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Lloyd Msipa’s resignation letter from ZAPU

By Lloyd Msipa

Dear Council of elders – You will notice that I have been incredibly quiet in communications following the ill-fatted November meeting in which Mr. Molife unilaterally imposed his own agenda on a PEC meeting.

The agenda was directed at hounding individuals deemed to be those who oppose Mr. Molife’s wayward conduct ranging from several breaches of the party constitution and the likes of myself and Barbara questioning his possible treasonous meetings in Scotland, the non transparent conduct of the ZAPU party account by him among other things.

Well, the persecution of myself and I also note Barbara Nyagomo has not stopped and in all manner is ultra-vires the party constitution. Molife is now on a one man personal crusade and his conduct is not in the interest of ZAPU. As of this evening based on a malicious false media reports in The Telegraph UK and other malicious websites of which I believe may have some association with the man (email below) he is now a one man judicial officer -come police officer- come mollife.

He now expects me to answer to a report in the media. I have chosen not to dignify his nonsense with a response, except to say I am disappointed that a man I once considered a leader and on several occasions carried him in my personal vehicle together with his side kick Stephen Drew (Economics secretary) from London to Birmingham and Leicester has stooped down so low to believe everything he reads.

I therefore do not see how I can work with a man who lays claim to be a leader and at the same time conducts himself in that manner. Effectively, I have been hounded out of the UK PEC and questions abound as to the constitutionality of this man’s conduct. Constitutionally, the man has no qualms in breaking it as evidenced by his unilateral inquiry below surpassing the relevant COE.

As a parting word of constitutional interpretation, if any officer in the PEC or other has a grievance regarding another officer of the party. There are channels within the party that may be followed to satisfy that inquiry. Now, if the so-called chairman can break the rules left-right and center what does that say about his suitability to hold his position. I rest my case. I however believe that no man is bigger than ZAPU and hence believe that time will tell and time will weigh the questionable leadership qualities of Mr. Molife.

At a personal level, I have completely lost respect for the man. In that respect, I do not foresee a situation were I can continue to work with him. I therefore regard the man henceforth as my nemesis. I therefore step down from my position in the PEC UK with immediate effect. I will continue to carry out the business of the party from another more accommodating platform.

To the council of elders, I am sure you have ample evidence as to how much damage this man has done to the party and will continue to do damage in the future. In the interest of ZAPU may I implore that this man be stopped or else all our work in ZAPU will be in vain.

The conduct of this man compromises the very values that were espoused by our leaders the likes of Chikerema and Nkomo when they formed ZAPU in 1961 and espoused in the revived ZAPU by Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, Amai Mukaratirwa and Dr Ralph Mguni. His conduct breaks every legal, moral and traditional fundamental tenet espoused in the ZAPU constitution.

I trust this is in order.

Lloyd Msipa