Nehanda Beauty: Makosi Musambasi

Busty Big Brother babe Makosi Musambasi is our latest Nehanda Beauty. The ‘black butterfly’ as she loves to call herself is a sure stunner with this red and black ‘double cup that runneth over. ‘

The last we heard of Makosi she was planning to have a boob job, but judging from these pictures, she clearly does not need one.

Born in Zimbabwe

Stays: High Wycombe, UK

Has a South African mum and Mozambican dad

Hates swearing and doesn’t believe in plastic surgery

Says she’s had it easy in life because she’s pretty and intelligent. Works three days a week

Regularly travels to Africa

Had a lengthy affair with multi-millionaire Philip Chiyangwa while still a school girl

House History
Day 12: Nominated, Day 47: Nominated, Day 78: Finished third place

Occupation: Previously a Cardiac Nurse
Came third in the Big Brother show