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Naked women fight for sex

By Adoration Bizure

TWO NAKED women fought heavily after one denied the other her chance to have steamy sex with THEIR SHARED husband! The two women, Edith Musariri (44) and Loretta Ngwindingwindi (24) are both married to 52-year-old Sydney Taika. The drama started when both women wanted a bite of the cherry at the same time.

Interestingly, the three were sleeping on the same bed and were all NAKED and ready for action. The incident occurred at Queen Elizabeth High School at the staff quarters where the man reportedly runs his parallel petticoat government with his two wives. Both women conceded that they fought because they were both feeling horny at the same time.

These revelations were made on RECORD at the Harare Civil Court yesterday. Edith had applied for a Protection Order against Loretta. She wanted her to be evicted from their bedroom because it was getting “crowded” as it were! Loretta’s presence in the bedroom was depriving Edith of her conjugal rights, at a time when she needed to exercise them the most.

It was my turn to have sex that night — Edith Musariri (left), The man in question prefers to sleep with me in the bedroom ahead of her — Loretta Ngwindingwindi.

“This woman and I are both Sydney Taika’s wives. “We both stay at the same house at Queen Elizabeth (school) and we had agreed that we were going to give each other turns to sleep with our husband. We agreed on three days each but when my turn came, Loretta refused to vacate the bedroom because she is selfish,” lamented Edith.

She wanted “it” all to herself, she insinuated. She told the court that the fight was sparked when Loretta refused to move a bit and sleep at the edge of their three quarter bed in order to give her enough room to get intimate with Sydney. “When she refused to vacate I did not force her to leave, I was later annoyed when she refused to let me sleep next to the man as I was the one who supposed to be intimate with him,” she said.

She revealed that the fight did not at all help her quench her burning desire for sex because Sydney left the bedroom and went to sleep in the lounge. “I never got the chance to be intimate with my husband because I started fighting with her and Sydney left and went to sleep in the lounge,” she narrated.

Edith said she wanted the court to bar Loretta from using the bedroom, her favourite of the house, so it seems! “The reason why I am applying for a protection order against this woman is because I no longer want to share the bedroom with her because she refused to honour the agreement on taking turns to sleep with Sydney” said Edith. Loretta confirmed the fight.

“It is true that I fought with this woman, and what happened is that she came and squashed me on our three-quarter bed while I was sleeping with Sydney. “We were both naked,” said Loretta. However, she told the court that she was the one entitled to the bedroom.

“Even though we were sharing the bedroom, it belongs to me because I started staying with my husband when she was in the rural areas, and this court has to know that the man in question prefers to sleep with me in the bedroom ahead of her,” bragged Loretta.

Sydney must be down for younger blood, as it looks. Interestingly, the man on demand Sydney did not even care to come and witness the court session. He was said to be busy working at Athienities Spar at Five Avenue Shops. Magistrate Barbara Chimboza, who presided over the case, deferred ruling. H Metro