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Pictures of dead ‘mermaid’ in Zimbabwe?

Several pictures have surfaced on the internet claiming to be those of a mermaid ‘njuzu’ found dead at Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle) Dam in Masvingo.

A mermaid by definition is a mythological aquatic creature with a female human head and torso and the tail of a fish. Mermaids have a broad representation in folklore, literature, and popular culture.

Much like sirens, mermaids sometimes sing to people and gods and enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing them to walk off the deck or run their ships aground. Other stories depict them squeezing the life out of drowning men while attempting to rescue them.

They are also said to carry humans down to their underwater kingdoms. In Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, it is said that they forget that humans cannot breathe underwater, while others say they drown men out of spite.

Tell us what you think? Are these pictures true or a hoax?

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  • Mentor

    As a matter of fact i actually deny the authenticity of this story coz i first came across these pictures in 2006 and the male maid was said to be found in VERDA saka when i saw the same pictures on friday i just knew that another brewing had started

    Musanyepere vanhu varume

  • Norman


    • Anonymous

      Maroto ogaoga.pamwe munhu akangogadzira kanhu kake kuti vanhu vamutye.why weast tym looking for things that will not benefit you.Go look for a job and live zvekutora your so called njuzu mapikicha mutore venhu.

  • Mentor

    Toziva kuti ri Norman Maroto so what are u saying

  • t shoko

    Can you confirm where the picture of a 'mermaid' on your website came from. I'm interested to go and see it if it is true.

  • Smugomeri

    Why did the person who took this picture took only half body of it? The photographer was supposed to have taken the whole body for us to have clear view. To me this is a man made creature. You want to convince christians that this evil life exist. To hell with this devil mind! Sorry!

    • Gr1mm27 Pg

      I agree with your statement. Why take only half a picture if we are to believe it is real we would need the full image so we can make our own decision. I believe in all mythical creatures but those are my beliefs. However I do not feel that; that is a True to Life picture of a Mermaid

  • t. musungwa

    imwe ka iyo.

  • Wuey

    Were ar da organs to ths thingy.

  • Dr Clifford

    The picture is interesting, it doesnt look like a mermaid at all but an alien. i have seen pictures of mermaids that died during the tsunami they are nothing like that.its either mermaids have different kinds, or its not a mermaid

    • stingray

      thats not a mermaid its a man made scripture .if you dont have news please shut up and save your time.dont waste our time pls

  • Jawadu

    I have all the pictures of this creature . actually there are numerous creatures under sea that are amazingly resemble people this is real and it happened in Zanzibar. The creature was attacked in the sea and decided to go out and rest but later died. Its real it happened but not in Zimbabwe.

  • Phiri Victor

    Lets not alarm people with demonic stories jst to create fears in the minds of people. The photographer is not only fake but also demonic and stupid at the same time. How did he photograph that creature of his for it to give him its face and where was it captured from becoz not even the environment is seen. Please find something to do before you corrupt peoples minds with demonic incalculated stories.

  • ou are doing well

    thank you for launching a new paper

  • lolo

    mashura..ichokwadi here ichochi,hadzisi ngano here??

  • Mama 1

    I wish that if mermaids are real they'd be more like in movies and that they could speak a human language of some kind cuz otherwise they would really scare me especially if they were half shark eeeeeep!! but thats just my opinion say what u will but little mermaid was a good movie 🙂

  • serena

    Lol,thats one skinny mermaid

    • selina

      Wait it looks like there is something like fabric over the bones?????

  • totyo


  • browny


  • njuzu

    do these mermaids have sex, i wouldnt mind having a round

    • linc

      nhaiwe unopenga

  • Pepukai

    Not in Zimbabwe. These are 2006 pictures about ugly ” Mermaid found in Teluk Pahang, Malaysia” Check on the internet.

  • Tarumbidzwa M

    this is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Tarumbidzwa M

    this is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Tarumbidzwa M

    this is fake x-infinity!

  • hi

    I always believe this stuff but this time I do not. why would you posted this

  • Char char

    looks freaky, im the most gulliable person ever but somehow this has not made me go wow its made me think someone is deffinately pulling yhaa legs

  • Musimwa81

    Oh pleaaaaasee!!!

  • disco

    there are no such thingz as mermaids as far as l’m concerned and that picture is FAKE

  • chipidzawalter

    are they still existing or they are extinct,and if still existing where exactly can they be found,expand please.interested in this subject

  • Anonymous

    Bullshit period

  • Promise

    Not surprisingly, however, the mermaid is not a real, flesh and blood creature, but instead a sculpture by talented artist, Juan Cabana. A series of photographs of the mermaid can be found on the artist’s website along with an entire menagerie of other strange and wonderful creations.

    Mr Cabana has sold this mermaid and other creations via eBay auctions under the name “SeaMystery”. According to information previously available on the auction website, the winning bid for the mermaid was recorded at $1,550.00 US.

  • Tsotsi Raba

    damnit, that pic is as old as your face! tibvirei apa! chipikicha chaka buda 2004 icho ndocha makuti bhaizisa nacho nhasi!

  • Joooo

    Kupenga uku

  • Frikkie

    Bull, what is a mermaid, talk about real issues you fake journalists

  • Chavhunduka

    njuzu ahifi tsano,musaada kufadza vanhu nemanyepo,kana mashaya zvekunyora nyorai nyaya dzaana Makandiwa idzo haikona kuda kutifumurira nyika

  • Chongo


  • this isn’t true… though to some extent ..am made to believe they do exist…the wife of the late “Zengeza N’anga” confirmed that…….”Aive neshave rejuzu, achiporofita nayasekuru vaigadza matare makuru…he must be living somewhere semunhu aive neshave renjuzu probably he is under waters…”….in light of this I want to say these mermaids are just some devilish or demonic things that exist in the outside world of the human nature..

  • G

    its a toy lying in the grass ! If you look at the blades of grass they are much too big … half the width of an arm !! good try though but I am sure it was made in China … by our new best friends and the new colonial power in Zimbabwe

  • Roberts

    That’s a scary mermaid: ) Did you get it mar made: ) haha get it in your hands

  • Squal Lionheart

    The makeup
    artist needs more practice in making a realistic looking creature. The
    real mermaid is published by NatGeo, Discovery, and Animal Planet. And
    it’s definitely not like the one in this video. Find out for yourself.

  • mutirikwi

    i come from that area i never heard about this

  • clement moyo

    Stories of mermaids have always been hoaxes and they still remain that. To me it looks a good photo of some imaginary art. A good schemed up vision brought down to a picture and suits the imagination so well and convinces the mind and believers. Otherwise the story of mermaids remains gossip entertainment.