Ngozi haunts Zanu PF killers

Kill at your own peril is the message to the violent Zanu PF zealots out there. Hundreds of Zanu PF supporters who murdered MDC activists across the country are being haunted by avenging spirits (ngozi) of the deceased. Some have grown sugar cane on their heads while others have gone mad as the spirits of those they murdered continue to haunt them.

More than 500 MDC activists were murdered by Zanu PF supporters who were backed by State security agents since 2000. According to detailed accounts from villagers in Buhera, traditional and political leaders, the spirits are targeting the Zanu PF militia who terrorized MDC supporters during the past violent elections.

Confirming these reports Buhera South MP, Hon Naison Nemadziva said he has received reports on avenging spirits that have been terrorizing Zanu PF members who were responsible for their deaths.

“The stories might sound unreal but it is true. Most of these perpetrators have fled from their homes. I can confirm three reports on avenging spirits in Buhera South, that of Chokuse, Chibamba and Chokuda who have been haunting Ngozi haunts Zanu PF killers those responsible for their deaths asking them why they killed them” said Hon Nemadziva.

He confirmed that one of the latest victims of the avenging spirits is the late Patrick Basopo, a police constabulary who operated in Buhera during the 2002 presidential elections. Basopo stunned the Buhera community this year when he made a public confession about his role in the murder of Tedious Chokuda, a former headmaster at Murove School after Basopo’s sister became possessed with Chokuda’s avenging spirit.

The spirit then demanded 65 herd of cattle from Patrick. Basopo died last month in Marondera where he had gone to seek the services of prophets in the apostolic sect to assist him in calming the avenging spirit. What is shocking is that these murderers have been rejected by their party, Zanu PF and are now at the mercy of the avenging spirits.

These events should be a clear statement to those in Zanu PF who are used to murder and maim people that even if the rule of law does not catch up with them, they will face the wrath of the avenging spirits.

In Matenga village in Buhera South, Zanu PF’s Peter Mabangure has fled from his home after the avenging spirit of slain MDC activist Dickson Chibamba had terrorized him and his family. Peter Mabangure’s father would wake up every morning in Chibamba’s house, where Peter and other Zanu PF youth murdered the MDC activist.

The elder Mabangure died this year as a result of the avenging spirit. The ghost of the late Chibamba, who was killed on the 3rd of July 2008, has reportedly been visiting Mabangure, asking him why he killed him. Mabangure is no longer staying at his home. He has been telling villagers in Matenga that he keeps seeing Chibamba in his house.

Joseph Chinotimba

Also in Buhera, on 18 June 2008, self styled war veteran, Joseph Chinotimba mobilised Zanu PF militia to kill the MDC Buhera South district chairman, Nyoka Chokuse. It is reliably understood that Chinotimba, army colonel Morgan Mzilikazi and the Zanu PF militia are now being tormented by their victims. After the unlikely encounter with Chokuse’s spirit, Chinotimba is said to have gone to Buhera with a spirit medium to try and ask Chokuse’s spirit to leave him alone.

“Chinotimba has become a constant visitor to spirit mediums as Chokuse’s ghost has been terrorizing him. Even the youths who were sent by Chinotimba have not been spared in this ordeal,” confirmed Hon Nemadziva.

Buhera Ward 24 councillor, Bodias Nendanga also confirmed that there are several MDC supporters murdered in 2008 whose spirits have started haunting their killers’. “Although they have not come to confess to traditional leaders yet, it is now common knowledge that the murderers are no longer enjoying the comfort of their homes. Their victims knock on their homes during the night and some actually see them,” said Nendanga.

The killers of Tonderai Ndira are also living a troubled life. The MDC Youth Assembly Secretary for Security who was kidnapped in broad daylight on 5 May 2008 was found dead two weeks later. His brother Barnabas Ndira told The Changing Times this week that his brothers killers went to Warren Hills cemetery and ordered officials there to show them Tonderai’s grave.

“The murderers went to the cemetery with members of the apostolisc sect to perform rituals at my brother’s grave. Fortunately, the officials there knew us and asked them why there was no family representative. When these officials said they were phoning me for authority, the killers immediatly drove away.” Ndira said.

Speaking to The Changing Times, MDC secretary for cultural and traditional Affairs Professor Gordon Chavhunduka, said that it is possible that if you kill someone the spirit of that dead person will come back and haunt you.

“Most people suffered from being haunted by avenging spirits of the people they had killed. It can only be corrected if the person who committed the crime comes out in the open and confesses to the relatives of the dead person” he said.

He added that it is up to the relatives to have a small ceremony conducted by a spirit medium to pacify the avenging spirit and that the person who committed the crime pays a fine. Changing Times Newsletter