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Sex scandal nurse pleads her innocence

By Esther Gomo

A Zimbabwean nurse accused of having a 4 month affair with a convicted rapist in the United Kingdom has pleaded her innocence despite being arrested by police last week.

British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported that married nurse Rhoda Elizabeth Makambaire was arrested over claims she had several sex sessions with 29 year old brutal rapist Kelly Edney.

On Sunday in a show of unity Makambaire and her husband (Flex) Sibanda were spotted together attending a ZAOGA (FIF) church service in Slough according to sources. She told close friends that she was innocent and that her alleged lover was insane and should not be believed.

We are told the husband maintained a dignified silence over the matter and refused to field any questions.

A twist to the case was reported by this website following revelations that  Makambaire known as Mai Sibanda is a prominent member of the ZAOGA (Foward in Faith) church based in Slough. She is the lead singer in the Praise and Worship team (choir).

The rapist who claims to have bedded her has convictions for arson, assault and hoax bomb calls. He allegedly told cops he had full and oral sex with a nurse. Broadmoor in Berkshire was last month slammed for high suicide rates and failure to protect patients. Bosses are horrified by the latest scandal.

Edney, of Bridgwater, Somerset, was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Makambaire, of Bracknell, Berks, earns £30,000 a year as a nurse working on the dangerous and severe personality disorder unit.

Police and Broadmoor have confirmed the investigation but refused to comment further.

Despite Makambaire’s protestations of innocence Nehanda Radio has been told the matter will be easy to prove. Police have already taken Edney’s bed sheets and clothing for forensic tests and DNA samples will be used to prove beyond doubt whether Makambaire is guilty or innocent.

The testimony of two other nurses arrested for allegedly standing guard while Makambaire and Edney romped will also prove crucial. If proved guilty Makambaire will not face any jail as the matter is purely professional misconduct. All she risks getting is being struck off the nursing register.

  • Mabhunumuchapera

    I still believe that she is innocent, I work in Broadmoor, I know what these patients are like DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • niggadez

      it doesn't matter kuti unoshanda broadmoor she is guilty she did it, there's no smoke without fire. the truth will come out, pamwe waidyawo thats why urikumusaidhira.

    • Anonymous

      and what about the callabre of many staff and the truth that a large portion of PRISONERD over the years were there for none criminal offences including slashing wrists due to erectionan problems stealing sweets running. away repeatidly from local hospitals and minor assult as in pushing nurse. Drugs designed for schitzophrenis are use as a punishment or chemical straight jacket causing lactation and. breast development in males akathesia ie can not keep still and permanent dammage such as tardive diskinasis.
      Big wages by mentioning the few serioud pervs and nutters over many years and not the vast amount there for very little
      Why are so called nurses members of the prison officers association and many none medically unqualified staff employed?

  • w.chiimba

    Thank cse must be treated very seriously as many nurses are getting worse on such things and dump their husbands away from their visas. That should be taken as a lesson to all ather nurses who are on the same [BOAT] l mean doing the same what Elizabeth Roda Makambaire is doing.If you hear people talking about something what hapen its true. There is no smoke without fire.

  • John Dongonda

    If she is innocent, she stands to make a lot of money. Obviously now is the time for her to get a good lawyer…Don't give up Mai Sibanda. IF THEY CANNOT PROVE YOU DID IT…they must pay.

    • Mutare Friend

      ha ha ha

  • rowina

    i would love it if she is innocent, the way our own Zimbabwean people wer so quick to insult,hail abuses,bring down,tear down watever else our kind is good at, is so pathetic.i pray to God she is acquitted!!

  • Bargiton

    i think this is just rasism bcoz shes black

    • Bob


  • tete

    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and ngatiregei kuve ma judge and jury and also kuve Mwari anoona zvese noone was there.Lets wait for the courts to do their job.Dont be quick to judge veduwe

  • sia

    If this is true, I will like to know from the lady in question what led her to have sex with a patient when she is married? myself, I am feeling the pain and shame for this couple. I can only pray that you both hold on to what you both believe in to work on your relationship. May the good Lord keep the both of you strong for eachother. Now is when you need eachother more than anyother time. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!! I will remember you in my prayers. Goodluck and my regards to your dignified and loving husband. Stay strong Rhoda.
    Sierra Leone

    • Iswai Masvada

      See my friend, this is what we get from a clash of cultures. When you marry a woman and she is not a virgin, please understand that she is already experienced. When she asks you for a sexual position of her fantasy, do not bother her by asking where she learnt that and with whom. For crying out loud, she was not a virgin when you met her and that means someone already blasted her, maybe even better than you. Let her exlplore and make her happy. If you restrain her, the woman will want to remain in marriage but getting satisfaction elsewhere.

      • VIMBAI


  • sia

    If this is true, I will like to know from the lady in question what led her to have sex with a patient when she is married? myself, I am feeling the pain and shame for this couple. I can only pray that you both hold on to what you both believe in to work on your relationship. May the good Lord keep the both of you strong for eachother. Now is when you need eachother more than anyother time. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!! I will remember you in my prayers. Goodluck and my regards to your dignified and loving husband. Stay strong Rhoda.

  • shabson

    I Believe there is an element of true there,as she can not be called of what she did not know about.If she believe the man in question is mad,is that hospital a psychiatric hospital? If the answer is no,then there is something wrong somewhere.shabson Nigeria

  • Brother in Christ

    Dont worry Mai Sibanda the Lord is on your side.I believe you did not do such a thing and the truth shall set you free.Stay rooted in the God that you worship He said he will be with you in times of trouble,this are the times

  • Toto

    Whether or not it is true someones image has been crushed forever, which includes the image of zimbabweans whether or not you like it. Unfortunately when it comes down to medias potrayal, the emphasis keeps being 'married' and 'zimbabwean nurse'. It challenges the social fibre of zimbabweans if a married woman can do this and secondly the majority of zimbabwean working in england are nurses so it damages our the image of the zimbabwean nurse. I do hope that if this case is solved the media sends a public apology not only to the nurse involved Mai Sibanda but family and all those associated with the psychological emphais of this matter.

  • mai t

    mai sibanda there are some phd's munyika vanoda kungodzikisira vana vamwari, phd means pull her down, iwe pamabvi ako rega kuneta usatya zvako inga mwari vakati havazotisei tiri tega, remember the book of job kuti akaedzwa sei asi akaramba akamira pana baba varikudenga, Iwe sibanda ratidza kusimba kwako munashe stand by her, give her all the support day and night and ini ndiri pamabvi pamwe nemi vana vamwari, vanhu ndizvozvavanoda kudzikisirana ma zimba anoda kushanda I dont believe inhema chaidzo idzi


    Those that can pray, its time to pray
    whether she did it or not, just intercede
    for her. God knows the way out for her.

    Those who are angry let them be, dont judge them either, it's an emotional issue for some , but for a few we gotta see and move beyond emotions.

    Sometimes we want to ask , but at the same time we are bound to be silent for a short while and it really helps

    Our judgements and comments wont change

    it's only God who makes right wrong paths
    It's only God who cleans dirty stains to whiter, He forgives sins. He puts to shame wat the enemy intends to destroy

    It's only and only God.

    My Sister i dont wanna know whether u did it or not but my prayer is for u to have peace that gives u life after all this stage of confusion in yr life.

    After having done all to stand, stand ye therefore.

    stand and stand and stand and stand
    No one is safe from the devils attacks.
    churches will be attched, pastors, members, christians and non christains

    My sister ,Use yr knees wth yr hands up like never before that's wre yr answer is. a Million comments doesnt do it either sisi.

    Spencer from S.A

  • Marabini

    Who r we to put judgement? Who r we to pour such utterances on another? Before we commit ourselves to commenting, let us take cognition of our canality, be conscious of the day of the Lord, be mindful of whz been spoken of in the word of God pertaining sinning (of any kind). Already by commenting negatively on issues we dont perceive well and dont comprehend delightly, we are inviting judgement (every word that has proceeded from our mouths shall be judged). When you utter/comment do that responsibly..Let thos that have ears hear what the Conscience of a product of creation has to say. Sinner or no sinner She is a product of creation and God does not make junk. Kana hure richiuya kuChurch ririkuvinga iwe here? Kana rabatwa is she accountable or in any way anserable to you? Dai Mwari vtikanganwira kufunga kwedu, which is tantamount to judgement, hence conemned to the lasting fire. Positive or negative comms, God will remember your words and re-read them on that day and square them against what we have worked with our own hands and bodies. Psalms 50 vs 21. God bless

  • ndakaiteii

    Dont know what to say, it might be a stitch up. If it is i know the truth we come out and maybe maybe you wont need to work again wagara mumari. If it is the truth, it was wrong. She just has to bear in mind that a stupid mistake can cost her a great deal in life. If she wanted extra sex she could have look for it somewhere else. It was her duty to look after that patient and she failed. she just has to rememder that god loves everyone and he is ready to forgive but the love will not forgive she will be sentenced if its true. I just cant believe it but at times vanhu vanoita zvishamiso. ?????is it true, I dnt think so

  • hellorhoda

    used to live there ….. happened all the time!!!!!!

  • Chara chimwe

    Let's not be the judges, ngatizvisiirei Mwari izvi, all I can say is, it's a shame, Mwari ivai nenyasha



  • emia

    REmember down the valley and up the mountains God is with you. I trust you mai Sibanda and will never do such a thing. Your talent and ministry of praise and worship is the one the devil is after. Baba you need to trust her. am with you in this time of trial. i pray that God interveens in a great and mighty way. i have so much respect for you.

  • chris

    There is too much denial in the church. The people act as if all matters are'touch not my anointed' . This woman has too many fantasies. This is sin and the consequencies of sin are the stealing.killing and destruction. She enjoyed the play now she must pay. C'est la vie. It is life.

  • Becareful

    Guys, i work with these people, they talk this shit all the time, dont jump to conclusions, fucking hell! this is why i dont mix with fellow Africans.

    • mercedes

      iwewe washaya nyaya ,tibvirrepo unonyadzisa iwe ndimi munoita basa rekuzviramba manje u will be miserable cuz u can't fit anywhere in the society remain in your own cell uchapenga

  • Chenge

    Mai Sithole be strong and God will prevail who knows, you might get a lot of money for defamation of character! Kent

  • Raymond Ford


  • tino

    I do not believe this story one bit. There is no substance to the allegations serve to say that the sick man mentioned the sex scandal to the police. What else is there to write about? This does not only tarnish the image of Rhoda and family, but Zim nurses in particular and Zimbabweans in general. So when you comment, stop and THINK.

  • Prisca

    If she is guilty God has forgiven her if she is not guilty the truth shall set her free.
    I go to Zaoga she is a mighty worshipper. I pray when temptations come to the children of God, we stand for each other in prayer. Our job is not to destroy but to build what has been broken by the devil, her relationship with her husband, pastors, fellow christians, workmates. I pray for you my sister, for the sake of our church and your children God must deliver you from this case. It happened to me I was accused of what I did and God delivered me. I just separated myself and cried before God.




    My dear Sister Rhoda, just a word of support, we have all done wrong , only yuo know the truth whatever it is, i hope and encourage you to keep praying, dont loose your hope, lift up your head as your walk and cast all yo burdens unto the Lord for he loves you!

    Mercy and Grace be with you my dear

  • Mai Mutendi

    Shingai kunamata munhu waMwari,vanhu ava vatino chengeta vanopenga thats they are where they , l know what it feels kana vanhu vachitaura nezvinhu zvasina chokwadi nazvo.Ini ndaka mbopindana nayo Patient yaudza manager kuti nda abuser imwe patient.The manager believed benzi paneni,can you imagine , mira pana Jehovha.

  • beker

    well i've heard it all! would just like to say that like some of you I work on the DSPD unit! and know Rhoda very well! this is not about colour or race! from my piont of view these individuals on this unit DO NOT suffer from mental illness! this is just a term that the government invented to beable to keep people detained! But they do also tell the truth!!! And i also believe in the criminal justice system!! If Rhoda is innocence then so be it!! But the laws the law and they would not be going to crown court unless they had proff and it would't be just his word!!! that i do know!!! good luck Rhoda hope u r ok!!! Hope you win but sorry to say evident is evident! DNA!!!!! take care

  • bruce machingura

    why did it take me this long to hear about this? l should have been married to Roda BUT BUT, something of this sort happened na mudhara Mutombeni. shiri inemuririro wayo……………… your parents refused with that little money l had paid for lobola n guess what this is what happens to people like you. and who is this felix guy?

    • Monya for hire

      You are pathetic and what you have written is sickening. What are you trying to achieve really? you have to go to the pit of hell.

  • jamie

    Can you imagine what would happen if dear Liz was to meet up with the infamous Denford Kasinganeti-remember him…the shamed nurse from Stevenage who was struck off the NMC for having sex with a vulnerable patient. These 2 (Liz and Denford) are a match made in heaven, or is it in hell he he he. Vane mazemo emhuka vairi ava

  • actor

    PRAYING, PRAY, PRAYER, MOST WOMEN WHO ARE INTO THESE FILTHY DEALINGS ARE THE WORRIORS THAT CLAIM PRAYER. PEOPLE ARE USING GOD AND THE BIBLE TO HIDE THEIR EVIL. HOW different is Pastor KASI and Ivy Kombo? Are they not the most in the frontline of claiming Prayer and God. These people hide in church to do evil things. Spare us the grief Hure or Mahure should simply acknowledge their roles and move on with their careers without us having to waste our energy debating their innocents.

    These Churches are now filled with people from various backgrounds even the former and current prostitutes are seeking salvation and marriage in the congregation.

  • Anonymous

    its only your God and you who know the truth. Baba Sibanda musarambe mukadzi, and i pray that God gives you courage and stength in these trial times. You are heroes guys, its not your marriage being fought but the ministry at large. Stay on one day it will me history.

    Pray the word and he will restore your broken hearts. We love you regardless.

    • Kay ka Ndaba

      This is how you encourage immoral behaviour. Shame on you. You need to examine your faith.Don't hide behind God my dear. This man has been violeted, please don't patronise him.Let him find a good woman he deserves!

  • Monya for hire

    You are heroes guys.

  • Monya for hire

    Remember the devil is not fighting you guys but the church of God. Baba Sibanda musaramba mukadzi, one day it will be history. The way God sees you is different from how ppl do. Be encouraged my my dears, you are a special people. Jobs come and go but your lives are more important.

    Shame the devil, Just read 1John1 v9.As long as you have confessed no matter what it is he is ready to forgive you. Ko Paul gandanga inga wani has been saved how about stupid allegations, formed by the father of lies to destroy your lives. People are people they will always have their own expectations baba, but stand as a man of God, coz i know you are.

    Love you both to bits.

    • Gemini

      You are still in denial! how can you possible have the nerve to write they are stupid allegations as we all know she was guilty!!! She admitted it! if lies then why admit!!!!! Because the truth is that if she did'nt she would have gone to prison for a long time!!!and then would have been deported!! Evidence do you really understand that!!!!Grow up and stop accusing those you hate for making allegation against your kind!!! I've seen it and been involved in plenty of incidents when you have lied and blamed others to cover your own backs!!!

      Then we are racist!!! Oh please I am from a mixed race and never have I worked with people who are more racist then anyone not only that they hide behind a false faith!!! to justify what they do! Rhoda was wrong it can happen to anyone she is not the first and will not be the last as still going on!!!! But please stop trying to make out that she is a saint and just a pack of lies!!!! check the evidence if you dare!!!! this was a police matter so are you saying there evidence was lies as well!!!! Get real!!! if you don'nt like it then just leave! If it's such a bad place then leave!!!

      • anti worker

        from worker to gemini shame! if the police proved it then wat is yo bussiness here? i can see all you triyin to do is paint all christians and zimbabweans with the same brush u sure do have issues.for starters it is not a false faith and two we here to stay live those matters to peoplewho really have a say in those matters. rhoda was wrong so wat you need to get a life and stop following things that will not get you anywere if its fame u after try xfactor or sumfink coz pass we not interested b

    • zvimiro

      Iwe ibva apa bhaibheri rinoti mukadzi akakwirisa ngaarove road, ihure ndozvoga zvinorambanira vanhu zvino iwe uri kutii? maZAOGA munonetsa, ndokuna Ivy nana Kasi. Tibvirei apa mahure evanhu nekusecha vanhu mari muchingoti love offering muchikwirana.

  • luke

    hie mothers,hw are you.

  • mr nyakubaya

    this is reality, we encounter all sorts when we go to work, hope u recover from this,

  • anonymous

    At last Zimbabweans have been shown up for the type of people they REALLY are!! Cruel, embarrass other blacks and yet suck up to white people

  • zvimiro

    pamwe aipa "love offering " in kind. ndozvanoita kuZAOGA