MDC dismisses COMESA snub story

Press release from the MDC

The MDC dismisses the malicious fabrications in today’s issue of The Herald that ministers of excellence snubbed the COMESA summit which kicked off in the resort town of Victoria Falls at the weekend.

For the record, several ministers attended the COMESA summit. Hosting COMESA is neither a Zanu PF nor an MDC role. It is a national responsibility and the attempt to balkanise the government in terms of Zanu PF or MDC ministers is regrettable.

The allegation that MDC ministers snubbed the Comesa summit is unbridled mischief which is part of a well-orchestrated plot to malign and soil the image of the MDC and its leadership in government. In any case, there is no such as an MDC minister as alleged by The Herald. They are ministers of government who are serving the people of Zimbabwe.

The malicious fabrications betray the reality that there are some people in certain political parties who continue to abuse the state media to mislead the nation that the MDC is pulling some strings to derail government efforts. Zimbabweans know that if anything, it is the MDC which is working hard to make sure that the economy recovers and that food is brought back on the people’s table. The people of Zimbabwe are aware of the real culprits who are scuttling the work of the inclusive government.

The MDC’s commitment to the inclusive government has never been half-hearted. The half-hearted are refusing to implement the Global Political Agreement to which they appended their signature. The half-hearted are delaying to swear in Senator Roy Bennett as deputy minister of Agriculture. The half-hearted are refusing to iron out the issue of provincial governors, ambassadors and permanent secretaries. The half-hearted are skirting the contentious issues of Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono and Attorney-General Johannes Tomana. The half-hearted are standing in the way of a clear High Court order which has ruled that the Media and Information Committee is an illegal body that cannot continue to extort money from journalists.

And Zimbabweans know that the half-hearted and the evil-minded are firmly located in Zanu PF. They are waylaying the efforts of the inclusive government by continuing to disrupt farming and arresting innocent people on trumped-up charges. This is a coterie bent on a matrix of planning to fail when the rest of the country planning to succeed.

The MDC has clear ideas and programmes while others have assumed an oppositional role, scuttling the work of the Prime Ministers and his hard-working team of ministers who want to bring the economy back on its rails. They continue to resist the work of the inclusive government by abusing The Herald and the ZBC to propagate the views of one political party in a tripartite inclusive government.

The MDC is a party of excellence. We believe in honesty, hard work and commitment to agreements that we have signed. We believe in accountability, freedom and social justice. No amount of propaganda will blur our vision of a new Zimbabwe and a new beginning.

Together to the end, marching to a new Zimbabwe.

Information and Publicity Department