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Woman charged with HIV crimes in Canada

A ZIMBABWEAN woman will stand trial in a Canadian court on September 13 after being charged with failing to inform a sex partner that she is HIV positive.

Nyaradzo Victoria Zvidzayi, 32, was arrested on Tuesday, August 10, and charged with aggravated assault. She was bailed under stringent conditions at the Toronto College Park courts last Friday.

As part of her release conditions, Zvidzayi, who arrived in Canada from Indianapolis, United States, as a refugee in 2008, was placed under house arrest until her next court appearance.

If found guilty, Zvidzayi, who lives in Brampton, Ontario Province, faces up to 18 years in jail under tough sex crimes Canadian laws.

She is accused of knowingly sleeping with at least one sex partner on more than one occasion and failing to inform him of her HIV status, which prosecutors say was known to her.

Her partner, who cannot be named, has since tested NEGATIVE for HIV and Tuberculosis, the court was told. During the bail hearing, Zvidzayi told the judge she had no relatives in Canada.
“My church is my family,” she said. A pastor from her Christ Embassy church stepped forward as a bail guarantor. New Zimbabwe.com

  • maureen

    Zvidzai why are waisting ur time going to church yet yu are so cruel like that. If you become very faithful you wil be healed. stop phonicating and spreading the HIV shame on you.

    • Anonymous

      Maureen please think again do you really believe this stupid story I live in Canada and such a case would appear on all Canadian papers to alert the general population this story only appears in the Zimbabwian media you can try all you can to google it in the Canadian media its not available.If You google "all HIV Crimes in Canada" her name will not appear ,this is Canada we would have been seeing her on the news 24/7 this is Canada.Somebody is being malicious out there,somebody is hurting.What ever she did to you out there please deal with the root of the problem dont assassinate her personality stop being a small mind.You are a beautiful woman if you know you didnt do it I will tell you what dont let it affect you in anyway, live your life to the fullest, and have the courage to walk with your chin up.kungakuhluphi lokho wena its called malice yikuganga nje kwabantu abalwa lawe nxa usazi isindebele.Ngumhlobo wakho ngiyawazi I am not stereotyping here.Dont worry Zvidzai be happy especially if you know for sure that this story does not define you in anyway.Indaba yakho iqanda mo njengeka Father Pius,lekamtaka Mugabe bathi nxa ufuna ukuzwisa umzali ubuhlungu attack the child.I'm not Catholic neither am I a fan of Mugabe,I'm Zapu by inheritance.I'm just a realist, always wanting to apply my cognitives in any given situation.Lindaba ngizayikholwa ngingayibona ku Canadian media.


      • bongile

        I just googled this, its all over, which world do you live, the bible says corect those who do wrong, this needs to be publicised so that it doesnt happen again, if you protect her, tommorow it can happen to you, yr sister, brother or loved one, how would you feel? There is no smoke without fire, her pic is also there, the church agreed to help her, who are you to interfer with the course of justice???????

        • Anonymous

          Its all over what? Zim media . Do you call Zim media all over the world just give me one Canadian paper that carries this story.I need just one Canadian media which carries this story and I will rest my case for sure I promise.

    • bongile

      She is not wasting her time, Jesus said I have come for those who need salvation, we pray the lord will minister to her to stop this cruel act of killing and fornicating.vm

      • bongile

        The above first comment is a response to anonymous 1, then the next is to Maureen. We thank God the guy is ok and pray that the lord helps Nyaradzo.vm

    • Anonymous

      ehe,iwe engavangani just walking around notknowing our status,why comment a natures philosophy.wakagara wakamuvenga asi mukomana wako here aka presser macharges…………..

  • Anonymus 2

    Anonymus, you have no idea what you are talking about. I live in Canada as well and in Mississauga, which is almost 10 minutes drive from Brampton where Nyaradzo lives. If you did not see the case in a Canadian paper that doesnt mean its a fake story. This story happened, its true and for some of us close by, we know whats going on, maybe because we are all Shona. It may not have been published in Candian papers because they are tired of news involving immigrants. This would have been overshadowed by the story of that immigrants boat in BC. What Nyaradzo did is very evil and am glad the guy is negative, am sure he used condoms but still she should have revealed her status. And this church she goes to, Christ Embassy full of NIgerians, who doesnt know what Nigerians are up to – A Nigerian pastor bailing out a Zimbabwean sister, lol. Nyaradzo you are lucky your boyfriend tested negative otherwise you deserve life in prison, zvimagaro nemazikumbo azere tsinga dze green, waida kushamisira. That guy, I almost mentioned his name, deserves someone way better than you, muroyi. And to you all who are not sad about this, thats exactly how HIV spreads, we should condon such selfishness

  • mary

    victoria, why did you have to do this, you never showed signs of anything when you were in indy here, thhis is comming to us all as a shock. i still cant beleive this

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 2, your reaction shows that you may have something personal against Nayaradzo. If she was your daughter of sister, would you have accused her of 'uroyi?' If you wee in Nayaradzo's shoes? Please get me right, I do not condon untruthfulness in relationships. If this is true, certainly, it is not right but being a Christian means leaving the judgement to God who created each person out of love and to Jesus who has come for sinners to return to God. You would help Nyaradzo with kindness rather than condemnation OR?

      • Anonymous

        Thank you ,your comment sounds vey logical.Anonymous 2's response sounds very personal one wonders if the two shared the same guy from the way she is protecting the guy that he may have been using condoms.We dont know for sure the true status of this guy the infection could still be at the window stage who knows.Besides the guy is equally to blame in that his health and safety is his responsibility you can not trust someone with your life.suppose he had contracted the virus and never got to know it until their relationship was over with Victoria ,was he going to use condoms with the next person?or was he going to continue with his risky sexual habbits and thus expose numerous.Its a given that he is an equally potential danger .This guy is not different from Victoria in anyway and his actions should not be condoned for what ever reasons.Lets not forget about the denial stage some people remain in that stage for a longer time and sometimes until they start to feel seriously ill until then they continue to believe that it cant be true .Its possible that she could have been in that stage coupled with other beliefs.That is why we need to be responsible for our own safety and health and never trust anyone with your life.By sleeping with someone without using Condoms or going with your partner for an HIV TEST you are actually saying come what come may and you are actually prepared to take the consequences that go with your risky behaviour.In short both parties are to blame the guy is not in any better and he does not deserve all this sypmathy not at all.