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Mugabe collapsed four times at his mansion

A fourth visit by Robert Mugabe to Singapore allegedly to see his sick wife Grace Mugabe has sparked intense speculation that it is in fact the 87 year old dictator who was taken ill and not his wife as claimed.

First Lady Grace Mugabe grimaces in pain as she holds her right hip at the Heroes Acre during the burial of David Karimanzira recently.
PAIN GAME? First Lady Grace Mugabe grimaces in 'pain' as she holds her right hip at the Heroes Acre during the burial of David Karimanzira recently (Picutre by Tsvangirai Mukwazhi)

One report on The Zimbabwe Mail website is quoting a senior intelligence official speaking at the funeral of Mernard Muzariri, the Deputy-Director General in the CIO, who said Mugabe collapsed four times at his mansion in Borrowdale, Harare since his return from Zambia where he had attended the SADC Troika Summit.

“We can also reveal that at some point the President passed out and his family members, including his wife wept uncontrollably as they feared for the worse. His medical team is said to have played a very crucial role in resuscitating the 87 year old,” the report on the website went on.

The official line is that the First Lady Grace Mugabe “slipped and fell in the bathroom at (the Mugabes’) Borrowdale house and was said to have suffered a dislocated hip.” George Charamba, Mugabe’s spokesman, is said to have deliberately leaked the information to cover up for Mugabe’s ailing health.

At the recent SADC Troika summit in Zambia, Mugabe needed the use of a golf cart to travel to and from his hotel room. He was accompanied on the trip by a team of some 60 security and medical aides. Those who managed to get close to Mugabe said his legs were swollen, suggesting heart or blood pressure problems.

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  • Hakimula

    Mese muchapera muchingoti Mugabe this, Mugabe that. The president is still going strong and he will be president forever. Kana paine asvotwa ngaatame. His late mother reached over a hundred years and we expect him to surpase even that. All those who think otherwise ngavakanganwe. The president is here to stay and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    • You are indeed a sickly puppy. I feel sorry for your parents, because it must really be disheartening for them to come to the realization that they brought an empty head to this world.

    • zuz

      when politicians want to cover up something they throw a juicy bone first. in the end there is a chance we will get both the story and juicy bone

      • Tapera

        You see thats the problem with lots of Zimbos ko ndini ndadii if you dont agree with me it does not make me an enemy, I fought for this democracy and I respect everyone's right but kana view yangu yasiyana neyako it does not make a lesser being no, yes Zanu yapedza vanhu so Tapera 2 must not direct his anger at me because ndakura pahunhu hwangu kudaira iwe I guess and kana wakarwawo hondo yacho you should know what they taught us. so lets accept different views becoz munhu ndozva anoita believe in convince them , sell them your view not to insult them, not to wish them dead, yes Zanu is killing people and I dont agree with it but I dont wish anyone dead but my prayer is that they change their ways inga hanzi " an eye for an eye makes the world blind"

    • Tapera

      Its sad that some people wish this man dad, I dont support Zanu Pf but fought in the struggle, dont agree with what Zanu PF is doing but my prayer is lets all respect the institution of life, we wish him well and hope he changes and realises Zim is for us all. Let the progressive people on these sites dwell on things that make our sitaution better, not kungorotomoka zvisina maturo, it is better to love your enemies and wish them well and pray they do the right things in the positions they have.

      • Tapera 2

        Nhaiwe Tapera, respect the institution of life, my foot. You need to direct your vitroil towards Mugabe and his killing machine. They need your advise than we do. Yes we wish him dead. He doesn't wish the people of Zimbabwe dead , he actaually kills them, Gukurahundi, all the opposition party activists' deaths. Its a pity you also have access to such democratic websites, to spew and profess your admiration for this dictator and killer. I for one wish him dead by natural means, yesterday. Does it mean I will not die before him..no. But his death will be celebrated by a nation he has tormented.

  • coooolar

    gud bye asekuru

  • zim3

    @Hakimula what kind of comment is that, really??

  • Karuru

    No one will leave forever.its a matter of time.nguva yamwari kana yakwana iwe unofa nenindinofa.

  • anty

    Eish!u guys Taps2,let's all unite and pray 4 our nation rather than pfungwa dzeunhubu,munhu munhu plz don't wish anyone dead plz,abeg abeg!!

  • Sabhuku

     Long Live sekuru

  • Jerome

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  • Abacusmaths

    Mugabe has been ‘almost dying since the 80s, and he is going strong. He has appeared many times on TV and he is clearly fit and going.

    Vanofunga kuti H.E vanofa anyime soon, sorry zvenyu.

    Long live the President.

  • chekacheka

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