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Josphat Somanje caught cheating by wife

By Nyore Madzianike

Josphat Somanje’s sex life is a mess. Barely a few hours before his performance at the Independence Gala  at the Harare International Conference Centre on Friday, there was an explosion of fisticuffs at the Harare Polytechnic on Thursday night where his group was booked. The Haulume (This Time) hitmaker had his knickers in a veritable twist when one of his mistresses clashed with his wife. Josphat’s wife tracked her husband from their Marondera home after a tip-off from some of the Somanje Stars band members.

The Somanje Stars boss was caught red-handed with Leah Gushu in her room with Josphat having already taken off his shoes. The unsuspecting Pengaudzoke co-founder was booked in Room 223 Block B while his mistress was in Room 221. Although Josphat denied he had reserved a room for his girlfriend, Claude Makone, one of the band members and Josphat’s most trusted lieutenant, confessed the whole plan was premeditated.

“He knew Leah was coming, but was not also aware that Mai B (Josphat’s wife) was on her way too. There was nothing we could do as this thing had gone on for long. I think this was the best way to handle the issue,” he said. Apparently the cat had been set amongst the pigeons by the pigeon’s most trusted lieutenants. And it was a bad day for the cheating couple. Leah received a thorough hiding from Josphat’s wife who threatened to take her to the graveyard if she ever hung around her husband again.

Messing around with Josphat, it would seem, is putting one foot into the grave should Mai B ever get wind of it at all. She punched the interloper all over the body. Leah was knocked to the floor as she tried to escape from the enraged Mai B. “You threatened me Josphat would never return home, you said.  Now, I am here. I would like to show you that Josphat doesn’t love you at all,” said the star’s enraged wife.

It was not long before Mai B pounced on Leah and battered her with fists for the second time. Leah sustained a swollen right eye. Josphat’s mistress, who at first tried to fight back, lost the fight hands down. Mai B proved the better pugilist pound for pound. And as the mistress got a sound hiding from the wife, Josphat could only watch from his “ringside front row seat”. He stood by the door and was rendered mute by the developments.

Leah’s sister, booked in the same room with Josphat’s lover, escaped half-naked after receiving a few blows from Mai B. She locked herself up in the GENTS toilet. Leah claimed Josphat once had sex with her younger sister boasting  she was a perfect substitute for Josphat. The young sister is in Lower Six in Mt Darwin. How did the affair come to light? Josphat’s wife was tipped by some of the Somanje Stars band members who believed their boss was spending more on women at the expense of band.

“I was told you were running the affairs of the band,” Mai B told Leah, as she punched the rival for her man’s affections. “I also heard you influenced Josphat to fire Susan and other band members, who joined Moses Rwizi’s band. Now is the time for you to explain everything.” Leah’s right eye and lips were swollen as a result of the beating from Josphat’s infuriated wife. But she maintained stoutly that Josphat, something like a Singing Stud, still loved her.

Josphat managed to sneak out of the room. But he watched the drama as he stood at the door of his mistress’ room. Surprisingly, he didn’t go anywhere close to where the two women were fighting. It was probably a wise decision on the frail-looking musician’s part lest he too would have got a sound whipping. He watched as if they were strangers fighting for NO reason.

The Pengaudzoke co-founder told H-Metro his girlfriend was arrogant. All the fighting would not have happened if she had listened to him. He said her expectations were more than what he could afford. “If she had listened to what I had told her, all this mess could not have happened. It’s only because she is arrogant and wants to control me. But that cannot happen, especially when it comes to business matters,” he said.

All hell breaks loose at the Harare Polytechnic as musician Josphat Somanje and his girlfriend are caught red handed by his wife following a tip off.

The sungura artiste told H-Metro he had been seeing Leah for over a year. “Paane nguva zvapo tichifambidzana,” he admitted. His wife told H-Metro Leah accused her of consulting a sangoma in Chitungwiza. She said Leah told her that the sangoma where Leah is also a regular client claimed that at one point Mai B killed her child through an abortion.

“She told me over the phone that I aborted my first pregnancy and killed the baby. This prostitute referred to Zanda, (Alick Macheso’s uncle) who was then to confirm how dangerous she was. How can she boast that she had been in love with Rogers Fatiya and that Josphat was just but a mere man over who she had powers of control?” asked Amai B.

None of Somanje Stars members came to restrain any of the combatants, or to watch the two as they wrestled in the corridors of the higher learning institution. They decided they would not “book tickets to the brawl”. H-Metro


  • Carol

    HAHAHA OMG! Drama! Drama! Hollywood at its best

  • ma1


  • actor

    Zimbabwean men and women desist from this small house business it is brutal to your partners' feelings for you. You simply destroy your reputation for no good reason. There is nothing special about the soft meat that we both carry.

    So many families have been ruined by this small house business a very selfish pass time for Zimbabwean men. If you think you have money why not take care of your extended family. In Somanje's case your own workers are complaining of being under paid yet you can afford to book a room for a small house. This is the very sign of African male ignorance. It is written this guy is frail but still women are fighting fo him. This is totally surprising Why is this guy frail? Is he not spreading illness to these women? We need to look into our behaviours ans see if this does help us and others. Those that want many wives marry them and declare your polygamous marriage. Please see sense in respecting your wives and husbands. These adventures have simply drained the country's resources by increasing medical bills caused by STI and other by products of prostitution.

    STOP THIS ROT ZIMBABWEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.

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  • Proprietor

    Astonishing! And why was she bashing the young girl and not her errant husband. She is an idiot, she's just given him the go ahead to do it again. Honestly ladies, these men are not worth it!!!

    • shingi

      you stupid she deserves the biggest beating like the oneshe got.mahure kunetsa ngaafe. husband needs demo chairo

  • Mai Taps

    Shame chijoki hachina ndima kani .


    remember what Mr Esau Mupfumi said about flirting out with too many gals-if u hev a bigger financial muscle u should avoid marriying the whole world

    Altho l share the same name with this artist here he got it wrong .in Luke Jesus said-wat was done under roofs will be shouted on top of mountains

    for somanje J my advice is jus learn to know wat to say to the media and wat not to lest u shoot yoself in the foot,move on with yo career u hev so many rivers to cross,neva giv up,a lyf without problems is boring(Milton Kamwendo,2010) viva mukaranga

  • Nicky

    Sad and pathetic woman, why not just walk out on him if he's a cheat? I mean, amai B acted naive, arikutsvaga kuurayiwa ne aids. Why couldn't she punch her husband instead? Anofunga kuti murume wake achachinja here so? Ideal solution for mai b would be to make sure murume wake has condoms everywhere, at work, in the car, in the back pocket, front pocket, even mubhutsu chaimo,jacket pocket,infact and one hanging on his neck and wrist because there's far more stupid women like leah willing to lower themselves and sleep with a married man. Zimbabwean men munonyadzisa.

    Having said that, I am a very sexually liberated girl, but I always use condoms and I don't do married men or women.

    Ndini wenyu

    Nicky the …t

  • Nicky

    ko inga hapana pikicha ya mai b yacho hehe..

  • jomz

    Bhururu kufarira kwandinoita music yako!!!!!!! Iwe woita so??????????

  • R phateas

    This is bull shit. mostly to this guy callin himself Nyore Madzianike he is not suppose to write wat he doesn`t know. how come he wrote someone else name in his column story about our names. F… you Nyore Madzianike

  • Nicky

    Hehehehehehehe, that guy is so stupid.

  • dhadhe

    Maggie Mukaranga akakuparira Josphat. Sorry hako waona here kuti sure this time haulume


    sori hako kuti vabatwa


    to be honesty many men do that .Kungoti this man aitawo munyama vekusvipisirwa basa rake ne status yake nekubatwa.Handisi kumusapota kwete but ndati adzva muchinyanya kusanyara.Dai katsika ikako keku share lovie kapera.Vadzva

  • Anonymous

    haunyare Jospat.watinyadzisa pasi nekudenga.you are not able to contain your manhood!

  • papa

    am so embrassed by this Jose i used to respect you man now look i used to do your videos am so embrassed let be faithful tere is AIDS out there are you not scared man keep your items in your paints please man.ndanyara mabiyangu.

  • rudo

    Why do women always go for the lady forgetting that anenge akanyengwa nemurume wacho.Why not just beat the hell out of the guy and teach him a leason and stop figthing with the other woman iye nyakutanga nyaya akamira enjoying watching two stupid ladies figthing for him anoto zwirova dundundu.Rovai parikumutuma pacho zwekuti aimbo fa yakamuka zwe!

  • Pombi Yadonha

    There are two types of man.Those who get caught and those are never caught.Otherwise same fanana

  • eriks

    men shld learn a leason from this unfortunate man.ladies stop fighting 4 men muchapera nekuuraiswa mukapusa jus leave kana waona zvakadaro

  • tonderai mugadza

    my man talk to KAPFUPI he is gonna tell you how it feels to be cought red handed.

  • mpofu tipei

    if going deep wth the stry wat typ of connexion to the 2 ‘mai B’ and the guy ,Josphat altho caughted he must gve hmself tym abt the 2 maybe they also do the same.

  • Anonymous

    Why are men always blamed. If women resisted no man would do that. Married women need to look after their husbands if they don’t want them to look elsewhere