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Gweru goat gives birth to human being

By Thulani Ncube

Midlands Governor Jason Machaya has claimed that a goat in the Maboleni area of Lower Gweru in Chief Sogwala’s area gave birth to a ‘human like creature’ which later died within hours of birth.

The governor led a team of journalists and police officers to the scene of the occurence and he told the state owned Chronicle newspaper that ‘an adult human being was responsible’ for having sex with the goat after he ‘lost self control’.

“The head belongs to a man while the body is that of a goat,” Governor Machaya told the paper. This incident is very shocking. It is my first time to see such an evil thing,” the governor said.

“It is really embarrassing. It’s self-evident that an adult human being was responsible. Evil powers caused this person to lose self control.”

The creature is said to have had a human head, face, nose, shoulders and human-like skin that had very scanty furs. It had goat features from the ‘shoulders’ to the legs.

Its sagging stomach prevented curious villagers from determining whether it had human or animal sex organs as it protruded covering the front part.

  • Joy

    I think I'm going to be sick!

  • Alice Mukundwa

    This was overlooked. It's unfortunate nobody thought of having the DNA tests done to the men in that community the culprit could have been caught.

    • Thomas ngilazi

      Stop animal fucking pliz. Wako mudzimai akasvirwa nedhongi unofara here

  • Samuel

    I support the Governor's suggestion, human being nowadays a easy for devil to control through alcoholic drinks. It happened in Nigeria, it can happened elsewhere. May God help us.

  • Enigirl

    Sign of the last days. People should all repent and seek God's face.

    Calamity is near to destroy all evil people.

  • Eby Dan

    The Bible in Mathew 24 told to be careful.That when we starts hearing or seeing things which don't happen before happening, we should know that the Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is at hand. Men should run for their dear lives. THIS IS END TIME SIGNS

  • Eby Dan

    We all should know that this is end time sign. God expects that all should repent and come to HIM.

  • Godspower

    The governor took journalists to the place and nobody cared to take any picture of the record breaking event and you want people to believe the story. This is tale by moonlight, go tell it to kids. Cock and bull

    • maxjax

      this' really bullshit! Y not pix? who'z gonna believe this

  • Alaba

    It is an abomination for an animal to give birth to human being, people should repent, this is signs of end time, those who has ear let him/her hear, as it was during the time Noah, so it wll be.

  • nwadike

    infact,strange things are really happening.please,is there a medical explanation to that?similar incedent happened in kano state in nigeria this year…june or july 2009.

    it is very clear that semen can not survive in the reproductive system of goat.ther cells will die off.

    they are all manipulation of the kingdom of darkness…somebody's friut of the womd was voked out into the belly of the goat.
    open your eyes



  • Gordon

    This has nothing to do with "loss of self control" of any man. Although we have been hearing of men having sex with domestic animals, such as dogs, horse,s donkeys and, in some cases goats, but never was there any reported case of any of these animals giving birth to a human-like creature. Not until quite recently, when we first read of a similar case in Nigeria. There end must truly be nearer than ever!

  • Victor

    I beg not to believe this story until the journalists that went there tell me their own part of the story from a journalistic point of view.

  • deo

    it is a bit funny. no one except Godspower has pointed out that all this and no picture/photographic evidence. NIGERIANS AND RELIGION,—-DEVIL, EVIL THIS, GOD THAT, pls get a grip and look for and face facts

  • Pst Mike

    Those who claim this to be canal act of a man with the goat should have a rethink. Just as science proves that man's gene cannot mix with that of animal and this claim is true. Consider the time of civil war, women were giving birth to dogs, snakes, frogs and all manner of things, what will they say in such cases. The truth is that when iniquity is celebrated on earth as in the days of Noah God allows some signs to occur to forewarn those who might hear. Flying Soucers (UFOs), Earthquakes, Cyclones, Wildfire, Hurricane, Tsuinami and many more. Wait and you shall see many more horrifying things and immediately after the rapture of the saints, you shall know that that God of mercy is also a comsuming fire. This generation has rejected God's end-time message through His prophet, what next, Judgement. Repent now get out of those deceiving pastors and their churches, return to the Word of God, the truth, or you will perish. This is to all who read this publication. If you like sweep it under the carpet as usual but someday you will remember this article.

  • kenneth nwosu

    it is evil for animal to born human its pure evil people should not break the commedment of GOD by mem sleeping with animal


    may GOD forgive us devil is a lair we are still living by GOD grace A MAN sleeping with animal?

  • Pst Mike

    The comment I posted yesternight, did it not pass your test, why it has not been posted?

    Pastor Mike


    Truely truely men should run for their life's because this is a sign of END TIME. This also happened in Nigeria few months back and just the same story. The real fact is that a human being is 100% involved in making that to happen. But atleast a massive arrest should have been made and DNA tests taken to know the foolish man responsible. In another direction i can say that this might be a manipulation of the kingdom of darkness in which a woman's fruit of womb may be voked to the belly of that of a Goat because nothing is impossible in this our UNITED STATES OF AFRICA. nothing can be hiden under the sun and i believe God will arrest those witches and wizards operating in Africa….

  • Abdullahi

    this is a clear sign for all of us to believe in the master of all creatures, the God almighty. what we are witnessing today pass the prediction of modern sciences with all the sophisticated gadgets. in sciences, this is impossible but to God who has created the earth and the heaven is very simple things. we shall all believe in oneness of GOD to get salvation

  • Moha

    Scientifically false, Was the image impossible to be captured on a camera or even a mobile phone. Well, this is hard to believe.


    may God forgives us, what is the world turnning into. so many things happens this days



  • dmanj usa

    This is not true. Why is'nt there a picture to back it up. Bull shit

    • Infidel

      The story and most comments are utter rubbish. It's actually terrifying that all these stupid people are allowed to vote.

  • José Pedro Go

    You just have to pick a book of history to see that bestiality happened since times, and happens today and more, it has a market of porno industry and it's part of our cultural myths simbolized as the fauns, centaurs, minotaurs, werewolves, etc, etc. Humans acquiring animal properties its not at all strange or bizarre on our history or to ourselves, a humam intercousing with an animal, specially in a poor and lonely enviroment is not the sign of the end of times, it's the sign that there's still not a balance between social classes, that there's poverty and ignorance and fear. It's genetically improbable (+-0,00001 %) while two species not having genetic empathy to generate a hybrid creature, horses and donkeys do have, lions and tigres do for example. Although it might be possible that in times to times that improbable percentage happens. Is it the case? Could be, but for certain that it's not a catasthropic religious sign – that is pure ignorance and stating so is an outrage to inteligence.

  • José Pedro Go
    • Chara chimwe

      N where iz the pic Gomes????

  • Zvakaomo

    This has nothing to do with God, this is MAN (human being) at his best. Nothing will stop him. God gave us the freedom and a poweful mind!!! I wonder what next?

    Next time Govenor, please take a picture. Also find out what happened to the carcass or should we say corpse, did they bury it or throw it to the dogs? Nehanda give us more information – musangosiyira munzira


    in our country we like sheeps……..nice round furry asses…..
    is there any prouf of this,pictures,DNA, and stuff like that? It may be a congenital problem,a deformity that looks similar to a humanoid……..and then you say this could be the end of the world,and blame this on the devil and pray to god? it looks like we haven't evolved from the mentality of the middle ages……….. too many narrow minded people

  • benjamin jamok

    Dear fellow brothers and sisters what we are seeing happening is not a suprise but this is to warnned all that christ return is at our door steps, i will advise all viewers to come close to God and servrs him the more.

  • mags

    Has anyone thought that this could just be a deformed goat? After all we have seen deformed humans, that doesn't mean that they are evil. Let's wait and see whether this keeps happening or it's a one off. I like to keep an open mind for now.

  • duff

    i agree with gods power. this is one of such stories that should be told to kids by moonlight. scientifically it is not possible, moreover it lacks simple credibility. unless we are talking about manipulations here which i seldom believe in.

  • marian


  • Mbuya Nehanda

    man should have used a condom before his love affair with the goat. what was the goats name and were they married and living as husband and wife and if so for how long. was the governors name April Fool or Am I A Dumb Arse – like Baboon Mugabe ?

  • buncey

    get wiyh it these pictures are or would be worth a few quid so no fool would let this pass by. then again they did mention police

  • Lionel Anthony

    The link http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2009/09/human-go… appears to show a kid (as in baby goat) with a distorted head the distortion could come from cranial damage elongating the skull to give a human-like appearance. However looking at the photographs, which are not very good quality, it is difficult to ascribe more than a passing resemblance to human features.
    If the young goat had the condition of hydrocephalus, (water on the brain) the distortion of the skull is remarkable in a neo-natal animal and I would suggest an abnormality of the foetus that will produce this result.

  • Lionel Anthony

    The link http://naturalplane.blogspot.com/2009/09/human-go… appears to show a kid (as in baby goat) with a distorted head the distortion could come from cranial damage elongating the skull to give a human-like appearance. However looking at the photographs, which are not very good quality, it is difficult to ascribe more than a passing resemblance to human features.

  • rokafella

    munatarisawo ztv kwete kungorarira skynews, zvakabudiswa ichitori vedio footage chaiyo. iko zvino hee pikicha hee pikicha kupi kungoswera muchiona jeff randall wanaiwo time shoma yekuona local news chero ichinyepa 99.99999999% of the time.

  • Bubbles

    ewww thats soo gross. I was just looking for information on how to clip a goats nail and I get this. Thats DISCUSTING.

  • kevin hibert

    Come on!! If that crap was really true about a giving birth to a human, than why is that they will not show the half human ,half goat baby corpes?

  • kevin hibert

    Come on!! If that crap was really true about a goat giving birth to a human, than why is that they will not show the half human ,half goat baby corpes?

  • irvin m

    What the f…k's happennin in this world, thot there wa too many woman than man thooo. Cant even imagine this is ruthless.What we see in them horror films an think its fucken fiction is comin true now, this is juss not right , its fucken disgusting an worse still cause i have livd in Gweru for a long time .

  • Sandra

    I believe this story. People are doing strange things. In Mozambique a man is demanding roora and a wedding from two man that were caught red handed having sex with his goat. Ivi varume imi were do you think you are headed, kudenga hamusvike.

  • Anonymous

    well well

  • Akinseloyin Donsinba

    For God sake this should stop & never to repeat itself for it is a dirty game and act.

  • CannotBelieveYouPeople

    You people seriously don’t realize that this is scientifically impossible?