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CIO agent who denounced Mugabe found dead

By Never Kadungure

CIO Chief Happyton Bonyongwe

A member of the notorious Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) who denounced President Robert Mugabe for using them to kill opposition activists was murdered and dumped in the Mwerahari River in Buhera.

Several weeks ago Innocent Makamure opened up to the media and confessed to how he and other CIO agents felt used by the regime to torture, harass and kill members of the MDC party led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Makamure had even expressed his wish to apologize to the chief in the area for his part in the abuses. Immediately after his confession he went missing. But on Monday this week his dead body was found floating in the Mwerahari River, after family members intensified their searches.

Independent radio station, Radio VOP which broadcasts from outside the country spoke to Manicaland Police spokesperson inspector Philip Makomeke who said they had not yet received confirmation from police at Murambinda Growth Point that the dead body found was that of Makamure.

“All we have is that Makamure is on our missing persons list. I am yet to check whether he is the one who was found dead on Monday. If someone is highly frustrated or mentally disturbed, there are chances that such a person can commit suicide,” Makomeke said.

The murder is reminiscent to that of Ignatius Mushangwe, a Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) official who disappeared after leaking information on how Mugabe had planned to rig the 2008 elections. His dead and partially burnt body was dumped in a bush near Norton.

Evidence which later emerged suggested Mushangwe was murdered by a hit-squad from the military intelligence allegedly led by one Staff Sergeant Makwande to silence him in an operation approved by the Joint Operations Command (JOC). A senior intelligence source at the time told the Zimbabwe Times website that his murder was “a dry operation, a dry disposal,” which he described as an assassination carried out in a hurry. Nehanda Radio

  • Happison Bomnyogwe

    I'm a CIO operative and I'm warning all those people who try and fool around and think that Zanu PF will sit by and watch. We will kill you…You will die for nothing. Zimbabwe will never be ruled by ant other person…Zimbabwe is for Zanu FP!!MUNOFA MUKAITA MANYEMWE. ASK Tsvangirai….

  • Wilbert Mukori

    To be more specific, to hear whether MDC interviewed the dead man and many others who were forced to commit all these brutal acts against their fellow citizens.

    This regime is on its final legs; many operatives know this. Innocent Makamure and Ignatius Mushangwe are not alone in wanting to wash their hands of all the rot at the root of our nation and blood Zanu PF has shed. People like Happison Bomnyogwe and the rest in senior positions have too many skeletons to hide; they are in this too deep to turn back now. So they are turning on their subordinates to silence them. That will not in any way turn the tide; this would be further evidence to them of just how brutal the regime is and how it has lost control.

  • Tambanavo

    Vana Happison ava yava nyama yokugocha ava. They have nowhere to run to. Vasungwa ava vakazvivharira mujere raakazvigadzirira. Patichazovaisa isu mujere kunova ndiko kwavanofanira kundofira, vanenge vatoibva zvavo nekubvunda.Zanu PF yoinda iyi. Vasingazvioni izvi mapofu mumeso nemupfungwa. Mugabe anozviziva, happison anozviketa kuti vavakueredzwa ava.

  • Wilbert Mukori

    Happison have missed the point, my friend; you are still concerned about the fear whereas people like Makamure and the nation at large have moved on.

    Innocent Makamure and a few others knew “Mugabe’s modus operandi” of killing any one party or State Security agent who spills the beans on the murderous activities the regime has been doing. And yet Makanure and others still talked. Clearly there is a lot more here than just the fear of Mugabe.

    The years of Mugabe’s misrule have destroyed Zimbabwe economically, politically, socially and culturally. The regime is bound to collapse and it is futile for Mugabe to think he can still some how hold on by replacing all these other national pillars with one- fear. It is like asking an elephant to stand on one leg; it can but not for long.

    The murder of people like Makamure will only force others equally eager to get all the evil things they have done in the name of Mugabe off their chests to reconsider. That will only serve to delay their coming out. However, the pressure is building up and it is a matter of time when the flood gates will be open. Even the killers of Makamure will be telling how they killed him and who instructed them to do so!

    The truth of Mugabe’s reign of terror is coming out; the trickle of information from operatives like Makamure will soon be a flood and there is nothing Mugabe can do about that!

  • Zuva Guru

    Whatever who does what God’s will is going to happen one day.Everyone is going to pay according to what he or she did.

    You can hide from us or do secretly yo acts NOMATTER you are from M.D.C-M,M.D.C-T,MAVAMBO,watever yaToungana party is or ZANU-PF but God sees even in dark.

    REPENT for you still have the chance.

    Kill,burn,beat or watever you want to do to us but jst know that we are all children of the Mighty one and he shall intervene one of these days.



  • Historian

    even the worst ever terrorists who killed tens of millions of people e.g 1) Hitler, 2)Musolini, 3)Saddam, etc died a painful deaths – 1) dragged in the streets 2) suicide 3) we all know.  Now imagin our silly old man, way less powerful than the 3 i've mentioned, imagine him