about 80% of young men after a study five years ago found that the operation reduced the chance of contracting HIV by 60%. HIV rates are high in Zimbabwe – at 13.7% of men under 49 – but only 10% of men are circumcised.

  • Doctor Love

    Wow, some flawed thinking here…

    Why hasn’t circumcision helped in Africa ALREADY? The numbers show, particularly in Swaziland, that HIV transmission was more prevalent among the circumcised. HIV transmission was found to be more prevalent in at least 6 African countries. Cameroon (4.1% v 1.1%), Ghana (1.6% v 1.4%), Lesotho (22.8% v 15.2%), Malawi (13.2% v 9.5%), Rwanda (3.5% v 2.1%), and, Swaziland (21.8% v 19.5%). IN Kenya they just did a study of a group and circumcision status was not associated with HIV or HSV-2 seroprevalence or current genital ulceration. The US sponsored DHS Comparative Reports No. 22 showed that in Africa there appears no clear pattern of association between male circumcision and HIV prevalence. In 8 of 18 countries with data, HIV prevalence is lower among circumcised men, while in the remaining 10 countries HIV prevalence is higher among circumcised men.

    For the male, the long term harm is huge with nerve damage and harm to the sensory system. A whole range of sensation and sexual and protective function are lost. The lips and fingertips have similar touch sense. To advocate taking this away from another person without their consent is heinous.

    • Cleo

      Finally someone who thinks like me! Circumcision should only be touted for hygienic reasons, such as yeast infection. All this hype about it protecting people from HIV infection gives men the illusion that they are wearing an invisible condom that will protect them, and they will expose themselves and their partners. This drive wasn’t well thought out as far as I’m concerned.

  • Policia

    "Cut off part of your penis, its will make you feel smarter!"

    What a moron.

    My advice: keep your penis the way it was meant to be. Want safe sex? Circumcision will not provide that, only a false sense of security. Use a condom.

  • Nonsense

    if circumcision prevented HIV it would nt be an issue in countries that circumcise like here in the US. Many of the people i see on a day to day basis in the clinics here are circumcised.

    Please promote safe sex and testing instead of myths on prevention

    your logic is flawed but still I like your music though.

    ps: Please visit aids.gov for actual EVIDENCE based stuff kwete mastrategy emubhawa awa.

  • Trash

    Winky D, you are talking trash. You think being circumcised is smart, all you need is to be responsible nothing better than that. Why do you want to fool the youngster, unodakuti vana vafe iwe. You are giving them wrong impressions.

  • TrueNINJA

    @all, Winky d DiBigman mudhara, zvamurikutaura ndezvekushure kwehuku, stop saying bullshit, maninja anokurovai mopupuma furo fanika Coke. Takaipa takaipa, uye takapinda mu smart, chekwa icho!

  • Hugh7

    They say there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Here’s an example: “HIV rates are high in Zimbabwe – at 13.7% of men under 49 – but only 10% of men are circumcised.”

    The fact is that in Zimbabwe in 2005, 14.2% of non-circumcised men had HIV, but 16.6% of circumcised men – so where is the “protection”? (The same is true in at least six other African countries, according to USAID, http://www.measuredhs.com/pubs/pdf/CR22/CR22.pdf)

  • Jamela

    Winky i think you are HIV+,

    • tee

      Talk is cheap. Winky d idhara ,mahaters muchatorutsa nokuti bigman is evewhere kuti fadza uye kuti yambira nezve aids and that does not mean he is positive

  • Miral Mombeshora

    Yeah, I am begining to trust Trinta! You should be a devil’s vehicle!

  • True African

    who is this guy?.Anoimba here?,and what status does he has in society to influence young people with such nonsense?.

  • mavhengeri

    circum or not is just the same.  Kuzvibata kunokunda zvose.